Snake will suffer serious psychological damage in Metal Gear Solid V

It has been stated said before that Metal Gear Solid V will show the transition from ‘Snake’ to ‘Big Boss’, but also the psychological reasons for this change. The character will experience ‘serious psychological damage’, according to Kojima, speaking to the French press. It will be a story of revenge that is quite cruel. The reason the game has such a dark tone is because Kojima wants to tell the story of this transition as effectively as possible.


In another interview (with 4Gamer), Kojima compares Big Boss’ situation to the one of Walter White in Breaking Bad. He is someone who kills and breaks the law, but you can understand his reasons. For those around him, he seems like a nice guy, but from another perspective you see a monster. If Solid Snake would have been in the same situation, maybe he would have chosen to do what is right. Big Boss did not, however.

To a certain extent, Kojima wants to convey Snake’s emotions through the other characters that surround him as well. One example of this is the final scene in Ground Zeroes. Kaz is expressing his anger more explicitly than Snake. But Snake too has every reason to be angry.

Either way, it’s clear that The Phantom Pain will tell the story of Big Boss’s ‘downfall’, and the beginnings of Outer Heaven as we know it from the previous games.

Source: HQ, 4Gamer

  • Batzi

    Body = Ready

  • ObsessedGeorge

    And why would he want to express his anger through the other characters? Why not though BB? Kiefer Sutherland said that he (BB) is edgier and more angry.

    • crimsonfox

      I’m sure he’ll have his moments of extreme anger too. But Kojima means everyone gets in on it. I kind of liked how Big boss sat down in the helicopter in shock while Kaz was losing it.Besides my previous comment of the bad voice over for Kaz. That scene was gnarly and shows all the characters hitting their own…
      ( •_•)>⌐■-■
      Ground Zero…

      • César H. Sandoval

        Yeah, another reason for why it annoys me that they took Kaz out of the cover.

    • No Place For Hayter

      This was my biggest concern for TPP after GZ was the fact that Big Boss would not be a very existent and will be lead around by other people (specifically Miller), Why have Big Boss have such huge character development when the only thing he will be doing is doing missions, This approach makes no sense why on earth would you express someones emotions through another character, this pisses me off, I hope Kojima doesn’t have Big Boss be to much of a tool in TPP and instead an actually developing character. >:|

      • Cartmangus

        Getting a bit worried about the characterization for Big Boss myself. He’s becoming a great big leader and a good way of handling that isn’t by having everyone do the talking for him, that is actually a terrible way of handling that. Kaz can’t be the one making all the shots, delivering 90% of the exposition like in GZ, Big Boss needs to be more involved, it is after all his dream and his army.

        • It’s going to be all right.

          • Cartmangus

            Yeah hopefully. I mean Kojima wouldn’t go around talking about this being the turn for Big Boss, then make him next to blank, doesn’t make much sense.

          • Well we know for sure he is not going to be blank.

        • glitchbomb

          Yeah. I wouldn’t worry about that too much.
          I doubt Kojima would screw up -that- bad.

      • Janeo

        I have never seen it as big boss being lead around by anyone he and miller are partners and snake is the one that gets to make the final decision but of course he listens to kaz a lot motherbase wouldn’t of been what it was without him. Big boss was in shock at the end of GZ though and he and miller would have felt the same way kaz just handled it in a different way so I felt like big boss was expressing his emotions. I do wish he would talk during gameplay though it’s ok most of the time but but when miller is telling him about talking Amanda surly he has some kind of response

    • He is, he’s going to do both. Kojima said earlier all characters is TPP have ‘lost something’, so their feelings of revenge will probably play an important role. But this game is also going to be about Snake’s transition, and his psychological causes for ‘changing into Big Boss’.

      • ObsessedGeorge

        What do you think Chico lose? His love? Paz?

        • Yeah, Paz. He came all the way to Cuba risking his life for her, so obviously she was really important to him.

        • crimsonfox

          His love, Probably his sister Amanda. Probably a limb or two?

          • ObsessedGeorge

            I’m curious about his hole in the chest. What is it there for?

          • Jason Mounce

            Same….they didn’t really explain why it’s there. BB just sorta observes him plugging a 3.5mm audio cable into his chest and is all like “Yup. That’s normal in this universe, after all, I’ve fought dead people and a guy who controls killer bees before”.

      • ObsessedGeorge

        Apparently BB will not talk that much in TPP too.

