A few bits of information from Game Informer’s Ground Zeroes podcast

A few days ago Game Informer uploaded a podcast, talking about certain aspects of the game in detail, as well as answering some questions sent in by readers.


The hour long podcast was hosted by the journalists who visited Kojima Productions in Japan to try out the game and talk with Kojima. Most of it is speculation or already known information, but here are the bits that are new:

  • In Ground Zeroes there is an 11-page recap that explains in short about the events that took place before, and who the important characters are.
  • There aren’t a lot of cutscenes in Ground Zeroes. The longest are the one at the start (which we have seen in the first trailer) and the one at the end.
  • Though the overal tone is very dark and grim, there is still humor in the game, mainly in the side missions. There is also special cameo escort mission that they think fans will like. There are at least three missions with a lot of humor in it in Ground Zeroes.
  • There are no boss battles in Ground Zeroes (at least not in the modes Game Informer played, which includes the story mode).
  • There is no multiplayer in Ground Zeroes.

To listen to the entire podcast, follow the link below.

Source: Game Informer

  • o1striker

    Dang I was hoping for one boss though. Still it’s going to be a blast, and after I finish this a few thousand times I’ll play FFXhd. Oh college how my grades are going to drop.

  • IlikeMGS1&2&3-4isveryybad

    Ground Zeroes should get MGO beta/alfa tests in a few months.
    2 teams – first attack camp, second is defending it.

  • Golgari

    I think the game has a lot of potential with Boss fights in the Open world with stealth mechanics. I’m sure there will be a boss like THE END in the Phantom Pain.

    Because sniper’s in the open world will have much more role then in corridor game – MGS3. THE END was a great boss with a great design but at the same time Kojima restricted himself because of the PS2 hardware.

    You can laugh at me but I don’t remember good boss fights in the (3d environment + open-world) to be honest. Maybe Kojima will be the first one that will do it right. Besides, military-Cold War-ish setting is good for Boss ideas. You can think of anything. From Elite soldiers to some crazy USSR/US/Mujahideen Armoured fighting vehicle and of course new type of “Metal Gear”.

    • Nyxus

      Maybe you have to battle Quiet at some point.

      • Golgari

        Oh yeah. Absolutely.
        I’m sure she will be “boss” and after that Big Boss can use Fulton Recovery on her and then Ocelot tortures her in the BB base later and maybe in the future she will be our ally with some good stats for Diamond Dogs base.

        Yeah. I’m excited.

        • Anonymous X

          I won’t recruit her.

        • Janeo

          I’m hoping quiet can just randomly attack you anywhere like maybe you in the jungle on your way to the base then kaz calls to tell you quiet a sniper was spotted in the area and you have to find her before she finds you, something like that would be cool

      • whatinthe

        I think Snake is going to meet Quiet through some kind of Boss battle.

        I can picture it. Snake would be in Afganistan on his mission to rescue Kaz. He gets information by Ocelot(or possibly Huey) that there are snipers in the area. It would probably be similar to the battle with The End where you have to actually find her.

    • Cartmangus

      It’d be a massive loss if TPP didn’t have bosses, specially considering how great they’ve been in the past.

      • whatinthe

        There have been essentially boss battles in every MGS, from 1-4, including Peace Walker and Portable Ops. Even Rising. There’s no doubt in my mind that MGS5 will be no different

        • Cartmangus

          Yeah I hope so. I don’t know though, with life bars being dropped, it going open world, I have some fears that they won’t be back, at least not in their traditional form.

          • Rogue Agent

            That’s actually even better. Without life bars could introduce something more subtle and seamless. Maybe when a boss is getting tired or reaches a specific stage, there are visual or audio clues such as getting tired, shouting, etc.

          • Golgari

            Open world have so much more potential for Boss battles and at the same time it is hard to make them but the end result can be amazing + no one said that there won’t be boss battles in closed areas. I’m sure there will be some.

            + Open world can bring more stealth boss battles then in the past.

            Remember Rex vs Ray battle in MGS4? That battle was amazing but small place ruined it’s scale. That battle could be even bigger in theory.

