New artwork and promotional images for MGSV: The Phantom Pain

Now that the new trailer is officially out, the official Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain website has been updated as well with a bunch of new assets.

First of all, the new artwork of Snake and Ocelot.


A timeline showing the different Snakes of the franchise in order of the games’ release dates.


A timeline showing the different Metal Gears in order of the games’ releases.


The size comparison of the different maps of each Metal Gear game.


Two character art works:



And lastly, two other versions of the new character artwork showing Snake and Ocelot.



To visit the site for yourself, follow the link at the bottom of the post.

Source: Official Metal Gear Solid V:The Phantom Pain website

  • Oscar Zulu

    So he’s “Venom Snake” now? It makes sense in keeping with the whole “V” thing they got going on; I guess they scrapped “Punished Snake” altogether? Huh.
    “Venom Awakens” = “V has come to.”
    Because of the events of GZ, Snake is now “venomous”. He will kill indiscriminately, and he will be extremely dangerous. I’ve noticed the emphasis on knives in the trailer; I think they represent snake fangs. Fangs dripping with venom.

    • crimsonfox

      I think “Venom awakens” Is reffering Outer Heaven. Although BIg Boss being the “venom” of the world might be it also. I wonder if Skull Face has anything to do with Big Boss getting Fox Hound started up again in the U.S. and if Skull Face might nudge Big Boss into being uncontrollably brutal and angry. I really wish to play this game by March. Anything after that I’m going to be having withdrawls haha

    • glitchbomb

      Yes to all of this.
      And he looks pretty sweet in that balaclava too!

  • Anonymous GX

    Big Vic Naked Punished Venom Saladin Snake Boss has a lot on his mind right now.

    • Daburcor

      And not JUST a chunk of shrapnel.

  • Eric Otness

    Question: didn’t they unveil other new screenshots, such as the Fultoning of a ram, and a couple of pics of the new base, including the visual of either a Cipher or a Kidnapper?

  • CrazyGuy207

    Wait, just to be clear, is the map they show is the entire Afghanistan level whereas the other colored parts of the map are the map size from previous games? I mean, that’s obviously what those are at the bottom, but is the ENTIRE thing a TPP level?

    • mikeyyytexas

      as far as we understand it, thats correct… the entire thing is the Afghanistan level. Kojima did say that it was going to be 300x larger than GZ

  • I went to the official site and I clicked on the ”now hiring” link and checked what Kojima requests when hiring someone new for the LA studio. One of the requirements is ”enjoys singing”. When I first saw it I thought ”what?” but then I remembered: in MGO2, they had the whole staff to sing and they created the ‘victory song’ which anyone was able to play by using the command while playing on online rooms. Does that means anything or what? 😀

  • PrinceHeir

    Thanks for the pics and links for the official site 🙂

    Good stuff!!!!!!

  • LukesAlike


  • Daburcor

    So, I’ve been stewing on the new trailer (especially Snake hanging with Skullface), the fall of Mother Base in GZ aand Kaz’s secret Cipher phone call in PW, and had a thought about one possible avenue the story could take that would break everyone’s hearts; What if Kaz was actually INVOLVED in the fall of Mother Base, and is himself playing the proverbial fiddle?

    We know that he was allied with Cipher, but my genuine hope is that, like Paz, spending time with Big Boss forced him to re-examine his loyalties and drop Cipher like a bad habit.

  • o1striker

    We may have just had our first glimpse of the box art.

  • Zack

    What, no Zeke?

  • Anonymous GX



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