Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain E3 2014 Trailer Analysis

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
E3 2014 Trailer Analysis

During E3 2014, Kojima Productions released a brand new trailer for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Time to dive into it and see what there is to discover. This analysis takes an extensive look at the director’s cut, which has some additional footage at the end compared to the trailer played at Sony’s press conference, where it debuted. Now, to quote Ocelot: Let’s get started, shall we?


This is a very significant quote as it says a lot about Big Boss as a character in this game. His hate is destructive to those around him, but most of all to himself, turning him into a ‘demon’. This is probably also the reason for his alias ‘Venom Snake’, his hate and anger are like a venom eating away at him.

A scorched battlefield, littered with bodies. We can see palm trees. The bird we’re seeing looks like a Lappet-faced vulture, indigenous to Africa, but they can also be found in other parts of the world, including Afghanistan.


Big Boss walks into the screen, covered in blood. It seems like he took part in the battle.

Next, we see a cremation of fallen soldiers, taking place on the Diamond Dogs base. It seems like there are at least a dozen dead here. It looks like the unit is very organized at this point, with flags carrying the Diamond Dogs logo and an army of disciplined soldiers.


We see Snake from is back, almost reduced to a dark silhouet because of the blazing flames before him. This creates a demonic image, as if Snake himself is in the depths of hell.

Kaz enters the frame as well. He could be saying something to Snake, but we can’t hear it. He leaves again, and Snake seems to pay him no attention, he keep staring at the flames.

Next, the ashes of the soldiers are carried towards the ocean. However, Snake stops the soldier in his path.


Snake takes the urn and walks towards the edge of the base, looking out at sea. He then takes some of the ashes, and covers his face with them. He is saying something, presumably the lines we hear later on in the trailer (“I will always be with you”).


The scene cuts to a close up of Snake’s face covered in blood, one bright eye looking straight at you, flames in the background. Again, a rather demonic image.


Snake aims his gun. This looks like it takes place during some mission, but it’s hard to identify the location. He is wearing the same uniform as in the Afghanistan level, so that could be the place.


It appears Ocelot is giving the Diamond Dogs soldiers shooting instructions at Mother Base. He has a Diamond Dogs logo on his arm. One of the soldiers is practicing Ocelot’s characteristic from-the-hip firing technique.


Now we see a shot of the Diamond Dogs base, with helicopters coming in. The structure looks huge, and the orange color is reminiscent of the Big Shell in MGS2. Apparently you can choose your own color for the base.


Miller in a chopper. This is presumably after he has been rescued in Afghanistan. He shows Big Boss the Diamond Dog patch. This could be when he says the lines heard in the GDC 2013 trailer: “You see this? Diamond Dogs. Our new home.” You can actually hear a chopper in the background during that line, so this seems very likely.


Now we get another shot of Snake and Miller looking at the base. However, this takes place a bit later than the previous scene, since Miller is dressed in different clothes and looks to be in better shape overall. So it’s probably some time after the rescue, and he has had time to recover.


Tanks rolling in, with helicopters following in the back. This looks like Afghanistan, a power plant.


A new look at the Huey interrogation scene first shown in the E3 2013 trailer. Big Boss puts a bag over Huey’s head, so this take place before that part.

Soldiers training at the base, reminiscent of the opening of Peace Walker, when Big Boss’s soldiers were training on the Barranquilla Coast. Or are they fighting each other over something? The two soldiers are really going at each other without holding back.


Another part of the Huey interrogation scene. This time with Ocelot. He’s carrying his revolver. Ocelot injects Huey with a syringe, what it does is unknown but it looks painful, judging by Huey’s reaction.


The following scene is interesting. Of course this is guesswork, but it looks like is Big Boss bringing in a group of child soldiers. We can see the kids from the E3 2013 trailer, when they were being trained by an unknown character, so maybe Big Boss rescued them from this man. Again Big Boss is wearing tiger stripes, as in the Afghanistan mission. Kaz is waiting for them on the helipad. He strikes the boy with his crutch, after which the child grabs a weapon from Snake and aims it at Miller.


After this, another shot of the training scene. One of the soldiers takes out a knife.

Next, Big Boss and Eli are fighting. First, Eli is using a plastic chair to swing at Big Boss, which is probably the same one he is sitting on in the E3 2013 trailer. This could indicate both parts are from the same cutscene.


Eli’s jacket reads: Never be game over. It’s hard to predict what it means, but the whole jacket gives off a ‘rebellious’ vibe. Also, notice the pig with the eyepatch. Is it supposed to represent Big Boss? In the later MGS games, Liquid has a sort of love / hate relationship with Big Boss. He says he hates his father and wants to destroy him by surpassing him in his deeds, but at the same time he’s obsessed with Big Boss and seems to shape his own existence after his example, saying it is his ‘genetic fate’. If the pig is indeed supposed to be Big Boss, it shows that Eli despises him, but is also obsessed enough to walk around in a jacket containing his image. (Keep in mind this speculation assumes Eli is Liquid, something that has not yet been confirmed but seems very likely)

This looks like the soldier battle from earlier, but now Big Boss himself takes part in it. His opponent is holding a knife, and Big Boss forces it into his own chest, despite the soldier’s efforts to stop him.


Back to the previous scene. Eli grabs a knife, but Big Boss takes it from him and thrusts it downwards. The scene implies he is stabbing Eli, but it’s more likely he plants the knife next to him.


Back to what appears to be the scene after rescuing Kaz (assuming that’s what it is). Still in the helicopter. Kaz seems emotional, but we can’t hear what he’s saying. About this scene: Kojima said he wanted the two characters to be this close together, despite the team advising against it. However, Kojima insisted because these are two men who share their lives together.


A woman (presumably Quiet) has been captured by a soldier and lead to a container filled with water. She is wearing a soldier’s uniform. If this is Quiet, this scene likely takes place before she became the person we know from the previous trailers. Kojima said there is a reason she is dressed the way she is, and maybe this scene gives us some hints.


Here we see the army Big Boss is assembling. They are cheering passionately. Kojima said in the All Access Live interview that this scene ties in with the story of Snake becoming Big Boss and creating Outer Heaven. He probably means to say that this scene shows how Snake is becoming the charismatic leader of a military state.


Another scene of the soldier attacking Quiet (?). He is pushing her head underwater.


