A closer look at the impressively realistic Black Raiden figure

A while ago Hideo Kojima announced a new ‘Black Raiden’ figure created by Hot Toys. It’s a high quality, extremely detailed statue resembling the game character very closely. On Twitter, he posted some more pictures of it.

April 30th


“Checking Black Raiden by Hot Toys on Raiden’s day.”


May 1st



The figure was also shown during the latest Japanese Kojima Station episode.



Lastly, KonamiStyle added it to their website, where it can be ordered for the price of just over 26000 yen.



Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter, Kojima Station Episode 7 (Japanese)KonamiStyle

  • Thanks FOX Engine


  • Kevin Kerr Music

    Holy shit that’s awesome

  • No Place For Hayter


  • o1striker

    I’m not really into stuff like this, but damn if I’m not impressed with the detail on this one.

  • LukesAlike

    What the heck. That’s AMAZING.

  • Anonymous GX

    Not bad. Heavily detailed.

  • asasa

    now make Punished Snake

  • Zven

    woah that is good, I want one

  • César H. Sandoval

    The Superior Raiden figure, indeed.

  • drios1

    hot toys needs to make Solid Snake and Gray Fox and everyone else.

  • TG

    I’ll buy a super-detailed figure of Big Boss if they decide to make one.

    • Jak

      I realize I’m necroing a super old comment, but they already did a Naked Snake one a few years back.

  • Joseph

    Just once I’d like to get a good looking Metal Gear figure that isn’t $250 like this one

  • geno

    Omg raide vs godzilla.awesome

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