Three new Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain screens

Konami has released some brand new Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain screenshots in anticipation of E3. They give a small taste of what is to come next week.




The new trailer will be shown on June 10th, presumably as part of Konami’s digital event.

Source: Crave Online

  • lostsnak182

    oh my sweet merciful christ that is stunning, i mean that actually blew my mind

    • Batzi

      Exactly my thoughts!!!

  • ObsessedGeorge

    Amazing graphics! At least Big Boss now is aimming with his good eye!

    • Janeo

      Well I never saw any problem with him aiming from his right side, he is the greatest soldier to ever live I’m pretty sure he knows exactly where to hold a gun without having to see down the sites all the time. I think he could beat batman he is just to awesome to lose to him batman, is also awesome but come on it’s big boss

      • ObsessedGeorge

        I never doupted BB’s ability to shot without looking down the sights. It’s Kojima that’s aiming for realism, that’s why he aims with the good eye. Even though in the red band trailer he’s shooting the rifle while aiming with the eyepatch. 😛

        • Daburcor

          Just another reason I’m nearly certain Punished Snake isn’t Big Boss at all.

          My theory is that he’s the ‘Big Boss’ from the MSX games… The one Solid
          Snake bested. My biggest reason (other than the green eyes, missing arm and electronic cigar) is the post-battle conversation Solid
          Snake has with Black Ninja in which he tells Snake of Big Boss saving
          everyone after the events of the original MG. He talks of how wonderful a
          man Big Boss is (like the Big Boss
          we’ve seen in in MGS3, PW and GZ), only for Snake to me met once again
          by a monster.

          Then, of course, there’s the surprise Big Boss at the end of MGS4, who
          is totally in character with the Boss we’ve come to know, blue eyes and

          One thing is certain; The Phantom Pain is going to be amazing.

          • RoderickThe13

            You mean the BB from TPP, MG and MG2 is different from the one in every other game?

          • Daburcor


          • RoderickThe13

            But that would rule out the whole “fallen legend” thing, which is meant to be one of the main points in TPP. If Big Boss is somehow replaced, then it wouldn’t be the hero that becomes villain.

          • Daburcor

            Not necessarily. I mean, if everybody (Punished Snake included) BELIEVES he’s Big Boss, the motivation can still be the same and the hero can still become the villain. It’s the perfect way to explain away the character’s inconsistencies without ruining his integrity and without coming out of nowhere. From MGS3 through GZ, Big Boss is pretty fleshed out and it becomes obvious that there is something suspect with TPP, MG and MG2. Especially when considering his reemergence in MGS4, with the personality we have come to know and love. I don’t believe for a second that the Big Boss we’ve played would become unrepentantly evil for a few years only to fully revert back to what we see in MGS4.

            And if not exactly MY theory, it’s still clear that SOMETHING is up anyway. I mean, who on Earth wakes up from a nine year coma with their wounds still fresh enough for heavy bandaging? Yes, you could argue some form of surgery may have been needed, but this is Hideo Kojima we’re talking about here. The same guy that bait-and-switched the titular protagonist right out from under us in MGS2. He’s definitely up to something.

          • The problem arises when you try to classify Big Boss as just ‘evil’ or ‘good’. You will find he doesn’t completely fit into any of these categories, but that doesn’t make his character inconsistent. Big Boss is a human who has more than one side to him.

            Kojima explained in a recent interview that you can compare his character to Walter White in Breaking Bad. Is he good or evil? You can understand his deeds, and for those around him he can seem good. But for others he is just a murderer.

            Big Boss was never completely evil in the eyes of everyone, even during the events of MG1/2. For people like Sniper Wolf, Naomi and Gray Fox he was good. For a large part of the world he was just a danger.

            His words in MGS4 don’t contradict this either. It’s not strange when someone who is a lot older and knows he is about to die, to look back on his life and reflect on what he has done. He sees that his actions haven’t resulted in anything good, and that he was blinded by his war with Zero. But that doesn’t mean it wasn’t him, it was him, but in a different stage of his life.

