New Solid Snake mini figure revealed

Some photos and information on a new Metal Gear figurine have appeared in a Japanese magazine. Japanese figurine manufacturer Kaiyodo created a Big Boss and a Raiden figure before as part of the Revoltech line, and now the legendary soldier himself will be joining the team, when this Solid Snake RevolMini figure releases this summer.


The Revoltech figures are known for their ‘revolver joint’ articulation, allowing them to be posed in lots of different ways. This new figure will be around 4 inch tall, and comes with several accesoires, such as hands, a FAMAS rifle and a holster. It will be released on July 25th of this year for a price of 2600 yen.


Source: MetalGearCollection, CollectionDX, TheFwoosh

  • TracedInAir

    Solid Snake is still the best

  • flying_fox

    Love it already. To hell with PlayArts, I want more Revoltech figures, they’re way nicer and cheaper!

    • Danny (Soundwave)

      I totally agree with you! Revoltechs are much better and alot cheaper also.

  • Invader_skoodge

    I hope this isn’t the big announcement for the upcoming Kojima Station episode. I hope it has to do with a new trailer and maybe a date for TPP. No more fiddles Kojima!!!

  • César H. Sandoval


    More MGS Revoltechs is always good news, those things are fun as hell.

  • Nekkedsnake

    looks cool. 4 inches sounds like it’ll be as tall as the 80’s GI JOE toys. i already have the Naked Snake that they made. it’s awesome! i’m also looking for the black raiden figure as well. i’ll try to add SS to my collection this summer

  • /: i wish it wasn’t part of the ‘mini’ line, minis doesn’t have the same qualiti than common revoltechs, and he looks awesome. On the other hand being that small will make him cheaper, i think i’ll probably get this one

  • Alex

    That explains the lower price point, gotta say I’m a little disappointed with this, the scupt is amazing, I’m just not too keen on the scale

  • Ma2a

    Will get this one definetly. Raiden needs someone to fight. I hope they’ll make a Fox too.

  • Danny (Soundwave)

    Finally a Solid Snake figure that can chill out with my Big Boss and Raiden Revols! 😀


    My friend owns a 1999 Kenshiro action figure (by the same manufacturer nonetheless) at a flea market (it replaced the old Wal-Mart before they moved nearly a mile away). I hope they release this one here in the US.

  • madbads

    Amazing, Sorrido Snekuuu 😀

  • Xomak

    Yamaguchi’s twitter has more photos of it:

    There’s a promo image at Toyark that seems to hint at a Cyborg Ninja.

    Love/hate the scale. The smaller 4″ will possibly make him compatible with 3.75″ figures and accessories and vehicles (looking at you G.I. Joe). But at the same time he won’t be in scale with Big Boss or Raiden…

    • Thanks for the links!

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