Hideo Kojima visits Platinum Games

Today, Hideo Kojima paid studio Platinum Games a visit. It’s not clear what exactly the purpose of the visit is, but it could have something to do with the incoming release of Metal Gear Rising Revengeance on PC. In any case, here are some photos of Kojima’s trip to the studio.


“Visiting with souvenir.”


“Yes, I am visiting here.”


“Their entrance.”


“And their hallway.”


“With Mr. Kamiya.”




Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter, Hideki Kamiya Twitter

  • Cyberlum

    Hope they discussed MGRising 2. The next to last photo reminded me of this

    • Jonny2x4

      It’s either MGR2 or that Getsu Fuma Den remake that Kamiya really wants to make if the Japanese Tweets are anything to go by.

      Kojima_Hideo: “I don’t see Getsu Fuma Den there. (lol)”
      PG_Kamiya: “Gerooo…”
      Kojima_Hideo: “Madara (lol).”

      PG_Kamiya: “Leave it to me…”

    • Golgari

      Dillon, you son of a bitch! 😀

  • Janeo

    Has to be mgr2 there is a great series we could have there I’m sure another one is coming. Just hope the next one goes more into rose and raidens son and we get a cameo from Otacon

    • BigBossWantsYou

      I’d like the sequel to be multi-player, with Player 1 being Raiden and Player 2 being Bladewolf as they take on World Marshall

    • William of Orange

      Raiden becomes bat- shit insane and it’s up to john (raiden’s son) to take him out.

  • Rob Machado

    MGR2 on next gen!

  • madbads

    Japan makes best games…

  • Fraaancis

    I love this guy!

  • William of Orange

    ZOE 3! ZOE 3!

    • Janeo

      I never played any of those are they good

      • William of Orange

        Fuck yeah, they’re good! This is probably the only game series that properly replicates intense mech battles. It’s more of an hommage to the Japanese mech anime/manga.

        • Janeo

          I Might get the hd collection how much is Kojima involved I this game. I have been close to playing them ever since I found the ZOE box in mgs2

          • William of Orange

            He’s the lead director and creator of the series, but you’ll be surprised by the fact that the first ZOE really didn’t age that well. ZOE: the second runner is completely linear, but it makes it up by throwing a fuck-load of robots at you, instead of wandering around and looking for orbitals in some open environments. But they’re both as awsome when it comes down to the gameplay. The first ZOE was revolutionary, for example: when you destroyed a civilian building or houses, you’ll lose points so you need to fight in the air.
            Like I said, this game is a love letter to all the mech anime’s out there. ZOE 1 was a bit cliché, some girl kills some people, including Leo’s friends and Leo stumbles across Jehuty ( basically the most powerful mech in existence and it has a twin brother named Anoubis). So he sets out on a revenge driven quest to obliterate the girl…. just buy the collection. ZOE 2 is awsome, but you need to play ZOE 1 first.

          • Jonny2x4

            People give Kojima way too much credit for Zone of the Enders. He did produced the series and had his people work on both games, but he personally didn’t had much of a creative involvement compared to his work on MGS. ZOE2 was mostly Shuyo Murata’s baby (I don’t remember who directed the first game), who later co-directed MGS4 with Kojima.

          • William of Orange

            Well, I remember the opening credits of ZOE 1 mentioning kojima as the director.
            But it might explain why ZOE 2 was downright superior in every aspect than its predecessor. Like I said, ZOE 1 didn’t age that well.

          • Jonny2x4

            It was Noriaki Okamura who directed the first ZOE (just looked it up).

          • William of Orange

            And let me guess, kojima was the producer? Well, I guess you’re right. I can’t argue against Wikipedia or metal gear wiki.

          • Jonny2x4

            You mean the game’s own credits.

          • William of Orange

            That’s a reliable source.

    • Menthuss

      Kojima already confirmed that development of ZoE 3 got canceled due to the lackluster sales of the ZoE HD Collection.

      • William of Orange

        Didn’t kojima confirmed a while back that mgs rising got cancelled due to inexperienced crewmembers and internal conflicts about the artistic vision among the staff members?
        Look, even I know that the possibility on continuing the development of ZOE 3 is very unlikely. But I think that platinum could do the job. Not that I’m a fan of mgr:r, but the ZOE series is almost impossible to fuck up. They could reboot the series, for all I care.

