Metal Gear Rising Motion Capture – Shooting Drama, Cardboard Pizza and Mystery Prop

Kojima Productions staff members posted some more pictures of a motion capture session for Metal Gear Rising Revengeance. The producer of the game, Yuji Korekado, wrote that the motion capture sessions are divided into action parts and drama parts. Today, they were recording a drama part. He also shared some photos on his Twitter.

Metal-Gear-Rising-Revengeance-Motion-Capture-Session In order of importance, first coffee, than the script.

Metal-Gear-Rising-Revengeance-Motion-Capture-Session-Pizza A cardboard… pizza?!

Metal-Gear-Rising-Revengeance-Motion-Capture-Session-Weapon This he called a ‘mystery prop’, so it’s unclear what it is supposed to be.

Metal-Gear-Rising-Revengeance-Motion-Capture-Session-Lunch Of course there’s always time for lunch at Kojima Productions

Additionally, Hideo Kojima posted a photo of the new motion capture system, as he calls it himself:


Source: Hideo Kojima’s Twitter & Yuji Korekado’s Twitter

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