KP LA (Metal Gear Online developers) received training at Kojima Productions Tokyo

Staff members of Kojima Productions LA have visited the Japanese division for a few weeks to receive ‘training’.

Earlier this year Hideo Kojima formally opened a second studio in the United States, Kojima Productions Los Angeles. It was also revealed that this studio will be in charge of developing the new Metal Gear Online that will be part of Metal Gear Solid V. The western branch is creating the game under supervision of the original Japanese team.

Today Kojima posted a few pictures of the farewell lunch they had with the staff.


“Farewell lunch w/ our LA staff who were here for 2-6 weeks for training.”


“Doing interview.”


“Group shot with LA and Tokyo staff.”

What exactly the training entailed isn’t really clear, but since the LA studio is developing the new MGO right now it is likely they got instructions related to that project – and, probably training in how to best use the FOX Engine in general. This is just speculation though. In any case, it’s good to see there is direct collaboration between the two studios.

Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter

  • ObsessedGeorge

    I’m expecting a multiplayer that will blow our minds! MGO is still my best online experience ever.

    • Janeo

      Yeah I think it is really underrated I have never had to think so much in an online game there are so many interesting game modes and so many ways to take your opponent down its to bad mgs4 online is gone I feel like playing it now

    • Ricardo Oe

      You are right !
      MGO – come back ;and faster please.

  • Janeo

    If they are getting training now does that mean they haven’t actually started the game yet, they don’t have as much work as the single player team but it will still take a while I was thinking the phantom pain would come end of 2014 or start of 2015 but now I’m thinking end of 2015. If that is the case there is now something I am looking forward to in 2015 more then star wars

    • William of Orange

      Maybe theyre having this training so that both teams get to know eachother.
      And Kojipro LA could learn from Kojipro by having a in-depth fox engine tutorial.
      Ps. They should make a museum inside the Kojipro LA studio, I mean it looks awsome!

    • Nyxus

      They did start working on the game, earlier this year Kojima saw some of it and said he was impressed.

      • Janeo

        I must of missed that, it’s good news it means I can still have hope for a 2014 release

  • Ricardo Oe

    Yes !!!
    MGO- the best and the most complex game online of all time.
    Save Old MGO and Come the New MGO
    Said Old Ramburger – clã Hamburger Hill”s (a real veteran of wars)

  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    Kojima, give us a Sneak Peak of more MGSV at VGX-you owe it to us to spill the beans.

  • PrinceHeir

    ehh not a fan of MGO.

    too laggy and mechanics were dated as hell.

    i hope they removed the auto aim BS here and let us aim for ourselves like in Uncharted MP(still my favorite MP to date)

  • Ricardo Oe

    No more notices about MGO ???
    We need something faster…
    Maybe a release -Old Mgo-between Ground Zeros and Phanton Pain!!!

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