New domain name:

You may have noticed the site’s new domain name: is now

Why the change?

There are two important reasons for the new domain name:

  • To switch to a .com extension. The .com extension is the most common extension on the web. This gives it a lot of advantages when it comes to search engines and browsers. But more importantly, it makes more sense than the .nl extension used previously. Since the site is in English and aimed at an international audience, it just seems more logical.
  • To give the site a name. Previously, the site had a domain address, and it had a logo. But there was no single, encapsulating name. This causes confusion, and creates a lack of ‘identity’. In the current situation, domain name, logo and site name are all consistent.

The name change does not reflect a change of content. Everything else will stay the same, and the website will continue on like it used to.

Just be sure to update your bookmarks!

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