Collect all cassette tapes in Ground Zeroes to learn more about Skull Face

French gaming magazine Jeux Video published an interview with Hideo Kojima, revealing some new information about Ground Zeroes.


With MGSV, Kojima wanted to create Big Boss as a character from scratch. With the PlayStation, they were able to give him a voice and have him express his emotions through his speech. Now, thanks to new technology they can really create a complete performance that involves his entire body, including facial expressions and subtle movements. In MGSV, Snake is an even more complex character who wants to get revenge and fight his demons. They want to convey this with the new performance.

Kojima didn’t want to reveal much about Skull Face, other than that he’s a very important character and the commander of the XOF group. If you collect all the audio cassette tapes in Ground Zeroes, you can find out more about his background. The player can also discover the pacifist and anti-nuclear theme, although in Ground Zeroes it will be just an introduction.

According to Eurogamer’s preview, Skull Face leaves behind an audio recording of over 7 minutes, in which he explains his motives to a POW.


Metal Gear Solid 1 is the installment Kojima is most proud of, because they managed to include everything they wanted. He also likes Ground Zeroes because they have succeeded in recreating the same type of challenge, but with modern technology.

Metal Gear Solid 1 is also Yoji Shinkawa’s favorite, because everything was new and they were able to create a new type of action game, which was a real challenge. MGS1 contains all the essential elements of the series, all its DNA.

Source: JeuxVideo, via, Eurogamer

  • Janeo

    I read the eurogamer the guy complained about the story being to complicated and said the ending doesn’t feel like an ending so I’m not sure he has been following this game

    • Golgari

      He said it is a cliffhanger.
      What bothers me is that 40% of the text he talked about the game’s length and price which is weird. I expect low score from Eurogamer just for that, but at the same time they said that it is very good and the best and most expensive demo on the market.

      Interesting fact though. there is a 7 minute dialog with Skullface in the cassette. 7 minutes. Wow

      • Janeo

        I love how a lot of the story is being told through cassette tapes kind of like how peace walker had a lot of the character development on the tapes. He said it was a cliffhanger in a way that just sounded like he thought there would be a more satisfying ending which I didn’t like. I think it’s wrong to call this a demo though, a demo is taking a very small portion of a game and letting you play for about 30 mins and then you when you get the full game you will play through that same section again at some point, ground zeroes is a prologue with lots to do and we won’t find any of it in the phantom pain so I never liked people calling it a demo

        • Nekkedsnake

          agreed on the demo part. think about MGS2 and how the Tanker chapter was the prologue to the Planter chapter. basically the Tanker chapter was a “demo” or introduction to gameplay of sorts. same thing with MGS3 in how it was broken up into two parts, Virtuous Mission, and Operation Snake Eater. and Kojima has explained that he wanted to break MGSV into two parts because he didn’t want to make his fans (us) wait till TPP game out so he decided to give us GZ. i’m thankful because another few years to wait is too fucking long.

      • Janeo

        I don’t like how people call this a demo, ground zeroes is a prologue with lots to do has it’s own story and we will not get the section with the phantom pain so I don’t get why people still call it a demo

      • LOLOLOL

        I just hope the we can pause/rewind those tapes as opposite to almost every previous MGS games, where pausing cutscenes and radio convos was something Kojima never heard of.

  • TheF1BOB

    That Skull Face cassette will be mine.

  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    Although I enjoyed MGS1 myself, my favorites are MGS3 and MGS4.

  • PrinceHeir

    Pretty cool, so i’m guessing this will be a standard now for Phantom Pain? I do like the long codec calls every now and then.

    Finally they balanced the cinematics, I don’t really want another MGS4 long cutscene short gameplay throughout the game.

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