This is also the scene after the rescue. Snake and Kaz have arrived, and the latter is receiving medical aid.


Now we see Quiet in her well known outfit. She’s at the Mother Base, attacking several soldiers at once with ninja-like jumps. Taking revenge for something? Her acrobatic moves nicely complement her sniper abilities, making her a lethal foe up close and from a distance.


‘Title Concept & Design by Kyle Cooper and Simon Clowes’

We already knew Kyle Cooper is involved, but there’s a new name here: Simon Clowes. He’s also a title designer who has worked on major Hollywood productions such as X-Men: First Class and Sherlock Holmes.

Snake is in a helicopter flying over the sea, and a soldier in another chopper is aiming a gun at him. Snake blocks the laser point with his cybernetic hand.


‘Executive Technology Director Julien Merceron’

Julien Merceron, the summary of an interview with him can be found here.

We can see a child lying here. From the looks of it, this is the same boy that aimed the gun at Miller. Snake grabs a knife and readies it for something.



Another shot of Snake with his bloodied face. This is the same scene as the one seen in the beginning, with the smoldering battlefield. Snake angrily screams to the sky. The horn seems to be larger than in previous scenes.


The title screen comes in. We hear a series of beeps, and a strange rattling sound.

Now it goes back to the burial scene. “We’re not burying them at sea?” Kaz asks. “What then?”


‘Tormented by Phantoms’. Notice the MSF logo, the ‘phantom’ from the past that has been utterly destroyed.


A truck is approaching a hangar, located inside a cliff. Doesn’t seem to be the Mother Base at sea. Meanwhile, we hear Snake’s voice answering Kaz.

“We’ll make diamonds from their ashes. Take them into battle with us.”


‘Spirits of Ground Zeroes’. Skull Face? This time it’s the XOF logo that’s in the background. Back to the hangar, we see it now holds a new Metal Gear. It looks similar to REX. “A shining light, to our brothers in arms. Even in death.” Kaz says in voice over.


‘Time for Retribution’, with the Diamond Dogs logo in the back.


It’s logical to assume Big Boss is using a metaphor when talking about the diamonds, but maybe this isn’t the case. It’s actually possible to make diamonds from human ashes. Another thing to note is that a raw diamond made from human ashes looks quite a bit like the ‘horn’ lodged in Big Boss’ skull. So maybe when he’s ‘carrying them into battle’, he is actually referring to his horn.
Also, since diamonds are collectable items in the game, it’s could be that the Diamond Dogs organization is using the diamonds made from fallen soldiers to buy new weapons or for other means (also, remember the scene from last year’s trailer where Big Boss seems to be exchanging diamonds with child soldiers).

Back to the burial ceremony (looks like it’s before Snake put the ashes on his face). “We are Diamond Dogs.” he declares. His second-in-command Kaz is standing next to him, and behind them are rows of soldiers.


‘Venom Awakens’. Referring to Venom Snake, and the theme of the game. Also noteworthy is that this ties in with the V in the title, as well as the ‘V has come to’ heard in the GDC 2013 trailer. This V is Venom Snake, as confirmed by Kojima.

Another thing that’s interesting here is the new Outer Heaven emblem in the background. It looks like a redesigned version of the Outer Heaven symbol from Metal Gear 1. You can see a hole in the skull on the place where Big Boss’s horn is.


This is also interesting. We now see that the Snake is in the truck arriving at the hangar, but he’s not alone. Skull Face gets out with him. Are the two working together? Even though Skull Face was behind the events in Ground Zeroes, and did horrible things to Paz and Chico. Skull Face is wearing his domino mask here.


Big Boss kills off several soldiers in a very bloody manner. Probably also meant to accentuate the dark side of the character and the gruesome nature of war. It looks like this scene takes place in some kind of military facility, could be Mother Base, an enemy compound or something else.


The song used is Nuclear by Michael Oldfield. It’s about Oldfield’s grandfather, who came back from World War 1 as a very different person. Oldfield believes he’s ‘still living with the out fall of this traumatic experience’. The lyrics itself are very fitting for the trailer and the story as a whole, since they evoke a sense of desperation and of the burden of past decisions, and how it irreversibly changes a person. Kojima said he saw the image of Snake before him when he heard this song, and thus decided to use it for the trailer.

Coming 1984. The year the game takes place in.


We hear Big Boss’s voice: “I won’t scatter your sorrow to the heartless sea. I will always be with you”. Another hint at the horn being made from his fallen comrades? This line is probably what Big Boss says when he just put the ash to his face, at the beginning of the trailer.

And yes, the game is still coming to all four consoles (PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360).

So, that about wraps it up. Of course, there’s always more to find and to speculate about, but hopefully this analysis contained some interesting points.

To see all the new MGSV: The Phantom Pain details that have been revealed this past E3, go here.

  • Crimsondramon

    I would like to add two things. The first is the part where we see Snake screaming and the larger horn. There’s a lens flare and some smoky effect coming from his face at that moment followed by a somewhat ominous sound effect. Wonder what it could be?

    Also the sound made following that when the title is shown is what I believe is the sound from a Geiger counter, for radiation. Somewhat apt actually!

    • Venom Snake

      I think The Horn getting Bigger when hearing the Almost Detected sound, is Part of the Cinematography, a Symbolic Scene, showing that “The Venom Awakens” and you can see that The Horn is getting back to his Normal size in The Next Second!

      • flying_fox

        Speaking of cinematography, that scene is the exact same as in Coppola’s Dracula, when Vlad renounces God. Complete, with the cross in the background and all.

        • Venom Snake

          Good observation, forgot about that!

    • Shadow Rex

      Hmm didn’t realise it’s a Geiger counter. I don’t think it’s the scene after a fight that he is walking amongst, it always looked more to me like the remains of a bombing run or large explosion… so a nuke?

      Also “we can see what appears to be Chico lying here”, it is the African child soldier. I hope we didn’t assume it was Chico with burnt skin.

      • To be honest I did not see his skin as dark. It’s hard to tell because of the lighting. But it’s now been changed anyway. 🙂

        • Shadow Rex

          You can delete my post with the correction if you’d like Nyxus… and this one hahaha.

          • It’s okay, you deserve the credit for pointing this out (as well as the others who did).

