Kojima collecting Ground Zeroes feedback to improve The Phantom Pain: ‘Getting better’

After playing Ground Zeroes, do you have any comments or suggestions for Kojima Productions that they can use for The Phantom Pain? Producer Ken Imaizumi tweeted earlier that the studio wants your feedback on the controls of Ground Zeroes, so it can be used for development on The Phantom Pain. Hideo Kojima repeated this statement on his Twitter, adding that it’s ‘getting better’.

We are collecting ur comments of GZ trying to tune TPP for providing more comfortable play. Getting better, hope you’ll like it. Should be.

Kojima also shared his ideas behind the changes and additions he’s made for this new game in the series.

“New thing” always has to deal with pros&cons, especially in order to surpass previous title of series u can’t proceed if u see it as risk.

Indeed, makes sense to provide according to everyones response in this information age but that doesn’t mean creating the future step ahead.

Once, story was added in the game, and taken as expiration once you clear the game. Game had been consumed. Primarily, game should be be interactive, differs every time u play, possible to replay repeatedly. I take that feel & replay value heavily in GZ.

For those accomplished GZ 100%, pls watch MGSV trailers released at GDC 2013, E3 2013(Red/Green), u may get different impression after play.

Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter

  • Yeah, Hideo is clearly trying to emphasize the fact that TPP is a whole different ball game than the previous titles. Fair play to him for constantly letting it be known, still, that will not stop the trolls and Nay Sayers from repeatedly making things appear worse than usual.

    • Patrick Esdam

      For real, I recently made a post on a forum about the Phantom Pain, and someone attacked me, mentioning several times how “bad” Ground Zeroes was, even though he clearly never played the game.. Kept saying things he had made up, like The Phantom Pain is only 5 hours long.. Because guys, he had connections in Konami!

      And you just know 100% that he’s a troll when he evolves the convo in to a race war.. Even though (according to his profile picture) we are both white 😀

      • glitchbomb

        lol@camo race war. wtf. haha

        • Patrick Esdam

          Where’d you get the camo from? 😀

          • glitchbomb

            Apparently from my minds random ability to jumble words. :/

  • Maybe it’s a good idea to compile a list based on what this site’s community really wants, and then I can send it to Kojima Productions on behalf of (at least a part) of the Metal Gear community. What do you guys think?

    • Golgari

      OH, YES! You should do that. That is an awesome idea.

    • Patrick Esdam

      Do it!
      I’ve been meaning to do this since I learned that they were taking feedback from fans.. I just suck at getting around to that kind of stuff.

    • Paul

      I think, it`s a great idea!

      Well, the only thing, I have problems with, is, when you`re carrying some around and want to pick up items, that it`s difficult to get “the right” action, because it`s both the circle button (on PS). Sometimes I couldn`t put the body down, sometimes I couldn`t get the item.

      BTW: Wonder what Kojima meant with rewatching the trailers for 100% people,,,

      • Here are some points from me (CODEC one came from someone on Twitter):

        Sometimes when you want to pick up a gun next to a knocked out enemy, you end up grabbing his body instead because they are next to each other and it’s the same button. This could easily be changed, for example, by having picking up the gun through tapping circle (PlayStation), and picking up by keeping it pressed down as it is now.

        Kojima already said the CODEC will be somewhat different in The Phantom Pain, it would be nice to have a video of the character as well on the iDroid screen, and also have some more interaction between Snake and the person at the other end. An actual conversation instead of just one liners and gameplay tips.

        Also, it’s important to note that some people, especially fans, do like the long and well made cutscenes of the previous games. It’s understandable that they are shorter than in MGS4, but it would be disappointing if they become too short just for the sake of it. People who aren’t interested can always skip them.

        • Batzi

          Totally agree about the cutscenes. I love the tapes but I was expecting a bit more cutscenes in GZ. But that’s probably due to the fact it’s only a prologue.

        • Janeo

          Usually I agree with most things you say but I don’t think the cutscenes are shorter for the sake of being shorter, I am satisfied with there length so far I would have loved GZ cutscenes to be a little longer but they were great. Peace walker didn’t have cutscenes that were super long but they were still a good length then we had all the side stuff which was a lot and that’s how TPP will work to most likely we will still have lengthy cutscenes just not as long as mgs4. I am happy either way mgs4 was my first mgs and even though I didn’t know what was happening a lot of the time I loved every second of the cutscenes but I am also with PW way of doing it, it let’s us decide how much we get out of the stray by listening to audio tapes while still have nice long cutscenes

    • Batzi

      Totally agree. I already started with a list. Read below 🙂

    • Cartmangus

      Good idea. I guess some tweaks I’d like are

      1. Rolling when prone should be used with the square button, the only other use for that button is throwing yourself when standing up or when crouched, its a pretty logical button for the rolling.
      2. Swap Select and Start out, its so weird how it is now, I guess this isn’t a problem on the ps4 and xbox but its all wrong on ps3, I never learn either, I get it wrong every time.
      3. Knock knock who’s there? nobody cause Big Boss can’t knock
      4. Give us firing options, single bullet, burst, full fire
      5. Let us drop items out of our inventory, not just replace them.
      6. Jumping off edges needs to be reworked, I don’t know how but I can never seem to time it right, maybe I just suck at it, but it only works like 30% of the time for me

      4 and 5 would be really easy to implement, just like how it is now to press square or triangle when you have the inventory open to remove/add silencer and turning on the flash light, set these to circle and X. Knocking is a no brainer, baffles me it wasn’t in GZ, hopefully that one is the most requested thing to add back because it just doesn’t make sense that it was taken out. it’s so useful in so many situations.

      • glitchbomb

        After finishing GZ…it is weird that knocking was taken away. Maybe there is a technical reason? Maybe it would make the game too easy??
        At least you can use magazines. It would suck to not have anything.

        • No Place For Hayter

          Being a technical issue is a good idea, but if it was going to be in TPP would have said so considering peoples response, now guard dogs I’m pretty sure those were removed from the game because of technical issues.

      • BigBossWantsYou

        You have to hold TRIANGLE before jumping off. Like if you’re 10 feet away from where you’re jumping, hold TRIANGLE.

        • glitchbomb

          Even when holding triangle it still seems buggy. Although nowhere near as bad as it looks when you dive from somewhere high.

          • BigBossWantsYou

            It always works for me. Same thing with diving.

    • Brilliant Idea nyx!
      While I don’t have any specifics to add, Most of the comments/lists here I certainly agree with.

    • Solid Snakes Revenge

      -No infinite magazine.
      -Falling from large distance should have some sort of reaction. (Like a vibrate on the controller, damage or snake growl in pain from falling.
      -More metal gear music to unlock or just have on walkman if there is a walkman
      -Knocking on walls
      -bring back playboys and box
      -no reflex mode
      -Health bars back
      -maybe bring back some things from mgs3 like healing system or hunting animals
      -wider selection of weapons like the grenades from mgs4 that mess with emotions or just some other guns that don’t all pretty much look alike.
      -And bring back the knife play.
      -Bring back breaking necks and the snap it used to make in mgs1 and 2

      • Batzi

        1- Knocking on walls will be replaced by something cooler according to Kojima in addition to throwing things to distract enemies.
        2- I kinda like reflex mode 😛 You know you can turn it off right?
        3- regarding health bars, please no 😛 Most of us agree that the HUD looks perfect the way it is. The less the better. You can also hide the equipped weapon icon on the bottom right and only show it when using it. Makes the HUD looks even better and cleaner.
        4- Regarding the healing system and hunting animals. Kojima did state that he is considering to bring back animal hunting and food capture in TPP. Healing system, I don’t see that happening.
        5- I am sure we will have a huge selection of weapons. Remember TPP is PW 2.0 so expect tons of things in the game.
        6- Agreed regarding the knife play, I would love a stun knife or something like it.

        • Solid Snakes Revenge

          Yeah I know you can turn off reflex mode but I still don’t think it belongs I find it cheap and makes it feel less like a MG with it on. Feels more like splinter cell. With health bars they can make them appear only when getting hurt if you don’t like it on the hud. I like GZ just feel it would Be better with a health system. And yeah I know GZ was a prologue so not a lot of weapons and tpp will have a bunch I just hope they’re a lot to pick from like I said in gz most the guns look the same i pretty much want the mgs4 weapon catalog. Just cause you can throw something doesn’t mean you can’t knock on a wall. Knocking on walls was a staple of the series. Oh and bring back breaking necks like it was in mgs1 and 2

          • Batzi

            I would rather have PW weapon/item selection and MGS4 weapon customization. Also, I want PW gear and uniform customization back in TPP. And please don’t compare Metal Gear to Splinter Cell 😛

          • Solid Snakes Revenge

            Reflex mode made me do it. The way I play GZ it doesn’t cause I turned that garbage off. Yeah PW had some cool shit in it I agree.

