Short MGSV: The Phantom Pain gameplay clip shows dumpster hiding and new cardboard box tricks

During the latest Japanese episode of Kojima Station, Hideo Kojima showed a small bit of gameplay from Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. The majority of the episode was dedicated to E3, which is just around the corner, starting next week.

The gameplay clip gives a small taste of their E3 presentation, and lasted around one-and-a-half minute. However, they did show some new stuff.

The demo started off with Snake hiding in a dumpster, much like Old Snake did in MGS4. While inside, you can shoot from your hiding place.

After that, Snake climbed out of the dumpster and equipped an item a lot of people missed in Ground Zeroes: the cardboard box! And it even has a new trick up its sleeve: Snake can suddenly burst out of the top, surprising his enemy, and hold him up or fire his weapon from this position.

Kojima said there are more things you can do with the box, but he’s saving that for E3.

Source: Kojima Station Episode 10 (Japanese), Crimsondramon Twitter

  • Janeo

    Looks like he has a different tranquilliser gun it has a silencer and I’m surprised the cardboard box is an item thought they were going to use it in a different way but I’m glad it’s back

    • Golgari

      He has different now because in 1985 you are obviously going to have improved weaponry.

  • Golgari

    Looks fantastic IMO. I am excited and disappointed at the same time after I saw a map that is HUGE for TPP.
    2015 release date at min. I want it now with all shenanigans. If the game will be 200 times larger than GZ with all the cutscenes and everything than it’s going to be a technical masterpiece hands down.

    • OtterEleven

      the map? link pls?

      • Null

        It’s a size comparison with all Metal Gear maps

      • Golgari

        The map is huge. All Metal Gear games combined is 1/20 at best.

        • Batzi

          That’s one enormous map in TPP among others. It’s Afghanistan.

          EDIT: The dark highlighted area is Afghanistan.

    • glitchbomb

      I have no problem waiting even -another- couple years! However long it takes to make this creation absolutely perfect!

  • Zero

    Thank you Kojima for the Cardboard Box 🙂

    My wish from yesterday became true today. In Kojima we trust.

  • Oscar Zulu

    Yeah, I’m confused about the map size comparisons. Apparently the TPP map they compared the other MGS maps to is just the Afghanistan level? And does it include the sky and off-color parts at the corners? I wonder if KojiPro will explain it in the English version, or if they already explained it in Japanese.
    Either way, it’s freaking huge. And I’m glad they re-implemented the box and the dumpster hiding. Can’t wait for E3.

    • Ian Reay

      it confused me also, i recenlty watched the Eng version and Sean Eyestone did mention that the map does go all the way back and that they had to hide some of it due to spoliers, also they said people rasied issues of it being ‘too’ big, which he added, there will be different side missions placed througout the enire map that you will have to tackle in no particular order but all leading into the main story, im sorry but its just to damn awesome they way Kojima has it all planned out, he must have to store half the data in his on a PC, amazng man and team at kojipro

  • crimsonfox

    Jesus, the wait is getting outta control. I can’t take it anymore.

  • Hans Maulwurf

    just what i expected from the legendary Kojima.

  • flying_fox

    That PHANTOM CIGAR, haha, nice!

  • The Solid Grape

    The Cardboard box is back and by the looks of things, more useful than EVER 😀

  • RoderickThe13

    That’s an awesome new trick. I wonder if you can finish a mission without getting out of the cardboard box, maybe that’s gonna be a new challenge in some missions.

  • Batzi

    Big Boss was taking a dump in that dumpster upon seeing how fucking awesome the footage he’s featured in that video!

  • VicBoss

    Nice video !! As flying_fox said, the phantom cigare is a good name idear. I can’t wait to see more !!

    • flying_fox

      I wonder if we’ll see more items in E3 gameplay. Like maybe the books… Koji Pro seems keen on showing the new gameplay features in TPP.

      • VicBoss

        We will see more. I understood that we can do other things with the box, and I want to see the day/night cycle in real time ^^.

  • Alberto Sánchez

    Vegetation is as crappy as Ground Zeroes’. Nothing compared to the realistic one at E3 2013 trailer. Sad…

    • crimsonfox

      Oh no, not the vegetation! Please God anything but the vegetation! SILENCE! the game is still being worked on don’t be one of those people.

