Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes out now in Europe and Japan

Two days after the release in the United States (on March 18th), Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes has now launched in Europe and Japan as well, on March 20th.


The game is available for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, both digitally and at retail. Japanese buyers can choose between several limited editions as well.



The ‘iDroid’ Companion App that can be used with the game is also available for download worldwide.

  • lostsnak182

    I wish this was true right now, its 11:30 pm in ireland and only the overview is available on the psn……….please midnight please. Was it available at midnight on the US psn?

    • lostsnak182

      it is out now everyone!

  • Janeo

    I can’t find it anywhere on the store in Australia does this mean it is delayed there to because it looks like it right now

    • Australian/NZ releases were delayed until the 27th:

      • Janeo

        It was unknown whether that was for the digital versions though

        • Dingus

          I’m in Australia and I’ve downloaded it and played it. When I pre-ordered it on PSN a few days ago, it was there in the game listings, but a couple of days later it had disappeared. Not sure what to say other than that it should be up again very soon if it isn’t right now!

          • Janeo

            I saw the pre order deal on Monday then Tuesday when I went on to buy it, it was gone and nothing comes up about the game anymore I guess I will just have to keep checking

  • John

    Unfortunately us UK fans have to wait until tomorrow, despite being a part of Europe. Silly, though I suppose it isn’t as bad as Australia and New Zealand. :/

  • crimsonfox

    I’m so excited to hear what everyone here has to say about the game. Unfortunately I have to be here, at a surprise birthday party for my brother in law grrr *shivers in disgust*

    I did play a bit before I came and got a S rank on a speed run of the main mission. The game is so intense on hard. Gaah! Can’t wait to get back to it later.

    Nyxus when you finish the game can you do a ending discussion article with a spoiler warning? So we can all talk about the ending without ruining it for anyone who hasn’t played it. Enjoy it everyone, kuwabara kuwabara!

    • Janeo

      The ign review said the ending felt unearned and that kojima was just trying to be controversial and tried to make it heartbreaking, obviously the ending involves characters from peace walker and I think the reviewer just didn’t play peace walker since she said it came out in 2008 in her review I think it will be very heartbreaking for me since I love peace walker and it’s characters so what do you think about the ending

      • crimsonfox

        I honestly think the ending was a strong clear representation of no matter how hard you try you can’t stop war. I don’t what to say more till you see it yourself. But when you think about it with the explanation I just gave. You’ll understand it a little better.

        • Janeo

          Well looks like I gotta wait another week to play so I’m not sure how I’m going to make it, I have been replaying big bosses games had peace walker ready to finish last night but the game is delayed on psn as well so I’m in more for the longest week of my life two times in a row

          • crimsonfox

            Dang, that’s lame man… I really don’t wanna ruin it for you. It is extreme, so I wouldn’t wanna burn it. Hopefully they get it up in the store. The physical copy I understand but the digital copy is just a dumb move to take off the store :/

          • Janeo

            Well I just can’t wait to see why people say it’s controversial usually controversy is about sex or something but I’m guessing the ending has nothing to do with sex so I badly wanna see it but I have enough strength not to watch it on youtube I gotta experience first hand

          • crimsonfox

            The chick who reviewed the game doesn’t understand why Kojima did what you saw in trailer to Paz. She acts like Paz is the only female character Kojima has written to feel pain. Sniper Wolf, The beauty and the beast unit, Emma, Naomi. More if I thought about. I think the meaning of it really flew over her head man.

  • PrinceHeir

    Definitely imoprting the game on summer along with MGR SE 🙂

    I think you already posted the backstory page from the official site?

    Just checking ^^

  • Zven

    Beat the main mission a few hours ago and I’ve been playing the side ops now. I’m very proud of being a MGS fan.

    I’m curious how long did you take to finish the main mission? I did it in 58 minutes, without rescuing prisoners and exploring all the corners of Camp Omega but didn’t rush through it at all neither, I took quite some time to get used to the new gameplay.

    • crimsonfox

      I finished it in 57 minutes haha, and rescued the prisoners in Chico’s area. I did a speed run at 12 minutes too! Game is awesome learning a wick run route was fun!

    • Jonny2x4

      My first playthrough took around 70 minutes of play time and I A-ranked it on my first clear. It actually took me a lot longer than that, since I always choose “restart mission” when I fail.

  • Rob Machado

    I love it! Getting around without getting noticed is intense.

  • MrVux007
  • Zero

    Hey did anyone know when the konami servers will be up running? I’m getting error message when connecting to online leaderboards.

  • Michael

    There is a dlc-Code for an exclusiv trailer, but I couldn’t activate it yet. Did anyone else try? And is it just the launch trailer?

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