          • glitchbomb

            I agree! It is not are to just turn reflex off.

          • No Place For Hayter

            Think of reflex mode as just an addition, I don’t know if you play fire emblem or not but it is like the addition of casual mode to fire emblem, it is only there to expand upon the game and it’s audience and for those who want it, as long as you can turn it off I’m happy with any features I don’t agree with.

          • For me the game is challenging enough even with Reflex.

          • Solid Snakes Revenge

            Yeah. I understand the concept but in my opinion it takes away from the game a little bit. (Just my opinion)

          • Janeo

            How can you complain about reflex mode it’s so easy to turn it off, I played all the missions with reflex on then turned it off but I think lots of players will want to keep it on especially with the huge world of TPP. Don’t complain about pointless things like especially when it’s optional it kind of seems like your just living in the past this is a new metal gear so some features have to go

          • Solid Snakes Revenge

            I just don’t like it. You can respectfully disagree with me I don’t care it’s my opinion and I find reflex to be garbage. I played with it on once tried it. Hated it. Its my opinion and like I said it’s something that would be in splinter cell in my opinion. So don’t get bent outta shape because we don’t share same opinions. Good day sir.

          • Janeo

            It’s a silly thing to complain about since it’s optional why would they take it out, the first thing you can do if you don’t wanna use reflex mode in TPP is take it off why should they take it out of the game for people to use it

          • flying_fox

            Exactly, reflex mode is good fun and can be turned off, it’s a non-issue.

          • Solid Snakes Revenge

            Like I’ve said you can have your list and there’s mine. I even said I don’t care about it that much I just don’t like it. Nyxus asked opinions and that was one thing on my list.

          • Santtu Söderholm

            It seems like they used the reflex mode as an excuse to allow the guards to alert the entire base to your presence. If you’re not using reflex mode, there’s no way to stop a lone guard from alerting everyone, like you could in the previous games. That is immersion breaking, and feels really, really weird, especially since the enemies have to use their radios to contact CP, if they see something suspicious. Why don’t they have to do the same to call an alert when they see you?

            I really liked the ability to mess with enemies by destroying their radios in the previous titles. Since they removed that in GZ, I feels like the game suddenly has less cool things you can do (features) than before, which is again strange, since with even more modern hardware that should not have been an issue to implement.

          • Horse

            A disappearing health bar ?! What the hell ? The main purpose of a health bar is to indicate the remaining life or the character. If it disappears, it’s useless.

        • No Place For Hayter

          I almost completely agree, except on two points.

          1- Another way to distract guards, animals calls? throwing infinite rocks?
          I’m fine with that………for an outside environment but for a more
          urban environment it is a thousand times easier to just have a knock
          ability, I don’t see why they are brushing off the most wanted addition and such a simple practical thing, I just hope it is just as easy to use as knocking of a wall and that I don’t have to equip it to use it.

          3- Well I posted what I thought of the health bars in a post above where I quoted a guy from reddit.

          • Younis

            I think that the knocking on wall might be replaced with something that is associate with his mechanical hand

          • No Place For Hayter

            I sure hope his hand has a built in lighter.

      • Golgari

        Health bars and magazines won’t work for this title.

        • Solid Snakes Revenge

          I hope they are there for MGO atleast. And I beg the differ that they wouldnt work for it but Whateva.

        • No Place For Hayter

          Really? I saw a post on reddit by “andreycout” about his suggestions for the phantom pain, specifically a health system.

          “Health management is A MUST for open world games. The regenerative health needs to go.

          While I do believe regenerative health can be on the best interest of
          some experiences, there are many reasons why it definitely did not
          resonate well with MGSV. Some reasons for that:

          a) It makes exploration less rewarding. And open-ended games are all
          about rewarding exploration. No health recovery items to look for = less
          motives to go for different routes and look for stuff.

          b) It lessens the importance of encounters and fights. You know there
          are no penalties for being discovered or getting into fights. As long
          as you don’t die, nothing is lost.

          c) It reduces strategic thinking. You don’t ever calculate if risking
          a busier approach is “worth it” from a resource standpoint or not.
          Soldiers drop ammo, so there’s no ammo shortage if you decide to take
          them head-on. Health regenerates itself, so you don’t care about getting
          shot either, because nothing is wasted.

          d) It’s not very realistic. Not that MGS or eating reations to
          recover life was ever realistic, but this game seems to be trying very
          hard to make things more realistic than usual. A good place to look for
          when it comes to health management and health recovery items would be
          The Last of Us, especially on harder difficulties (applying bandages to
          the injured body part, health recovers over time). Not exactly the most
          realistic thing ever, but better than most and works well enough to not
          break the suspension of disbelief for most playrs.

          e) It can make the flow of gameplay very weird. Just for funs and
          testing, I manage to trade fire with a tank for a good 30 minutes by
          just using the ability to regenerate health. I got shot by the tank
          probably hundreds of times with no consequences whatsoever. Having a
          cover spot nearby made me near invincible. As long as I waited a little
          bit for the health to regenerate, there were no consequences whatsoever.

          Now, I’m not saying regenerable health necessarily makes the game
          “easier”. It depends on the situation. The fact that you can’t stack a
          lot of health regeneration items and make them heal you automatically
          like previous games does make some firefights you can’t escape from

          But for fights to matter, there has to be a lasting, meaningful
          consequence. That’s what open games are all about: multiple choices and
          multiple outcomes. The choices have consequences. Permanently losing
          health recovery items because you got into fights is a meaningful
          consequence, which is why the majority of open games have health bars
          and health recovery items.”

          • Janeo

            I don’t think we need health bars I mean we have that spray we need and I’m sure that will be hard to find unless you can get a resource package. On hard difficulty you die really quick and I’m guessing TPP will have more difficulty levels where you really have to avoid big fights so a health bar really isn’t a problem

          • No Place For Hayter

            It’s not that I want a health bar, It’s that I want regenerative health gone.

          • Janeo

            Well you do have some really great points but I’m fine with regenerating health as long as the game is difficult and kills you quickly which judging from GZ it will especially if there are higher difficultly levels in TPP. I want to be able to handle myself when it comes to action I just don’t wanna be to good in a shoot out and it looks like i won’t be so I’m satisfied with the health

          • Solid Snakes Revenge


      • tobi

        -health bars back
        we need this! I freakin don’t want health regen on MGO.

      • No Place For Hayter

        You sir just summed up everything the game needs, with all this the game is perfect 🙂

      • frime_one

        I really agree with you NO REFLEX MODE because due to that when you are surprised by one foe all the base is alerted wihch is not realistic at all

        • Solid Snakes Revenge

          That and it’s just a cheezy feat. But I won’t go into it because people got butthurt and also it was one of the less priorities on my lists of fixes.

    • JohnnySasaki

      the box.

    • AxlR

      I just want MGO to be the best multiplayer game ever…
      I hope they’ll include a bot mode… [offline] teamdeathmatch w/ bots as enemies since internet here in our country is getting slow.

      • glitchbomb

        You do realise what the O in MGO stands for right?
        Sucks you don’t have acess to a decent connection, but an offline MGO would only serve an extremely small percent of the fans.
        Would be interesting to see but I wouldn’t hold my breath.
        The time creating that could be better spend on polishing the core of MGO. I am curious though. Are there many console games with an offline mode to simulate a real muliplayer experience when they already have an online version?

    • No Place For Hayter

      Excellent idea, you are a genius.

    • No Place For Hayter

      In that case I will post my suggestions in reply to your comment.

      Containers too hide bodies in. I don’t know if this wasn’t included in GZ for a reason like the guard dogs, but the option was not there so I’m gonna assume that it’s currently gone for good, but it is really irritating that the only places I can hide guards is in grass and around objects when there are a bunch a suitable containers where I could hide a body.