        • Janeo

          This is just a pure guess but for some reason I have a feeling the guy in the helicopter pointing the gun at big boss is Chico. I’m thinking it will be one or those scenes where he is pointing the gun then he takes his mask just being playful, it is unlikely but it’s just something that came to mind

    • Nekkedsnake

      Could be a Geiger counter OR a form of Morse code as well.

  • Shisen

    Ground Zeroes happened 9 years ago, how could that kid be Chico? I think it’s one of the child soldiers rescued by Big Boss

    About the training, I think that they aren’t traning, They are fighting. I think that the revenge thing is driving they crazy, undisciplined, so one of them even gets a knife against a comrade- you have seen the way he draws out the knife and the way he moves? Then I think Big Boss arrives and forces him to stab him as punishment.

    PD Sorry for my english 😛

    • Good point. Changed it to acknowledge that it could be something else than just training. I assumed it was because it looks sort of organized, with the soldiers standing around it. And I would think Diamond Dogs soldiers get some pretty harsh training.

    • No Place For Hayter

      We have yet to see Chico, he had better have survived the helicopter crash because I want to skin alive the worthless bag of beans full of holes that he is.

  • Venom Snake

    I think i just decrypted “Coming 1984”, and my results say June 8 2015

    I was searching “Coming 1984” on Google at images, then i searched “1984” only to see if is a Code or something, then The First Result Image is THIS!

    1984 a Novel Written by George Orwell released in 8 June in 1949, and a quote from The Novel is “2+2=5, got it”, which ads 2015!

    The Novel is set is set in Airstrip One (formerly known as Great Britain), a province of the superstate Oceania in a world of perpetual war, omnipresent government surveillance, and public manipulation, dictated by a political system euphemistically named English Socialism (or Ingsoc in the government’s invented language, Newspeak) under the control of a privileged Inner Party elite that persecutes all individualism and independent thinking as “thought crimes” The tyranny is epitomized by “Big Brother” (sounds familiar, right), the quasi-divine Party leader who enjoys an intense cult of personality, but who may not even exist. “Big Brother” and the Party justify their oppressive rule in the name of a supposed greater good.

    The protagonist of the novel, Winston Smith (Not The Actor, but Smith/Solid) is a member of the “Outer Party”(Strange, sounds like close to something, Outer Hea…) who works for the Ministry of Truth (or Minitrue), which is responsible for propaganda and historical revisionism. His job is to rewrite past newspaper articles so that the historical record always supports the current party line. Smith(Solid) is a diligent and skillful worker, but he secretly hates the Party and dreams of rebellion against “Big Brother” (Big Boss)

    From this summary looks like This Novel was the “True” Inspiration for The Metal Gear Universe!

    Yes, looks like we found out the “Real” inspiration of Metal Gear!

    Also, is it just me, or both have Red Faces, a “Devil Like” Look and overall A LOT of Red?

    Got you Kojima, i’m already imagine you thinking (Why it takes them so long to find out, They found “Metal Gear Solid V” hidden in The Phantom Pain “Trailer” and Solid Snake hidden in a Phantom Pain Artwork, what The Actual Fukk?”

    So dear Kojima, we figure it out in The Last day of E3!

    • Zero

      But June, 8. 2015 is a monday though

      Anyway you don’t need to be analysist to know that this game will come out Spring/Summer 2015! 😉 I feel your theory btw

      • Venom Snake

        I think this is The Best Way Kojima could have hidden the Release Date if is True, Hidden “in your Face” since you won’t believe it because is to “easy”, and i think he was counting on that, but i just “Destroyed” his plan, by Becoming Kojima and thinking like Kojima!

        • Zero

          You’re pretty good!

        • Blag

          I can’t believe you haven’t read the book, you would realize you’re a jackass.

          • Venom Snake

            Maybe i am, don’t know yet!

      • Venom Snake

        Fun Fact:

        Ground Zeroes takes Place in March 16 and 17, 2 days before the Game Release, and looks like Phantom Pain intro is Set During Summer!

    • Shadow Rex

      I’m still convinced it has something to do with David Bowie’s song “1984” from his “Diamond Dogs” album haha.

      • Raymondius

        Indeed, Diamond Dogs album is based in the book. Also, Kojima is a pretty big fan of Bowie and he wanted to include ‘Diamond Dogs’ song in TPP opening.

        BTW, Halloween Jack (DD’s leader) wears an eye-patch. 😉

    • ZenshinHD

      To be honest, the 2+2 = 5 thing just doesn’t work. I doubt Kojima would do something like that.

      • Venom Snake

        Is a Quote from The Novel, and The Novel is pretty Much the Main inspiration Source for Kojima creating Metal Gear 1, from The Main Character being called “Big Brother” to the Base being called “Outer Party”

        • ZenshinHD

          Yeah, but I still really doubt he would just do all that for a release date. The release date will have to come out soon enough, so I don’t see the point with all these theories tbh.

          • Venom Snake

            Then looks like you don’t know what Hideo is capable of!

          • ZenshinHD

            I know what he’s capable of, but PEOPLE are getting out of hand with the assumptions.

          • Venom Snake

            You don’t remember 2012, don’t you?

    • prothy


    • Zack

      This is a real stretch.

    • No Place For Hayter

      I never read to much into things, like this. I whole heartily believe that “coming 1984” is just a joke and is simply referring to to date the game takes place in and when Venom Snake and diamond dogs are both coming in 1984, everything is the trailer is coming in 1984, not the game itself, trying to draw a code from 1984 is to much of a stretch for me and I personally don’t like it and never take things that far. Though this is just me, lots of people enjoy this, and by all means continue, its good to see people actually look into everything as I would only go so far, one person can only pick apart and piece together so much, 🙂

      • Janeo

        I never once thought it was a hidden date I think it was just a nice little joke. Although the first time I watched the trailer I got really excited when I sew coming then I looked to the side of the screen

        • No Place For Hayter

          lol, yeah bit of a disappointment for those who want a release date………. WHICH IS EVERYONE, making a really neat joke with it distracts from the disappointment a bit.

      • Venom Snake

        So having Snake Resembles The Cover at The End of The Trailer is just a Coincidence, same for The base in The Novel being called “Outer Party”

        I don’t think so, This is VGX 2012 Mobydick all over again

        • No Place For Hayter

          I was specifically referring to the release date. And it is just my personal opinion it will bound to be different and I doubt much will change it.