          • Daburcor

            Honestly, I was 100% in line with what you’ve said until my brother and I recently started REALLY dissecting the Phantom Pain trailers and noticing all the oddities. The biggest thing I just can’t seem to reconcile is the eye color. It’s very deliberately show to be green in the Punished Snake scenes, where as everything from the GZ portion of the trailers (and, of course, the game itself) shows it to be as bright blue as ever. Of course, this is all just speculation, but it’s definitely not much of a stretch within the confines of the MG universe for Punished Snake to be a Big Boss double.

          • Even if the eye color is different, it could be a mistake. Same thing happened with Metal Gear Rising.


            Of course, nothing is impossible so it could be a Big Boss double, theoretically.

          • Eric Otness

            The difference is that Metal Gear Rising at least corrected the mistake. So far we’re getting through the trailers and we still haven’t seen any hint at a correction towards his eyes.
            A better example would be the ending of MGS4, where Big Boss’s eyes were inexplicably brown for some reason despite having blue eyes.

          • Janeo

            His eye is blue in those screen shots though it was just the lighting the fox engine does weird things sometimes.

          • Neo Kobe Pizza

            Big Boss’s eyes don’t look green in these new screens to me. Are you sure it’s not just from the lighting, like how the first footage of Ground Zeroes seemed to show Boss with grey hair, when it was just the lighting?

          • Batzi
          • Nice! By the way, didn’t she do two songs for MGSV? Sins of the Father and something else (which you hear at the beginning of the Red Band trailer).

          • Batzi

            Yes she did. The beautiful song that starts at the beginning of the red band trailer is untitled or at least we still don’t know what it is called. We haven’t listened to the full versions of either of the songs.

      • MGSFAN

        What!? As much of a fan I am and with Big Boss being my favorite in the MGS series, I’ll have to disagree. Let’s match ’em up.

        Big Boss;
        – Master marksman, strategist, and tactician.
        – Master of Stealth
        – Master hand-to-hand combatant.
        – Great physical conditioning.
        – Access to commanding an entire army.
        – Robotic arm.
        – Excellent observational skills.

        – Genius-level intellect.
        – Peak physical and mental conditioning.
        – Master martial artist, acrobat, detective, escapologist, strategist, swordsman, tactician, and marksman.
        – Use of high-tech equipment, weapons, armors, & gadgets.
        – Master of stealth.
        – Master of disguise.
        – Highly proficient with technology.
        – Excellent observational skills.
        – Access to vast wealth and criminal records.
        – Trained computer hacker.
        – Photographic memory.

        Tell me how Big Boss is going to take out Batman : )

    • Nekkedsnake

      I was just gonna point that out! he’s using his ONLY eye to aim now instead of his “see thru” eye patch XD

      • ObsessedGeorge

        Hahahahaha! That’s epic dude!!!

  • Oscar Zulu

    I got more verbally excited than what would have been appropriate in polite company. Good thing I’m alone in my room.
    Also, dat second pic–Bromance! <3

  • Golgari

    The third screenshot is my favorite. Big Boss and the sea of madness where he almost died at the helicopter crash. He have a lot of thoughts in his mind because if you survived death once you won the battle.

    Life after death. Yeah. I’m excited for that 5+ min trailer. It’s a shame that we probably won’t see it at MS or Sony press conferences.

    • Anonymous GX

      I hope at least MS so we can get it earlier

  • LukesAlike


  • PrinceHeir

    This is my favorite shot 😀

    It reminds me of the beginning of MGS3 after Naked Snake retrieves his back and prepares for operation Snake Eater

    Can’t wait for sure!!!!

    • PrinceHeir

      been playing Ground Zeroes all day!!

