Fan-made Metal Gear remake approved by Konami

UPDATE: The project has been shut down

A mod team called ‘Outer Heaven’ has begun the task of recreating the original Metal Gear game, released for MSX in 1987 and later included in Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence and the HD Collections. Konami has now given permission to proceed with the project, under the condition that no money is made from it.


The team is looking for people who want to help, check below for details.

A few days ago, we received word from KONAMI that said they were happy for us to go-ahead with our remake of the classic MSX game, Metal Gear, aslong as we don’t abuse the copyright issues (ie make a profit from the project/take donations). We were then informed to keep them up to date with any updates and feedback received as and when the game is released.

As thrilled as we were with the news, we then received another email which stated “If the project goes well and there will be public interest in it, KONAMI will surely get to know this and consider further step accordingly”.

With this news, we have decided to go in full swing with the project and are now recruiting a larger team. We’re looking for passionate and well motivated candidates who are avid fans of the franchise to help us develop the game further, as professionally as possible. Please find the full job listings below.

  • Level Designer
  • Character Modeler

  • C++ Programmer

  • Texture Artist

  • Vocal Actor/Actress

  • Composer

To visit the project page, follow this link.

Update from the team (June 2nd):

We now need the following ASAP:

  • Cutscene Animator (Will be working alongside the cutscene artist in a similar style to Peace Walker)
  • Cutscene Artist (In the style of Yoji Shinkawa/Ashley Wood)
  • Storyboard Artist
  • Sound Effects Artist
  • Composer
  • Voice Actor/Actress

The deadline for all VA auditions is the 31st of July, any auditions sent after this date will go unanswered. The deadline for the Cutscene Artist, Storyboard Artist & Cutscene Animator is much sooner, as we require most of the work to be finished by the end of September. All applicants for the above roles need to contact the following address, stating your full name:

Source: Mod Database

  • Kevin Kerr Music

    This is damn awesome! I’ve already emailed them.

    Hoping to do the music for them!

    • Anonymous GX

      I admire composers, do your best man!!

  • Abudy Saad AlBaldawi

    I wonder if they’ll call in David Hayter to voice Snake.

    • To be honest it’s unlikely Hayter would participate. From a recent interview:

      ‘Some people proposed a fandub (funded by Kickstarter, for example) by David Hayter, but he said he wouldn’t feel comfortable taking money from fans, and he also thinks it would be sort of pathetic for him to do that. Aside from that, he is generally pretty busy (voice over work is just his side job). He did say this: “If Konami wants me to do it, they can come to me and we will work it out, and I would do it.”’

      • X

        Well, in fairness that was in response to Hayter being asked whether he’d RE-dub the Ground Zeroes/Phantom Pain work by Sutherland. As this is a fan project and not for profit, his answer may be different.

        • True, but just looking at his stance towards this, it seems unlikely. Still possible of course.

  • SolidKenny87

    When this is finished, I hope the team also works on a remake of Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake. MG2 was when Metal Gear became Metal Gear (deeper stealth gameplay, and the origins of the series’ focus on real world issues.)

    • CasualCat01

      Yeah, that would be great! Although I have little faith that this project will come to fruition in the first place – and even if it does, I really wonder about the quality. Especially considering it’s a mod rather than its own game… I just can’t get excited for it.
      (Although I’d love to be proved wrong!)

      • SolidKenny87

        I’m actually more excited by this project because it’s a fan-made mod, rather than an official remake. It’s a labor of love. And from the looks of it, it’s going to be a Bionic Commando: Rearmed type of remake, where the old school aesthetic is intact, but updated with 2.5D graphics. I always felt that was the best approach for hypothetical remakes of the MSX games (official or otherwise.)

        I just hope they don’t mess with the story too much in vain attempts to be more consistent with the rest of the series. Maybe expand on MG1’s paper-thin script, but keep the overall nuances intact.

        Perhaps they can side-step Big Boss’ arm and horn by covering up the arm with sleeves and gloves, while the horn can be covered by his beret? That way, if it’s removed by the end of The Phantom Pain, no harm is done. And if it’s not removed by the end of The Phantom Pain, we can assume that the horn is hidden under the beret (we only really know for sure that Big Boss gets his horn removed before the end of MGS4, but it’s possible that only happened when Paradise Lost reconstructed his body.)