        Jordan Amaro: He [Hideo Kojima] wanted to explore what
        it means to bring the franchise to an open space. He wants to try to
        bring the player closer to Snake by leaving all these options and
        reducing the amount of cut-scenes. He wants you to feel close to him,
        reduce the friction and see what players make of it. And Snake doesn’t
        talk as much. He said, if he talks too much then we have to pay Kiefer
        Sutherland a lot more!

  • Nelson Franco

    I cant wait to see!!!!

  • ShalashaskaAdamska

    Hey guys you have noticed that the medic at the helicopter has Kiefer´s voice??

    • César H. Sandoval

      He doesn’t.

      • Kevin Kerr Music

        Yea he does. It’s just pitched down.

        • glitchbomb

          This man speaks the truth.

        • César H. Sandoval

          Sure, sure… and Miller is Ocelot, Chico is Quiet and Obama reads my Facebook messages.

          • glitchbomb

            Those are random theories. All i am positive of is that it is the same voice.
            There are a bunch of vocal biometric software all over the internet if you would like to see for yourself.

          • Alex

            You know out of all the crazy theories, the Chico Quiet one is the only actual plausible one. There’s plenty of things in Ground Zeroes that very much suggest such a thing might happen, especially within context of what Kojima has said about Quiet.

      • Neil Attard

        he does. it’s in a lower voice. check it out for yourself..hear it again

        • César H. Sandoval

          He doesn’t, quit the paranoia already, it wouldn’t even make any sense for Big Boss, Ishmael and The medic, 3 characters already sharing the exact same voice.

          If anything, the only reason Snake and Ishmael sound the same it’s because He is just another hallucination like the fliying whale, demons and unicorns on fire in the Hospital section of TPP.

          • glitchbomb

            Whatever the reason, they used Keefer’s voice pitched down a bit.

    • Did not notice, but it may not mean anything.

      • Batzi
        • No Place For Hayter

          Yes this video, glad to see it posted on a more important news article than the one I posted it on, lol.

        • Ale

          This can only mean one possible thing to me…… Big Boss was the one that extracted the bomb out of Paz O_O

          • Invader_skoodge

            Wait, what? What are you saying? Is….is….my mind Ahh!!! Skull Face tells Chico to send the stress signal kowing Big Boss would come even if he knew it was a set up. BB sends a MSF soldier disguised as him as a decoy while he waits in the chopper with Morpho 1? ( @o@)/

          • Alex

            I was thinking more along the lines of the Medic just being a figment of his imagination (hallucination) and the way the scene REALLY plays out in reality is with just Snake and Chico and Snake is the one pulling the bomb out of Paz. Though their would probably need to be a 3rd person too to hold her down. Just, in my mind, Ishmael HAS to be a hallucination since there is NO WAY he would not be helping Big Boss around rather than let him crawl around everywhere at a snail’s pace. I think after the car accident, Snake will realize he’s the one in front of the steering wheel as he realizes Ishmael was never there.
            What blows my mind with this Medic reveal is the potential epiphany that Big Boss is already hallucinating BEFORE the coma and the events of Mother Base going down.

          • glitchbomb


        • Sobekflakmonkey

          this is funny cause I was just thinking about the first phantom pain trailers, and the guy with bandages on his face is played by Keifer, and the person we see as snake doesn’t talk at all…I found that strange for a while…this might actually clear that up.

          • No Place For Hayter

            Snake does talk in the trailers. specifically he asks “What happened to the girl?”

      • Guest

        Agreed. It doesn’t necessarily mean anything.

    • gerber


      • William of Orange


    • Patrick Esdam

      Yeah I noticed it right away. I also figured that Ishmael must have been on that plane with him, so it must have been the medic, since he was the only one that popped out.

  • Golgari


    After playing this game with 100% completion, I think I know who will be snake’s cute companion and Yes it’s not a dog. It’s something even better.

    Nuke. 😀

    • crimsonfox

      The cat?

      • Golgari

        Y E S .
        It makes a lot of sense because of Paz’s diaries + it makes sense to replace Metal Gear Mk. II mechanic from MGS4 because cat is also small compared to the dog.

        Yeah. It’s going to be Nuke + dogs were already teased as enemy archetypes in Ground Zeroes but for some reason they were not in the game. I think KojiPro did not included them because dogs require additional work with AI.

    • Invader_skoodge

      I’d figure Nuke might have gone down with Mother Base. Or did he have a special tiny escape pod for emergencies?

