Save data of Ground Zeroes on PS3 can be transferred to The Phantom Pain on PS4

Good news for those who are planning to get the PlayStation 3 version of Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes and continue the story with the PlayStation 4 version of The Phantom Pain: the save data can be transferred between the two systems.


This was confirmed on the official Japanese site for Metal Gear Solid V. It makes sense since there will probably be a lot more PlayStation 4 owners when The Phantom Pain comes out than there are right now. Kojima himself said that The Phantom Pain will release ‘when there are many of PS4 owners’.

Source: MGSV official site, via JunkerHQ

  • Batzi

    Transfarring is back! 😛

    In other news, Nyxus check MGS official Facebook page. They are conducting an interview with Kojima and they are asking fans to post their questions to Kojima. I think it’s worth an article 🙂

    • Nyxus

      Thanks, I’ll check it out!

  • Crypt

    Sounds more and more like the phantom pain will end up next gen exclusive.

    • Batzi

      Well it is for better. Kojima Productions won’t be limited to last-gen’s specs.

      • Rogue Agent

        Torashiro from NeoGAF stated that it’s for all 4 platforms!

        • Batzi

          Yes but it doesn’t mean that they won’t scratch that option eventually.

          • Rogue Agent

            Well, I hope they don’t.

          • fox1028

            Get a goddamn ps4 to fully enjoy MGSV

          • Janeo

            They won’t cancel the last gen versions no chance of that now. They are already far through the game so cancelling last gen versions make no sense

          • Spencer Shea

            I believe that is what watch dogs is doing, And hope so for WATCH DOGS AND MGSV, The past should not limit the future~ As fans we should support this to see the most powerful Metal Gear yet, Because if it can fit on the 360 that means it is less powerful than mgs4

  • Golgari

    I’m still buying PS4 version. 😛

  • o1striker

    Sounds good to me since I was planning on picking up the PS3 version of GZ, and when PP comes out I’m pretty sure I’ll have a PS4 by then.

  • J0Scorpionake

    Nice, I would love if the some staff achieved in Peace Walker would be used during Ground Zeros too.

    • César H. Sandoval


    • Neco The Sergal

      The problem with that is due to the fact that majority of Peacewalkers’ players are from PSP. I doubt they’d be able to draw the information of what staff people have out of PSP’s Version. That and PSP’s UMD version differed from the Digital Version-saves…..and then you have the HD Collection on PS3’s version….

      The saves/info is too split between players, and I doubt we’d have Transfarring on PSP-UMD to PS4 MGS-GZ. As, my staff count would be Godlike to port over really, so many soldiers that I had with 9999 Health and 9999 Morale/stamina.

      • john

        I transferred my psp save data to my ps3 for peace walker (cause I played that shit when it came out) I played the HD PW with my psp save data so the possible tech compliance is there being as how you can most likely transfer your pw save data from ps3 to ps vita …I agree it would have been fun to be able to use your peace walker mother base but as long as we get to keep the soldiers and POWs from GZ to TPP I’m cool with it

  • PrinceHeir

    definitely getting this version 😀

    what about the Xbox 360-One save transfer?

    • Nyxus

      They didn’t seem to say anything about that.

  • RoderickThe13

    Great to know this. I’m getting Ground Zeroes on PS3, but I hope The Phantom Pain will come out only on next gen, specially if it’s released on 2016.

  • César H. Sandoval

    This is great news for me.



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  • capcomfan2010 .

    Can I even transfer my save data of Ground Zeroes on PS3 to Ground Zeroes on PS4?

  • Anonymous

    Can you use a flash drive, hook it into your PS3, save, then put it into your PS4 and boot up TTP and after you download GZ’s save data, take it out again? I wanna make sure.

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