        • asdf

          1984 is a political novel written with the purpose of warning readers in the West of the dangers of totalitarian government. Having witnessed firsthand the horrific lengths to which totalitarian governments in Spain and Russia would go in order to sustain and increase their power, Orwell designed 1984 to sound the alarm in Western nations still unsure about how to approach the rise of communism. In 1949, the Cold War had not yet escalated, many American intellectuals supported communism, and the state of diplomacy between democratic and communist nations was highly ambiguous.

          The Cold War already happened in MGS V. You’re argument is invalid. Big Boss isn’t a communist leader. You’re dense as fugq.

          • Venom Snake

            The Premise sounds a lot like Metal Gear 1, and Hideo took it as Inspiration, so it doesn’t have to bee 100% the same!

    • JGPliskin

      What artwork is it where you can see solid snake? Can you post a link to it?

      • Venom Snake

        Here, is from Game Informer!

        • FRANKASTER

          that’s art from the 20th anniversary poster

          • Venom Snake

            Exactly, hidden Combined with one of Phantom Pain artworks, the question is why would you put solid in a Phantom Pain artwork?

          • Cartmangus

            It was Game Informer that threw that together, combining various artworks from Mr Shankawa. The original Big Boss image from TPP has none of that in it.


          • Venom Snake

            I still don’t understand why Game Informer did feel the need to Hide Solid!

  • Zero

    Great Analysis, thank you 🙂

  • Venom Snake

    I’m not Raicst, but look at The Skin and hair, and you will see that This Kid!

    Is This Kid, not Chico, Chico is not Black!

    • Hm, did not notice the hair. Will change it, thanks.

      • Venom Snake

        You Welcome!

        • tayyare

          i guess he is drebin…!


      it may be chico’s body… but is not so decomposed.. it’s been almost 2 years since GZ was revealed and still no one has idea what the living hell shico has in his torso or how the thing ended up inside him or why… maybe here is boss trying to figure it out…. or somthing, chico might not been the only person in the world with a radio in his torso… so maybe is another kid with the same thing inside

      • Venom Snake

        Is not Chico, Chico is white!

      • Yaro

        Dude.. thats the child soldier.

  • flying_fox

    Thanks for this article !

    In the very fist scene, I think the corpses are children.

    And the soldiers who you say are training, I’d say they’re fighting pretty hard… Probably more than training.

    Eli’s jacket is really cool with the PIG BOSS logo. 🙂 Looks like he hates his father with a passion.

    Oh and as the others said, that kid is not Chico, that’s for sure. 😉

  • Fredy Carius

    My guess is Outer Heaven is created after BB join forces with Skull Face since both are after Cipher. Therefore the OH logo is a Skull (Skull Face + BB horn holes)

  • jgg

    Actually the diamonds that you collect are natural raw diamonds.

    The diamonds made with ashes are not used for the funding of mother base(maybe).

    The diamond dogs use diamonds as currency and payment.

    • jgg

      The diamonds made with ashes are memorial diamonds.

      • Venom Snake

        I think i understand why Snake Killed those people who were in Cages with diamonds from the Red Band E3 2013 Trailer!

        They stole them from Snake, and Snake punishes them, therefore he was called on that scene “Punished Snake”

        • Shadow Rex

          I agree with Nyxus here, I never thought he actually killed the child soldiers. Seems like an edit of two different scenes, if not he could be shooting the lock…not that, that really works haha.

          • jgg

            At first I thought the same. But in the scene where he exchanges diamonds with the cage people , he reloads his Galil.yu see.

        • jgg

          I think later in the game , diamond dogs or outer heaven will own African (blood) diamonds mines.

          • Shadow Rex

            Yeah I’m thinking the same.

        • No Place For Hayter

          Yeah but the kids are behind bars, in what looks like a mine, Big Boss doesn’t own the land or the mine so they can’t “steal” the diamonds from him, and even if they did the kids are slave labor, it’s not there fault, I also explained why it would be stupid to kill them in a reply to Nyxus, from a good or evil point of view killing them is simply a bad idea.

          • Venom Snake

            Don’t you get it, those Diamonds were Ex Diamond Dogs Members, and considering his mental state he took the Situation too Personal!

          • No Place For Hayter

            What I get from the scene is that the kids mined those diamonds on the spot, and showed them to Big Boss as a sort of “this is what we can do for you”, what you say makes sense if what you say were true, it just makes no sense as to why slave labor kids mining for diamonds would have the diamonds made from the corpses of Big Boss comrades, and it makes much more sense for it to be diamonds that the kids mined themselves, because there is no way the people running the camp would allow the kids to keep any diamonds.

          • jgg

            I think later in the game , diamond dogs or outer heaven will own African (blood) diamonds mines.

            maybe.its kojima after all.

      • The trailer doesn’t really specify this though. Snake says: “We’ll make diamonds from their ashes. Take them into battle with us.” And Kaz says: “A shining light, to our brothers in arms. Even in death.” It could also mean that the diamonds are used for their organization, so that the fallen soldiers can help Diamond Dogs even after death. ‘Take them into battle with us’ could also mean purchase weapons from it and taking those into battle. Creating a kind of cycle through which Diamond Dogs can survive. These are just theories, of course.

        • Venom Snake

          This Explains why he killed the African Childrens from the Last E3 2013 Trailer, they were his Soldeirs , and they stole them from his Pocket, so he Punishes them!

          • Actually I don’t think he killed those children, it’s probably just edited suggestively. Same thing as Snake ‘killing’ Eli in this trailer.

          • Venom Snake

            Or maybe he shoots at them and intentionally misses them, to teach them a lesson, since you see that his aim is all over The Place on That Scene!

            And the Scene with Eli, that never looked to me like he killed him, it looked like Big Boss C.Q.C. followed by Classic Knife stabbed on The Ground scene you have already seen in a lot of Movies and TV Series!

          • jgg

            At first I thought the same. But in the scene where he exchanges diamonds with the cage people , he reloads his Galil.

          • Shadow Rex

            Caaaaaaaggee Peeeeople, walks like children, fight like men, Caaaaaaaaaagge People.

          • jgg

            Its caged people.

          • No Place For Hayter

            Maybe he is reloads it because he just unloaded it into the guards who are watching the children, I explained in my post to Nyxus why it would be simply stupid to kill the children.