      • Ericemtil Qulbumeh

        nuke floated to shore safely using a fiddle as a boat. 🙂 provided by Cipher being that they aren’t all monsters like Skullface. 🙂

      • glitchbomb

        Didn’t Kaz or Huey mention temporaily getting rid of some of the MSF soldiers to make the inspection go by smoothly!?
        Nuke made it out with them!
        Although…I do like the idea of him surviving the attack.
        Drifting along on dead bodies. A tough cat with a singed tail and a missing eye. lol

        • Invader_skoodge

          NUKE – A kitty deprived of his cuteness. I’d totally go for that. Unless Trenya the cat from peace walker came by with his canoe and recruited him to be a Monster Hunter.

        • Janeo

          I like to think Cecile took nuke home with her I don’t know what i would do if nuke didn’t survive. He is just living peacefully in France

    • mmmhhh maybe he was the third character in the hospital scene

  • i fear the aproach to this transition /: i wouldn’t like at all to see a ret con where they show that BB became evil or made bad stuff because there was a problem on his head and he wasn’t really aware of things (i’m aiming more to the “horn” thing here) so they could say that he was a nice guy all along, i would like to see him become “consciously evil” even if the reasons behind where sincere, i would love to see him become a real monster by the end of the game, maybe with an ending similar to the last of us, not a peaceful nor calm ending

    • Invader_skoodge

      As much of a villain as Big Boss can become, we know that he isn’t purely evil by the end of MGS4. So like Zero, I think of big boss was lost in his ideologies and will consciously do really awful things for the sake of revenge, not just for him but for Miller and all this soldiers at MSF.

      • yeah, the ending of MGS4 helps me with what i’m trying to say, i think that in that scene he was regretting some things he made and realizing his errors from the past, so since it took him years to realize all of that, iwould like to see him committing those errors in PP believing that all of that is for the grater good

    • I don’t think that will be the case. Big Boss is traumatized, so in a way he is not healthy when it comes to his sanity, but he knows what he’s doing.

      • let’s hope it won’t. i’m worried mostly because of that horn thing, because we still don’t know if it’ll be an aesthetic thing or if it will be more important to the story, since it was revealed it screamed “liquid’s arm” to me

        • From what I’ve heard I think the horn is more a symbolic thing that represents his ‘demon side’.

  • Jason Mounce

    My body is ready. Kaz…..not so much

  • Akiba

    there’s one thing that made me curious. we all know hideo kojima is known for his perfectionist, he and his team has made great stories and characters but why not the guns? this is the first to not using real one, unlike example mgs4 when we have lots of it with great detail. someone must interview him for this.

    • glitchbomb

      Maybe its not as important to the story?

  • Box4

    It’s great that you’re reporting this (since I feel it’s a very important bit of news), but the tweet you linked to only has part of the translation.

    ^This URL has everything relevant about the story.

    Without the other tweets, saying “If Solid Snake would have been in the same situation, maybe he would have chosen to do what is right. Big Boss did not, however” just sounds like your personal opinion, rather than something Kojima actually said.

    • Changed the link.

      • Box4


        I remember when I was watching Breaking Bad (amazing show, by the way), I kept thinking “I really really really really really hope this is the direction Kojima is taking with The Phantom Pain.” I was incredibly happy when I read that Kojima is comparing Big Boss to the one and only Heisenberg. 😀

        It’s also nice to know that Kojima himself feels that Solid Snake would have been able to withstand the physical and psychological trauma Big Boss endured through in MGSV, and still do the right thing regardless. I always did feel that Snake was a stronger person (a fact that Big Boss himself admitted in MGS4. “Had you been in my place back then” and such. Not that I dislike Big Boss at all. I love both Snakes.)

        • glitchbomb

          Its always the hope of a “father” that his offspring would not make the same mistakes as they have.
          For the most part, you never truly know for sure how Snake could act if he were in BB shoes.
          In the exact same predicament he might not do anything different.

          To think Snake would be different becuse BB feels he is a better man is a nice sentiment though.

          • Box4

            When Kojima says “Solid Snake might not have made the same mistakes Big Boss made”, I don’t think he means “Solid Snake might have not made the same mistakes Big Boss made, OR he could have done them exactly the same.”

            He meant “Solid Snake might not have made the same mistakes Big Boss made.” “Might” leaves a little room for Snake making the same mistakes Big Boss made, but that’s not Kojima’s point (and it certainly wouldn’t be Big Boss’ point, in the conclusion of the entire saga.)

