Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes high in European sales charts

March 20th (and March 21st for the UK) Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes was released in Europe. Here is how the newest installment in the franchise did in several European countries. These charts are for week 12 (March 17 – 23), except for the UK list at the end.


  • In Sweden, The PlayStation 4 version sits at second place, beaten only by InFamous: Second Son. The PlayStation 3 version is at number 15.
  • Norway is almost exactly the same as Sweden, with the PS4 version at second place and the PS3 version at number 16.
  • In Finland, the PlayStation 4 version sits at number 3, while the PlayStation 3 version can be found at number 7.
  • In Denmark we see only the PS4 version, it is ranked 6th.
  • In Germany, the PS4 version appears at number 3, followed by the PS3 version at 7 and the Xbox One version at 12. The Xbox 360 version enters as low as number 60.
  • The French charts show the PlayStation 4 version at the second spot in the top 5. On PlayStation 4, it’s the best selling title after InFamous: Second Son, and on Xbox One it’s the best selling game after TitanFall.
  • In the Italian console charts, Ground Zeroes enters at number 2 (PS4) and 3 (PS3). Breaking down by individual platforms, it is the best selling PS3 game and the second best selling PS4 game, right after Infamous: Second Son. It is also the best selling title for both Xbox 360 and Xbox One.
  • For the second week after Ground Zeroes’ release (ending March 29), the game still holds the second spot in the UK charts, all versions combined. Breaking down by platforms, the PS4 version has dropped from second place to fourth, the Xbox One version from 5th to 12th, the PS3 version from 6th to 16th and the Xbox 360 version from 17th to 22nd.

Overall, although the game doesn’t occupy the first place anywhere, all versions of the game did quite well, but it’s clear the PlayStation 4 version is the preferred one across Europe, while the Xbox 360 version is the least popular.

Source: GfK (Scandinavia), Mediabiz (Germany), Sell (France), Chart-Track (UK), via NeoGAF, Multiplayer (Italian)

  • Janeo

    This game is going to make konami a fortune look how well the prologue is doing and TPP will almost certainly do better

  • flying_fox

    Too bad it launched at the same time as Infamous. Could have been first in a lot of countries.

  • Anonymous X

    Looks like Europe still has a generally better taste. PS4 and PS3 should always appear above the Xbone and 360 versions.

  • MrVux007

    PS4 to rule them all!

    • Tim

      Got this game on PS4, really great game, has fantastic 1080p 60fps open world graphics as well.

      • MrVux007

        The video presentations shown on the internet really doesn’t do the game justice…i knew even before i actually played the game that it would be butter smooth and beautifully detailed …but the moment i actually seen snake in the main menu screen on my TV i was actually amazed how the game looks and to experience 60 fps like this… out of words,god bless Kojima-san

  • Danny (Soundwave)

    The sales in the Netherlands are pretty disappointing.. :/

    • Do you have a link to them?

      • Danny (Soundwave)

        Sadly not, but my brother works at the Mediamarkt and they just got in their sales chart for march, and Ground Zeroes sales weren’t what they expected it to be. I’ll ask him if he can make a photo of it but I can’t promise anything. I don’t want him to get into trouble ^-^

        • Understandable. 🙂

  • PrinceHeir

    Wow never expected the PS4 version to outsell the PS3. You would think with everyone has a PS3, they would get that verson(plus it’s cheaper as well)

  • Im sitting pretty with my PS3 version 🙂

    • Danny (Soundwave)

      You’re not the only one ^-^

  • Patrick Esdam

    The reason we only see PS4 in Denmark, is because the XO haven’t even released yet.

  • glitchbomb

    I know this is off subject, and one of the reasons I love this site is the main posts are more often than not confirmed news with most of the speculation residing in the comment section.

    Anyways, have you guys seen this?

    I am curios about what you guys think. My first reaction was an immediate hell no. But….?

    • EimajOzear

      It’s clearly a joke 😛

      • glitchbomb

        Yeah, i am skeptical.
        It is a bit of a stretch for a joke but you never know.
        As theories go, its not the worst.

        It is kind of neat to go back to old posts on websites and read peoples intial theories about stuff. It is surprising how far off people can be. Even then.
        For example i remember not too long ago when we first started seeing the new trailers, some people were adamant about the shot of the child in the cage being a young solid snake of all people.

