Metal Gear Rising Silver Pendant unveiled

Square-Enix, the company that has been releasing a lot of Metal Gear figures under the Play Arts Kai line, has unveiled a new piece of merchandise for Metal Gear Rising Revengeance: a silver pendant with the text ‘A soul can’t be cut’ engraved in it.




Source: Play Arts Kai Facebook

  • William of Orange

    A soul can’t be cut? What’s that supposed to mean?

    • Nyxus

      I think it’s just supposed to sound cool.

      • William of Orange

        Yeah, that part I got, but is it referring to raiden? Kind of a hollow statement. They also could’ve engraved: I am about to let it ripp! Or : don’t try to temper a ‘revengeful’ soul. Sounds just as ‘cool’.
        (I’ll stop making comments about MGR or MGR related news, it’s a bit silly)

        • Nyxus

          I guess it just means that if you have a strong spirit, it can’t be broken. Or something like that.

    • flying_fox

      It’s the name of a song in the soundtrack.

      • William of Orange

        Oh,ok. Mgr did have some kick ass soundtracks!

    • Sierra V

      The high-frequency blade can cut “anything,” remember? (yes, there are a surprising number of exceptions in the game, but still)

      However, even the HF Blade can’t cut a soul. I think the lyric is supposed to suggest that determination and ideals to live by have a kind of strength that can’t be destroyed by raw violence.

      It both ties in the weapon Raiden uses and also suggests that Raiden’s real weapon is, ironically, his still-human spirit.

      I think it’s actually pretty okay as a one-line line.

  • PrinceHeir