Kojima Productions encourages you to send in feedback on Ground Zeroes’ controls

Ken Imaizumi, senior producer at Kojima Productions, has taken to Twitter to ask for player feedback regarding the controls in Ground Zeroes. The feedback will be assessed  and possibly used for development on The Phantom Pain.

So if you have any suggestions or comments, this is a chance to make your voice heard directly to the studio.


Source: Ken Imaizumi Twitter

  • Theo Heisenberg Constantine

    if it plays anything like GZ i would be happy. if they added more shit that would be great too. but right now they have a great foundation to work with. the slow motion i think is great but if you have anything in your way or whatever you are fucked.

  • Danny (Soundwave)

    Talking about controls, can someone explain to me how you grab a guard’s gun and immediately shoot him? You know, the thing they showed us in the TPP trailer? Thanks in advance! ^-^

    • Michael Montanez

      For the PS4, when facing the enemy u have to press R2+L2 without moving the character (using the left analog stick). Sometimes I get a few chain cqc punches then press L2 and you will steal the gun. Remember you have to make sure your thumb is off the left analog stick when doing this.

      • Danny (Soundwave)

        I play on PS3 so I guess that it’ll be L1 + R1 then. Thanks alot, I’ll give it a go during my next playthrough.

    • Zven

      I totally forgot about this and haven’t tried it yet, looking forward to try it!

  • Nekkedsnake

    honestly, if they just bring back Peeking over cover and Knocking on walls, that would great. Hell, bring back LOCKERS!

    • fritzo

      lockers, boxes, and dumpsters (MGS4)… okay boxes might seem weird even for PP, but barrels could stlll work.

      • glitchbomb

        Yeah! but he barrels are only slightly less silly than the boxes. Haha, it looks like he is waddling in there.

      • Supposedly boxes are in TPP.

    • Janeo

      Why do we still need peeking over cover when you can control the camera, the only games I used peeking in was mgs mgs2 and portable ops I have never needed with any other games

    • psychomantis18

      Totally agree with you. I miss all that stuff. The gameplay is truly amazing and I have no problems with it but I would be grateful for the addition of some classic MGS stealth mechanics (as mentioned above e.g: Hiding IN stuff, knocking and peaking OVER cover). Having said all that GZ is soooo awesome!!!!!!!!!!!

    • glitchbomb

      You can still peek sort of if you press R3 when you are pressed against something properly!

  • Janeo

    Did many people complain about controls the only complaints I have heard about this game has to do with it’s length, it’s a good thing they are taking feedback though

  • XIFF-5

    Knocking on wall,places to hide like barrels or anything, and fast running should stop when i press L3 again and then continue the normal run.

  • gerber

    They should add wall knocking. I thought they removed it to make the game more difficult but you have infinite magazines and can use it to create noise just like when knocking, so why remove it?

  • MrVux007

    Just fix the damm jumping animation/falling animation and all is cool 🙂

  • Ricardo Oe

    I’ll tell you one thing:

    In MGS4 had the triple command, as cqc, stealth, boxes, hide inside dumpsters, and paste it into walls, making noise, using the knife, etc..
    I’m honestly a little disappointed with the controls of the game.
    Let’s see phantom pain …

  • The only thing that bothers me is when you dive off a high roof, he will stop in mid air and tuck his legs in then land normally :s

    I just think it doesn’t look all that great, animation wise.

    also one other tiny concern is the corner sneaking, as Im sure many of you have had this happen too, your trying to get into position on a corner but you accidentally stick out so far that the enemy notices you, Potentially messing up a Perfect Stealth Run.

  • Kevin Kerr Music

    I’m curious guys.
    How did you find the GZ soundtrack?

    I for one.. was severely disappointed.
    I think it’s just Ludwig’s style. But.. it’s doesn’t sound like metal gear to me. There is lack of “memorable ” music. Nothing really epic compared to past games.

    Don’t get me wrong. It was decent. But just didn’t tickle my fancy as a hardcore MGS fan and a Game composer myself.

    What’s your thoughts?

    PS- I’m already sick of hearing “heres to you” from over watching the trailer.
    So wasn’t enjoying it all throughout GZ.
    Ofcourse it is serving other purpose than just music, its a key part of the theme and game itself from how skullface uses it. But.. meh. much preferd the MGS4 version anyway.

    • No Place For Hayter

      I agree, the music sounds uhhhh normal I guess, from hearing it I guess I would call it a slightly heavy generic movie soundtrack? I’m not sure, I’m just not a fan of the music in Ground Zeroes, I was listening to some MGS4 music the other day, and man some of the tracks in MGS4 are amazing, I mean every MGS has always had memorable and profound music but ground zeroes seems to fall flat, the music in Ground Zeroes is way to subdued.