      • PrinceHeir

        no, it was not cancelled due to lackluster sales of the HD Collection.

        it was cancelled because was also having difficulties doing a game about ancient civilization(should have stick futuristic which is better for the series) just like Solid Rising did originally.

        he was also sorry for the way the ZOE HD Collection was handled(had a lot of slow downs and loading times) he says he could have done better and market the game better which i agree.

        ZOE3 is not done yet, he’s just concentrating on MGSV for now.

        i hope MGSV will be his last game for awhile.

        i want him to concentrate on ZOE and Snatcher/Policenauts. where’s that 5pb and Suda51 collaboration game you talked about last year?!?!

        though Platinum Games handling Zone of the Enders 3 would be Godly!!!!

        Kojima and crew handling the story and script with Shinkawa doing the mech designs.

        Sunrise doing the cutscene, love the new OP animation of the HD Collection and they can make it better like Gundam 00 Trailblazers animation

        and Platinum games handling the gameplay department with tons of fast paced battles, 60fps and 1080p goodness.

        seriously, if Kojima where to put all his heart to the series just like what he does on MGS, Zone of the Enders has a potential to become one of the best franchises ever.

        stupid Konami for forcing him to make more MGS games

        • Nyxus

          I don’t think Konami is forcing him to make ZoE, it’s just much more his series than ZoE is. It would be better if ZoE3 would be done by Murata if you ask me, so Kojima can focus on Metal Gear or something new.

          • PrinceHeir

            the thing that’s great about Kojima is that he has a vision and a clear path on where to take a game from point A to the end.

            it’s good to hire new blood and let them control things at a pace, but we need someone who is a veteran and keeping things under control and not trying to branch off the path.

            i think Shinji Mikami said it best about “creativity within boundaries” or something like that.

            though Zone of the Enders being handled by Inaba-san at Platinum Games, that will definitely be awesome.

            tbh i’m kinda tired of MGS, it’s not that it’s boring or something(heck i just replayed the series 1-3 last summer) it’s just that Kojima is a very talented person and when he makes new IPs like Zoe of the Enders, Snatcher/Policenauts you really can tell how much detail and amazing twists he presents just like in MGS series. i want more of that flavor in a different series.

            i really feel like he can bring the Adventure/Visual Novel Genre on the spotlight on the west with 5pb and Suda51 or the Mech Genre which hasn’t gotten alot of attention outside of Japan(it’s booming there with all those Super Robot War games and Gundam Namco games)

            whenever i see Zone of the Enders, it also remind me of Xenosaga which is funny since both takes place in space, with mech battles, similar character designs as well as both were released early in the PS2 era. him making a JRPG would be awesome as well(Boktai series etc).

            i really want something new from him. i don’t want him to be the Metal Gear only Guy developer.

            sure there are other developers who are only known for one series like Katsuhiro Harada(though he did produce a few Soul Calibur games) or Arc System Works(Guilty Gear or Blazblue) but Kojima, i can definitely see a potential within him.

            he’s like Miyamoto, tons of new ideas waiting to be explored, but nintendo probably dosen’t want him to stop producing Mario games.

            so hopefully he does make a new game that’s not MGS after this. he can always comeback and remake the MSX games once he finishes his new game.

          • Nyxus

            I wouldn’t mind more MGS games as I’m not tired of them, personally, but something new would be nice as well. I’m just not a big ZoE fan and I also don’t really like adventure games, so I would prefer a new MGS over those two. 😛 But again, something entirely new would certainly be interesting as well.

          • PrinceHeir

            well have you played other Mech games?

            i suggest you play VN/ADV games!!

            there are lots to choose from.

            i’m currently playing Gyakuten Saiban 2(Justice for All) so you should probably start in that series 🙂

            i could give you a emulator and the game if you want so you can play it right now on your PC(i’m playing it right now that way)

            or if you want a more traditional ADV/VN games that are only long text and full of choices(ala Mass Effect dialogue options) then you should go with the Science Adventure series by 5pb.

            Chaos;Head, Steins;Gate, Robotics;Notes.

            you could play them in any order, but it would be better if you start with either Chaos;Head or Steins;Gate since both games have tons of references to each other.

            also the artist of Steins;Gate Huke did the MGS1 art along with Yoji Shinkawa so there’s more reason to play that game 😛


            just ask me if you want to play it on PC since it’s already translated and i have it right now.

  • Ricardo Oe

    Whata ?!

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