Kojima feels he can finally create a game that captures the tension of ‘The Great Escape’

Ever since he began working on the Metal Gear series back in 1987, Kojima has always wanted to make a game that captures the excitement of the movie ‘The Great Escape’. Now, he feels he finally has the technology at his disposal to bring this vision to life.

This was communicated by Kojima today in a series of tweets:

Wanted to create game like movie “Great Escape”. That was the start. Such tension you try to move & stay away from the search light wasn’t possible w/MSX2 SPRITE in 1987, even w/PS1 3D polygon in 1998 was hard that could only draw one curving search light. For 26 yrs since then, it finally made it possible.

So will Kojima finally be making what he considers the ‘ultimate stealth game’? Being the perfectionist that he is, it’s hard to imagine he’ll be completely satisfied with the result. But at least it seems like he will be able to get close to his original vision.

Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter

  • Jonny2x4

    Yet, you’re still going to have nostalgic dimwits on the Snake Soup, 4chan and other forums insisting that MGSV won’t be as good as the older games.

    • Cartmangus

      those gosh darn opinions

    • Anon G

      stick to wikipedia dumbass

      • Jonny2x4

        Looks like my comment touched quite a few people’s nerve, lol.

        Everyone is entitled to their opinion (and to have opinions about those opinions), but its kinda grating to look for discussion of the game, when most of it consist of people waxing nostalgic about how the series won’t be as good as MGS1/2/3 (whatever their favorite entry just happens to be) because Kojima is no longer working with the same co-writer or that he is a sellout for milking out the brand with spinoffs and replacing Hayter with Sutherland.

        I think the series has improved with each installment and MGS4 is the best, at least mechanically and aesthetically (3 had better locations and bosses though), but you would think the game was as bad as Bubsy 3D judging from some of the comments online.

        • Cartmangus

          This is what happens when people grow attached to a franchise, they care about things and so there’s a lot more to complain about, I nitpick Metal Gear more than I nitpick many other games that I just passively play through without really caring, I’ve shat all over MGS4 over the years because it left me disappointed but at the end of the day I still enjoyed it more than many other games.

          I agree elitism can be annoying amongst the fans of the series but you’re not doing much better attacking the people that do like the older less “mechanically” advanced games, mgs4 streamlining controls and giving some extra options when it comes to gameplay doesn’t objectively mean it is the more enjoyable title to play in the series. Simplicity can be great too.

          • Nyxus

            I know that the reason this series is still so relevant after so many years, is because it wasn’t afraid to change things up, even if the changes were controversial. I have never been disappointed so I have full trust in Kojima, and I think taking risks with the series is actually a good thing and will benefit the game in the end.

          • Cartmangus

            Yes, staying the same all this time wouldn’t have worked, it is great Kojima is willing to change things up and innovate, no game in the series is alike the other. If his intention was to shit on the overly negative elitist group of fans then I understand where he comes from

  • PrinceHeir

    he should have remade the MSX games instead if he wanted a “The Great Escape” feel to it 😛

  • ObsessedGeorge

    Was that the film where Zero inspired the Major Tom nickname? Something about three tunnels if I remmember correctly?

    • Jonny2x4

      Yet, it was one of the movies that inspired the MSX2 Metal Gear alongside Guns of Navarone and the 007 series.

      • William of Orange

        You forgot to mention Escape from New York in your enumeration. And trust me, Snake wouldn’t look/sound the same if that movie was never released.

        • Jonny2x4

          I was talking more about the general game idea of Metal Gear (infiltrating an enemy fortress to destroy a secret weapon), but yeah, Solid Snake’s codename was definitely lifted from Snake Plissken, although he had more of a Michael Biehn look in the original MSX2 game (right down to the cover art being traced over from a Terminator promotional still).

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