          • No Place For Hayter

            Yeah this, It would make no sense for Big Boss to kill either those children or Eli, I mean those children are a great source of labor, you just “freed” them, now they will work for you with gusto and for free, killing them is just stupid.

        • jgg

          its been confirmed. the collectible diamonds are natural raw afghan or African diamonds.

          • Who confirmed this? It has indeed been confirmed in one of the E3 previews that you can find raw diamonds in the game to be converted to GMP, but that doesn’t exclude that this can be done to fallen soldiers as well.

  • Venom Snake

    The Moment i Can’t wait to play in Phantom Pain is when Snake will find out that Skull Face is Responsible for Mother Base Destruction, and that he used him against Zero, manipulating him all the time “played him like a Damn Fiddle” and took advantage of The Fact Cipher was a Mutual Enemy!

    I think this is THAT Moment!

    • No Place For Hayter

      I would normally think of the term, “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” but that really does not apply to what Skull Face did to Big Boss.

      • Venom Snake

        No it does apply!

  • Patriot Infinity

    Judging by the other soldiers trying to hold the two that were ‘training’ in the rain back, I don’t think they were sparring. Looked a lot more like an actual fight. Later on when Boss grabs the soldiers hand that pulled out the knife, as if he’s trying to make an example of him for wanting to hurt a comrade. As in, “you want to hurt your own?” and then makes that soldier stab him. Or something like that.

  • Cardgage

    Do you think the shot of Big Boss covered in blood is supposed to make him look more specifically like an oni, referring to the “Project Ogre” codename? The tiger stripe camo reinforces the oni look even more.

    • Yes. A lot of things are meant to make him look demonic: the ‘horn’, the ‘tail’, the blood, the ashes. Also the way he is positioned in the scenes and how he spills blood everywhere while killing enemy soldiers.

    • Shadow Rex

      I’m not sure, I’m aware though that Kojima said awhile ago that Project Ogre was something else and that game journalists said he didn’t respond well when asked about Project Ogre as if it had been cancelled.

      • Shadow Rex

        Mind you I think this was closer to the announcement of GZ, maybe he was annoyed that people wanted to know more about Project Ogre than GZ.

      • Kojima did confirm Project Ogre is MGSV not long after last year’s E3. But maybe it did start as a separate project.

  • Raymondius

    Have you notice the images of the knives in the trailer? They always have a strange lensflare effect and I think this may be significant. What I think is that they are using the ashes of fallen comrades to make ‘memorial diamonds’ but not to use them as GMP or whatever, you can make just a little amount of diamond from corpses. They are using them to make knives to really take them iinto battle seeking revenge.

    • jgg

      That’s what I was saying.

      • Raymondius

        Sorry if someone said this whole diamond knives thing before, I’m writing from my phone and it took me 20 years to post what I wanted to say… :S

    • Shadow Rex

      I took it as a representation of fangs, in conjunction with the whole venom snake theme.

    • jgg

      They use African diamonds to use as gmhp. I think later in the game , diamond dogs or outer heaven will own African (blood) diamonds mines.

  • 合金装备

    I think Eli is liquid certainly.There are four Chinese characters ‘液体人间’ in his jacket. The meaning of 液体人间’ in English is ‘Liquid’

    • Yeah, this is one thing that is almost certain, it makes a lot of sense for him to be a young Liquid.

  • Neil Attard

    There is one thing people aren’t understanding. During this time Ocelot becomes known as Shalashaska and Big Boss is known as Saladin and NOT Venom Snake/Punished Snake. This means that there is another Snake.

    “I won’t scatter your sorrow to the heartless sea. I will always be with you” – doesn’t this remind you of something? Frank Jaeger speaking to Naomi after killing her parents in cold blood. Use your heads people..

    • Shadow Rex

      Do you think at this point Big Boss is still in a coma? and Kaz gets Frank to act as Big Boss? to fool the soldiers and keep the moral and the business afloat? and big boss wakes up and gets pissed and goes his own way? and teams up with skull face? because Kaz was working with Cipher and they now have a common enemy and… could be.

      • Venom Snake

        This is Big Boss, you can see it in his Eyes…i mean Eye!

        And yes, he does team up with Skull Face against Cipher since he doesn’t know that Skull Face destroyed him!

        • No Place For Hayter

          Isn’t Big Boss’s right eye only damaged and not lost? If I recall correctly he should still have both his eyes he just puts an eye patch on because for the most part his right eye is useless.

          I’m not questioning the term of “eye” you used, it is right term, because whether or not he has his right eye it is still covered with an patch so he can only see with his left “eye”, I’m just throwing this out there as a sort of question/confirmation about his right eye.

    • Venom Snake

      Maybe Venom Snake is The Casting Name, for “The Show”, for us The Players, when Saladin is The Plot Name!

    • Could you explain the connection between those words and Gray Fox?

  • Guest

    I think Eli is liquid certainly.There are four Chinese characters’液体人间’ in his jacket.The meaning of 液体人间’ in English is ‘Liquid’.

    • Venom Snake

      It says “Liquid People”

  • Venom Snake

    I Just hope that Kojima will let us play like Quiet with Fighting Mechanics Metal Gear Rising combined with Shooting with the sniper, if not in Story at least in The Side Missions!

    • RoderickThe13

      Kojima said she is the “main heroine” of the game, so it’s possible.

      • Venom Snake

        God, imagine playing as Snake Quiet and Ocelot, and Switching from Snake on Mission, to Ocelot at Mother base to defend it, at The Press of a Button like in GTA V!

        • Nekkedsnake

          Ever play Portable Ops? It was possible to take up to 4 ppl total on a mission and switch from Snake, a specific soldier, Eva, Ocelot, Major, Raikov, Sokolov, Gene, Cunningham, Python, Null, and even some Metal Gear Acid characters.

          • Venom Snake

            Yes, but i was talking about changing like in GTA V, that seamless transition!

  • Schmojima

    Very, very interesting, thank you so much!!

  • MrVux007

    Am i the only one who noticed the soldiers in the end of the trailer were bit of ? I mean the last guy seem to be not concerned/or not aware whats happening….its like they were being controlled (might be Psycho Mantis involvement) or something similar to SOP control


    • ObsessedGeorge

      It seems odd to me too. Maybe that’s why BB had to put them down.

