New Metal Gear Solid V info and screens from the LA studio opening event

During the opening event of Kojima Productions’ new studio in LA, a lot of new information about Metal Gear Solid V was revealed. Here’s a summary.

  • The life bar seems to be gone. In stead, the screen will turn bloody and red when Snake gets hurt, and he will regenerate health automatically if he takes cover long enough (this feature was also in previous Metal Gear games, if Snake kneeled or took a prone position).
  • The interface has been toned down a lot, also as a result of the removing of the health bar and other items and bits of information.


Source: Gameinformer

  • Players can use their scope to mark enemies and vehicles, so they appear on the map.
  • Context sensitive buttons let Snake open locked gates, or interrogate guards. After this has been done, the objective will appear on the map automatically.
  • The threat ring from MGS4 makes a return, only this time it isn’t around Snake anymore, but against the screen.
  • When Big Boss gets spotted by an enemy, the game will go into a slow motion, during which the player can still silence the enemy, and the alert phase will be canceled. This was done to help players in compensation for the extra difficulty posed by an open world design, and the lack of a radar.
  • During driving sequences, the player can switch between first and third person view.
  • Enemies can take out tires of vehicles Snake is driving.
  • Player can call in a helicopter for extraction (as we already knew), but the player isn’t safe until he’s actually boarded and flying away.
  • Big Boss received information over the codec when he saw certain things through his scope. Kojima explained that story moments would mostly be told through the players perspective.

Source: Kotaku


  • Snake can grab enemies in higher positions and drop them down to their death, similar as in Uncharted.
  • The demo being played was very similar to the one at PAX, but this time players had to retrieve a red FOXHOUND patch (the logo of the new LA studio). Also, the demo was in English, with Big Boss voiced by Kiefer Sutherland. He also spoke the famous line ‘Kept you waiting, huh’.
  • The demo was being played on the easiest difficulty setting. Kojima will show a more difficult playthrough at TGS.

Source: Shacknews


  • The holographic gear Snake used in the demo is called the iDroid.
  • Snake can use searchlights and gun mounted flash lights to blind and distract enemies.
  • Snake can still throw empty gun magazines to distract enemies.
  • The game will feature less cutscenes and smoother transitions between them and gameplay.

Source: Polygon

  • During interrogation, the player can choose between multiple lines for questioning.

Source: Gamespot


  • If you mark a destination using the tablet, it will appear on the screen in the game world, so not just on a map.
  • Item selection will happen on the center of the screen now, using sub options, and obviously it won’t be permanently there.
  • The lens flare seen in some of the videos isn’t just cosmetic, it is there to warn the player that they might be detected. A lens flare will come from the direction of something that might spot Snake, like a searchlight. So the lens flare is the caution alert phase. Human enemies have a cone directional lens flare, similar to the cone field of view on the map of previous Metal Gear games. This lets the player know from which direction the alert is coming. The music lets Snake know in which alert phase he is, because there is no radar anymore to indicate this.
  • The interface, switching between weapons for different alert phases, seemed really fluent.
  • There seemed to be auto-aim.
  • At the end there was a cutscene. Snake put on the patch he retrieved, and when he did that the ‘XOF’ on it turned to ‘FOX’.

Source: Gametrailers


  • Snake can now sprint, really fast.

Source: Nerdreactor

  • Ground Zeroes takes place in 1975, and The Phantom Pain in 1984. This is a reference to Orwell’s novel, among other things.
  • According to Kojima, MGSV is not being ‘westernized’. He simply tries to give the game a global appeal, just like he did with the original Metal Gear Solid. The Kojima Productions LA studio is not involved in the game’s story, only in the multiplayer.
  • There’s a reason Quiet looks the way she looks.

Source: Kotaku

  • Among the items that make a return are the thermal goggles.
  • When calling in a helicopter, Snake can choose between multiple extraction points.
  • The exclamation mark makes a return, as well as the famous alert sound.

Source: GamesRadar

Screens taken from: VG24/7

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