Kojima further comments on removed ’80s filter’ for Metal Gear Solid V

A few days ago Kojima revealed on his Twitter that he was experimenting with a special ’80s filter’ for Metal Gear Solid V. Today he went into a little more detail.

So called “80’s filter” that I gave up on MGSV, another name I call is “Apocalypse Now filter”. It was removed but u can still see the effect on the screen like burnt film when player gets damaged. This idea is from this 80’s concept.

Back in MGS4, we tried to implement full screen effect that is one of the glare which strengthen shadow as we called “Munich filter”. Processing worked fine but it blacken all the fancy details in elements & character models. Our designer indeed was very against this implementation because of that. So again I had to give up.

Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter

  • Ricardo Oe

    Don´t undertand nothing …
    Apocalipse that… Munique this…
    Whata ???

    • Alp

      Apocolypse Now is a film 🙂 a classic

      • Neco The Sergal

        It reminds me of the song ‘Apocalypse Please’ by Muse xD

      • Ricardo Oe

        Oh yeah ; now i´m remember .I see this film;and others classics like the name of my clã in mgo
        Munique is too much power ,3 hours of film.

      • Kaniebas

        My personal Best Film of All Time and I always thought that MGS3:Snake Eater had a clear infuence from it 😉

    • o1striker

      Both are movies, and I’m very surprised you haven’t heard of Apocalypse(this is how you spell it by the way) Now. Apocalypse now is a pretty good movie, but I haven’t seen Munich. I don’t watch movies very often anymore.

      • Son of the Big Boss

        Munich is a great movie

  • flying_fox

    That burnt film effect is awesome. It’s the kind of detail that makes all the difference between a Hideo Kojima game and… well, the rest. ^^

    Really glad they kept it, and hoping for more effects like that in TPP. Although maybe not a full filter throughout the game. I can understand why that idea was scrapped.

  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    Never seen Munich but very interesting details-perhaps if Kojima hadn’t developed MGS4 so early in PS3’s we would’ve got that, but anyhow I love the MGS4 we got and don’t regret it. He could’ve put full focus on Portable Ops then went to MGS4 and put both to full potential. What do you think Nyxus?

    • Nyxus

      I think MGS4’s development was a difficult proces for the team. It’s one of the reasons they created the FOX Engine, to make development easier and more direct.

      • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

        Yes, I’m aware that was one of their motivations for the FOX Engine, but still when you think about it, where would Solid Snake be today if the game had turned out to be different?

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