      I’ve put some Ghost in the Shell music to go along with it, such a shame you can only put 10 songs at a time. Sure it’s only a cassete tape, but the moment Snake is using this android like device when marking and real time movement of the map then it doesn’t make any sense why only 10 songs can be used.

      I do hope PS4 version have the MP3 support. I might actually passed the PS4 version if they won’t include this.

      Of course it all depends on Sony till they put this on PS4 😛

    • Takezo

      not sure if i approve of snakes new shooting technique

      • Cobra Commander

        That’s a standard 1911 grip technique, using your thumb to ride the safety.
        It just looks ood because of the blocky mechanical arm.
        +1 on using the good eye down the sights.
        Loving the realism in V. (Except for fake guns)

    • Joseph

      You mean Virtuous Mission 😀

      • PrinceHeir

        Ahh yes!!

        But he also did the same stance when he got the m11911a1 from Eva during night when “Ocelot” was supposed to meet him 🙂

        Though i can’t seem to find the pic without ripping it from the game itself XD

  • Janeo

    I’m going to watch this trailer so many times, I was hoping it would be June 9 but now we gotta wait an extra day it’s making me feel like the days before the release of GZ

  • Zyfaran

    Oh, the hype…

  • Daburcor

    The anticipation is KILLING me!

  • CrazyGuy207

    It looks like they survived the helicopter crash. Second pic.

    • Invader_skoodge

      Are you referring to the crash from Ground Zeroes? Because if that’s the case, I don’t think that pic is from that. It looks like they are on their way back from Afghanistan. In the red band trailer, you can see BB carrying Kaz to the chopper waiting for them, and then in a helipad where BB is helping Kaz off the chopper. I think this shot is from the ride between those two events.

      • CrazyGuy207

        Now that I look at it closer I think you’re right.

    • Tye

      Of course they survived the helicopter crash, lol. Everything after Ground Zeroes wouldn’t have happened if they didn’t.

      • XIFF-5


      • CrazyGuy207

        I know that, I meant it looked like they didn’t hit the other helicopter at the end of GZ. But like he said, that looks like after you pick up Kaz in TPP.

  • No Place For Hayter

    These pictures show sign of emotional promise.

  • Big_Boss

    Hey Nyxus, just wanted to throw some information out on here regarding the map comparisons that were made to demonstrate how big the Phantom Pain will be. I was watching a video by yongyea on YouTube about it and he said that it was confirmed that the white shaded region of the map shown was actually the sky box. Could it be possible that we could get to fly helicopters and other stuff in TTP? Just curious for your input.

    • Janeo

      I doubt we will get to fly helicopters I don’t think big boss knows how to how to pilot anything right plus we can just call in helicopters anyway.

    • In the English Kojima Station they said it was the sky box, yes. But it could be there just to cover the rest of the map, to hide what else is there. Flying helicopters seems unlikely since they will be used to get back and forth from the base like in Ground Zeroes. Then again, that means you can travel through the sky, just not freely.

    • Big_Boss

      Now that I think about it, it would be weird when you could just call in a helicopter whenever you wanted (not to mention the controls would be a mess) . I was just curious because of the integration of driveable vehicles to the franchise. Thanks.

  • RoderickThe13

    Oh man, tuesday can’t get here soon enough!

  • Cartmangus

    Feeling the hype

  • Zven

    these are absolutely amazing, beautiful screens

  • XIFF-5


  • Guest

    Waiting for E3!
    Picture source:

  • Erick Mattos

    Waiting for E3 2014! Cannot wait man! Here is a facebook timeline everyone should set!

    Picture source:

  • Geordie-boy69

    June 10th my birthday too. Lets hope for a release date

  • VicBoss

    Another astonishing trailer incoming !!

  • Aizo Yurei

    uh….where’s the third?

  • Raynes

    Does Kaz even lift?

  • Datguy8923

    I can’t even…comprehend the awesomeness these three images are. I think I will get a Life Alert system for this upcoming conference just in case I get too over hyped.

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