Decorate your walls with these high quality Metal Gear Solid artworks

French gallery AOJI (Art of Japanese Illustration) is collaborating with Konami, offering high quality Metal Gear Solid artworks by Yoji Shinkawa printed on aluminum.


There are several different pieces available, and more will be added later. Here’s the official description:

The AOJI Gallery, in collaboration with Konami Digital Entertainment, unveils a new collection of HQ artworks dedicated to the legendary universe of Metal Gear Solid videogame series.

Including artworks from 1998’s ‘Metal Gear Solid’ to the upcoming ‘Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain’, this series of 10 high-end collectibles artworks (numbered editions, with Certificate of Authenticity) pays tribute to the most famous stealth-action game created by Mr Hideo Kojima. Created under the supervision of game creator, Mr Hideo Kojima, and artistic director, Mr Yôji Shinkawa, the “Metal Gear Solid Artworks Collection” edited by the AOJI Gallery will ravish pure fans of MGS series with its exquisite gallery print on Dibond® and Plexiglas® finishes.

Here are some pictures of the artworks that are currently available, limited to 500 pieces, each one numbered. They also come with an certificate of authenticity, and the first 12 are signed by Hideo Kojima and Yoji Shinkawa.

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes





Metal Gear Solid


Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty


Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater


There are two finishes available (one with Plexiglas):

  • Dibond® 3mm with specific areas of visible Aluminium Texture = 291 € (tax and shipping excluded)
  • Plexiglas® finish (added to Dibond®), 100% plain print. = 375€ (tax and shipping excluded)
  • Format size: 60x60cm / 23×23 inches approx.

As you can see on the website, six more pieces are going to be unveiled later this year: among them will be artworks featuring Metal Gear Solid 4, Peace Walker, and The Phantom Pain.

Source: AOJI

  • bald_gye

    Will wait for the MGS4 one I think

  • iSolidus

    These are very nice, but why does Metal Gear merchandise always have to be super mega premium? Why can’t Konami release some nice posters with Shinkawa art on it for a decent price. It doesn’t need any certificates or anything fancy, just art on a big piece of paper would be great.

    • Zven

      yeah I agree, I wish there was something for us normal people to buy too…

      but it does look absolutely beautiful, Yoji is amazing

    • Jason Mounce

      I feel your pain 🙁 I’d want that first GZ one and the MGS3 one for sure…

    • i totally agree :c it would be awesome to have some of shinkawa art on the wall without the need to sell a limb

    • Crypt

      I just find super high resolution pictures on the internet and have them printed at a local print shop or Walgreens. Easy MGS posters for $30 or less. I’ve made a phantom pain one and have some high res stuff for MGS2 and 3.

      • glitchbomb

        Any pix of the finished product??

    • daniel rios

      how much is this in dollar?

  • Cartmangus

    Dat high res glory. Really nice to get that one of Gray Fox and Solid Snake in high quality. Ripped them from the site, they did come in even higher quality but those had watermarks on them

    • i wonder if the last one with solid has that exclamation mark on purpose or if it is pure coincidence

      • No Place For Hayter

        I would go with on purpose. There is no way an exclamation mark shows up on a MGS artwork by incident.

    • No Place For Hayter

      Alright high res, well we are at it more high res stuff 🙂



      • Nekkedsnake

        any hi res GZ stuff?

        • No Place For Hayter

          Other than what Cartmangus posted, Nope, I wish (Well I do have a hi-res version of the CG image of snake standing in the rain with his goggles on, but I don’t think anybody wants that, I don’t think anybody wants any MGS CG stuff, maybe).

          Not much Ground Zeroes stuff about at all, I wish I could get my hands on a hi-res GZ art that Famitsu had (The black and orange-ish one). Though I do have other images, but because this isn’t a image art board forum, I’ll just put up good artsy MGSV ones that I have.




          • Nekkedsnake

            Yea I remember these. Will go perfect as my phone wallpaper!

      • Marshall Madison Bolívar Tunst

        Any chance you know where I can find the other MGS3 image from the original exhibit in the quality these are in? I had a huge canvas print made of this MGS2 image and it looks AMAZING. The first MGS3 image is my favorite MGS art ever so I want to get that one done now but the resolution posted so far is too small…

        • No Place For Hayter

          Sorry, but I only have those two images in really high quality, the one you want I don’t have a good quality version of, I also don’t know where you would look honestly, I know there are some forums or boards out there that share that kind of high quality scans and images but finding them isn’t easy, and some can be very stuck up closed minded and rude, but yeah sorry, no idea.

          • Marshall Madison Bolívar Tunst

            No problem man, thanks for responding to this two-year-old thread!

  • Clone from Solid Snake

    I know fox engine and the developement of MGS 5 costs alot of money but konami milking out the series for real. From diamond dogs cookies to diamond dogs puma shoes it’s getting ridiclous.

    • crimsonfox

      I think the cookies were for only 1 event. But still if he really wanted to milk it he would release everything world wide. People in Japan jump at crap like this. The studio I work out have all types of limited items that are only sold in the US. Such as clothes, shoes, hats, toys and even baby onezees. They do it as a way to further promote their products between trailers and magazine interviews with directors and stuff. just to keep people talking about them. But I do agree homeboy Kojima is just playing with himself off about it now haha.

  • Kaniebas

    So beautiful! Can’t afford them though!

  • No Place For Hayter

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. It physically hurts to see this and not to have money falling out of my but to afford it, I would forfeit everything to get my hands on ONE of these. I’m gonna go cry in the corner now.

  • flying_fox

    Horribly expensive. The second method of printing is 450€ and the shipping costs outside France are around 40-50€.

    That GZ artwork is great, though. I think it’s the one which would make the most of the aluminium type of printing.


    I have seem some “nice” (By nice I refeer to the print quality and size, since the game is pretty meh..) OFFICIAL gears of war posters in a walmart in mexico city for less than 15usd… what the living hell konami?! why you don’t sell stuff like that? Even If they do I bet my ass that is going to be lots off CGI crap…

  • PrinceHeir
  • Nekkedsnake

    B E A U T I F U L

  • daniel rios

    sooooooo how much are these going for in dollar terms?

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