      • Alberto Sánchez

        Well, try to not get blinded by some box tricks, bro. Everything looks amazing, except this grass or whatever it is.

        • crimsonfox

          Well, try to not be so easily distracted by some tall grass bro, Everything else should make up for one little detail I know it’s not the best looking but come on, not a big deal either.

          • Kevin Kerr Music

            It isn’t a big deal. But.. he does still have a valid point. Its the type of thing that is hard to unsee, ruining the immersion of gameplay.

            I dont give a shit though, just some grass. But It definitely needs worked on.

          • Datguy8923

            I think immersion is the weakest argument one can give, because anyone can say this or that ruins immersion. Look the grass may look bad, but in the overall picture, it’s probably something they had to cut back on to make the game look and run this good. Remember this is stream rendering now, not loaded. Hell the grass in PW was non existent and it didn’t ruin immersion for me at all.

            What ruins “immersion” the most imo is a framerate that is not steady and pop ins. Pop ins is what hurt GZ’s technical achievement. I hope we don’t come across too many objects just randomly showing up when zooming in.

          • Kevin Kerr Music

            I was saying things that are hard to unsee ruin immersion. You are constantly reminded “This is stupid looking..”

            Obviously there are all sorts of reasons and nobody really cares about the grass. But it does happen when you cant unsee something.

            but like I said, I dont give a shit about it. Just saying how it is when stuff like that happens.

            (Just noticed your edit)

            Yeah I cant agree more about the popping. It was terrible in GZ. The most notable being spying at Glaz while he was in the tower. Couldnt shoot him till he loaded up.

            And it also caused some stupid glitches, like I put someone in the back of the jeep, then someone else in the EXACT same seat before the first guy loaded again. Then I had both guys in the same seat of the car inside each other

          • Datguy8923

            Well I must be the few that is too busy looking for and killing/neutralizing the enemy to notice details like this constantly. :U

          • crimsonfox

            The pop-ins in Ground Zeroes are insane though. And way more noticeable during the day time missions. I really hope they fix those issues for The Phantom Pain. Considering the map soze and what not.

          • Kevin Kerr Music

            Yeah im worried about that myself. Its gonna be a hell of a lot more to load in. Im sure they got plenty of shit about the pop ins though so probably tried their best to fix it. And yeah I agree about BBs arm going through the POWs that was weird.. how could they over look that?

          • crimsonfox

            It’s something that legit broke my heart to see them over look personally. Hopefully they fix it and it was just a time thing for it not being ready for Ground Zeroes. Especially because that’s how you recruit new soilders for Diamond Dogs.

          • Fox1028

            The most anoying thing in GZ is that when you tranq/KO an enemy and u leave him somewhere he will disappear when you leave the area, i hate that because i’ve been trying to put all enemies in the old prison area and they keep disappearing so frustrating!!!1 T_T

          • Kevin Kerr Music

            You can get over it, but you must understand what Im meaning. Sometimes stuff is really hard to unsee and it gets annoying. Like when you notice the tents at Camp omega move rather than flap in the wind. All at the same time. Just starts to look off.

            But at the risk of sounding like a parrot, I really do not care about it myself. Graphics are just a bonus to me. What matters is the gameplay itself.

            (also I edited my previous comment in light of yours incase you over look it)

          • Datguy8923

            Oh I did, and I know where you’re coming from, but while GZ did have it’s issues, it was not Battlefield 4 level of problematic. God BF4…

          • Kevin Kerr Music

            I have nothing to relate to there. MGS is the only game series I play xD No idea was BF was like.

          • crimsonfox

            It just blew my mind that out of all the new clip that was shown all he noticed was that the grass hasn’t been changed much and that the grass from the E3 2013 looked better. It’s not as bad as when Big Boss carries bodies to the choppers in Ground Zeroes. His arm going sraight through them, That’s some immersion breaking shit when you get distracked by it. But the grass you walk on….

    • Datguy8923

      They just created an open world game and an engine that can literally take photographs to render them, and you are worried about grass, something which most of probably agree is the least of their concern right now?

      Well damn son.

      • Alberto Sánchez

        Well, one thing doesn’t kill the other. Everything looks espectacular, but grass doesn’t. That’s the key.