      So yeah “The ability to hide bodies in containers such as lockers, dumpsters and varies other large containers that could hold a body”

    • Zezimar Dcuo

      Excellent idea mate.
      I know it can’t be considered as a real feedback as there was no online mode on GZ, but still : I would like you to tell them that there’s alot of people that want MGO3 to look like MGO2, exemple : R2/L2 back , turn the AA off/on whenever we want, stamina and health bar (only for the online mode, because it was really intensive to know that you can’t get your life back and had to be smart and quick to survive) and PLEASE put the skills back ( run123, ar 123 , trap123 etc )

    • Boss

      Love the look of Snakes gun hanging by his hip, but please include a HOLD option for weapons, much like the torch or suppressor option . The image of snake alone on the battlefield with his rifle in hand is iconic. Slow crawling would be nice and there are a few bugs with snakes hip weapon. Amazing game!!

  • Batzi

    Things that should be fixed in TPP if they still exist:

    1- Clipping issues when running with a prisoner on Snake’s shoulders. Snake’s right arm goes inside the prisoner and comes out of the other side. Only happens when running and clearly visible with prisoners.

    2- Sometimes marking LZ doesn’t call a chopper for some reason. It happens a lot specially in side-ops. When that happens, I use the flare grenades to call in a chopper.

    3- iDroid sometimes takes seconds to load. Doesn’t happen often but when it does, it’s kind of annoying. Based on what we’ve seen from TPP, it looks like the iDroid won’t be there.

    4- Not a bug but I would really appreciate it if guards would talk when you interrogate them.

    • Solid Snakes Revenge

      The problem regarding the idroid. Maybe snake doesn’t get a good signal in certain parts of the camp.

      • Batzi


    • glitchbomb

      I haven’t heard of the chopper issue before. Interesting.
      The only times I have had issues with calling the choppers were usually my fault cause I was in a hurry. Accidently tried calling them with the normal map or not selecting the proper area exactly.

    • No Place For Hayter

      Agreed among all this talk I was forgetting about actual bugs in the game, definitely fix the carrying a person running clip, I mean you can even see this clipping in trailers, it definitely needs to be fixed.

  • FoxTamerMGO

    In MGS GZ, When Snake aims while moving he stops suddenly and shoot like if he wasn’t moving beforehand. in MGS4 when snake aims while moving to shoot his body twists and his feet twists too. the way MGS4 handled it was better. i hope they change it to MGS4 style.

    • (SGR) SEAN

      That thing caused alot of lag in mgo, made people run place and have thier lower bodies spinning around in 360 motions

  • XIFF-5

    1- when you are behind the wall, you will be able to grab a soldier from a distance. it should be when he comes close enough then you can grab him.
    2- While running fast, you should be able to return to the normal running by clicking L3 again.
    3- When you crouch behind a short wall and try to aim, he suddenly stands up to avoid that wall and to be able to aim. he should NOT stand up.

    • Danny (Soundwave)

      Wasn’t your first point already in the game? I can remember sitting against a wall and grabbing a guard when he got close enough.

      • XIFF-5

        yh you can grab him from a very close distance, but you should not be able to grab him from like 3 meters away from you. this is unrealistic

        • Danny (Soundwave)

          Ah, I got your point. I think I kinda misunderstood your point lol, but yes, I agree with you there.

        • glitchbomb

          Yeah, sometimes its like they teleport into your grasp and it looks really odd.

  • Liquidus Snake

    Controls are fine. Just give me back wall knocking, stand-alone cqc knife and real life weapons!

  • Okay, I thought of something.
    Maybe they could incorporate a Better, well thought out Controls Manual or Sub-menu showing us the beginner, Intermediate and Higher techniques.

    For instance, when I would slide off the corner, or fail to use Cover to my advantage, I honestly thought it was the controls..
    but Its not, in fact the controls are nigh on perfect, its just that nowhere in Ground Zeroes do they tell us that its Pressure Sensitive etc.
    A menu, Like in MGS2 or 3 would probably help out a lot of players who show signs of frustration quicker than series vets.

    • No Place For Hayter

      Completely agree a technique controls menu, the game will tell you the basics and if you want more you can check out the technique controls menu telling you all of what you can do and how to do it, granted some things would be excluded or locked until a certain point in the menu because the player would not have that technique or item yet.

  • Danny (Soundwave)

    Alright, let’s see if I can make a proper list here:

    1. Knocking on walls. It’s a classic MGS gameplay element, no need to take it out.

    2. Like someone already said, making the guards actually talk when interrogating them.

    3. There’s this weird action when you dive off a roof, Snake immediately stands up BEFORE even hitting the ground.

    4. This is just a minor detail, but I’d love to see more blood. The bloodspatter while shooting a guard is done ok but how does a guard not bleed after exploding him with C4???

    5. Guards should react when a POW talks to you while carrying him. I mean, how did the guards not react when Paz was laughing like a freakin maniac while you were carrying her???

    6. Last but not least, where were the promised footprints in the mud?

    That’s it for now, I’ll edit the post when I come up with something more..

    • Batzi

      Technically, rigging a guard with C4 and blowing him up should blow him up into small pieces. So blood alone is not the problem here 😛

      As for the footprints, I wasn’t paying much attention to those but try to equip your night vision goggles and see if you can spot them.

      • Danny (Soundwave)

        Hahahah, you’re completely right about that. But atleast some blood should “cover” the gore though.

        And I never thought about checking for footprints with the NVG. I’ll give that a go next time I’m playing GZ. Thank you!

      • glitchbomb

        Sometimes they do blow up into small pieces. Well, with grenades they do.

  • Batzi

    Like Paul already mentioned, does anyone know what Kojima meant with watching MGSV trailers after 100% completion? Would it matter if I watch them again before that completion ratio? And what am I suppose to be looking at when watching them? I watched them tons of times before playing GZ and I loved them all and still consider TPP trailer from the VGAs my favourite and darkest trailer in the series. That trailer was so mysterious.

    Regarding Kojima’s note, I think he meant that we might understand some of the things we see in those trailers and relate them to the story in GZ and the tapes we collect.

    • Solid Snakes Revenge

      Yeah I’m at 89 percent but I have every tape so I should know. Unless you get something at 100 percent that I don’t know of.

    • No Place For Hayter

      Yeah I’m pretty sure Kojima meant that because we have all the story we would understand the trailers more and get a different impression because we now understand more of whats going on. I wonder if Kojima realizes how much of GZ he spoiled in the trailers, because there wasn’t much new in the game itself, so I would not have much of a greater understanding and I have re-watched TPP trailers and I really didn’t get a different impression, might be just me though.

  • Zven

    this is more of a question for you guys rather than an idea, but am I the only one who finds it a bit weird when you are aiming a weapon the second you release L1 the weapon is not there anymore? The fact that you never carry the gun in your hands like all the games before

    • Solid Snakes Revenge

      I’ve noticed that but that to me didnt really bother me. But I’m sure it could be an easy fix

  • ThisIsSnake!

    Controls really need to be fixed, aiming is so unrefined, the CQC feels so clunky, and no controlled knifing. If you’re a MGO2 fan, you’ll get what I mean. These are staples of MGS, these are things that they have always nailed, I’m very disappointed.

  • Zero

    MGS V with the controls of MGS 4 and you have my vote for game of the year! Thanks Nyx btw for reporting for us 🙂

    • ThisIsSnake!

      Exactly, it wasn’t broke, so why did they try fixing it?! Are you a fan of MGO2?

      • Zero

        I dunno but i think they wanted to make the controls similar/improved based on Peace walker not on MGS 4, which is a shame for the reasons many and you have mentioned. And yes i have played MGO 2 for a long time (4 Years) and i can’t see the same happen again with the controls we have currently ( imo of course ).

        • ThisIsSnake!

          I wouldn’t even mind if the controls were like PW, because is was so smooth. I played MGO2 for a good few years, until the servers shut down, can honestly say most fun and balanced online game, I have ever played. You’re right, this is why I’m really worried about the next MGO,

  • Zasalamel33

    Automatically pressing against walls upon contact is a no-no in my book. MGS4 did it right – pressing against wall only when pressing Triangle was just fine. I understand that Triangle (or the action button) would trigger Snake’s hangers-on action, which means he jumps into ledges and climbs stuff. That’s fine too, but couldn’t they make it so we press action button to jump on stuff and press and *hold* action button to press against wall? A similar function can be used with the Circle button. I also agree with most of the latter complaints. I want MGO3 to be worth my while after such a long wait.

