Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes next gen box arts released

Konami has released the final box arts for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes. They are basically the same as the Xbox 360 and PS3 covers for the west: featuring Snake’s face but no Kaz.



The European box arts look the same, except for the ESBR rating, which is a PEGI rating in Europe.



Aside from that, the only difference between the various versions is the placement of the logo, due to the variations in box sizes.

Source: Konami

  • crimsonfox

    Wait, so there is going to be retail released versions in the U.S. on PS4?

    • Golgari

      Yes. Long ago they were confirmed after fans rage and that’s good.

      • Guest

        Damn, How did I miss that?! Thanks Golgari.

        I’m feel like such a poser… I should take my bandana off my OG Mozilla FireFox avatar 🙁
        Super excited now though, I hate digital downloads!

      • crimsonfox

        Dang, How did I miss this?! Thanks Golgari.

        I had already accepted that I’d have to buy a PS3 version for the box, and use the upgrade program and just download it on my PS4. What glorious news. Wish Kaz was on the box though…

  • ugh, that xbox one color is terrible.

  • Revenge of Anonymous

    Really the best looking version is the PS3 box. The template is black, which suits the dark art, while the rest of the box is transparent and unobstructed. I feel that the PS4 version has too light of a blue color while both Xbox versions have this unfitting green.

    • andy

      Exactly making over 95% of all 360 and future Xbox One boxarts already ruined. Although this overall cover is disgusting like the whole way this game is turning out. Hmm which one of these is better? Awesome EU one or terrible US one? The same goes for this MGS cover. Where is the art Yoji Shinkawa like this?

      • Nyxus

        The cover looks good if you ask me. Yeah, it’s no Shinkawa but people are overreacting.

        • Bob Faget

          It’s a giant floating face, it’s terrible.

          • Nyxus

            Giant and floating? He’s just close to the camera.

        • andy

          Its just not a real Metal Gear cover. And people overreact about Resident Evil, Silent Hill and Final Fantasy being dead and guess what, those franchises are to me. So yes, it is a pretty big deal.

  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    Anybody ever notice how Xbox 360 cases were always taller and PS3 cases were always wider? Well, that trend continues with Xbox One and PS4, but the difference isn’t as apparent since those boxes are very similar in size. Anyway, I can’t wait to get this on PS4.

  • Janeo

    Is this going to be R18 in Australia

    • Nyxus

      Probably. It seems to be 18+ everywhere.

  • Guest

    fu xbox one , its their fault

  • madbads

    why no PC , fu xbox, those nerds don’t know what metal gear is!

  • Hurr_a_durr

    I’ll stick to digital, box art looks terrible and it costs more.

    • Nyxus

      Well, it’s still better than no box at all if you ask me. Besides, I don’t think it’s all that bad. I also believe they said the physical versions will come with certain bonuses.

  • Anime10121

    Been on Amazon for a couple weeks now!

    • Nyxus

      Hm, Konami officially released them 2 days ago, I don’t think I posted them yet.

      • Anime10121

        I saw em when I changed my preorder to the PS4 version a week or two ago 😛

        Me thinks Konami was just slow to get them out “officially”…

        Either that, or Amazon did a damn good job copy/pasting the cover art from the current gen versions onto the next gen ones and they look so similar to the official one’s that they were indistinguishable 😛

        • Nyxus

          Yeah, it’s the same as the current gen box that was released earlier. But Konami officially released these box arts January 16th.

  • Taffer

    Please please please come out on PC!

  • Trim Dose

    well thats ugly as F$UCK!!

  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    Nyxus, what did you do to the page? I didn’t even recognize it when I posted.

    • Nyxus

      The theme got an update. It wasn’t my choice, but some things have actually improved because of it.

      • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

        No, I like this look much better actually. I was just shocked because I’m not used to checking the top of the page when I go to MetalGearInformer, I just read the article and head directly to the comments section, so when I checked what site I was on I was like, “what just happened?” But yeah, keep this look for the site, it looks awesome. In fact, if you can, make the MGS V:Ground Zeroes box art the new theme for when the game releases.

    • Sorahearts

      He updated it. Looks like a nice page

      • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

        No, I like the new look, don’t get me wrong. It’s just that when I got onto the page, I didn’t even know what site I was on since I was so used to how the original look was so I was shocked when I went to the top of the page and saw it was MetalGearInformer.

        • Sorahearts

          I thought I was on a different website. But until it said Metal Gear Informer then I knew that this page had a new look

          • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

            My exact impression.

          • Sorahearts

            Better than the old page. I like this new page

          • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3


  • PrinceHeir

    sucks there’s no Miller, but i’m getting the JPN one so no worries ^^

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