            Imagine something like Big Boss vs Metal Gear in Afghanistan or African countries. You have truck load of strategy to beat it. You can use tanks, rocket launchers, maybe some gadgets… Maybe steath aproach. Maybe you can disable electricity somewhere to give you advantage over his superior abilities and etc.

            I’m sure Kojima is brainstorming thousand ideas about Boss Battles.

          • Cartmangus

            Definitely true that there’s loads of potential to be had if they go for it.

      • Janeo

        I highly doubt boss battles will be left they are a big part of mgs. They will be different but they would have to still be there but it is hard to imagine open world bosses

  • Danny (Soundwave)

    A MGO in GZ would still be a great idea. It will expand the game experience and also slightly soften the painful wait for TPP.

  • Janeo

    I was hoping for some more questions just about the shooting mechanics and things like that in this podcast. They tried to speculate to much which kind of showed they haven’t been following this game that close, one guy said he thought code talker could be Adam but ocelot was Adam and code talker is already confirmed to be a ww2 code breaker. One guy also said the game would get a release date at the end of 2015 then be pushed back to 2016 but I’m pretty sure kojima said he wouldn’t announce a release date until they have finished the game since mgs4 and peace walker got delayed. I guess what I’m saying is I would have liked to hear more about how the game felt to play and less speculation

    • Golgari

      Shooting mechanics are from MGS4. Nothing new here.
      I like them a lot for a Third person view. Very militaristic with decent scatter/dispersion compared to other triple A games such as Uncharted or Gears Of War.

      Game Informer community is not the most loyal MGS fanbase where they can ask some serious questions about game’s mechanics or story. Most of the questions were about cut scenes, Harry Gregson-Williams, and other stuff we already knew about.

      • Nyxus

        Yeah, there were plenty of questions that had already been answered (Gregson-Williams is a good example). The podcast was interesting, but there wasn’t a whole lot of new information in it.

      • Johnny Alejandro Roa

        not to contradict your post, but the shooting mechanics are extracted directly from MGS Peace Walker.

  • flying_fox

    Also, I’ve seen that a Spanish magazine has released their Boot Camp impressions, and they confirm that there will be footprints on the ground and guards can spot them. It’s a relief, because there were no footprints so far in gameplay demos.

    • Nyxus

      They also said that only minor damage regenerates, and you have to use a healing spray for more serious injuries. It’s strange we haven’t heard anything about it, but that’s what they’re saying so I guess it is true…

      • flying_fox

        Yes, I also find it strange for the healing spray. But hey, we’ll know soon enough! 🙂 18 days left here in Europe.

        We’ve come a long way since the reveal of GZ, 18 months ago.

  • Bob Faget

    How would you react if Kojima cut the boss battles entirely?

    • Nyxus

      Don’t know if I’m supposed to answer this, but I should see it in the context before being able to judge it.

  • RoderickThe13

    In the Deja Vu mission trailer you can see Psycho Mantis. Maybe you’ll have to fight against him.

  • PrinceHeir

    Ehh nothing new, I’m surprised they’re not asking more of their gameplay system like the day and night cycle, weather conditions, AI behaviors.

    This is only a prologue, i doubt you’ll be seeing any major story events aside form the ending of this game.

  • Anime10121

    “Aren’t a lot of cutscenes”… Man I hope that’s just a Ground Zeroes thing and not actually indicative of where the series is going… Toning down the cutscenes I can kinda understand, as 4 was a bit,shall I say, excessive, but then again, Peace Walker was severely lacking in that regard, substituted by the audio tapes…

    • Nyxus

      It’s safe to say there will be less cutscenes in TPP as well. But they are still there, and GZ is only a small part of the story so it’s not surprising the cutscenes in it are short.

      • Anime10121

        I know, the hints have been there, what with Kojima calling it a more “episodic” experience… Still sucks though as I’ve always been a big fan of MGS cutscenes, along with its gameplay. I seriously hate that they are toning them down for the entire series just because they went a little overboard in 4 and people complained…

        • Nyxus

          I agree, I always liked the cutscenes a lot, even in MGS4. But I’ll see how it turns out, maybe there will be more and longer ones in TPP.

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