      • Nekkedsnake

        Perhaps two scenarios:

        1. BB had to shoot these comrades because they were being controlled by Little Mantis…


        2. Little Mantis is messing with BB making him hallucinate therefore killing his mates…

        The second assumption is difficult to swallow cuz that last soldier looked as if he was. in a trance and didn’t seem to care for his Downed brothers.

    • Venom Snake

      I think they were controlled by Psycho Mantis, and maybe Big Boss too, maybe he Killed The ENTIRE Base under Psycho Mantis Hypnosis, and that’s why he is Full of Blood and Screaming!

      • disquser

        you’re a fucking moron. he’s not at the base, he’s on land there. and he can’t kill a base by himself, no matter how fucking badass he is. please stfu

        • MichaelPayneV

          Wow, easy here buddy “fu*ing moron” what have i done to you to give you the right to insult me?

    • RoderickThe13

      I noticed that too. I thought they were drugged at first, but being controlled by Psycho Mantis makes sense too, since they look like Mother Base soldiers.

  • LukesAlike

    Well done.


    I just wonder why Snake’s troops went “ORDER 66” on him… 1st theres the guy (you can see its a diamond dogs operative) targeting him with the laser, then at the end snakes shoots a group of 3 soldiers that were attacking him, then he shoots in the face a dude that was casually walking after that… then you get the soldiers literally killing their own… don’t know what the hell is going on in this trailer… then turns out that snake and skull face are best friends… I just hope this is the last “story trailer” before release and from now on kojima will just release the E3 gameplay demo and focus on MGO3 to divert attention from the story until the game is released… (unlike mgs3/4/pw/rising/gz because they literally spoiled everything a couple of weeks before release)

    • Cobra Commander

      I think you mean Directive 66:)
      Just watched Episode 3 the other day.

    • CrazyGuy207

      If you look closely at that one soldiers eyes they look, feminine. I think it’s Quiet in disguise.

    • Venom Snake

      Is The same Helicopter and Soldier from the Ground Zeroes Ending, so maybe is in his head!

  • Oscar Zulu

    Some thoughts:

    The knives used throughout the trailer are symbolic of snake fangs, dripping with venom. Snake used to hold back before the events of GZ, but now the fangs are out. Notice that the lens flare shining from the blades take on an orange hue when Snake directs it at himself.

    Eli’s jacket is worth noting. Remember the conch shell from the 2013 trailer? That, combined w/ “Pig Boss”, refers to “Lord of the Flies”, yet another novel (in addition to Moby-Dick and 1984) that inspires the game. There are parallels between LotF and MGSV. Also, “Never Be Game Over” can refer to Liquid saying “It’s not over yet!” It can also refer to Kojima’s mantra of “Game Without Game Over” in regards to MGSV.

    I’ve heard theories that the sound in the title sequence is that of a Geiger counter, and that it is also heard in the very beginning w/ the vulture.

    Keep in mind that Snake is completely unaware of the fact that Skull Face was behind the events of GZ. The 2013 trailer indicates that Snake and Kaz believe it was Cipher. In other words, Skull Face is still playing them like a damn fiddle, nine years after GZ. This is made easier by the fact that Skull Face shares a past with Snake and Zero, and that he too is going after Cipher. Seems like Paz’s info didn’t do him much good. But know this: once Snake finds out that it was Skull Face all along…Lord have mercy on his soul.

    That scene close to the end where Snake shoots the soldiers is very strange. Note how the last soldier he kills does not react at all to what just happened next to him. Was the soldier on drugs? A precursor to SOP? Or was he affected by something more supernatural? Psycho Mantis, perhaps? Also note that there are five bodies in total on the ground.

    There seems to be infighting in Diamond Dogs, as well. It’s not going to be a noble cause like MSF was. This is a darker, more cult-like mercenary group, which reminds me somewhat of Apocalypse Now. Snake inspires loyalty by smearing his face with the ashes of his comrades, yet instills fear when he covers his face in the blood of his enemies. The white of a skull and the red of a demon. His comrades will descend into madness with him. Of course, Ocelot has his own intentions as the “neutral” party. I’m sure Zero has him keeping an eye on Snake and influencing events from behind the scenes.

    And I’ve thinking: Snake’s “horn” seems to be deeply embedded into his skull. But we know he won’t have it by 1995, when Metal Gear takes place (if it isn’t retconned). Maybe it couldn’t be removed right away because it might damage the brain, and also because of the pressure from inside the skull. The scene where Snake roars could be taking place later on in the game. I say this because maybe the pressure from his skull will slowly push the horn out over the course of the game. This will make his horn longer, giving him a more demonic appearance as he descends further into Hell the longer the game goes on. By the time TPP ends, it might get pushed out completely. This occurrence may be accompanied by an event significant to the story.

    Diamonds will also play a very large role. Memorial diamonds can, in fact, be made from someone’s hair or ashes. And Snake seems to have a fondness for dogs, since he named both FOXHOUND and the Diamond Dogs. FOXHOUND should play a role in TPP, since multiple characters shown so far (Snake, Ocelot, Kaz, Eli) will be in it. Gray Fox and Naomi will have to appear, since Big Boss originally rescued them from the Mozambican Civil War during the 80s. The Angolan Civil War will play a part, too. And FOX, Cipher, the Patriots, XOF, Diamond Dogs, FOXHOUND, and Outer Heaven are all connected somehow.

    Note that Code Talker does not appear in this new trailer.

    Last thing: “Coming 1984”. This could just be Kojima screwing around, but it can also mean something. Could the release date be June 8th, when “1984” the novel first came out? May 24th, when Bowie’s Diamond Dogs was released? Or maybe the release date will be announced on August 9, 2014 (EU 9/8/14)? Or does it refer to September 18, 2014, the day Tokyo Game Show starts (US 9/18/14)?

    Regardless, the waiting is killing me. Sorry for such a long post.

    • Don’t be sorry. That was very interesting!

      • Oscar Zulu

        Thanks! Also forgot to mention that the Japanese letters on Eli’s jacket roughly means “Liquid Person/People”. And the knives from the trailer also refer to Lord of the Flies:

        “The knife symbolizes the boys’ infinite savagery and growing antagonism. In relation to Golding’s view of human nature, the knife is a symbol of evil, intimidation, control, violence and power; all qualities of a savage society. The symbolism of the knife is demonstrated by the actions of Jack, the chief of the savages. As Jack and the others begin to accept the dominating savagery, the knife is used as a weapon to show an endless source of power, control and intimidation through the negative connotation which the knife provokes.”

