MGSV: Ground Zeroes Deja Vu and Jamais Vu missions going multiplatform, free of charge

The Deja Vu and Jamais Vu missions, which were exclusive content for the PlayStation and Xbox versions of MGSV Ground Zeroes respectively, will be made available for the other systems as well. This has been announced during Episode 6 of the Japanese Kojima Station.


The release date for the missions is May 1st. What’s better is that the missions will be free of charge:

Source: Kojima Station Episode 6

  • Bob Faget


  • Hans Maulwurf

    pretty good.

  • Zven

    Very nice of them to make it free, although (and I don’t say this because I don’t like Xbox) it doesn’t make much sense for Xbox players to play Deja Vu if they’ve never played the original MGS

    • andy

      A huge majority of Xbox 360 and Xbox One people are Playstation and Playstation 2 fans. The term Xbot comes from people who saw Gears of War in 2006, one year after the 360 was out, and jumped ship to Xbox because they didn’t want a PS3 that launched a week ago and had “no games”. People in Europe didn’t want to wait until March either for PS3 and also jumped ship and tried to justify their multiple Gold sub purchases and the likes of play and charge kits for the next 8 years.
      Of course these same people were not fans of Metal Gear when 4 came to PS3 only, it was the worse series ever then but GZ and The Phantom Pain will now be the most incredible games since, well Gears of War steroid character model bro edition.
      So you see these SAME people again who said the Deja Vu mission was crap and the Raiden one was better will quickly change their tune now as all Metal Gear fans know the original “Solid” game on PS1, even if it isn’t perceived that way.

      • Zven

        well I did say IF they’ve never played, I wasn’t assuming no one did, still I think a good number of Xbox users haven’t played it. But it was just a thought, not hating or anything I’m cool with it being released for them too.

      • The Solid Grape

        What if i told you……..that i ONLY play on Xbox 😀

    • Daniel Dorestant

      How do yoy know theyve never played it?

  • Golgari

    Japan only or global?

  • Nappua

    So this was the great announcement? I felt a little bit dissapointed…

    • Bob Faget

      The twitter outright said it wasn’t anything major, just something neat for the fans.

      It’s your own fault if you got too hyped.

  • Frankie Demetrius

    Yay he said not to get too excited but I am this is exciting for true fans

  • flying_fox

    Great! Can’t wait. I suppose the extra trophy / achievement comes in the package?

  • César H. Sandoval

    I’m Glad to hear that GZ will be complete in every console, then.

  • Panik64

    well, this is great 🙂

  • number two

    awesome but i got the digital version on my ps3 still download like a dlc ?? rigth

    • Invader_skoodge

      I guess I’m still confused about this, but did you know how the whole phantom pain bonus content works for PS3 digital versions? Did you get a message or something? Did you get the TPP trailer?

  • Punished Fiddler

    I expected a mission pack or something similar, so I’m a little disappointed.

  • Batzi
    • Yep, working on a recap of this episode right now.

  • No Place For Hayter

    SUPRISE!…….ok not really saw this coming. they sure didn’t wait long to do this, they waited just long enough for the exclusive DLC to have an impact on initial sales, I saw this coming, but doing it so soon makes it feel rude and it feels like the “exclusive” part of the DLC was just a way to sell more at launch and now that we are past that it is no longer exclusive. Having it un-exclusive now makes me feel like I have been used, I mean the DLC was not the reason I bought the game but still it seems like bad treatment of the buyer, though I personally think DLC to begin with is abuse of the buyer/player.

    Aside from that they get lots of brownie points for it being free, at least they aren’t being money grubby with the DLC, that’s a great sign.

    • Super Anonymous II

      It’s not DLC. This is a 198kb patch that unlocks the other mission.

      • Theo Heisenberg Constantine

        thats assuming the jaimas vu was coded into the ps3 version before hand.

        • Super Anonymous II

          It was. This was a confirmed patch on the Gamestop article. Neither of these missions were ever DLC.