        • Basically all the theories in which a certain character is suddenly another character can be dismissed. 😛 This happens every time, people come up with the craziest and most farfetched things possible.

          • glitchbomb

            Meh, its not my theory. I just wanted to know what you guys though.
            As for people often theorizing a character is suddenly another caracter, I wouldn’t know. I only started looking into websites about MGS recently, and in turn I have only recently been exposed to all the crazy theories. It’s pretty new to me, I didn’t know this much speculation was par for the course before a new Metal Gear comes out.
            I mostly just stayed away completely from trailers and certain sites out of fear of ruining the experience. I kind of wish I still did that with GZ. Seems like most of the game was shown through videos.

          • Yeah, it can be fun to look at the theories, they don’t bother me.

          • No Place For Hayter

            Agreed this drives me nuts to no end, Chico in the cage was obviously Chico right from the get go, Big Boss is still Big Boss obviously, and Quiet is a new character obviously, despite all this I do look into all these theories because they can bring up good points and point out things I haven’t noticed before, so despite being wrong they can expand my knowledge of things.

          • Janeo

            Theory’s are fine except when you try argue against the theory and get called closed minded and this quiet theory is the worst one yet I thought it was a joke

          • glitchbomb

            Could very well be a joke. I think sometimes theories bother people when it is something like this. A radical change from the norm. Especially if it a character people like.

          • Janeo

            I mean I have no problem with theories I actually think they are a lot of fun like that python guys grey fox theory, I don’t think there is any chance in hell it’s true but I do enjoy watching his videos about it. As for the quiet theory I think it’s even less likely then the skullface being psyco mantis father which I think is impossible

          • glitchbomb

            You mean like this.


        • Kevin Kerr Music

          Check out PythonSelkanHD on youtube. He has done a fair few theories. Most famous the Gray fox is the new snake theory. A lot of people put it down instantly but.. if your open minded and enjoy the fun of it. Have a look!

          He just uploaded a new addition to it.. some pretty mind fuck stuff in it. (The latest video takes most of its content from GZ related stuff)

          • glitchbomb

            The grey fox new snake is one of the first ones I ran into. Haven’t seen python’s though.
            It is sometimes fun to theorise, but often when doing so, people begin to look at every detail too closely. For me, that can possibly muck up the game when it comes out.
            Instead of simply experiencing the story, I begin trying to think 3 steps ahead, looking at every angle and often spoiling a neat twist or suprise. :/

          • Kevin Kerr Music

            Yeah.. Its annoying when it spoils stuff but..
            Being a hardcore MGS nut. I cant help but look at all of the possible details and theories! Im mad for MGS xD

            No matter how ridiculous the theory, I love having an open mind to think “wow.. if that was true. Just wow”

          • No Place For Hayter

            I find the best stories often get you guessing before hand and when it is revealed it is amazing whether or not you know you guessed it or not. I myself personally get much more from it if I guessed it before hand, because it shows the person who wrote the story knows how to tell in to you, and knows how to properly foreshadow and or build up an important event.

          • glitchbomb

            If i have an idea of what is going to happen and it does happen, the feeling of seeing something coming (as long as it is not obvious) is awesome, but not as much of a surprise.
            I like to be surprised more so than i like to feel in on it.
            Before you read a book, do you often read reviews and stuff before you start?.
            I try not too. Same with movies.
            I try to experience the medium as purely as possible. More often than not that is how it is “intended” to be consumed.
            With MGS it is a little different though. Kojima plays with the audiences expectations intentionally, which in turn causes the constant theories and second guessing..

      • No Place For Hayter

        You would be surprised how far MGS fans go to connect existing characters with new ones. As if such a thing like a “new character” can’t exist in MGS.

    • No Place For Hayter

      You know at looked up this theory like yesterday, while it might convince some people, I think hell no, this is just stupid, in all honesty if this were true I would think it was incredibly stupid, Chico gets a sex change and thinks “I need big breasts as well so I can only walk around in a bikini”, lets say I would make sexy comments about Quiet and then it was revealed it was Chico I would not be “Ashamed of my words and deeds” I would think “WTF Kojima”, This would be a massive perversion of what Chico’s character is, I can’t believe I’m actually talking about this.