            Snake already experienced something similar to the fall of Mother Base; he and Otacon were tricked by The Patriots into accepting the Tanker mission and being set up as environmental terrorists. He almost drowned, and they became pariahs. Not only that, but RAY got away. He completely failed the mission. If any time was ripe for revenge without regard for nations, ideology, justice, honor, the future, love, or peace, it would have been there. But Snake still fought the good fight after the Tanker incident, going so far as to explain to Raiden the importance of fighting for the future (and thus freeing Raiden from the memes The Patriots imprinted on him.) He didn’t lose his principle, nor did he become a “demon.”

          • MrVux007

            Comparing what Big Boss did in his life and SS is not really debatable ….. by my opinion BB went thru more life trauma then SS…..

          • Box4

            -Killed his parental figure. The Boss was like a mother to Big Boss, and Solid Snake told Naomi that killing Big Boss (his father) was the trauma that he and Mantis shared.
            -People want revenge against him for things he feels bad about (Naomi wanted revenge on Snake for killing his best friend (Gray Fox), and Strangelove wanted revenge against Big Boss for killing The Boss.)
            -Tries to live a normal life but is constantly dragged back into battle (he doesn’t get his peace until he’s already near the end of his shortened life.)
            -Is born with Big Boss’ inferior genes, leaving him with a big handicap from birth.
            -Was wrongly framed as an environmental terrorist.
            -Had his genes programmed to age his body faster, meaning that, no matter how much he fights to stay alive, he’s always going to die prematurely.
            -Gets half his face burnt.
            -Crawls through a Microwave Hallway in desperation.

            The overall point Kojima is making is that Snake was the stronger man and would have been able to better handle the things Big Boss went through. This isn’t me making a fan theory or interpretation. This is me quoting Kojima (and Big Boss, in MGS4.)

          • MrVux007

            sorry mate you haven’t mentioned half of what BB went thru…..i can see your love for SS and i respect that ….but im a realistic man and as such i can recognize what is more damaging to the human psychology…saying that SS was a stronger man isnt fair towards BB….because everything is possible….and trust me what happened in GZ is nothing compared what awaits BB in The Phantom pain and for that he is gonna pay a living hell of life including the destruction of probably the most charismatic friendship between him and Kaz…. … BB is what it means to be human while SS is complete opposite…. and for that i would choose BB over SS anytime…

          • Box4

            It’s totally fair. That’s what Kojima said. He’s the one who created the characters.

            I don’t want to disrespect your love for Big Boss (I really do like him in PW), but why belittle Solid Snake’s tragedies?

            From my view, Big Boss’ story is how a normal human becomes a “demon.” Solid Snake’s story is how a clone (or a “beast”) gains his humanity (in MGS1 he was bitter and distant, but in MGS2 and 4 he’s total bros with Otacon, and he inspires Raiden to be his own person. He brings out the best in people around him.)

          • glitchbomb

            I agree.
            What happened to the Tanker and having something you slowly created get completely destroyed while your brothers in arms die all around you…
            I don’t see how they are -that- similar other than the fact that the are both in the ocean on struts.

          • Box4

            I thought I already addressed how they were similar.

            “He and Otacon were tricked by The Patriots into accepting the Tanker mission and being set up as environmental terrorists. He almost drowned, and they became pariahs. Not only that, but RAY got away. He completely failed the mission.”

            Philanthropy was “played like a damn fiddle.”

            And like I told another commenter; “I know it’s not exactly the same (which is why I said it was “similar.”) But in both cases both Snakes were very severely wronged in some way or another (I also used that comparison because many people are comparing GZ to the Tanker chapter in MGS2.)”

          • Darkobra

            You really can’t compare the Tanker failure with Big Boss losing his home, 300+ comrades, and knowing there were some spy among his buddies.

            Kojima said that Snake is a stronger person than Big Boss, though, he said that Big Boss is more human. Just another word for “weak”. In fact, you can truly say that Solid Snake is way more cold and distant than his father.

          • Box4

            I know it’s not exactly the same (which is why I said it was “similar.”) But in both cases both Snakes were very severely wronged in some way or another (I also used that comparison because many people are comparing GZ to the Tanker chapter in MGS2.)