          • No Place For Hayter

            Stay classy Konami, and Kojima productions.

          • Theo Heisenberg Constantine

            shit i did not know that.

  • Jason Mounce

    That’s awesome, cause I was a tiny bit envious of the Xbox owners of being able to play Raiden. Although I must say, and without it being to cause a flamewar – this only really means that X1 owners got nothing advantageous on their verson, it’s just now a weaker variation of what PS4 owners can play and they have no Exclusive bonus to boast. So, now X1 players just have a weaker version of MGS5 GZ and nothing exclusive.

    Although it means they get to play Deja Vu – the thing I’d like to state is I highly doubt that majority of ‘Xbox Fans’ are oldschool gamers or PS1-era gamers, as such, majority of MGS fans will be on Playstation and won’t own Xbox – Aka, MGS1 Deja Vu won’t carry much nostalgic factors for Most of the fanbase that gear towards Xbox platforms in my mind. Deja Vu was a PLAYSTATION DLC, 100%. Jamais Vu was just, alternate DLC that perhaps also was ‘geared’ to the Xbox fans aka it being more catered to ‘action oriented people’. Though it has no memory-attachments of nostalgia as Deja Vu clearly would. So, them getting Deja Vu is just ‘An extra mission’ rather than a juicy nostalgia trip as PS gamers would think of it as.

    PS4 owners sorta have the better hand by being able to get EVERYTHING ontop of what they already know they got with the PS4 version of the game.

    • yeah, this seems to be a case where PS users are more fortunate to get the free dlc

  • lucs009

    what about america?

  • Shalashaska

    This is pretty good – after I beat the game twelve times I was really wondering how Raiden looked doing Snake’s animations, and sneaking and shit and watched a video and the guy like did the entire thing in first person no joke, so I just sorta quit looking. This’ll be nice.

  • Theo Heisenberg Constantine

    fuck me i bought both versions just to have both. fuck.

  • SnatcherMkII

    Kinda expected they wouldn’t do this, since MGS1 never came to any Xbox consoles, and Snatcher on PS1 and Sega Saturn were considered to be the worst version due to the censors on graphic violence (the best being the Sega/Mega CD version since it’s the only one in English).

    Oh well, looks like I’m gonna be taking down some Snatcher menace as Random Hajile– Er, I mean Raiden.

    • Super Anonymous II

      They could’ve really knocked it out of the park if at the end of a mission instead of a quiz, they’d give you a point-and-click portion starring Raiden in Neo Kobe City. That would have killed it.

  • this is really good news, i’m satisfied with the content that ground zeroes already has but more stuff is never bad, i hope this changes at least a bit the opinion people has about GZ too

  • Machine Gun Kid

    I knew this was comeing but not for free, hadent anticipated that. Bravo kojima bravo

  • SnatcherMkII

    3:25 a.m. EST

    No sign of the DLC here.

  • Anonymous GX

    It was shit. Expected more Snatcher references. Way to go Kojima.

  • Shalashaska

    Hello! Actually Jamais Vu mission is activate in america (ps3) I dont know if in xbox too.

  • Alex

    No Xbox One? Wow. Waste of $30.00.

    • It’s also for the XB1, but it isn’t mentioned there because at the time the console wasn’t out yet in Japan.


    Deja vu mission supposed to be in patch for xbox360 but I didnt get this. I have all XOF patches and completed all missions on rank S. Jamais Vu mission too. I have digital copy. But deja vu didnt unlocked. Some ideas?

  • fox die

    I dont know how to unlock jamais vu mission

  • Derek Hay

    I think its hilarious how people say they’re huge metal gear fans and they’re slandering Xbox users because metal gear solid came out on PlayStation 1. But that wasn’t even the first metal gear game! There were 2 previous games on the MSX and check out which company that was made by! Morons! I mean I do prefer the PlayStation myself but don’t go round slandering people just because you have no life and pretend you know everything just so mummy will give you a sticker! Rant over! 🙂

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