      The Phantom Pain is bound to have an amazing song or two (Like Sins of The Father) but I’m worried about the general quality of the music for TPP after hearing the ground zeroes soundtrack.

      • Son of Big Boss

        Well I thought the same at the ending scene at mother base, it was kinda meh. But I mean it’s Harry-Gregson-Williams we are talking about, the guy who made all the other games soundtrack, so I think we are gonna be fine with phantom pain. Just wanna point out that I found the music in the ending trailer absolutely perfect (I LOVE IT) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DK-cEnYLhGE
        Just how it goes when the title comes up in the end and Kaz, goes “Why are we still here?” and then when the Diamond Dogs logo and Retribution comes up and that kinda siren things comes on. IMO it’s so good. So well executed trailer 🙂

        • Kevin Kerr Music

          I absolutely love Harry Greg. (So much I can call him that xD)

          But I didn’t hear much of him throughout it all.
          I have no doubt TPP will have more of him and his epicness.

          but majority of GZ was Ludwig. I’m too usto hearing Williams and Honda.

          It will Also be due to lack of cutscenes.
          But during game there was a severe lack of emotion amplifying music. Served the purpose but I expected better.

    • yeah it’s not that epic. I don’t know if the instrumental versions of the songs from PW where released somewhere before… so, assuming those are new, i really liked the one for “love deterrance” and i’ve always loved the original version of here’s to you, i’m a big Morricone fan, so i prefer this version a thousand times rather than the MGS4 one (that doesn’t mean i don’t like that one) although there’s another one that’s even better in my opinion (also by Morricone)

      So, soundtrack related, there’s not many stuff to listen from ground zeroes, i think the thing that we hear the most is that “DUN DU DU DUNN” at the beginning of the missions which is cool, but it is used a lot in the game. In conclusion, sound is great overall, but soundtrack (by this i mean only the new stuff that appears on ground zeroes)… not really

      • glitchbomb

        I actually really liked the “Dun Du Du Dun” track. Very simple yet effective. I had heard it so many times from the trailers so when I heard it in game I was like “aww here we go!” haha

        • yeah, it’s cool, i also get a feeling of “this is happening” when i hear it, usually when that sounds i change my stance to the edge of the seat haha

          • Kevin Kerr Music

            Yeah I agree with that. But.. it’s not really a “song/soundtrack”. It is definitely distinct and memorable. But I wish it was more developed atleast.

  • Son of the Big Boss

    Ehm, just wondering if any of you guys have been thinking the same as me…

    How come… when I shoot the tranq. gun and the guard goes to sleep, he doesn’t wake up through the whole mission. THOUGH when I strangle him unconscious with CQC he wakes up a few min later.

    This is something I want them to fix…

    • mhhh, i think i have seen some wake up, they are marked with 3 “Z” and as time passes the number of Z’s start disappearing until they wake up, although it takes a lot of time, i have seen only one or two wake up (this is on normal, i’ll start playing on hard soon)

    • Machine Gun Kid

      When you hold up ah guard and make them lay down they stay down for ah long time to. I left the area after i made him lay down and came back awhile later and he was still laying down

  • No Place For Hayter

    Just read a post I completely 100% agree with on reddit by “andreycout” about his suggestions for the phantom pain.

    “Health management is A MUST for open world games. The regenerative health needs to go.

    While I do believe regenerative health can be on the best interest of
    some experiences, there are many reasons why it definitely did not
    resonate well with MGSV. Some reasons for that:

    a) It makes exploration less rewarding. And open-ended games are all
    about rewarding exploration. No health recovery items to look for = less
    motives to go for different routes and look for stuff.

    b) It lessens the importance of encounters and fights. You know there
    are no penalties for being discovered or getting into fights. As long
    as you don’t die, nothing is lost.

    c) It reduces strategic thinking. You don’t ever calculate if risking
    a busier approach is “worth it” from a resource standpoint or not.
    Soldiers drop ammo, so there’s no ammo shortage if you decide to take
    them head-on. Health regenerates itself, so you don’t care about getting
    shot either, because nothing is wasted.

    d) It’s not very realistic. Not that MGS or eating reations to
    recover life was ever realistic, but this game seems to be trying very
    hard to make things more realistic than usual. A good place to look for
    when it comes to health management and health recovery items would be
    The Last of Us, especially on harder difficulties (applying bandages to
    the injured body part, health recovers over time). Not exactly the most
    realistic thing ever, but better than most and works well enough to not
    break the suspension of disbelief for most playrs.

    e) It can make the flow of gameplay very weird. Just for funs and
    testing, I manage to trade fire with a tank for a good 30 minutes by
    just using the ability to regenerate health. I got shot by the tank
    probably hundreds of times with no consequences whatsoever. Having a
    cover spot nearby made me near invincible. As long as I waited a little
    bit for the health to regenerate, there were no consequences whatsoever.