            Yeah, I don’t really get what Kojima is saying when he said Big Boss is “more human.” Snake in MGS1 was full of sorrow, albeit with a strong front. And I don’t see how that handshake in MGS2 could mean anything other than that Snake has a strong, brotherly connection with Otacon. Maybe he just means Snake is more reserved about his feelings (which I feel makes moments like that jail cell convo with Naomi in MGS1, or the aforementioned handshake in MGS2, more special) while Big Boss is more open about them. That’s why I like both characters, because they’re very different takes on the same persona.

          • glitchbomb

            All I said I’d that is a usual sentiment and you never know. Might meas its a possibility. lol

          • Box4

            It’s a small possibility, but that wasn’t Kojima’s point. If Kojima’s point was to make it ambiguous as to what Solid Snake would have done in Big Boss’ place, he would have said “maybe Snake would have made better choices, or maybe he wouldn’t.” Instead, he said “Snake probably would have chosen justice, but not Big Boss.” The point Kojima is making is that Solid Snake was more likely to make better choices than Big Boss. Snake was the stronger man, Kojima feels. And he projected this sentiment onto Big Boss when he wrote MGS4’s ending.

          • Box4

            Kojima is stressing the fact that Snake most likely wouldn’t make the same mistakes Big Boss made. I’m not just talking about what Big Boss said. I’m talking about what Kojima said, in this interview. I don’t know how I can make that point more clear than that.

          • Janeo

            Kojima is just saying that big boss expresses his emotions often where snake keeps them in. You are just trying to argue your point because you like snake and obviously aren’t a huge fan of big boss. In my opinion big boss has gone through way more and his suffering isn’t over, yes snakes story is tragic but snake never had to kill someone he loved and he didn’t lose hundreds of his comrades he didn’t get tortured almost very game he didn’t get beat so bad that he went into a 9 year coma. Big boss said snake might have acted differently but kojima has never said that so we will never really know

          • Box4

            I never said I didn’t like Big Boss. I said, on many occasions, that I like both Snakes. I’m looking forward to MGSV. MGS3 was my first Metal Gear game. PW is probably one of my favorite games in the series, in large part because of how it portrayed Big Boss (as a disillusioned warrior who lives and fights by his own terms… much like why I liked Solid Snake in MGS2.) I actually hold the Kojima-directed Big Boss games in higher regard than MGS4, Solid Snake’s grand finale (even though I do like many parts of that game, there’s too much bullshit for me to truly love it as much as I love the other games.) I’m just fed up with this idea that Big Boss is the greatest and most complex and tragic and emotional character ever while Solid Snake is just a boring clone who had it easy.

            Gray Fox was Snake’s best friend, and they had to fight each other in Zanzibarland. He has expressed great sorrow over this in MGS1 (he even tells Naomi that he doesn’t blame her for wanting him dead), and in that scene in MGS4 where Snake visits Hal’s Lab again. Snake also said that killing his father (Big Boss) was the trauma that he and Psycho Mantis shared in common. Trauma. Remember how he saluted Big Boss’ grave at the beginning of 4? He had allot of conflicting feelings about him.
            Solid Snake WAS tortured in almost every game he was in. Apart from Ocelot in MGS1, remember that Microwave Hallway in MGS4? How he, as an old man, was exposed to a horrible amount of radiation, suffering in pain and agony? Yet he keeps on going, because he’s dedicated to his mission. That’s awesome.
            Sure, he wasn’t put into a coma for 9 years, but he did age super duper fast. And learned that it was all intentional, because he was created only as a tool of war and nothing else. That really sucks, doesn’t it?

            Erm, Kojima DID say something very similar to what Big Boss said… it’s in this article. Scroll up. There are sources on the bottom of the article if you’re interested. Kojima said Solid Snake most likely would have been able to endure what Big Boss went through, and still do the right thing (unlike Big Boss.)

            I really don’t understand why Big Boss fans are so quick to disregard what he said to Snake about him possibly not making “the same mistakes that [he] made” if Snake had been in Big Boss’ place. One of Mei Ling’s proverbs is “The tonques of dying men enforce attention like deep harmony. Where words are spent, they are seldom spent in vain.” Are you saying Big Boss spent his dying words in vain?

          • Janeo

            You make some really great points, I love pretty much every metal gear character including solid snake of course but I think I have come to like big boss better probably because the series has focused on him for a few years now. That doesn’t mean I don’t love solid snake because I do and I don’t know what he would have done in the same situations but he probably would have handled things differently I will admit that.

