Konami Shows MGS HD Vita Screens, Boxart, Info and Release date

Konami Japan has updated their official website with new information regarding the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection for PlayStation Vita. In addition, they posted some screens, the boxart and information about the controls.


The game will be developed by Bluepoint Games (who also made the console release), and will be released in Japan on June 28th.

Update: Konami has announced a summer 2012 release for Europe.

The game will make use of the touchscreen, for actions such as selecting items, peeking around corners, using binoculars or zooming in during cutscenes.





The game will also support transfarring with the use of cloud storage, making it easier to continue your savefile on another gaming system.

Included in the package will be Metal Gear Solid 2 Substance and Metal Gear Solid 3 Subsistence, the original two MSX games, VR Missions, Snake Tales and Theatre Mode.





For more screens, follow this link.

Source: Kojima Productions Japan, Eurogamer.net

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