        • flying_fox

          I think that, with the Fox Engine, the key is to create an illusion based on that awesome lighting. Once this is done, some other things can be “overlooked” (meaning they have less details or don’t appear at all): footprints, grass, even some textures, things like that. Most players won’t notice, or will overlook that themselves. It’s just a matter of priorities, even more so that’s it’s an open world. It’s like a movie set, a big illusion based on lighting.

          Technically speaking, the real problem with GZ seems to be the pop ins. Now that ruins both immersion and gameplay. Let’s hope they fix this for TPP…

      • crimsonfox

        Well, come on Datguy. You know damn well no video game world has ever been good without the inclusion of realistic tall grass. It’s the single most important thing in a game. The ENTIRE thing falls apart without perfect grass.

        • Alberto Sánchez

          Sarcasm? xD

      • Mike

        Am I the only one who does really care about grass? For the year 2015, this grass is just unacceptable, it looks like shit. C’mon, the grass from a game released in 2004, that is, MGS3, looks fantastic and is 10 times better than in MGSV.

        • Datguy8923

          I’m pretty sure the people that made the engine for the past few years know the strengths and weaknesses of the engine and know what to utilize to make it run as smoothly as possible. Again, I don’t see how the grass looks worse than MGS3. It doesn’t look like shit, it looks like grass.

          • Mike

            In MGS3 each individual blade of grass was 3D and was nicely bending, you could even shot it. In MGSV all I see is a poor 2D grass with no individual blades.

          • Datguy8923

            If that’s all you see, then honestly I think you’re just nitpicking it. Sometimes graphics fidelity have to take a back seat for good old fashioned fun. I’d rather the game run smooth and have so-so grass than choppy with ultra realistic grass.

            Besides, compared to MGS3, MGS V is way more intense on processing. They probably had to sacrifice things such as grass to make it run as efficiently as they want to.

          • Mike

            Do not forget the fact, that PS4 is way more powerful than PS2. Also, it’s so called next-gen game, so I expect it to be excellent in ane component, especailly if we are talking about MGS series. Another thing, maybe just me, but I think, that if yue’re making a game which takes place in a jungle, than the trees and the grass must be great, if it’s a game about swimming, the make the water great etc. I would not mind if that grass looked at least average, but this one looks ridiculously bad.

          • Datguy8923

            This game is technically not a full on next gen game considering it is alsp being made for the PS3 and Xbox 360 alongside comparable PCs in mind. Here’s the thing the about this game that I’m repeating: It has to stream things now instead of being preloaded all at once. While it’s doing this it has to do it at a constant 60FPS while trying to maintain the 720P/1080P/4K resolution they are going for. The grass for the most part is fine, and most people don’t really notice or care to get concerned over, me included. They are not making just a game in the jungle they are making a game in environments that are going to be very large. Again no matter what the specs are sometimes sacrifices have to be made to achieve what you want. If it’s anything that should be concerning is object pop ins and that is something that more or less affects open-world games such as the GTA series.

  • Eric Otness

    Missed? I thought the Cardboard Box was simply not collectible in Ground Zeroes?

    • Missed, as in, it was absent from the game. 🙂

  • ObsessedGeorge

    Amazing gameplay footage! “That was damn good! I want some more!!!”

    Watching the video, l’ve spotted some interesting stuff.

    1) Most importantly, the WU Silent Pistol no longer has infinite/fixed
    supressor like in GZ. (more alerts incoming!)

    2) When you “Hands up” an enemy, he will put his weapon on the ground and raise his hands up faster than in GZ animation wise.

    3) The Carboard Box’s description: “A carboard box with a
    camouflage design. Use it in areas with similar colour to the design to
    hide from enemies in plain sight.” (more camo patterns incoming)

    4) The cigar is an equipable item and has the name “Phantom Cigar”.

    5) Pressing L2 while in bino mode we can now manual mark the enemies, .
    as in GZ which was automatic done by the game. (I’m mistaken as the “Place marker” most likely means “place a marker on the map”.)

    6) On 1:01 we can see MGS4’s old mortar.

    7) Finally when the enemy has been taken out non lethally, the “ZZZ” colour will be blue instead of orange.

