Kojima updates: Business dinner, and game checking shows MGSV pause screen and checkpoint system

Kojima has retuned from his business trip to Los Angeles, and is back in Japan, where he had a meeting with Yoichi Wada (board chairman at Square Enix) and Julien Merceron (recently appointed worldwide technology director at Konami), among others.


“Had dinner with Mr.Wada. Cheer to the future of Julien and the attack to stagnating industry.”

Another interesting update by Kojima shows Metal Gear Solid V’s game over screen running on a (by the looks of it) current gen hardware. Not much to see, but better than nothing at least.


“Typhoon is gone but still is in my head giving me a headache. Not easy to proceed game checking.”

Looks like it’s running on Xbox 360. It may very well be a placeholder screen though. For now, it seems that the game will feature checkpoints, and you can also restart the entire mission or go back to the title screen through the pause menu.

Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter

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