Stefanie Joosten (Quiet) takes us behind the scenes of 3D capture in Kojima Station Episode 6

Another week brings another episode (the sixth one in Japanese) of Kojima Station with some updates.

This episode started off with Yoji Shinkawa showing his finished Metal Gear RAY figure, after which Kojima and Shinkawa started assembling a fairly large Godzilla statue. But not before Kojima gave it a good whiff, as well as extending his nose with Godzilla’s tail.



After that Kojima showed the Solid Snake RevolMIni figure announced yesterday. Unfortunately he only had a flyer and not the actual figure. For some more info, go here.


Then Kojima announced that the previously platform exclusive Deja Vu and Jamais Vu missions will be downloadable for each platform starting May 1st. For more information, go here.


After that they showed the update records for Ground Zeroes, and Kojima talked about movies for a good while, followed by more Ground Zeroes tips and strategies.

Then, they played a lengthy video in which Stefanie Joosten, the actress for Quiet in The Phantom Pain, infiltrated Kojima Productions to find out more about the development process, and the 3D capturing in particular. Of course it’s in Japanese, but can still be interesting to watch. It starts at around 1:33:00.

Update: Now with English subs!














After the video Kojima wrapped up the show by announcing the new winners of the fan-art and screenshot contests.

Source: Kojima Station Episode 6

  • Batzi
    • MrVux007

      dat ass ….

    • madbads

      They way she walks :O , TPP will be insane good game.

      • Lumbyman

        I just had an MGS flashback, Meryl’s, it’s ingrained into my memory.

      • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

        Way of walking huh? 😉

    • XIFF-5

      Actually, her hair shadow appears on the left and the front wall. That explains that snake’s bald shadow has a secret ; /

    • Datguy8923

      I was hoping she would continue walking, only to have Big Boss appear from the right side of the screen and CQC slam her and then run like a sissy girl.

  • Damn.. Stefanie is a fine woman indeed. Didn’t know she speaks Japanese!!
    Did you guys notice the MGO2 music in the back ground while they showed all the characters in the room.

    • Alex

      Yeah, she lives and works in japan as a model.
      The japanese girl from the “Kojista” is cute too.

  • Zero

    Netherlands got some beautiful women bro i think i’m in Love 🙂

    • guy123

      ME too. :))))))

  • Cartmangus

    1:41:00 shows the olive drab camo

    • Cool, so it seems you can switch outfits. Or maybe its based on the mission.

      • Cartmangus

        I wonder how they’ll handle that. Camo menu from MGS3 definitely isn’t returning. I’m not so sure about a mission menu either since it’s a real open world this time around, although then again it isn’t a seamless open world but rather various different open sandbox areas so maybe we’ll still have some prep screen like in PW before we head out to an area.

        • MrVux007

          I think kojima mentioned that some elements like mission prep will return from PW…..(excluding the well mentioned Base management)

      • Shalashaska

        I’m hoping for Peace Walker-esque mission prep. Like, at the start your stuck wearing whatever the game puts you in, but once you have the new Mother Base, you can go there and change your camo and your “loadout” and what not. It’d make sense somewhat if they plan on bringing back stuff like developing weapons at Mother Base and such. (I don’t remember all they confirmed regarding what you can do with Mother Base, it was a long time ago they talked about that.)

    • Something from this Snake and Shinikawa’s drawings doesn’t add up. He looks much younger here. I guess there will be a time elapse in TPP to where he has aged more.

      • Datguy8923

        I think TPP will cover over a period of years…Besides the coma ofcourse.

    • Datguy8923

      Man I wish KojiPro would allow us to play as a MSF grunt or as Kojima in GZ. I mean they gave us the skins for MGS1 Solid Snake, Gray Fox, and now MGR Raiden…

  • wait, so, does the mini revoltech have two faces or he has eye movement? it would be amazing if these mini revoltechs have the same eye movement that some of the regular revoltechs have but my brain isn’t able to process how they could do it with this new scale

  • XIFF-5


  • George Sears

    That transition to the FOX Engine at the end of Stefanie’s video was great.

    • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

      it was unexpected honestly…I had to rewind the recording of the video to that spot because the fact that it changed over to FOX Engine in an instant caught me off guard.

  • Danny (Soundwave)

    Dat Stefanie doe! <3

  • PrinceHeir

    My Favorite part was this one XD

    Kojima says kanpeki(Perfect) which i’m assuming he’s talking about the glasses that fit the same with Kaz shaders XD

    • PrinceHeir

      Also, Sefanie Joosten’s Japanese is excellent! No stutters or anything 😀

      Read she’s trying to become a model in Japan so good luck to her!

  • Machine Gun Kid


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