A close look at the detailed Raiden statue by Gecco

Recently the insanely realistic Raiden figure by Hot Toys has been stealing the spotlight, but there is actually another impressively detailed Raiden figure being created right now.

This one is being made by Gecco, and it’s actually a statue, since it can’t move its joints. It’s still work in progress, as you can see the paint is still missing at this point. Still, it already looks quite convincing.



Raiden-Statue-Gecco-Work-in-Progress-3 Raiden-Statue-Gecco-Work-in-Progress-4


Raiden-Statue-Gecco-Work-in-Progress-6 Raiden-Statue-Gecco-Work-in-Progress-18 Raiden-Statue-Gecco-Work-in-Progress-17 Raiden-Statue-Gecco-Work-in-Progress-16 Raiden-Statue-Gecco-Work-in-Progress-15 Raiden-Statue-Gecco-Work-in-Progress-14 Raiden-Statue-Gecco-Work-in-Progress-13 Raiden-Statue-Gecco-Work-in-Progress-12 Raiden-Statue-Gecco-Work-in-Progress-11 Raiden-Statue-Gecco-Work-in-Progress-10 Raiden-Statue-Gecco-Work-in-Progress-9 Raiden-Statue-Gecco-Work-in-Progress-8 Raiden-Statue-Gecco-Work-in-Progress-7


The statue is set to release later this year.

Source: MGS.be

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