Interviews and lots of awards on E3 2014 day 3 – Photos by Kojima

Here are Hideo Kojima’s comments and photos of his third day at the E3 of 2014. Kojima did several interviews, and went to play some Far Cry 4. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain has received several ‘Best of E3’ awards by different media, which were displayed on the wall at the Konami booth.

“Good morning, E3 Day3.”


“1st thing in the morning, Kojima Station.”

“Let me know your feedback on TPP gameplay demo(some parts) introduced in the archive of Kojima Station.”

“Gameplay demo was played by PS4. You get to see mother base in last half.”

“If you keep staying on the fulton container, the weather will get stable and be able to get back to MB if lucky.”




“Came back to the briefing room at E3.”


“I had a live interview in GAMESPOT.”


“And then IGN.”

For a summary of both interviews, follow this link.




“Here’s what we got even some media won’t give out nominee to titles that didn’t submit in advance (by Judgement Day)”


“E3 is over, see you next year.”

Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter

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    • flying_fox

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      • The Solid Grape

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        • Decker


          • crimsonfox

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          • No Place For Hayter

            Won’t be cast as demons, Creatures you despise.

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        • LukesAlike

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  • Maynard

    Also Kojima was inside The Division Booth at E3

    • No Place For Hayter

      Kojima mentioned how he was impressed with The Division before, but I’m surprised he actually checked out its booth at E3.

      He looks like a kid in a candy store, lol.

      • ObsessedGeorge

        He got impressed by The Division, but depressed from GTAV. l like that he sees other games that are visualy better than MGS and he wants to work harder to raise the bar even highier.

        • Golgari

          Excellent point George. +1 to you as always.
          But I still think that being depressed from GTAV is wrong because while GTAV is a great game and great open world game it has weaker mechanics than MGSV in terms of sandbox. Mission structure in GTAV is very linear so basically if the game told you to ride on that car you need to do that otherwise you fail a mission. That is basically GTA while in MGSV so far you can complete any objective how you want. On foot or on the horse or on a vehicle. You can kill the target or Fulton it and that’s much harder to do in a videogame than what Rockstar does with it’s own game because it requires a smart AI and non linear mission design that is super hard to do in a videogame. In GTAV even “shooting” missions are linear. You can’t complete it in stealth mode or use another route. You have just one path and you shoot everyone in your way. It’s fun but design wise it is not very hard to do in a videogame.

          but on the other hand Rockstar does not care about Sandbox much. They care about small little details like the full and detailed destruction of a car or small little details when you smash something. You don’t see that in MGSV because it requires more man power to do but not skill or some super designer.

          and about The Division. So far gameplay wise it’s generic as hell and Kojima is just trying to see what other devs are doing on the graphics side and that is really good for us MGS fans because he always knows what is a trend at the graphics side.

          • Janeo

            Has there ever really been an open world game that actually let’s you complete your objective the way you want I can’t think of any

          • Golgari

            Yeah, there are some. Just Cause 1-2, Far Cry 2-3, Saboteur, Crysis 1 (not technically an open world but it is a sandbox game), Watch Dogs and etc.

          • Janeo

            Oh yeah just cause 2 is a really fun game. I like far cry 2 and 3 but I thought there were really own two ways to play either stealth or shooting I didn’t really find another way to complete it maybe I have to replay them it’s been a while, far cry 4 looks really great hope it doesn’t get delayed like everything else. It looks like mgs5 will have more freedom then any open world game

          • Ibroman98

            Theres the games Golgari mentioned and also the new zelda for wiiu thats like part of the main core of the game.

          • ObsessedGeorge

            Very well said brother. I completely agree with you. MGS has superior game mechanics. KojiPro with the ammount of devs they have at their disposal compared to Rockstar, have done a far better job in MGSV than GTA. Say graphics, AI, gun play, story ect. The ammount of things that a MG game can do are way more interesting to me than any GTA game. Now with MGSV going open world and with the addition of handling vehicles, GTA for me is non-existant.

            Even The Division. Apart from the great graphics, l don’t see anything else in it that makes me want to buy it. Need to play it first. The gameplay is generic, and a game that has shooting as it’s core gameplay is a bad choice for me. Even Uncharted, with the exploration and stuff, was repetitive and kinda boring to me.

          • Janeo

            The division looks fun to play but nothing major. I really like uncharted but I do hope they open it up a bit next game, give us more options on how to play next game make environments bigger or something. I like uncharted better the The last of us though I must be the only person who didn’t see it as a masterpiece I really enjoyed it but it’s not even close to being one of my favourite games

  • Fraaancis

    >see you next year
    No TPP release until 2 half of 2015 confirmed.

    • Decker

      what!? Where did you find this?

      • Shadow Rex

        Haha no he is just saying you could read “see you next year e3”, as see you next year in June when we show you more MGSV TPP at e3 2015. Fraaancis isn’t serious.

        • Shadow Rex

          By the way, did anyone hear chico’s voice in the Nintendo digital event, when they showed Kid Icarus and the new characters?

          • ObsessedGeorge

            Yeah, it was Chico! Good ear. 😉

          • Daburcor

            Yeah, I noticed it too! And I couldn’t help but imagining Big Boss choking him out!

          • Shadow Rex

            Hahaha god someone needs to edit a video.

          • Fraaancis

            I didn’t notice that.
            By the way, Nintento had great conference this year, Reggie and Iwata fight was so funny.

          • Shadow Rex

            Yeah, Nintendo did well this E3. I had a good laugh at that fight. If anyone hasn’t seen it, it’s worth a look, it’s at the start of Nintendo’s E3 digital event. That new Zelda though, so annoyed that I have to buy a Wii U now. 🙂

          • Yeah, played Kid Icarus on 3DS but I always keep hearing Chico. 😛

    • Invader_skoodge

      Source Please.

    • Anonymous GX

      Don’t use those arrows here.

  • Shadow Rex

    If anyone is looking for a sweet MGSV TPP wallpaper just head here and right click far right or left to save the image.

    If anyone has decent Photoshop skills could they maybe put in a dark or maybe transparent diamond dogs or outer heaven logo in the middle blank area. I’m going to give it a go myself but i’m confident it’ll look fairly meh.

    • Shadow Rex

      Sorry Nyxus am I allowed to post links? I didn’t really check before hand :S.

      • Sure, no problem.

    • Marxal

      Here’s a pretty simple attempt, preferred to use DD instead of Outer Heaven; I’m thinking he’ll be looking a bit different than this by time he reaches that stage of transition.

    • Marxal

      Here’s a pretty simple attempt, preferred to use DD instead of Outer Heaven; I’m thinking he’ll be looking a bit different than this by time he reaches that stage of transition.

      Edit: Turns out I had flux turned on so the colour I was seeing was different to its actuality; so I tried to get it as close as possible and moved DD closer to the centre.

      EditEdit: And for some reason it duped the post as a guest. I suck at this D:

      • Shadow Rex

        Well umm dude I don’t know what to say besides… that is AWESOME work! It’s plastered on my desktop. I hope you don’t mind. You should add a small signature and upload it somewhere.

        Your reason for using DD instead of Outer Heaven was the same thought I had after I posted.

        • Marxal

          Ehh I don’t think I did enough work to actually warrant putting a signature on it xD
          So go ahead and use it, send it, whatever you’d like.

  • ObsessedGeorge

    The demon has awakened!

    June 14, 2014

  • PrinceHeir

    Kaz Where the hell did get those shades!!

    Let’s hope for some customization in this game. Like the ability to use Ground Zeroes suit and can change at any time just like Peace Walker

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