    • Kevin Kerr Music

      Also, for point 5. It might not be Manual marking. Since it does still happen automatically (when he shoots at the first guard)

      I think it is Map marking. For a game as large as TPP. You might see something way off with the binos you wanna get to. *Aim at place, hit L2 to place marker* “Marker placed” Instead of going through the idroid menu and guessing where you want to go.

      • ObsessedGeorge

        You’re right, it says place marker, so it means place a marker on the field.

        • Kevin Kerr Music

          Seems most logical =)

        • Kevin Kerr Music

          Also that was pretty much all the things I spotted two (made a little list comment on Yongs video). No doubt there are more hiding in plane site. But you are the first person other than me that I have seen to notice the box description implying box Camo.

    • crimsonfox

      Very nice spotting, It would be nice if we can manually spot guards because having to wait for them to be marked in the game was burning me out trying to do speed runs.This is all good. ALL GOOD!!! George I like your enthusiasm but i think you might be…Obsessed 0_0

  • Invader_skoodge

    I really thought that the last guard was going to spot the guy on the ground, I mean, he was at most maybe 2 meters in front of him. Maybe the hold-up happened just as he noticed him.

    • Datguy8923

      Yeah I noticed that too. Hopefully the AI is more aware in the final game.

  • Datguy8923

    Guys I’m throwing money at the screen and nothing is happening PLEASE HELP!!!

  • PrinceHeir

    Pretty awesome gamelay, but the guard should have notice you in the box.

    in MGS3 you can’t even use the box on the jungle since it felt out of place and the guard will instantly walk up to you.

    I do hope they improve the Ai on this on. Ground Zeroes can have some of the best Ai’s to one of the worst in some cases.

    Can’t wait for this though.

  • Alex

    So much for cutting back on the silly, but I’ll take it!

  • César H. Sandoval

    Amazing, with the dumpster and the bos this feels a lot more like MGS, specially with the new bursting out trick, i love it.

  • Zack

    It’s pretty dumb that after a decade of advancements in weapons technology, Snake’s tranq gun has somehow become shittier. The degrading silencer doesn’t make sense.

    • Datguy8923

      They could just say the degrade in suppressor is caused by the increase power of the cartridge firing the dart, giving it more range than the previous model.

    • Janeo

      Well you can probably buy the gun from GZ I’m fine with that guess it’s just like peace walker where you have to improve your R&D team to get better weapons and gear

  • Sneeku

    For the people who say that the tranquilizer has gone down in terms of advancments. The tranq gun in GZ was a custom made MSF weapon developed by the RnD team. It`s the fully upgraded one you unlock in PW. However since the fall of motherbase, all equipment, weapons, gadgets and gear was lost along with it. Snake starts from scratch and must work his way through to get better weapons.

    • William of Orange

      So Kojima is pulling a metroidvania on us?

      • sneeku


        • NegaScott128

          In Metroid games, the player always loses all their equipment at the start of a game. Metroidvania is an unofficial sort of genre of game which is usually defined by a focus on exploration. The name comes from a combination of two games that usually fall into this genre: Metroid and Castlevania.

          • glitchbomb

            Yup! I think maybe age difference is a reason why someone may not get the reference? If I remember correcty a more recent example would be like in G.O.W 2 and Prototype.

  • Nekkedsnake

    i wonder if there will be a ton more types of BOXES like there were in PW. the LOVE BOX, STUN BOX, MED BOX, TANK BOX, and especially the STRAW BOX. also, PW let you shoot from the standard LOVE BOX. here’s me doing it on my PSP:

    the STRAW BOX was also pretty cool in terms of stealth as it let you CQC guards.

  • Cartmangus

    Wow happy to see that hiding in dumpsters and boxes are back. The more ways to interact with the environment, the better! Also seems like we’re getting a new tranquilizer gun in this one, small thing, but I like that.

  • RevolverBosscelot

    Damn… No brakes on the hype train, and this video just increased it’s speed tenfold!

    On a side note, when i get my hands on the game, I’m pretty sure I can’t stop shouting “HAI!” every time I burst out of a cardboard box.

  • No Place For Hayter

    I have one thing to say to this video…….. OMG AWESOME NEW BOX TRICK!!!!

  • Hellrasinbrasin

    Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain E3 2014 30 Minute Demo “Confirmed” as E3 exclusive meaning for the time being it won’t be gracing the internet.

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