It is still a secret what Kojima’s motion capture session was for

During the latest Kojima Productions Alert (number 6), some fan questions were answered – or, in some cases, only vaguely responded to, since large parts of the answer were bleeped out.

Some people may remember the photos of Kojima doing motion capture. A fan asked what this was for.

“Unfortunately, I can’t say why exactly why we are doing motion capture. I can say that, yes, he will be [censored]. Can’t say how. That’s going to be a surprise, be looking forward to that. But I think it will make people happy. It’s a fun thing.” (Sean Eyestone)

“Everyone is going to be surprised how this turns into [censored].” (Chris Johns)


All still very secretive, but Kojima could be a recruitable soldier in Metal Gear Solid V, as he was in Peace Walker, only this time fully motion captured (and most likely 3D scanned as well). Or make a cameo appearance at least.

Back in August, Kojima also held a voice recording session, most likely for the same purpose.



But again, nothing has been confirmed yet.

Source: Kojima Productions Alert 6,

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