    Now, I’m not saying regenerable health necessarily makes the game
    “easier”. It depends on the situation. The fact that you can’t stack a
    lot of health regeneration items and make them heal you automatically
    like previous games does make some firefights you can’t escape from

    But for fights to matter, there has to be a lasting, meaningful
    consequence. That’s what open games are all about: multiple choices and
    multiple outcomes. The choices have consequences. Permanently losing
    health recovery items because you got into fights is a meaningful
    consequence, which is why the majority of open games have health bars
    and health recovery items.”

  • Pissed Off

    One of the main things I want back is the classic MGS Game Over theme followed by “Snake? SNAAAAAAAAAAAAKE!”

    • glitchbomb

      Deja Vu?

      • Pissed Off

        Real? I haven’t found all the patches yet, so I haven’t had the chance to play it. Still I was hoping for it in the main game.

  • Snakerdoodle

    Using binoculars from cover…

  • Ravenous

    Am I really the only one who thinks we should have two speeds to move at when crawling? I’m not dissapointed that inchworming from MGS4 is gone, but i really think it would feel more “sneaky” if it was possible to crawl slowly/sneakily instead of the crawling equivelant of sprinting.
    And fixing that ‘Throwing myself off of a roof only to land on my feet cat-style” should be a priority for the team 😉

  • FoxTamerMGO

    In MGS GZ, When Snake aims while he’s moving he stops suddenly like if he wasn’t moving beforehand. in MGS4 when snake aims while he’s moving his body twists and his feet twists too. the way MGS4 handled it was better.

  • Spiderjerusalem

    -A Rope, brig back the rappel!
    -Parachute and Fulton Recovery Yourself
    -The square button while crawling can be the roll button intead of the
    stick, or could be used for another ability in the floor. Same with the
    triangle could be ventilation systems more difficult to access.
    inventory can change, Holding down left or right and selecting with the
    right analog stick let you have up and down available for other stuff.
    More conversations with the enemy while restraining.
    -More things to do with the ambient, Snake could take a pipe to lock a door or something.-When you jump from a building with the square Snake moves kinda funny.
    -More cqc moves, maybe punch while pressing the action button.

    • SpiderJerusalem

      -Jump from a building into a enemy
      -Equip the Rain Coat from the enemy
      -Drag an enemy into the ventilation system or at least under the buildings
      -The square in crawling mode could be use to make a little fast move
      -With the action button under a truck you could be able to grab from the truck Rambo style
      -A little more climbing abilities wouldn’t hurt any one (more than the guards). I’m not saying transform MGS into Assassins Creed or Uncharted but jumping from a mid-ladder to a rooftop, that Snake could let go one hand to grab to another thing, jumping while sprinting would make a bigger jump or grab from a ceiling pipe and stand in like a crawling position to wait for a guard would be fun.
      – A Lighter could be a fun item to carry around, we always had the smokes but never the lighter. In a ventilation system without equipment could be fun, disoriented like in heavy rain you could follow the air.
      -The knife is another item that could be more useful than taking guards down, once you start reaching for better ways to pass the guards you forget about the knife.
      -In a hold up situation maybe you could grab with one hand the neck of the guard to rapidly move him around, I think this would be useful (in a very little way) to express the transformation of Snake into a villain by his movements as this is more aggressive than the “hug” (but this is just like thinking out loud more than something i want to see in the game)
      -When a guard attacks you with the knife or some other melee attack you could be able to counter or parry or something, i’m thinking in the phantom unit.
      -Now that I remembered this phantom unit, it could be certain types of enemies that could try following you without you being notice, something like the Snatcher chapter of mgs4 (I think it was Chapter 3) or the enemies that hides from light in Dead Space, the on screen advice that someone is watching you had to be taken away for this particular enemy.
      -You could make units from your new base attack a location from a specific direction to divert attention, like the chopper in GZ or you could stage something less violent, something like Burn Notice the tv sitcom.
      -The ventilation systems or holes in the wall could be higher than floor level, in the Arkham games Batman can pass from hanging mode to crawling without a floor in the middle.

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  • That Guy

    I just wish there was a way to get Kaz to stop talking so much. Like pressing the radio button mid sentence to shut him up, or an option to mute him for the whole game. He calls you Boss, but insists on telling you what to do all the time! He can be distracting when going for a headshot or anything else requiring concentration, plus after the 5th time playing a mission I don’t need to hear his yap again.

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