Stefanie Joosten (Quiet) to appear in the next episode of Kojima Station

The next installment of Kojima Station will feature another episode of ‘Stefanie Joosten infiltrates Kojima Productions’. This is a video series in which Stefanie, the actress of Quiet in Metal Gear Solid V, gives us a behind-the-scenes look of a certain aspect of the game’s development (last time she showed the 3D capture process).

Hideo Kojima posted some photos of the shooting and recording of this next episode of ‘Stefanie Joosten infiltrates Kojima Productions’. Check out the pictures below, along with Kojima’s commentary.


“About to shoot “Stefanie Infiltrates Kojima Productions” for next KojiSta. This time I led our new staff do direction.”


“Just went to see how shooting of “Stefanie Infiltrates Kojima Productions” is progressing.”


“Seems good, let’s get back to work.”


“They were doing voice recording.”


“Finished today’s shoot, good work guys.”

The next English spoken episode of Kojima Station will air on May 23rd.

Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter

  • Batzi

    I think she’s going to introduce the foley artist that makes the sound effects in MGSV.

    • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

      what details give you this impression?

      • Schmojima

        He could be right. The room on the second photo seems to be equipped for recordings like that. Could be wrong obviously, but I had the exact same thought when I saw those numerous shoes for imitating different walking types and styles

        • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

          Well…not much news is ever covered for the foley work behind a project so this didn’t occur to me but now that I think about it, it’s more than likely.

      • Kazuhira Miller

        All of the shoes give it away. There was a similar room setup for MGS4’s audio recordings!

        • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

          what? I don’t remember that. I’ll have to look this up for myself.

          • Kazuhira Miller

            For sure, man. Check it out! I believe it was featured in the MGS4 Behind-the-Scenes disc?

            Also, hey Batzi. I got banned from GAF! XD (Love Deterrence)

          • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

            I will. Thanks 🙂

          • Kazuhira Miller

            Don’t mention it! ^_^

          • Batzi

            Why did they ban you?

          • Kazuhira Miller

            I apparently made a tasteless joke? Maybe the mod who banned me was just having a bad day. I don’t know, man! Pretty weird, but I should be back in two weeks. Going to stay as quiet as I can when I get back, though, because I have to be around for E3. 😉

          • Batzi

            I know that feeling man. I once got banned around the time when Game Informer revealed the length of their playthrough session in GZ. The things I wanted to comment on back then were countless! Anyway, stay focused on E3. Kojima will give us something special, I just know it 😉

          • Kazuhira Miller

            Dude, hell yeah, man. So hyped!!!! Green fatigues Snake!

          • Patriot Infinity

            At least you guys were full members when you were banned. I got banned months ago as a junior for supporting the 2nd amendment. Apparently a mod disagreed. I reregistered under a totally different name/email/IP and my god it takes months to get approved.

    • GrayFaux

      Yeah, that’s definitely a foley room.

  • Guest

    BB approves this episode ….

  • MrVux007

    BB approves

  • ObsessedGeorge

    Great, we’re gonna see how Quiet recorded… her… voice? That would be interesting! 🙂

  • No Place For Hayter

    Is it just me or are they using her a lot to promote the game? I would prefer more important characters and or people working on the game. Kojima says there is a reason for her being overly exposed and “sexy” in the game, but at the moment it seems more like a design choice rather than a story reason, after all Kojima did ask for “sexier” characters. If Quiets character has reasons for the way she is in game to be the way she is, nobody knows the reason yet so using her “sexiness” to promote the game and show it off come across shallow, within the confines of the game giving a reason makes sense and would be cool, and I hope it is more that just a reason for her to be in a bikini, it has to be developed in the order of “Idea leads into her wearing a bikini” instead of “her wearing a bikini leads into a reason why” other wise it will come across as an excuse to be more “sexy”. If her “sexiness” has a reason to be that way, and you have a whole cast of other cool people and a huge game with important cool plot, why are we seeing more of Quiet than anybody else when it comes to none common people related to the game, It feels to me like they are just using her “sexiness” to push the game instead of the more important parts we care about, the fan-base of MGS does not care how “sexy” the characters are and are not drawn into a game by how many boners they get while thinking about its characters, MGSV is dark, brutal, and serious, I think they might be appealing to the wrong crowd with the whole Quiet thing.

    • Invader_skoodge

      “In the game, Quiet is the main heroine. Whether she is friend or foe has yet to be revealed.” That’s a quote from Kojima so I think she might be an important character.

    • JRM

      I think you’re reading a little too much into it. Kojima did say she was the “main heroine” of the game, so that probably means she’s much more important that she appears to be at the moment. Plus, a lot of the English cast reside in the US, where as Stefanie lives in Japan AND speaks Japanese so it’s probably much easier to get a hold of her. She’s there, so they might as well use her to help promote the game.

  • PrinceHeir

    I do hope she will voiced by the JPN and the US version of Quirt since she seem to know how to speak it 🙂

    Btw Metal Gear Solid The Legacy Collection US version is now available again for $49.99!!

    I actually saw this few weeks ago being sold out. Glad Amazon got some new stock. I don’t know if it’ll be sold out again so better get it again for the last time.

    I’m tempted to get it just for collection purposes, even though i have an opened US and a sealed JPN The Legacy Collection(will play it this summer! hopefully the codes are not expired)

    Also on a unrelated note, amazon has Final Fantasy X | X-2 HD Edition for only $29.99(originally $39.99). I have the CE($100) with Blu ray OST, but i’m tempted to get it again, but i’ll probably buy the JPN version instead.

  • Invader_skoodge

    Does anyone else think that she looks better when she’s NOT smiling? Is that weird to say?

    • No Place For Hayter

      No not really, there could be many reasons why one would think someone looks better when not smiling, they could have less than perfect teeth so it is something you would not want to see, it could bring wrinkles to all the wrong places of the face thus making them look weird, or their facial expression when smiling could just not agree with certain people, etc. but without thinking about it certainly sounds weird, lol.

    • Genbu

      her eyes gives you off, maybe?

      • Invader_skoodge

        I think that’s it. Maybe that last picture is what’s doing it.

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