        And there is a contrast between the skull of MSF and the skull of Outer Heaven. The MSF skull was modeled after Pangaea, meaning that MSF was founded for the world, and served the world. Outer Heaven’s skull, on the other hand, is modeled after Big Boss’s own skull. Unlike MSF, Outer Heaven was founded for Big Boss and his selfish reasons. It’s for his own personal revenge.

        • Break

          Cool points there. The thing i thought about first in relation to the “Pig Boss” was actually “Animal Farm”, which is also by Orwell. Might be a point worth thinking about, too.

        • Good observations again. About the Pangaea thing, I have also taken that as symbolizing the ideology of ‘making the world one again’, as The Boss wanted. A world without borders, as a whole, like it was when all the continents were united in Pangaea.

          • Break

            That is literally what Kaz said about the logo in Peace Walker xD

          • Oh, it is? Well, that clears that up then. 😛

          • Liquidus Snake


          • Break

            One of the briefing/codec files in the game, forgot which one but it was one of Kaz’s.

    • Nekkedsnake

      Great post! About the elongated horn on Snake’s head in the desolate scene, my idea is that a huge battle just took place there and perhaps is the first instance BB gets “impaled” with “shrapnel” which looks like the horn. In other scenes of this e3 trailer the horn seems to get shorter, making me think it wears away over time. Tho I also like your take on it. I can’t wait to find out how it all plays out!

      On the 1984 thing, maybe it means January, 15, 2015. Again, I’m guessing so till we get a real release date it’s up for debate.

      • The thing is, he already has the horn in the hospital scene.

        • Nekkedsnake

          Nyxus, awesome article as well. I went back and watched the GDC 2013 trailer and demo again where the hospital scene occurs. I suppose you’re correct, tho it’s difficult to discern at some points due to BB’s bandage but I suppose the horn is there. It’s just way shorter, so yea, maybe it does get longer over time.

    • Anon

      Some very good stuff here that the article missed. But did Snake “name” Diamond Dogs? I mean as the article noted, seems like Miller’s “you see this? Diamond Dogs. Our new home” plays after his rescue. Snake also has Diamond Dogs on his uniform before the cremation scenes. Wouldn’t that suggest it was named and founded in Snake’s absence? Not to say he’s not fully embracing the name and taking it a little far lol…

      • Janeo

        Yeah it really seems like kaz created diamond dogs but then in the trailer snake is talking like he just came up with it. He already has the diamond dogs patch in the 2013 trailer so he wouldn’t create everything then find kaz, so seems like kaz created it and was the leader until snake comes back and he gives the leadership back to him

    • USPentudo .

      Maybe Venom Snake already knew who Skull Face truly are.
      In the end of the trailer Skull Face is using a eye pach, maybe Big Boss cut off his eyes for what he have done (but need his knowled about Cipher) or Cipher have cut off his eye for betrayl.
      So much to think with a few clues!

        • Nekkedsnake

          I was just gonna post this pic as well. Very Lone Ranger!

        • USPentudo .

          Its true! My bad.
          There is a few things i like to share:
          Horned Vipers exists:
          Cerastes is a genus of small, venomous vipers found in the deserts and semi-deserts of northern North Africa eastward through Arabia and Iran.[1][3] Three species are currently recognized by “ITIS” (Integrated Taxonomic Information System),[5] and an additional recently described species is recognized by the Reptile Database (wikipedia).
          That shrapnel in Snake’s head could have affects his frontal lobe, take a look in this scientific article:
          One of the most common effects of frontal damage can be a dramatic change in social behavior. A person’s personality can undergo significant changes after an injury to the frontal lobes, especially when both lobes are involved. There are some differences in the left versus right frontal lobes in this area. Left frontal damage usually manifests as pseudodepression and right frontal damage as pseudopsychopathic (Blumer and Benson, 1975).
          – this can explains the drastic changes of Snake’s personality.
          Disturbance of motor function is typically characterized by loss of fine movements and strength of the arms, hands and fingers (Kuypers, 1981). Complex chains of motor movement also seem to be controlled by the frontal lobes (Leonard et al., 1988). Patients with frontal lobe damage exhibit little spontaneous facial expression, which points to the role of the frontal lobes in facial expression (Kolb & Milner, 1981). Broca’s Aphasia, or difficulty in speaking, has been associated with frontal damage by Brown (1972).
          – Snake hardly speak and in the hospital scene he hardly moves.
          Also, that type of trauma causes memory loss.
          In the hospital scene, Snake wake up of his coma with his memories mess up (confirmed by Kojima).
          Thats all guys, sorry about my english grammar (it not my main language).

          • USPentudo .

            African’s Horned Viper

          • No Place For Hayter

            Big Boss being haunted by memories about stuff he is stilling trying to remember….. Man that sucks.

            About the brain damage, I personally think it would be kind of cheap to make any personality changes because of the brain damage, I mean losing MSF is enough for me to seek bloody and brutal revenge we don’t need a reasons such as “Big Boss is evil because of brain damage”, the brain damage thing would make sense but I personally would not like it very much.

          • USPentudo .

            I see your point.
            I do think is stupid Big Boss be bad because of brain damage.
            But could be one of the causes.
            Think about it, Kojima said he is more silent than before and is always in pain, of course the downfall of MSF is the main motivation, but Big Boss is less sociable and tolerant, maybe a very violent man who send children to war.
            Many questions, few clues! We need this game!

          • disquser

            the brain damage from shrapnel makes perfect sense. when the shrapnel leaves his skull finally, and he loses his demon horn, he’ll redeem himself and save the day, but likely sacrificing all humanity in the process

        • Ruby Ridge

          Does anyone else think that this mask could have something to do with facial reconstruction?

          If you look at Walter Yeo, one of the first recipients of plastic surgery, the similarity is uncanny.

          I’m struggling to find another purpose for this mask. Anyway, if this is indeed correct and Skullface is getting facial reconstruction, could he be retconned into a character that features in the timeline’s future? I mean, let’s not forget who Sigint became!