    Best regards

  • Sly

    When crawling on a rooftop near the edge snake should be able to switch to hanging mode.
    Also when aiming snake should be able to side roll/dodge right and left.

  • glitchbomb

    Does anyone know how Kojima posts these tweets in English? Does he have someone translate it for him or doe he just type it out into translating software. It really seems like he is doing it himself. Not complaining! Just genuinely curious.

    • No Place For Hayter

      Judging by the quality my guess is translating software, but I agree it does seem like he is doing it himself, now I want to know too, lol.

    • His personal assistant Ayako translates them.

      • No Place For Hayter

        Now I know why they feel like they were translated by a person, because they were, lol.

  • Samir

    Snake’s animations are still way too rigid. Look at the last of us and see how it reacts to the context…hands on the furnitures, on the walls… Snake’s animation, though better than they used to be, are still showing their age and feel like old gen.
    Please make an effort on textures: very inconsistant in Ground zeroes.

    Please keep the framerate at 60fps ALL THE TIME. No frame drops AT ALL.

    • glitchbomb

      I think he does put his hand up against the wall sometimes. I agree though, it looked great in TLOU.

  • gaseousnake

    i want the old alert counter back,i really miss it…better than the lifeless text saying “returning to normal phase” when the alert is lifted

    • The Real Snake

      Even rising a spinoff game had alert counter and proper codec screen and…….. cardboardbox!!! LMAO

      • gaseousnake

        The cardboardbox is in TPP.
        Codec wasn´t even invented yet but i guess they could use the radio like in snake eater..maybe a mix of both classic codec/radio screens and instant calls like in PW and GZ but maybe i´m asking too much.

    • No Place For Hayter

      I agree I do want it back, I really really, want it back, but I probably would not ask for it out of respect for them wanting to do something new with MGSV, BUT FOR GOD SAKES I want some sort of fricking marker or counter or icon telling me what alert phase I am in, this “The music tells you what phase you are in” because of immersion reasons is just ridiculous, I want to know if I’m under alert of if I’m in evasion, I want to accurately know when I set an alarm off and when the alert goes away. Using music is a terrible idea to begin with but with the addition with MGSV-GZ music which all sounds to similar to itself and is to quiet and is meant to be background music, I have a hard time really telling what’s going on with the alert phases, it would also massively help to know what phases there are, you’d think 2 “alert” and “non alert” but people who have played a a MGS game before know better they know it’s “Alert” “evasion” “caution” and “non alert” but that;s not even true in MGSV-GZ I have heard 5 different music when in different forms of alert and I have noticed there is a difference for “Alert running away” and “Alert in combat” the music does not only tell you the phase but also has other elements in it; the music is a confusing and really hard way to use as an indicator for what alert phase you are in, now add in the fact that we don’t know what phases there is and everyone will make assumptions about what phase is which and will have preconceived notions about what phases there are in the game, and you get a system impossible to tell what phase you are in, I mean seriously even just a list of phases there are in the game will make it so much easier, but we are left in the dark about every aspect of the system and told the music will tell us when we don’t even know the phases and thus don’t know what the hell the music is telling us other than the obvious “OMG you got spotted”

      • Golgari

        CP actually tell’s you over the radio when alert phase is on and off + there is a text on the screen on the left that tell’s you at what position CP is.
        I think it’s not a big issue.

        • No Place For Hayter

          Yeah the only obvious part is whether alert is on or off, the specifics not so much.

  • JohnM

    Well was walking back home today thinking about how much of an impact the opening scene in MGS 2 had to open up the game. something like that would be a welcome return. Strange after all the years but that is the stand out metal gear moment for me.

  • Max

    I want to crouch in a box, BOX PLZ! And more videos PLZ. And less trailers because i wrote the story (what i thought) before i played and almost all was true, so the story wasn´t so exciting because of the trailers they released before. PLZ give me TPP now and Dont do more trailers.

    • Cardboard boxes have already been confirmed for TPP.

  • Anonymous X

    The current codec system needs to go. Talking on end during gameplay is not how you deliver a story with less cutscenes. The whole time I was playing GZ’s missions I had Miller talking into my ear without any off button to make it stop. If I want to listen to the codec, I want its own screen. Just like the old games. Bad change.

    • No Place For Hayter

      While I agree, I would not ask them to change it for various reasons, I would though ask for and hope for an expansion of the current codec system to expand its depth, its importance, and its access.

  • jojo

    Please don’t use anymore blurring Anti-aliasing FXAA and use a better solution like SMAA. Many gamers (not only me) complained that Ground Zeroes was blurry, even on PS4.

    The details you think you can add by using the cheap FXAA will anyway be blurred by the vaseline induced FXAA. So better remove a few shaders and polygons but add a reall efficient and non-blurring AA like SMAA.

  • Alfrays

    1 As many as said, we need knocking(or something like that)

    2 No infinite magazines

    3 The possibility to use the scope from the edge of a cover

    4 No slow mo when i’m close to a guard for CQC

    5 No istant alarm when someone see me. In past MGS they must first call QC to start the alarm

    6 Rolling, maybe when Snake is standing he can roll(that can stun more easily than the dive)

    7 different button for intel/interrogation. If by error Miller starts to talk, i cannot interact with the guard, exposing me to danger.

    and something that i would like to see in GZ, hoping for a patch in Mass Effect 3 style(but i think it’s impossible): gameplay of a last stand on mother base. I built it, i want to defend it(and fail XD ).

    • No Place For Hayter

      Losing mother base would have been so much more meaningful if there was a portion where you fought for it instead of showing up for the last 30 seconds.

  • No Place For Hayter

    David Hayter.. David Hayter.. David Hayter………Hey, I can dream can’t I?

  • the dive from high places really needs to be fixed, i don’t even know how that made it into the game, i mean, i can’t be the only one that tried to do that in my first 10 min. playing, also, when guards spot you trough trucks, the diving may not affect the gameplay, just the feeling, but the truck thing is really a game breaker, it doesn’t make any sense.
    Aiming when crouching behind something makes you stand up, something that shouldn’t happen, now that i think about it, there’s many stuff that needs to be fixed /:

  • Quiet Wolf

    This game needs more animation as harsh as it sounds. Even though the game if full of possiblities, they are always the same. Crawling is always the ‘same’, Sprinting is alays the ‘same’, Jumping is always the ‘same’. It gets pretty boring always watching the same thing over and over again, and it’s sad because the animation of this are so amazing ! Here’s a list of what type animation I would like to see for TPP.


    – 1 start
    – 4 middles
    – 1 ending

    So basically, when you start crawling, it is always the same animation, but then it changes during the process and switches between three at each move, and finally an ending animation.

    *same for crouching
    ** I know that they is three speeds and that would mean more that 18 ‘moves’ (so technically
    hundreds of animations) to realize it but, I think this is needed to achieve the best Metal Gear Solid experience.

    – 2 start
    – 2 middle
    – 1 ending

    – 1 start
    – 3 middle
    – 1 ending

    – 1 start
    – 2 middle
    – 2 ending

    – fluid jump overs are a must have, it feels really awkward when Big Boss passes over 1m fences b using a foot…

    > interrogation
    – 2 different animation (like a knife on the throat + knife over the chest)
    – had gun as a threat (like againts the head)
    (also, changing the indication from ‘Spit it out’ to ‘Interrogate’ would be nice to)

    > choking
    – 2 different

    > wall punch
    – 2 different (one with the hand + one with the foot for example)

    > combos
    – at least 5, please. And more hardcore, lit breaking the arm, the leg, the neck, a bit like The Boss did in MGS3. Actually it would be very interesting to develop a whole gameplay around the CQC fights to make them more free and ‘interactive’.

    > moving hostages
    – Please make it quicker, moving people is way too long in GZ !

    > assassination
    – 2 different animation for each weapon

    – The possibility to dive OVER obstacles it something that would had so much to the gameplay, and make the whole experience more fluid, because it feels very very cheap when you get a collision problem on a little brick wall.

    Also, the bug that occures when you dive from a certain high should be fixed, and instead, either complete the movement or just make the character fall like a rock and lose some health.

    Something else, it would be nice that when you dive over someone, Big Boss actually dive into him and that the animation be a bit bit different. Instead of just diving, he could tackle the guy down (a bit like the NFL player),it would be better looking that the weird collision bug.

