Skull Face and Big Boss figures shown on new photos

Today, Kojima shows two new photos of Metal Gear Solid V figures that are currently in the making. The first one is of Skull Face.


Here’s “Skull Face” 1st check. Pretty good.

The other one is a new picture of the Snake figure Kojima has shown earlier.


“Punished Snake” by PlayArts KAI in progress. Still lots of amends to make but getting better.

Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter

  • NegaScott128

    I can’t get over that domino mask. It’s so dumb.

    • Sudarsan Ragavan

      i think it looks awesome

  • PrinceHeir

    man Big Boss looks badass with his new scarf :)

  • Nekkedsnake

    Punished Snake looks good so far, but Skull Face’s mask is giving off that Lone Ranger vibe coupled with his hat. Not looking good so far. And while we’re at it, Skull Face’s voice actor, while a good voice actor, does Not fit Skull Face’s menacing demeanor. He sounds like a politician for goodness sake. eh.