Kojima gives small Metal Gear Solid V development updates

Hideo Kojima gave some small updates on the development of Metal Gear Solid V.

“I got sea sick from checking the dash in 30fps. I now decided to remove the noise in camera.”

The ‘dash’ most likely means Snake new sprinting ability, and with ‘noise’ he is likely referring to the camera shake. Since he’s talking about a frame rate of 30 per second, he is probably talking about the current gen version. The camera shake may still be in the next generation version, which will run at 60 FPS.


Kojima also made a comment on designing the controls for the game:

“Hard to feel few types of controller w multiplatform, multigeneration & multitablet as we don’t adjust the precise button location anymore.”

In the past Kojima used to be able to adjust the game to a single controller with a set button layout, but now that there are a lot more different control devices it’s a bit more tricky.

In other news, Kojima visited Sony today for unknown reasons.


“Visited SONY met my old hero friends.”

And to conclude, here are some more posts from Kojima:

“The future I imagined 5-6 yrs ago finally becoming real however I don’t feel so happy indeed. Just dream of next 5-6 yrs from now.”

“I rewrote the specs I wrote yesterday and sent to my staff.”

Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter

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