    I’ve seen that Big Boss’s head follows the camera at some point, it would be interesting that his whole body turns when in a crouching position, it would really make it more realistic and more fluid.

    Also fixing everything related to collisions bugs is a must.

    Thanks for asking our feedback !

    • No Place For Hayter

      Wow, just wow, this is an awesome kind of feedback to bad it’s the kind of feedback that is ignored.

    • glitchbomb

      Bravo!Iagree with almost everything here!
      Except the moving hostages being too slow. I mean, it is pretty slow.. but can’t imagine you would move too quickly why trying to shuffle someone against their will …often times while going backwards no less.

      • Quiet Wolf

        I was mostly reffering to the way Big Boss moves. It’s like one little step at a time. And well, this could bring some gameplay variety. Some soldiers could be cowards and follow you easily while others would be though guys and rather kill themselves then speaking, those would be really hard to move and would always yell or try to escape, that could be interesting.

        • glitchbomb

          mfw I try to capture a guy and he decides to struggle and shoots himself in the head instead of being captured.
          *ears ringing*

  • Shalashaska

    One thing I’d like to see back from MGS4 is the ability to control how fast the crawling is. It looks silly to just slowly hump the ground to make progress, but without it I feel a little displaced, less realistic. MGS4 really impressed me because of the range of shit you could do, and Ground Zeroes kinda disappointed me there. In MGS4 I felt like I was in total control being able to control the speed of which he crawls/walks and such.

    Also, I don’t think they did so (they may have and I just didn’t notice) but I’d really like it if they did first person like how they did it in MGS3 after Big Boss lost his eye – I thought it was brilliant to kind of show that his eye was gone even in first person, and I was disappointed yet again when I didn’t see it.

    I’d also rather see the health spray get tossed aside, it’s a stupid idea. If anything, they should change it to rations or something you have to find, and if your hurt you have to survive long enough to find a ration and eat it in hiding to replenish health. (Which is still silly but… RATIONS!)

    Really, my feedback isn’t exactly what may be important to many of you. The way I look at it though, Phantom Pain is going to be like the seventh or so installment of a huge series in which every game improved from the former. To get rid of some of the series brilliant elements, although small and maybe to some unnoticeable, would be a crime for a series that excels in brilliance. I want the little detail back, Kojima.

    • Quiet Wolf

      I love the patch idea !

      But it is actually possible too crawl, crounch and walk slower. There are 3 speeds in Ground Zeroes. Slow, Normal, Quick. Unfortunetly, it’s pretty crappy since the Slow & Normal speeds are each a ¼ push and the Quick one takes half the joystick. I think Quick moves should be triggered by fully pushing the joystick, that way we could have more room for the Slow and Normal speeds.

      • Shalashaska

        I know you can crouch and walk slower, but crawling never seemed to work, it was always the same speed regardless of how I pushed the joystick.

        [EDIT] Yeah, playing the game right now, I have the PS3 version of Ground Zeroes. While crawling, it’s the same speed regardless of how the joystick is pushed. I know there isn’t something wrong with my analog stick because crouching and walking have their respected 3 speeds. Maybe it’s a glitch (or a handicap…) in the old-gen versions?

    • No Place For Hayter

      Completely Agree.

      • Shalashaska

        Also, like someone mentioned below: I’d really love for the soldiers to actually speak during their interrogations.

        • No Place For Hayter

          I just remembered that the “no talking when interrogated” is something from peace walker.

          I think it’s pretty lazy to exclude talking from a console MGS just because it’s a direct sequel to a portable MGS which had it excluded because it was a portable game.

  • – it would be cool to have a gore effect for high powered weapons (similar to the one used in red dead redemption head shots)

    – blood splatter on walls, if the enemy is close enough to it

    – knocking on walls

    – 3 different selections for cqc fists, stun knife and knife (with different combos)

    – clipping issues while carrying people

    -the return of the Survival Viewer instead of natural healing (it would be cool to be bleeding out and trying to sneak into the enemy medical supply closet)

    – boxes! maybe even if they are lying around rather than in your inventory

  • RaidDrum

    -Stealth camo and bandana for fun
    -No ennemy detection when you use C4 and you’re hidding. ( How the hell they can know where you are when you click on the explosion button ? )
    – Knock Knock knockin on heavens door
    – more weapons, like trap weapon, playboy,box, sleep gas mine…
    – Knife fight
    -Boss fights
    -people who really talk when you interrogate an ennemy and not only subtitles.

    Sorry for my bad english 🙂

  • Ed

    Give the game some personality and a sense of humour like the old games had.

    Ground Zeroes was like playing a Splinter Cell knockoff. Po faced and an utter bore to play.

  • Golgari

    Knocking on walls won’t work for this game. For F. sake. They won’t include it in the game. It’s like people never played the game. Sorry for my rant but I need to add few cent’s about it. I finished GZ with 100% completion and I know something.

    If there was a wall knock then it would be an exploit for such an open world game. It does not work that way with current AI as it is that is basically can hear and see a lot and is very passive for a simple sound you make. In the past wall knocking was effective because level design was small and you could play with AI in that room and avoid it. This time around you have more free space and simple wall knocking could give players unrealistic advantage over current AI for S rankings and so on because AI reacts to everything he hear every time.

    This is why the game is about “Tactical Espionage Operations” and not a “Tactical Espionage Action”. You are planning here more then you use cheap tactics to avoid detection. Something like magazines are already an exploit and some people use it for cheap S rankings exploit… so yeah, infinite magazines are a bad idea and I agree that KojiPro should nerf them but knocking on the wall is going to be a cheat for this game so they won’t make it here.

    Something like knife fights, more/less speed when crawling is too much for the average player and it is too much for the controller. It is already full of complicated actions compared to other stealth games and so far it is enough as it is for current design decision.

    and yeah, knife fights and rations won’t work with current inventory managment. It’s different compared to the past. Current version in Ground Zeroes is about weapons and gadgets and you can use only ONE thing for One slot. You really want to change every freakin second for Rations and tranquilizer gun? It’s already a pain to change from C4 to gun especially when you are discovered. Reflex mode works that way that you can’t change your weapons on “hard difficulty” because if you will do it then enemies will trigger the alarm.

    So, what I really want from TPP:

    1) No infinite magazines. It’s an exploit already for the most of gamers.
    2) Simple and more intuitive controls for a “Roll”. I finished everything on S and still can’t remember how to do it. I did it only once for XOF badge.
    3) More BLOOD. Especially if you kill enemies with grenade launcher or C4. Physics are really good in the game but I want to see some impact for my serious and bloody actions.
    4) Guards should react when POW’s or any character cries or laugh behind any guard and if it is story related like a secret dialog… There is a simple and effective solution to that. Make a radius around the target for example 1 Meter and if there is no one in that meter then dialog should be triggered automatically or just don’t do it. It’s unrealistic.
    5) Improve iDroid loading at least on NEXT GEN consoles.
    6) Improve iDroid interactivity with characters. I’m not asking to bring video back or make it more complicated. I’m talking about interactivity in general.
    7) Improve Russian localization. I’m playing only in English but this is your first effort with Russian translation and it SUCKS and full of mistakes and even if you are not going to improve then ok… The problem is that in The Phantom Pain I already saw (Vega group) VYMPEL aka Russian Spetsnaz in Red Band/Green Band trailers and they must speak Russian and not some gibberish. KojiPro you are making a Cold War setting where Soviet Union had the biggest impact in that era with Soviet invasion in Afghanistan. You can’t just make it look stupid.
    8) There is a problem when you pick up a soldier and instead you are picking a weapon. Improve the controls please.

