Kojima Productions Alert 4 – Recap

During the Kojima Productions Alert 4, the official podcast of the studio, the staff provided a summary of information from several interviews with Kojima. Here’s the recap:

  • Metal Gear Solid V will interact with smart devices in some form (smart phones, tablets).

Sean Eyestone: “That will be kind of a window into the world of MGSV. Exactly what you can do with that we’re not ready to announce just yet, but know that there will be various aspects of the game that can interact with your various portable devices. And there will also be some social aspects to that as well.”

The fact that it’s an open world game has to do with this.

  • Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain’s key art was made by Kyle Cooper, Kojima came up with the concept of the x-ray. Kooper is working on other things for the game as well, but they can’t say what they are.


  • What you saw at E3 was targeted for current gen, so what you will get on current gen systems will be very close to that. The Xbox One and PS4 versions will look better than what you have seen.


  • The girl undergoing surgery is Paz (from Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker). All the action in that scene is very realistic because they had an actual doctor during the motion capture session, who brought his medical kit. He was instructing the motion actors during this scene.
  • Kojima Productions will let fans know how to buy the Seiko watch Snake is wearing, as well as ‘various merchandise’, at a later time.


Other information revealed during the podcast:

Source: KP Alert 4 (June 21 2013)

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