          • Janeo

            You make some great points, I love pretty much every metal gear character including solid snake of course though I think I have come to like big boss more. They both had very hard lives I just like how big boss never wanted to put down his gun snake just retired and went to Alaska big boss never stopped fighting right until the end I will admit solid snake might have done things differently but he wouldn’t have started his own army in the first place so would he even have gotten into this who knows, snake may be a clone but he is a completely different man compared to his father so I guess it’s to impossible to see what would have happened. One thing is for sure both these characters are amazing surly no one can argue that

          • Box4

            First of all, I want to make it clear that I don’t intend to have any hostilities toward anyone. I enjoy these conversations.

            Moving on, you’re right that Big Boss never stopped fighting while Snake always wanted to retire. But that just makes me even more sympathetic towards Snake (and I feel it strengthens the parallel between Snake and Kojima.) In MG2, Big Boss told Snake “the winner of this battle is doomed to live his life as a soldier” (which is something similar to what The Boss told Big Boss.) Snake was dead set on making sure that didn’t happen, which is why he tried to retire after Zanzibarland. But he keeps getting dragged back, either because he was coerced into it (in MGS1), or because the world simply needed him a few more times (all those REX clones that led to the formation of Philanthropy, or putting an end to his family’s sins once and for all in MGS4.) But he never wanted to live his life in war, even if part of him inside him does. He wanted to put down his gun and live a normal life. That’s where Big Boss and The Boss differed, and it’s why I feel Solid Snake (ironically) is the one who truly carries on The Boss’ will, because he doesn’t share Big Boss’ dream of unending warfare. He wants peace as much as his geeky friend, Otacon.

            Snake probably wouldn’t have started his own army, but I feel that’s for the best; Snake doesn’t want to be a leader. He wants others to be their own leaders, like he teaches Raiden to be. In MGS2’s ending, when Raiden wanted to join Snake’s adventures, Snake tells him that “you have things to do first. And people you need to talk to.”

          • Janeo

            I also like these conversations and I’m not trying to get into an argument either. I don’t know why people say that big boss is a better a character I like him better but that’s just a matter of taste I like the fact that he is willing to admit that he isn’t living unless he is on the battlefield, snake also seems to love battle but just won’t admit it he wants to get away from everything. They are both great characters just with very different lives, big boss and his partner want to live in war where snake and his partner want to fight for peace. So when it comes down to it I think it will just be a matter of taste on who you like better. Also I think solid carried on the bosses will better then zero and big boss, zero just went to far and big boss pretty much stopped trying after peace walker

          • Alex

            I pretty much view the 2 Snakes as the exact same person, with the only difference between them being their life experiences, which dramatically alter one’s life in big and subtle ways. I say this because in MGS3, our first real introduction to Big Boss, we see and hear what is basically a Solid Snake clone, saying some of the exact lines Snake said in MGS1. But then the events of MGS3 happen, and you already see how things will be going different for this Snake. You gotta play these games in order of release to have the proper perspective. The MGS games always remind me why pretty much nobody can judge anybody at all, because unless you’ve been in their shoes their entire life, you just cant say for sure. The whole “life experience” aspect of people’s lives, both fictional and the real world, disillusions me with how God or anyone omnipotent could possibly pass any kind of judgments. It would be extremely cold to send someone to Hell because he had a life that he did not choose. Judgment would have to be a fair analysis irrelevant of our lives here. If not, then he isn’t really forgiving at all.
            Sorry for bringing up religion, that just came out of nowhere lol.

          • Box4

            Raiden went through similar things as Solid Snake in MGS2 (and even went by his codename at first), but he didn’t turn out like Snake (don’t bring up Rising; Kojima said that Rising is a “parallel game” and does not reflect how he views events after MGS4. It’s the very first question.) We, as individuals, are able to think on our own, and make our own judgements. While they might be similar, Solid Snake and Big Boss are separate individuals. Because of this, they can act on their own. Big Boss said (and Kojima said, in the links cited in this article) that had Solid Snake been in his place, he most likely wouldn’t have made his same mistakes.

            This isn’t me coming up with my own interpretation of the series. This isn’t Big Boss deluding himself with hope before his death (I read your other reply to Nyxus.) This is Kojima, the creator, the omnipotent “voice of God” in MGS4’s credits, saying that, had Snake been in Big Boss’ position, he would still have “chosen justice” (that phrase is from the Google Translation of the 4Gamer article), unlike Big Boss.

  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    Psychologica damage huh? Perhaps his moral compass will turn south and he’ll start going into morally gray areas of his life that weren’t apparent before.