    • No Place For Hayter

      So in a game that is striving to be realistic, the simplistic and logical move of distracting guards with magazines or drawing them in by knocking on the wall is a massive exploit and should not be included, “Sorry Snake you physically can’t knock on walls, it would be too cheap”. seriously? a simply distraction feature breaks the game? MGSV is a dynamic open world game so let me play the game the way I want to; like I said removing something really obvious. simplistic, logical, and smart just because it would break the game? it doesn’t break the game, is killing people breaking the game to you too? just because you think they are cheap because the way you play doesn’t mean it’s cheap for every one else, MGSV open world is about 100 people playing and getting 100 different results, it’s supposed to let people tackle it the way they want, not the way one person wants, adding a lot of realistic logical mechanics and systems is what the game is doing and should keep doing because whats the point of the ultimate realistic open world stealth game if they remove some really obvious move that people want/need to play the way they want that would go against what they are doing for the game and would be stupid as all hell, I mean just imagine running along in the realistic ultimate stealth simulator MGSV and wanting to distract a gaurd when you don’t have the room to throw a magazine or you want to call him over and you can’t, only because the developers removed a realistic move from their supposed realistic game because it is exploitable, that is a huge contradiction in terms of what the game is and what it is trying to and would ruin a lot of peoples realistic and simulated game play and fun they are having, if someone wasn’t following the news for MGSV and bought it and has played MGS games in the past will reach a point where they want to not and can’t, so they will look it up under the games controls then online only to find out you can’t and they will think what I have been saying “For a game that tries so hard to be a realistic, choose your own path stealth simulator removing such a logical, smart and simple feature which clearly a lot of people use makes no sense”

      • Golgari

        ArmA even DayZ (Maybe but not really) is the most realistic warfare game to date and there is no feature such as “knocking on the walls” and I’m talking about the games that require a full keyboard to play the game. There are ton’s of functions to distract enemies and there is no such thing because it is against game’s design.
        Knocking on the wall is first of all a simple Gameplay mechanic and it was there because it worked in the past. MGSV is the open world game with AI that reacts to every freakin sound there is. It was designed that way and knocking on the wall will simply destroy KojiPro’s original game design decision. They won’t include it in the game. They can but they won’t do it. It’s not going to work with the system’s they have in MGSV. As I said… Magazines already have it’s issues and that mechanic is already exploitable to death. KojiPro should nerf it.

        I’m not against knocking on the wall. I think it is fantastic gameplay mechanics, it’s just not for MGSV.

        Cheers. Love u. :3

        • No Place For Hayter

          I see what you mean, what I’m thinking is more of urban areas in the game where a knock would be out of place for guards to check it out, from what you’re saying I could see them not including it if for most of the game (large outdoor environments) it would not work, so why include it if it won’t even work for most the game, I could see that, but I wouldn’t say it’s exploitable or broken.

          I would not use ArmA as an example of realism, that game tries so hard to be realistic it’s not, heck even a 3 foot drop breaks your legs in ArmA, if real life was like ArmA I would live in the fridge afraid to go out worrying about breaking my bones or dying of unstoppable irreversible blood loss that’s impossible to heal or restore without some special blood pack or some special med-kits.

          The reason ArmA does not have knocking is because it is not needed and no body would want it, ArmA a warfare game, which does not involve knocking so it makes sense not to have it. I just think ArmA a bad example for anything, lol.


    make vehicles able to drive through destructible objects like chainlink fences and wooden boxes. in GZ the vehicles are terribly limited. RPG/APC fire should also be able to destroy these objects.

    Destruction doesnt need to be Red Faction Guerrilla levels but atleast so that everytime you bump into something with a vehicle it doesnt look like Gran Turismo.

  • damnfiddle!

    reflex mode is way too exploitable,yeah you can turn it off but that doesn´t mean that it shouldn´t be tweaked a little,there should be a limit of how many times you can use that feature.
    i remember this guy doind a speedrun and he just run straight to the soldier,use reflex mode,headshot,keep running and repeat the whole process over and over.

    • Golgari

      It’s exploitable if you are not going for the S rank on Hard or even Normal. Try to do that with the last Side Ops mission. Impossible.

  • Also one thing that continually bugs me :
    When you do the Disarm CQC move from behind, the enemy will immediately face snake, Like almost instantaneously he faces snake.

    Shouldn’t there be some kind of animation with the guard spinning around or something?
    I mean, just look at how silky smooth it looks in MGS3 when you CQC hold an enemy, you can see the fluid motion of Snake grabbing him, spinning him around and restraining him.

    But in ground zeroes, you punch, then hold L1 (on PS3 atleast) and suddenly, as if by magic the enemy is facing you :S
    Its as if an animation frame is missing or something?

    Edit : just to add, I have tried different input times (slow, fast), and still it appears to make them automatically face you without turning around.


    Batzi pretty much nailed all of my complaints. Here are some others might have missed.

    -x More enemies in higher difficulties as in patrols, guards, cameras. Or even dogs!
    -x Improve wall covering. I hate “auto-wall covering” when I don’t want to. At times it ruins my flow. Let there be a button for that. A simple tap to place Snake against the wall smoothly.

    -x More of a request… PLEASE enable coop! Person [A] joining person [B] can be a soldier of Snake’s mercenary unit Diamond Dogs. Person [B] is Snake and it’s his world/story progression.

    W/e person [A] obtain in Person [B’s] game can be brought back to person [A’s] game.
    And if person [B] joins person [A’s] world, person [A] will be Snake and person [B] will be a soldier of Diamond Dogs helping person [A’s] progression.

    Did that made sense? Let me know!

    • No Place For Hayter

      I’m 100% sure dogs will be in TPP because dogs were in GZ but were removed before release for some reason, I mean they were even in the cut-scene.

      • MGSFAN

        i hope so!

        Also, what would be cool, taking it old school, having Snake sneak toward a truck, roll under it, have him grab onto something, pulls himself off the ground, and goes along with the ride.

        Once at his desired location, drops down lightly, rolls out from under the truck and is ready to sneak.

  • Mark

    Didn’t read every single comment, but I would agree with many of them.

    In trying to complete GZ 100%, I found it difficult to find some items, including some XOF patches and cassette tapes. I walked over one particular patch several times while I was looking for it and never saw it. I eventually had to use a guide to find some of them. I’d like to see more hints for items that can be found in the world, especially since TPP will be open world.

  • Quiet Wolf

    Anyone expressed about the broken driving ? If so just refer me to it otherwise I’ll edit this post.

    Thxs <3

    • glitchbomb

      I haven’t seen anything. Tbh I was really worried about the driving but it wasn’t nearly as bad as I was imagining.

  • Spiderjerusalem

    -Parachute and Fulton Recovery Yourself
    -A Rope, brig back the rappel!
    -The square button while crawling can be the roll button intead of the stick, or could be used for another ability in the floor. Same with the triangle could be ventilation systems more difficult to access.
    -The inventory can change, Holding down left or right and selecting with the right analog stick let you have up and down available for other stuff. More conversations with the enemy while restraining.
    -More things to do with the ambient, Snake could take a pipe to lock a door or something.
    -When you jump from a building with the square Snake moves kinda funny.
    -More cqc moves, maybe punch while pressing the action button.

  • Spiderjerusalem

    -Parachute and Fulton Recovery Yourself
    -A Rope, brig back the rappel!
    square button while crawling can be the roll button intead of the
    stick, or could be used for another ability in the floor. Same with the
    triangle could be ventilation systems more difficult to access.
    inventory can change, Holding down left or right and selecting with the
    right analog stick let you have up and down available for other stuff.
    More conversations with the enemy while restraining.
    -More things to do with the ambient, Snake could take a pipe to lock a door or something.-When you jump from a building with the square Snake moves kinda funny.
    -More cqc moves, maybe punch while pressing the action button.

    • Quiet Wolf

      You should’ve edit your first post. :/

      About the rolling, what a double pressure ? You know like you double-push de joystick in a direction, works pretty well. Though I think rolling you should be Aim + Dive, just makes more sense.

      • SpiderJerusalem

        Yeah, I posted as a guest and didn’t know how to change it, neither did i know I was posting as Sasaki, was funny when I realized. Sorry for the doble post.
        Double pressure is good to leave a hand in the controller free but it can be a little slow if you are about to be seen, pressing the dive button is faster but you can´t move the camera while doing it. Now that i think it maybe is better the way it is in Ground Zeroes.
        Either way I know Kojima´s work will be excellent, the only thing I wanna put enfasis is the parachute/fulton (In GTA5 parachuting is awesome) and the rope, If Kaz and Snake are going to go deeper in hell they’ll gonna need it 🙂 (Sorry for the english)

  • Cartmangus

    oh and definitely bring back interactive dumpsters, lockers and things like that. They’d be great use for hiding bodies, and yourself as well.

  • Spiderjerusalem

    Sorry for commenting twice, Maybe I’ve been playing the deja vu mission too many times.