      Kojima’s words tell us that there is more to the character that meets the eyes, and his woulds in no way can be used as evidence for anything, and I would not be ashamed if Quiet were Chico. The only people who would feel ashamed would be the female cos-players that like her “I was cos-playing as a dude? as Chico? GROSS”

      Quiet and Huey are far from the only people who are probably going to be tortured in the game, if Big Boss and Kaz turn evil then torture will be a normal means to hurt people and try to get information, thus will be used on many people. Just because we have only been shown Quiet and Huey being tortured doesn’t mean they are the only ones using limited information as evidence is broken.

      “Obvious implants” OK they got me there I will admit those are fake I know the fox engine looks real doesn’t mean it can create real breasts so yeah there are fake (lol), on a more serious note, seriously? “Obvious implants” I will let them know right now a lot of people have a hard time telling fake from real breasts let alone in a rendered 3D game engine environment so don’t even try to discern whether or not they are real or fake, I mean come on.

      And all this Chico hunter and sniper stuff is all really stupid, did any of them listen to any of Chico’s tapes in Peace Walker, he wants to be a hunter because of UMA’s (Unidentified Mysterious Animal) that was a big thing with Chico in PW, just because Chico is picking up a sniper like weapon in a piece of character concept art in no way connects Chico, with sniper rifles as a trade mark weapon.

      I’m not going to go into the thousand problems with Chico’s father being The End, instead I will just point out one thing, The end was nearly a cripple and had no life left (only enoough for one last fight with Snake) in MGS3 which is 1964 and he also died in MGS3 at 1964, Chico was not even conceived yet in 1964, The End would not be Chico’s dad in the early 1970’s let alone running around leading a liberation army.

      Same eye colour, big whoop, brown is a very common eye colour don’t even go there.

      It was never said Chico raped Paz, in fact when he was told to, the next scene is him telling Skull Face everything one would assume that Chico gave way so he wouldn’t have to rape Paz, not tell him everything AFTER he already raped paz, that would make no sense. Chico has a history of giving up under torture why would he make up his mind to become a woman all the sudden. Lets say Chico did rape Paz, and he would not want to touch another woman again, why become a woman? I mean he could then be touched and tortured the same way Paz was thus having a worse effect on him, also he could just cut of his manhood if he didn’t ever want to use it again, not become a full fledged big breasted woman running around in a bikini.

      seriously? do they really want go into a sausage post by Kojima? OK, FINE GEEZ, my take of his post is his sausage is a “Farewell sausage” as in a sausage that is being given/eaten as a farewell something one does just before they leave, if Kojima was leaving the country and he stops to have a bit to eat and he has a sausage it would be a “Farewell Sausage”, that’s my take on it, even if I’m wrong in no way can a tweet about sausage be connected to Quiet being Chico, they really need to quit trying so hard.

      Chico and Quiet don’t even look like each other. Quiet does not have Chico’s facial scare, and Chico’s face is nice and round (even is GZ a round face) where as Quiet’s face is not round, also Quiet does not have a scare in the middle of her chest where Chico had the headphone jack.

      So no Quiet is not Chico. I can’t believe I actually did this uurrrhhhhggggg, I can’t believe some people can actually think this.

      • glitchbomb

        Jesus… Lol
        I was thinking more along the lines of a yes or no.
        This works too though! haha

    • ObsessedGeorge

      Hahaha, farewell sausage! 😀

      • glitchbomb

        That made me lol too!! haha!

    • Machine Gun Kid

      I doubt it but if you notice in that trailer quiets face does that same weird moveing shadow thing that the ends did in snake eater. So im thinking quiet might be related to the end somehow. Grand daughter maybe?

  • DK

    In GZ’s main mission, after I rescued one of the POW from the area Chico was held, Miller tells me they got intel from that prisoner and that he marked something on my map. However, I don’t see anythin on my map.

    Does anyone know what the intel was?

    • Kevin Kerr Music

      Thats news to me. Ive rescued them multiple times and never heard it.

      However It may be telling you to go save the prisoner they are about to execute, has he may have intel about the base. (Maybe he marks it on your map, I thought you had to stalk him to find the guy).

      He gives you Chico Tape #4 when you save him.

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