More photos and details on Sentinel’s iDroid iPhone case

Recently Kojima revealed a new piece of Metal Gear merchandise: an iPhone case based on Snake’s iDroid device in Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes. Today, he provided some more information, as well as some new photos detailing specific parts of the product.


“Sentinel’s iDROID shaped iPhone case. You can move the light (blue sphere).”


“Sentinel’s iDROID shaped iPhone case has a lid for camera lens.”


“Sentinel’s iDROID shaped iPhone case. Antenna becomes stylus pen.”


“Sentinel’s iDROID shaped iPhone case. You can adjust volume as well as swtich ON/OFF.”

iDroid-iPhone-Case-With-Map“Sentinel’s iDROID shaped iPhone case. Once u download GZ app (free!) u are ready to sneak in.”

iDroid-iPhone-Case-With-Map-2“Sentinel’s iDROID shaped iPhone case sits like this.”

iDroid-iPhone-Case-and-Walkman“Another possible being of 1975.”



The case will be released in Japan in October 2014, for a price of 7500 yen (53 euros, 73 USD).

Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter, sakichooboys Twitter,

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