  • PsychoWolf82

    Please old HUD please from MGS 4 and old maps from mgo 2

  • PsychoWolf82

    And please many HUDs and better server for mgo3. Mgo 2 very very very lag this destroy the game. Mgo very good i loved i played this 4 years but the lag destroy always the fun .

  • Cyberlum

    Bring back the option to hold a gun at all times like in previous games.
    If you have guns in your hands you can aim instantly, but limited in cqc, with no weapons equipped you are more mobile and can perform advanced cqc, but have to unholster a gun to fire.
    If Snake’s gun is holstered it should take him 1 sec to unholster it, half a second if button is tapped at the right moment.
    If reflex mode kicks in with no weapons equipped Snake can only use gun clip to disable guard/camera.

  • bad HUMANS

    the rolling on the ground isn’t as tight as MGS4’s rolling.
    Snake should only stand up when I press the “prone” button.
    It’s not clear to me if there’s a way to CANCEL throwing a magazine, and at times the indicator of where the magazine; grenade; smoke grenade; etc. just disappears.

    when I dive from large heights, Snake goes into a weird animation. The transition from “Dive” to “Falling” isn’t smooth.

  • PsychoWolf82

    Please i need the old MGS 4 HUD and system and better server for mgo 3 always lag in mgo 2 and the old maps

  • fukaroze

    Single, semi, auto modes for machine guns.
    Peaking, peaking while aiming, corner jump and aiming.
    Better long-distance visibility for PS3 to avoid disappearing objects.
    Fix dead body disappearing when multiple bodies are close.

  • MortifiedPenguin

    Here’s my input.

    -Make rolling while prone done with square rather than the sprint button.
    -Guards need to have green exclamation points when they catch a glimpse of you but haven’t been alerted, and question marks when they decide it’s nothing. They also need to say “Huh?” and “What was that?” like in previous games too. Having the little semi circle isn’t enough. It doesn’t interfere with the tone of the game, it helps with player feedback.
    -The semicircle is too hard to see during the day.
    -Diving from a large height shouldn’t have Snake suddenly right himself before he hits the ground. He should flop painfully and groan.
    -When Snake has a weapon equipped, he should be holding it, rather than holstering and unholstering every time he aims.
    -We need to be able to carry more than one secondary. I cannot stress enough how limiting having to replace my tranq gun if I wanted to carry a lethal pistol was in GZ. Two primary weapons and two secondary weapons is perfect.
    -Enemies need to follow you into areas. For instance, in GZ, if I ducked into the armory, they wouldn’t follow me in, and eventually, the alert would cease. They need to know “This guy is in here,” and clear the place out.
    -If we have reflex mode off, we should still have a slight second before the alert is raised. Shorter than in reflex mode, but still enough to do something. How it was done in Peace Walker was great. And enemy would recoil before the alert was raised. Also, alerts should only affect enemies in the immediate area unless they call in to CP. If you neutralize the radio of an enemy like you could in previous games, he shouldn’t be able to call in. Alerts like they functioned in GZ should only work like they did in bases. In the open world, only nearby enemies should be alerted, and reinforcements will only come if radioed in.
    -Vehicles should be able to go faster than they could in GZ.
    -Snake sounds odd when he tells an enemy to “Spit it out.” The audio mixing makes him sound tinny, or like he’s in a tunnel. That needs to be fixed.
    -We should have audio tapes like in Peace Walker where Snake talks with his team, that replaced the original codec. We can listen to them on our iDroid, and it would serve the same purpose, without removing us from the game.

  • SpiderJerusalem

    -Jump from a building into a enemy
    -Equip the Rain Coat from the enemy
    -Drag an enemy into the ventilation system or at least under the buildings
    -The square in crawling mode could be use to make a little fast move
    -With the action button under a truck you could be able to grab from the truck Rambo style
    -A little more climbing abilities wouldn’t hurt any one (more than the guards). I’m not saying transform MGS into Assassins Creed or Uncharted but jumping from a mid-ladder to a rooftop, that Snake could let go one hand to grab to another thing, jumping while sprinting would make a bigger jump or grab from a ceiling pipe and stand in like a crawling position to wait for a guard would be fun.
    – A Lighter could be a fun item to carry around, we always had the smokes but never the lighter. In a ventilation system without equipment could be fun, disoriented like in heavy rain you could follow the air.
    -The knife is another item that could be more useful than taking guards down, once you start reaching for better ways to pass the guards you forget about the knife.
    -In a hold up situation maybe you could grab with one hand the neck of the guard to rapidly move him around, I think this would be useful (in a very little way) to express the transformation of Snake into a villain by his movements as this is more aggressive than the “hug” (but this is just like thinking out loud more than something i want to see in the game)
    -When a guard attacks you with the knife or some other melee attack you could be able to counter or parry or something, i’m thinking in the phantom unit.
    -Now that I remembered this phantom unit, it could be certain types of enemies that could try following you without you being notice, something like the Snatcher chapter of mgs4 (I think it was Chapter 3) or the enemies that hides from light in Dead Space, the on screen advice that someone is watching you had to be taken away for this particular enemy.
    -You could make units from your new base attack a location from a specific direction to divert attention, like the chopper in GZ or you could stage something less violent, something like Burn Notice the tv sitcom.
    -The ventilation systems or holes in the wall could be higher than floor level, in the Arkham games Batman can pass from hanging mode to crawling without a floor in the middle.

  • All right guys, just read through all the suggestions and this is the list I’m planning to send. Tell me if anything else needs to be on the list (only realistic suggestions):

    – Some sort of a knife for CQC (like the Stun Knife in MGS4)
    – Health bars seems like a common thing people as for
    – No more infinite magazines
    – Wider range of weapons (choice between lethal and tranquilizer gun)
    – More places to hide bodies (lockers, containers, dumpsters), and also for you to hide in
    – Firing options like burst/single bullet
    – Ability to drop items from inventory
    – Feedback animation when dropping from a height
    – Distinction between picking up weapon and picking up body (eg press circle versus hold circle)
    – More extensive radio conversations (Snake talking back), possibly with video as well (via iDroid)
    – Clipping issues (when running while carrying someone)
    – Shorter loading time for iDroid
    – Interrogated guards actually voice acted
    – No instant alarm when spotted (guard must first call HQ)
    – Possibility to use scope from the edge of a cover
    – Return from fast run to normal run by clicking L3
    – More variety in animation
    – Ability to dive over obstacles
    – More refined cover system
    – Make it simpler to roll (pressing square)
    – More blood
    – Ability to crawl faster
    – The ability to hold a gun, instead of holstering it every time
    – Vehicles feel really slow
    – Finding certain collectibles can be too hard, like the XOF patches (would be okay for extra weapons and such, but for story content and entire missions it’s kind of annoying)
    – We don’t mind long cutscenes!

    • Spiderjerusalem

      In the firing options you could add the light on/off, and one thing that I think it’s important is being able to reach a higher edge and stay climbed with the hands instead of automatically full climb (I don’t know if I’m explaining it right, sorry for the english). Besides that it’s a pretty good list. You’re pretty good!

      • You can already switch the light on or off, or isn’t that what you mean?

        • Spiderjerusalem

          I’m meant while aiming, I was thinking in MGS4.

    • QuietWolf

      About the animations and driving, could it be possible to add a link to my previous posts ? (if others agree ofc).

      Otherwise this is sums up pretty much everything, good job !

      • The list is going to include a link to this post, so they can read the comments for more details.

  • XIFF-5

    -Fire guns while climbing ladder.
    -Some enemies disappear from a long distance for no reason.(ISSUE)
    -The ability to crawl slower , also to be able to climb the ladder slower.(two speeds)

  • QuietWolf

    Just though of something, how about freeing the triggers ? Two major buttons are used for the Binoculars and the Intel…why ? It’s not that usefull and usually players uses it like once or twice in a mission, just look around. Also, since you have to hold the button makes it awfull to use (binoculars), so here’s what I propose:

    1. Using the R3/ RZ button for the Binoculars. Actually it is used to recenter the camera but…NOBODY USES THAT. As far as I’ve seen everybody look around and places the camera as they want, so why sacrifices a button for it ?

    This implies that Binoculars are accessed by pressing and not holding the button. In ‘Bino Mode’, we could use the R Joystick to zoom in/ out, it opens the gameplay (since we could zoom in AND out) and makes it more intuitive for the player (I think).