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  • Panda’s Gaming

    I believe his goals for Mother Base will transition into Outer Heaven, same idea except his entire world has been turned upside down. His whole system of Peace will mutate into something deeper even if it is dark, it’s deep and emotional. The stuff he goes through, his whole vision will change but I think it will only get stronger and he will find that another path may be the best option in order to obtain peace. Through war, which is all he knows and through turmoil.

    Just watching the Red Band trailer, it left me in anger, remorse and complete stress. It was an anxiety filled trailer and at times I was like OH YEA and OH MY GOD. If the game is going to show things like that, it’s no wonder Big Boss became the guy we saw in MGS1. The guy we heard all these crazy things about from MGS1, MGS2 and MGS4.

  • glitchbomb

    I love this. When characters with psychological trauma are main focus in stories, you can almost be sure of some great mind fucks in the overall story.

  • ShalashaskaAdamska

    Why Big Boss is still bandaged after 9 years in a coma? His wounds didn´t heal in that period of time??…hmmmm .

    • No Place For Hayter

      When Big Boss enters the coma he doesn’t have the shrapnel in his head but when he wakes up he does, I’m assuming something happens to him to him while he is still in a coma that gives him the head wound, and that it happens fairly close to when he wakes up, and that is why he has the bandages on.

      • Nick Garner

        Maybe Cipher was whoring out Big Boss’s body like in Kill Bill.

    • Nebontha

      Who really knows… the Doctor could have been lying when he said “9 years”. Funny how practically no one has thought of that… or maybe the entire hospital scene is one giant comatic dream/nightmarish mind fuck of Big Boss’.

  • MrVux007

    So im one of the few who never saw Big Boss as a bad man……hmmm perhaps there is something wrong with me

    • Well it was hard to consider him ‘good’ in MG1 and 2. “Start a war, for its flames, create victims… Then save them, train them… And feed them back onto the battlefield. It’s a perfectly logical system.”

      • Alex

        Have you ever thought, that if he DIDN’T do these things, the world would be worse off or, maybe, all go to hell? Somone’s gotta be the bad guy.

        *Our salvation lies in the Father of sins.* Donna Burke 🙂

        • No, actually the Patriots and Outer Heaven were a huge threat to the world, listen to the way Big Boss describes things at the end of MGS4: “And at last, the last ember of this fruitless war dies out. And at last, these old evils will be gone.” And to Solid Snake: “If you’d been in my place back then, perhaps you wouldn’t have made the mistakes that I did.”

          • Alex

            Solid Snake was evil too, killed plenty of people. Of course he’s going to see his own death as a great thing, but not before ensuring Snake doesn’t continue on as a soldier. Because if he did, than the last ember doesn’t really die out. No matter the reason or justification for fighting.
            And as others pointed out, it is always the will of a Father that his future doesn’t make his same mistakes, though Solid Snake and Big Boss are practically identical and are defined by their life experiences. The life experiences is the only separation. When you’re near death and know your about to die, you can only fill yourself with hope. Of course he’s going to fill himself with the hope that somehow, the future will be even stronger than him. Even though he knows deep down battles and wars will just keep spiraling on and on for an eternity. In Rising, you can kinda see, in an Anime fashion, the Wild Wild West Liquid Ocelot mentioned right before he died. Even Ocelot says he is just like his father. Referencing not just skill, but persona, etc.

          • Box4

            I think every fan is aware that no character in the series is 100% good or 100% evil. Solid Snake has issues and Big Boss in the MSX games had some good qualities about him. No one is saying that Solid Snake is the most perfect person to ever walk the Earth. No one is saying Big Boss is Hitler times 21,325,252. You’re replying to Nyxus, who, in another comment, quoted Kojima acknowledging that, (like Walter White) from one perspective, Big Boss seems like a nice guy, while from another perspective, he’s a monster.

            I really dislike how people try to apply deterministic thinking to Metal Gear, a series where the core message is “to make the impossible possible.” Snake and Big Boss may have started out as similar characters (GENE), and they may have been shaped by the times (MEME/SCENE) they were in, but it is ultimately the will (SENSE) of the individual that determines that individual’s fate. The fact that Kojima himself acknowledged (in this article. There are citations on the bottom) that he feels that Snake, had he been in Big Boss’ place, probably wouldn’t have made BB’s mistakes, proves that Snake and Big Boss are separate individuals with separate ways of thinking. They are the masters of their own destiny, regardless of the SCENE that they lived in.

