iDroid iPhone case will be released worldwide

Some more information on the IDriod iPhone case by Sentinel was shared during Kojima Station, the studio’s official videocast. Host Sean Eyestone stated the case will be available worldwide somewhere in October, though the price has not yet been decided. Unfortunately, this case is only compatible with iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S, and there are no plans for other versions.


During the Japanese Kojima Station streamed earlier, Hideo Kojima himself showed off the case as well.



The case’s size is true to that of the device in the game.

Source: Kojima Station Episode 4 (English and Japanese)

  • Amrit

    That’s settled then: my next phone is the iphone 5s

    • Janeo

      Oh yeah time for me to upgrade people might think your the biggest nerd going around with this on your phone but I don’t care at all I will just call my helicopter when I wanna travel

      • William of Orange

        Haha, that’s the spirit! (me kneeling down) “kaz, I’m in front of the office building. Random person: the fuck are you doing?
        BAABABABAAAM! (I’m placing my sunglasses on the top of my head) *horrible impression of David Hayter*:Kept you waitin’, huh?
        ( I’m continuing my mission by walking towards to the building in prone position)

        • Son of Big Boss

          Haha, lol!

          • Amrit

            I am going to use Google Maps for EVERYTHING!!!!!!

  • CrazyGuy207

    With the big deal Kojima made about the Sony Walkman in peace walker, you’d think it’d be released for the Sony phones too.

  • Solid Snakes Revenge

    This thing is def cool but it might be a little to bulky for me to carry around unless there’s a clip on the back so you can clip it to your pants. I also have an android phone so I couldn’t use it even if I really wanted to. It would be cool to go around and use it like snake does like others have said.

  • prothy

    Imagine you’re on a date with this thing. Your phone rings and you pick it up. GIRL: What’s that? YOU: An iPhone case which replicates the device the main charachter of my favourite videogame uses. GIRL: Oh. (And you don’t get a second date. And that’s why I ain’t buyin’ it.)

    • Nekkedsnake


      GIRL: what’s that?

      YOU: An iPhone case which replicates the device the main charachter of my favourite videogame uses.

      GIRL: interesting. wanna go back to my place…?

      • Schmojima

        You know that ain’t gonna happen!

        and btw. i really think this is too bulky to carry around…looks awesome though but not really made for everyday life, isn’t it?

  • Fiddler

    Why no 5C? :'(

  • Chasqui

    I don’t like it how Apple is getting in on this. They have nothing to do with MGS except some product placement in MGS4. This is a Sony game, The least they can do is make a universal one.

    • Isn’t it simply the most popular smart phone?

  • Terrell Civil

    I will NEVER leave the house with this case. Cops are gonna have a field day with these. Still getting it tho.

  • Ichiro

    Why APPLE? When it has demands by bad quality and security of products, besides avoiding taxes, slavering….

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