        • Applebees

          I personally think this project is a waste of time. Everyone knows that the original Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2 are the runt games of the series. Metal Gear Solid 4 was where the series really shines.

          • Fragtaster

            Metal Gear Solid was where the series really shines. It’s the classic that started it all – before Solid, Metal Gear wasn’t mainstream gaming. It was the first major console game with theatrical music, full high caliber voice acting, and deep and emotionally mature script, and was one of the most technologically sound games of its time. If metal gear Solid had not happened, Metal Gear Solid 5 would never have existed. Not to mention 5 is a divisive game in the series because of the chaptered approach, a swapping to more conventional 3rd person shooting apposed to pure-stealth, and the many different liberties that where made to wrap the plots of each title into one acceptable narrative.
            Metal Gear Solid however, had a beginning, Middle, and End – and it was one hell of a trip.

          • SolidKenny87

            MG1 wasn’t that good, yeah (whenever I do a series playthrough, I play the game on Easy so I can collect a zillion rations and breeze through it.) But MG2 was when the series started to become what it is today. The story was really ahead of its time (many plot elements would later influence the 3D Solid games, including Solid Snake’s PTSD and a more sinister version of Big Boss’ MSF philosophy), the 8-bit aesthetic was very colorful and expressive (much more than the bland brown colors of MG1), and it introduced elements that would become staples to the series (enemy cone vision, knocking on walls… which is absent in GZ for some reason, the radar, various Alert phases, crawling etc.)

          • Applebees

            All very good points. But how will the creators of this mod make a gem out of coal?

      • prothy

        Not because it’s mod. There have been projects like this years ago and they all failed.

  • Guy Incognito

    I’m already a play tester for the game. so I get to play it first hand with some bugs.

  • Invader_skoodge

    That’s pretty cool. I actually rain into this their website before this article and I was very impressed with what they want to accomplish. I’m wondering what Konami means by “consider further steps” I’m guessing trying to profit from it(it is their IP), or even distribute it themselves. If that’s the case, I hope they have something good planed for the developers as well.

  • RevolverBosscelot

    I was kinda hoping for a completely revamped remake in the FOX Engine. The screenshot above looks like it will be the same game with updated graphics.
    Aww, well – I’m still gonna play the hell out of it!

    • Fragtaster

      We’ll get that – That’s basically what Metal Gear Solid 5 is: the prequel to that. I wouldn’t be surprised if that end of Metal Gear Solid 5 has solid snake gunning down the boss in a fiery dual in outter heaven.

      • RevolverBosscelot

        Yeah, that would be cool. Still, we’re playing from Big Boss’ point of view in MGSV, so we will probably not navigate the juicy halls and elevators of Outer Heaven as Solid Snake. That’s what I’m hoping for in the future: that the entirety of both MG1 and MG2 translates into lovely 3D!

      • SolidKenny87

        On twitch, Kojima said he has no plans to remake the MSX games.

  • LukesAlike

    Oh wow.

  • Solid Snakes Revenge

    Can’t wait. This is awesome. They should also remake the NES metal gear 2 solid snakes revenge if they are allowed. I enjoyed that one more than the msx version on the hd edition.

  • irgiawan

    I’m pretty sure David Hayter will be more than willing to be snake’s VA, these guys should ask him

    • Anonymous GX

      Somehow I doubt it, he really does have a busy schedule and they couldn’t possibly pay him without donations. I don’t think he would take their money anyway.

  • Datguy8923

    Now that I think about it, MG1 was pretty damn short. Shouldn’t be too much of a hassle for them.

  • Nate Barrett

    This has been canceled, unfortunately.
    The creators are also MIA and haven’t been responding to emails.

  • MGS_Guy

    It’s been ceased until further notice according to their twitter page 🙁 guess Konami changed their minds, also says we should hear something tomorrow so hopefully it’s good news.

  • chozo_ninpo

    You should get David Hayter to do the voice of Snake!

    He seemed sad to not get to do it on the new game, so you could probably get him cheap or free since he knows this is a labor of love. 🙂

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