            Also, don’t bring Rising into this. Kojima said that it does not reflect his idea of what happens after MGS4, and is therefore a “parallel game.” The only games that are relevant to the Saga and analysis of the characters/themes are the games directed by Hideo Kojima.

          • Alex

            You keep using the word “probably” when he uses the word “maybe” which implies a 50/50 scenario. “Probably” implies something > than a 50% chance. Maybe means “I have no idea, but there’s a chance.” Within the context of Big Boss’s final words, its more an expression of hope and empathy towards his son; that’s just how it comes across to me every time I hear it. I’m not applying any sort of deterministic thinking, and fully believe MGS as a Saga is ripe for interpretation. I’m completely cool with how you feel about it, for example.

          • Box4

            I’m not just talking about Big Boss’ words. I’m talking about what Kojima said. I keep saying this. Read the article, and its citations. Kojima said that Solid Snake probably would have “chosen justice” (Google Translation of the 4Gamer article), but not Big Boss. I’m not talking about interpretations. I’m talking about facts, from the creator.

      • Alex

        And I’m fairly certain his whole MG2 speech would be severely re-written when/if Kojima gets to it. I’ve always saw The Boss’s pre-boss fight speech in MGS3 as Kojima’s writing evolution of that MG2 speech. If he remakes MG2, it may be even more sophisticated than MGS3.

        • Maybe, but until that happens, the speech from MG2 is still canon. Also, Big Boss is very different from The Boss, as he points out himself in Peace Walker: “I won’t make the same choice as her. My future is going to be different.” After which he finally assumes the title of Big Boss.

          • Alex

            Chapter 5 of Peace Walker really went out of its way to foreshadow what it is to come of the “perception” of Big Boss and his Outer Heaven. Sure, he will likely be far more of a monster than he’s ever been in Phantom Pain, do lots of questionable things, etc. But it will never be just straight up BAD or EVIL. Just like how we didn’t know the context for why Snake was choking Chico in the trailer, we don’t know the context for why he’s shooting the Africans in the end. And who knows, maybe he gave off that speech so Solid Snake wouldn’t have as much guilty regret in his head as he has suffered with The Boss. In that same game you hear all the children and sub-bosses glorifying him. Big Boss himself barely even tries to fight back, walking very slow and shooting one little bullet at a time, compared to how viciously he fights you in the first game, sprinting all over the place and shooting (what I assume is The Patriot) bullets like crazy. Oh, and these make-shift things just happen to be lying around there for him to use, how ironic (planted). For whatever reason, its clear that Big Boss wanted Solid Snake to kill him. If not, there’s no way he couldn’t have just killed him right there in the beginning of the fight, at point blank range with no cover or weapons for Snake.
            Big Boss may be a monster, and Outer Heaven a threat to the world. But it will never be AS BAD as what the messaging of The Patriots/Cipher make them out to be. Almost everything in MGS is a matter of perspective, and there never really is any straight up bad guys. Paz herself mentioned how her time on Mother Base was the most peaceful she’s ever had. If Big Boss was truly something to be afraid of, characters like Naomi and Eva wouldn’t be trying to bring him back.

          • I would never suggest Big Boss is completely evil or completely good, these terms don’t have much value in the Metal Gear universe. It is true that for some people (Naomi, Gray Fox, Sniper Wolf, Amanda) Big Boss was a savior. That’s why Kojima recently said that for the people around him, he is doing the right thing. From another perspective, it may not be so right however.

    • No Place For Hayter

      I never see him as an evil man myself, because I understood what he was doing and why he was doing it, though that doesn’t make his actions “good” or “OK”. Maybe there is something wrong with both of us 🙂

      • MrVux007

        *Our salvation lies in the Father’s sins.* Donna Burke 🙂 nough said

  • glitchbomb

    I really enjoy these making of videos. They are so awesome. From what I can tell for cut scenes, scenarios are put into action like a play, and the “camera” goes around it. Things are happening all over even if the camera is not focused on it. To unlock a free floating view for these cut scenes would be kind of cool. You could get a bigger picture of an occurrence and focus on anything you want.

    I could very well be wrong, but i kind of assumed other games in the past often only rendered what was in the picture at that moment to conserve resources or whatever.

    • Janeo

      Was that the full making of video on kojima station though I hope it wasn’t

  • Ilja Y.

    Im going through a lot of personal issues in my life. Can’t wait to forget about all that shit I’m going through right now and play MGSV TPP.

    Ground Zeroes was rather disappointing. I hoped for an emotional impact.

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