    Intel could be access easily by pressing any button AND, more important, we could MANUALLY mark the enemies.* That way, people would be able to set their game differently and open even more the possibilities !
    * related to marking, I’d like to have the option to remove the arrow on their head or the aura, to make the game more precise and adapted to the player. Actually, it would be good to divide every single HUD indication.

    2. Using the iDroid for the Codec and everything related to the Intel would free the L2/ LT trigger ( I play on old gen, so it would be R1/RB for PSOne). Just like the old times. And, if people want some Intel, they can still use the binocular, target the object/ building/ person and ask for Intel.

    Thanks for asking our feedback ! (+ Nyxus, I would like you to add this to your list if, ofc, people agree).

  • Going to send it in today (will send an e-mail as well as send a Tweet with #koji_sta with a link to this page):

    Hello to everyone at Kojima Productions

    After hearing Kojima Productions was looking for feedback from their fans after playing ground Zeroes, we at fan site MetalGearInformer.com compiled a list with some of the comments posted by our readers. The site has a pretty active community with dedicated fans, so it seemed like a good idea to get all their thoughts in one place and send them all together. This is a summary of what they posted, so if you want a more detailed description of some of these things (and some additional notes) you can visit the following page and check out the comment section, which has as of now over 150 comments, mainly containing feedback for Kojima Productions. -> http://www.metalgearinformer.com/?p=13858

    On behalf of our community, here are our suggestions:

    Some sort of a knife for CQC (like the Stun Knife in MGS4)

    Health bars seems like a common thing people as for

    No more infinite magazines

    Wider range of weapons (choice between lethal and tranquilizer gun)

    More places to hide bodies (lockers, containers, dumpsters), and also for you to hide in

    Firing options like burst/single bullet or flashlight

    Ability to drop items from inventory

    Feedback animation when dropping from a height

    Distinction between picking up weapon and picking up body (eg press circle versus hold circle)

    More extensive radio conversations (Snake talking back), possibly with video as well (via iDroid)

    Clipping issues (when running while carrying someone)

    Shorter loading time for iDroid

    Interrogated guards actually voice acted

    No instant alarm when spotted (guard must first call HQ)

    Possibility to use scope from the edge of a cover

    Return from fast run to normal run by clicking L3

    More variety in animation

    Ability to dive over obstacles

    More refined cover system

    Make it simpler to roll (pressing square)

    More blood

    Ability to crawl faster

    The ability to hold a gun, instead of holstering it every time

    Vehicles feel really slow

    Using R3/RZ for binoculars (accessing intel by pressing any button, marking enemies manually)

    Finding certain collectibles can be too hard, like the XOF patches (would be okay for extra weapons and such, but for story content and entire missions it’s kind of annoying)

    We don’t mind (long) cutscenes! They are part of Metal Gear, and many long-time fans actually love them.

    Keep up the good work, while we are anxiously awaiting the release of The Phantom Pain!


    Metal Gear Informer and its community

    • QuietWolf

      Don’t forget to tell us if you get any reply !

  • Paul Stewart

    This might be a stupid question but in MGS V: TPP will Snake be able to hold more than one gun and his tranquilizer gun? I like how in the other games you can hold a lot of different guns and made if fun if you wanted to try out different guns in different situations. I only ask this because in MGS V: GZ it always makes me drop my assault rifle when I try to pick up another weapon ( Shotgun, sniper rifle, etc)

  • Yaro

    Simple recommendations:
    1. The arrow on top of the head of characters you mark should be a little more upward. It gets on the way of head shots when enemies are far away.
    2. It would be cool if you could roll gasoline barrels. More gameplay options.
    3. Shooting enemies in the leg will keep them from running.
    4. higher resolution shadows? just a tiny bit!
    5. This is a big bug. When I quickly turn to look to a direction. Soldiers that where put to sleep appears on their default T pose for a second and then drops to the floor. This happens constantly like… all the time.

    • Solid Snakes Revenge

      #5 I agree 100 percent that I feel NEEDS to be fixed.

  • frime_one

    – Stop alerting all the base instantly when you are surprised by a foe
    – More breakable thing like closure or metal boxes when you hit them with the tank
    – Wake up sleeping soldiers crouching not only standing
    – No more Auto regen of the health
    – Localized damage, when i shot his leg he drop off and can’t run, when i shot his arm he can use it …….

  • Snusepus

    1. H-bars: no, i can see that there’s gonna be times that’s just a pain.
    2. reflex: it’s optional stop discussing it.

    1. there can be some improvements with ledges: when your prone you should get an option for going over the ledge, in some sneaky manner.
    2. metal gear 3 health management, instead of just spraying. Only no “time magic”.
    3. Mother base would be awesome.
    4. codecs and scenecuts, i like this franchise from the old metal gears, maybe an optional setting. “on” being you get a closer look into the interaction, but no “time magic” and “off” meaning audio in the background like ground zeroes.
    5. boxes ain’t all bad.
    6. knocking on walls isn’t that controversial.

  • Vinny

    can cutscenes not count toward overall mission time? sucks to miss an S rank because you want to know whats happening in the story, and have to repeat missions because of that.

  • QuietWolf

    Everybody check this out if you haven’t already > http://www.metalgearsolid.be/forum/viewtopic.php?p=47096#p47096

    It’s an depth analysis of Ground Zeroes gameplay, really interesting read.

  • Horse

    I know I’m a bit late, but here are things that must be fixed :

    – The camera has to be a bit reworked so you can see if Snake can get properly spotted or not.
    – The knife should be available as a weapon again.
    – Snake must be able to knock on walls to attract enemies.
    – The sort of “magnetic attraction” of the walls on Snake has to be recalibrated or removed since it makes the game barely playable sometimes ; either you are attracted by walls in little alleys and you can’t get out by any other way than sprinting out or you get spotted because you tried to approach a building’s edge and Snake didn’t stick to the wall properly.
    – The Playboy magazines should be usable again.
    – The health bar should return.

    For the rest, I don’t have anything against the return of cardboard boxes but I don’t want the neck breaking back.

  • hideo kojima

    1. bring back mgs 4’s aiming and camera systems. the aiming system in mgs gz is absolute garbage. Also the camera kinda makes me wanna throw up. The system that they had created in mgs4 was practically perfect: it was smooth, consistent (thus making it so much easier to predict where and when the aimer would be), easy to use, comfortable.
    2. the circle reticle was a huge favorite of mine. It felt so natural and was much easier to use than any other reticle in any other game since all I had to do was get something in the circle; right when I hit the ring of the circle on my target, I could correct my aiming to the center of the circle in a split second no matter where on the circle my target was “touching” thus making a system where I could make a rough aim, then quickly make a fine aim in one swift motion.
    3. the dodge roll. It added another dynamic to fighting, especially online. MGO for mgs4 was literally perfect when it came first came out. two problems though: community, and lag ( especially lag).
    4.this one is obvious: DAVID HAYTER
    5. mgs3 healing system instead of regen. regen is freaking stupid. regen is soooooooooo dumb. he wanted realism and they come up with regen……………snake is not freakin wolverine. they look and sound the same(david hayter’s version anyway)
    6. the boss. she was awesome
    7. actually just remake mgs3. it was the best in the series. but with mgs4’s gameplay and mgsv’s graphics. it would be game of the year.

  • hideo kojima

    also about the camera system: why the hell does is snake standing right where I am trying to go, or the camera is at some stupid angle. I cant see where I am trying to go. absolutely impractical. in uncharted the camera is focused on gameplay, but at key moments (the correct ones) the camera makes a more theatrical angle, which is great because it does it with correct timing.

  • Jaakko Hosioja

    Absolutely bring the healthbar back, and this is the important bit: don’t have regenerating health! It will absolutely ruin boss fights, and your approach to enemy contact out of boss fights. Having limited rations, and nonregenearting health encourages you to avoid gunfights, and to be more cautious if you are forced in to one, because every shot taken will consume your limited health. Or at least have the very very slow regen of 3 and 4, rather than “20 seconds in cover and you’re golden”. Have the option to hide it for those who want minimalism for some reason.

    Please let it be a Metal Gear Solid game, instead of a homogenized “we’re trying something different by doing the same thing as everyone else”-mass market product.

  • David

    More cqc more different way of hitting enemies kicks punches to me thats more important to have alot of cqc movements

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