Kojima clarifies Metal Gear Solid remake comments

Recently Game Reactor posted an interview with Kojima conducted during E3 this year. There was some talk about remaking earlier Metal Gear games, and, according to the article, Kojima said he was looking for a studio to remake Metal Gear Solid using the Fox Engine (this was in line with what he has said before about the subject). The news soon spread across the web.


However, today Kojima clarifies his comments about the remake, saying there have been either some mistranslations or inaccurate information floating around. It’s true Kojima is interested in remaking Metal Gear Solid using the Fox Engine, but since he’s busy working on Metal Gear Solid V right now, it’s not high priority. So that was why he was wondering if there is an outside studio that can develop it.

I’ve said “I’d want to remake MGS1 w / Fox Engine if poss, but we still have” V “and other prioritized titles that its imposs to make @ Kojipro

I wouldn’t mind if talented creator from outside studio making this happen. That’s what I answered during the itw.

Kojima also mentioned that since people are now used to being able to see what’s in front of them from the TPS and FPS games, they have a hard time adapting to Metal Gear Solid’s top down perspective.

Since it’s bird-eye view, you can’t really see the front side which makes it hard to self-adjust for someone accustomed to FPS / TPS. That’s the crutial part of remaking.

Kojima clarified that it was a mistake from their side:

Regarding the rumor from yesterday, checked the data recording of the actual interview. It was mistranslated from our side.

Chris, my interpreter answered in different nuance that made this consquence. I on the other hand, answered w / bit of lip service.

I answered “You (the journalist) wanted me to do MGS2 on Fox Engine but I cannot do. I wish if only someone could make MGS1 on Fox Engine.”

However, Chris mistranlated as “Personally he would like have MGS1 on Fox Engine, so he try to find someone right now to do that.” NOOOOO!!!

The journalist wasn’t wrong. We are deeply sorry for the misinterpretation on our side.

Well, if there’s some creator or team in this world who has love and passion to remake “MGS1”, I would love to ask for it.

So, while the remake is certainly something that Kojima would like to see, it’s important to remember it’s not something that’s in development at this point.

Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter

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