Metal Gear Solid V DLC suggests Phantom Pain release of early 2015

A user on popular website Reddit has registered Ground Zeroes on Konami Core (Konami’s own reward program), and received the following message:


“Come back early 2015 to claim your downloadable content!”

Kojima said in the recent Twitch interview that Ground Zeroes won’t be getting DLC, because he wants to focus on The Phantom Pain now. That suggests the DLC mentioned is for The Phantom Pain, and also that the game should be out by that time.

In fact, this is probably the same content that comes with the first batch of Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes copies, since this content will be usable in Mother Base once The Phantom Pain comes out. So things do add up.

Of course this is all just guesswork, but a release of 2015 does seem likely. The question is when.

Source: Reddit, via TheArabGamer

  • Guy Incognito

    The user was Rogue Agent of MGSForums. But anyway, this is good news because we get a confirmed release date for the game and it’s a good one at that.

    • Could you provide a link to the original post (unless there are spoilers)? Also, I wouldn’t take this as a confirmation.

      • Guy Incognito

        I misread the post, he just linked it on the forums. Excuse me mistake ^_^”

        • No problem.

        • Rogue Agent

          Yeah, I did just link it 😛

      • Yeah, this is no confirmation but it does atleast give me something to cling to lol 😀

  • teevok

    Awesome news………………..

    • Kenshiro

      Am I the only one that thinks early 2015 is kind of late?
      I hope for a 2014 release to be honest.

      • RoderickThe13

        That would be a big surprise. If the game is as big as Kojima has said I think it’s very unlikely that’s gonna be released this year.

      • I doubt it. The reason they released Ground Zeroes earlier is so they have something for 2014, is my guess.

      • teevok

        No, but we were expecting a long, long wait for a possible 2016 release 😉

        • Janeo

          Are people expecting a 2016 release? I think that’s very unlikely even that analyst guy David Gibson said the game will be out by the end of 2015 and he hasn’t been wrong so far

      • César H. Sandoval

        I actually think it’s early, I expected TPP for holiday season 2015 at best.

  • Zven

    It could be, though I think Kojima himself doesn’t have an exact release date. I’m pretty sure TPP won’t be releasing this year, if it was Ground Zeroes wouldn’t have been released months earlier, so 2015 seems likely.

  • PrinceHeir

    I really doubt Phantom Pain will be released on early 2015.

    Since most MGS games are released around June(worldwide?) so I’m gussing Phantom Pain will be released next summer, which is perfect since it summer time and i get to play this fully ^^

    DLC? hmm probably Snake’s Ground Zeroes suit since he’s wearing a different suit in Phantom Pain right? The one with the MGS3 style Tiger Stripes with a scarf in it.

    I hope we get to use the Ground Zeroes suit in Phantom Pain 🙂

    • Theo Heisenberg Constantine

      mgs4 was the only mgs game that came out in june.

  • Rob Machado


  • Janeo

    Really not sure what else this could, I do think the game is coming out next year just thought it would be about half way through would konami really put the expected release date down just like that

  • markos

    Guys, i believe i ve just heard David hayter in gz! I don’t know if it is a spoiler but when i finished the deja vu mission, there was a quiz game about mgs1. Miller asked snake some questions about the game, and snake voice wasn’t ks but dh! I hope someone can clarify this!!

  • flying_fox

    Great. Perfect timing, one year from GZ. More delay would be unbearable. 🙂

  • aNonUhMus

    So you’re telling me I have to wait a whole year for this game?

  • Snowcipher

    Could a digital version of Ground Zeroes? I’m not sure if registration codes only come with physical copies of the game or not.

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