          • No Place For Hayter

            I don’t know, Skull Face seems pretty adamant about his face and the history and meaning behind it, I don’t think he would ever change it, Skull Face is a very dramatic and showy dude, maybe it is just part of his act, maybe Big Boss and Kaz have no idea Skull Face was behind the fall of MSF and he wears the mask to symbolize that even though he is on their side (maybe) he is still and unknown person and is still hiding who he truly is and what he has truly done. I don’t really know maybe it’s a trendy fashion in 1984, lol.

          • Ruby Ridge

            No, that’s a great point, I couldn’t see him trading off his ‘iconic’ appearance. I’m still searching for a good answer to the domino mask question…

          • No Place For Hayter

            Me too, :'( It’s the little things, like “why is he now wearing a domino mask?” that’s hard to get an answer to. Well to be honest it’s hard to get an answer to anything about MGSV-TPP until we play it, lol.

          • Yeah, and one of the soldiers in Ground Zeroes calls him a ‘costume party’ as it is. And another soldier (the one that is in Paz’ place in the side mission) calls him ‘just so… weird’.

          • No Place For Hayter

            OMG ANOTHER REPLY.

            Yeah, I forgot about Sigint, lol, that was funny, the whole cast of MGS3 was retconned into being the Patriots as well.

          • disquser

            sigint isn’t a stretch, your bullshit theory is however. also they fucked up yeo. his before face was better!

      • Theo Heisenberg Constantine

        in one of the chico tapes skullface reveals he and big boss go back a long way. so they both know each other or rather skullface knows/remembers big boss and big boss most likely forgot who he is.

        • USPentudo .

          Skull Face knows Big Boss, for sure!
          Maybe in the game we gonna see more about their relationship (rivals? Friends? War companions?).
          We know few things about Skull Face, but he is bad, thats for sure (look the way of he used Paz to kill BB) for him: “The end justifies the means”.

    • Otter11

      “The white of a skull and the red of a demon.”
      I like this line.

    • Charles Albert

      Hey, I have a short, simple theory about why the knives stand out so much in the trailer. I think I’m on to something =p

      The knives the Diamond Dogs in Phantom Pain use are diamond blade knives made from diamonds of fallen comrades.. They ‘turn the ashes into diamonds and take them to battle with them’ I’m sure some of these diamonds are used to make diamonds knives =P

      The whole knives isn’t all diamond obviously, just the edge.. that’s why they shine like that in the trailer, diamonds are shiny =)

    • beiboss29

      Very good analyzation. But about the soldiers in the latter part that big boss is killing they are clearly his men! Diamond dogs! The fact that they are just holding him before he shoots and the other one is just confused why bigboss is doing this he only tried to escape. I think ocelot/skull face manipulated BB to do this for them to build outer heaven from their own mens ashes.
      Im determined ocelot is in fact skull face, notice that he is always using a full covered red gloves? To hide his burnt skin.

    • disquser

      none of those things “inspired” the game, you morons. why don’t you actually read the books you’re talking about. they have nothing to do with the main narrative. he’s simply paying homage and putting thematic hints into the game.

  • Venom Snake

    Fun Fact:

    Venom Snake’s Prosthetic Arm is an Homage to Hellboy’s Rock Arm!

    • But isn’t it Zadornov’s arm? So then it was his arm that was a homage. Also, wonder if it still has the lighter under the index finger. 😛

      • Venom Snake

        Yes, but having a Red Prosthetic Arm along side a “Demon” Horn and a “Tail” the combination is pretty sure an homage to Hellboy!

        • Yes, Hellboy is a demon as well.

          • Venom Snake

            Yes, as Hell…i mean as Well (Pun intended)

      • Cobra Commander

        Zardornov’s was his right hand.
        It’s possible the tech is based on Zadornov’s hand though.

    • Invader_skoodge

      I’d like to think It’s an homage for this truly amazing person

      • Venom Snake

        This Amazing Person is not a Demon, i say is about Hellboy because of The combination, from the Horn to The Tale, and the Ponytail!

        • Invader_skoodge

          I was talking more so about the arm. The one Big Boss has, looks almost exactly like this one. And the thing that made me think of this guy is the had rotating at the wrist, because we found out that’s Big Boss’ new “wall knock”

  • Cobra Commander

    So the horn gets bigger?
    You ever stop to think that is the scene that implanted whatever shrapnel in his head?
    It looks as if an explosion went off. Afterwards the horn was cut down to not be so intrusive. (Maybe there was an option to remove the horn entirely, but BB wanted to keep it for a reminder)
    Or, Kojima may be linking BB grinding his horn to Hellboy grinding his horns down to look somewhat human.
    There is another check on the whole BB demon thing.

    • NakedSnake85

      the sharpnel exists in big boss ‘ head when hes awake from the nine year coma.. so no !

  • Nekkedsnake

    Just curious Nix, but why would Kojima’s staff object to this scene? Is it a plot or story decision which makes them Not want Kaz and BB literally inches away from each other? Is it a Japanese thing? Just wondering cuz this scene is one of the most powerful. This one scene shows that both these men have gone thru a lot together since the first time they meet, to their time time in PW and GZ, and now in TPP. I’m glad Kojima kept it.

    • Kojima only said his team ‘thought the distance was too close’. Not sure what their reason was for thinking this.

      • Venom Snake

        Everyone see what they want to see!

      • No Place For Hayter

        I think the reason why his team though that is because of a personal “comfort zone” I would not want someone that close to my face. But I agree with Kojima, Kaz and Big Boss have been through some serious crap so they are as close as friends can get so things like “personal comfort zone” tend to be smaller because you trust them more and are more comfortable around them

        • Yes, and also because this seems to be an intense moment (and probably right after Big Boss saved Kaz).

  • Cobra Commander

    Something I noticed on the Quiet scene.
    The person she is stabbing is the only one without a mask.
    I believe Quiet was rescued from Soviet occupied Afghanistan where she may have been tortured and possibly raped. The guy drowning her may have been responsible or played some part in hurting Quiet. BB maybe bring Quiet and her captor back to Motherbase separately not knowing what had transpired. Quiet sees him on base and attacks. This may be part of Quiet’s revenge quest.
    Also, the tanks an helicopters in the one scene are modeled after Russian units.
    It’s safe to assume that is part of a Soviet occupation force in Afghanistan.
    All we need is a “boom” bow and we got Rambo III.

    • Venom Snake

      I just hope that Snake won’t kill Quiet, that she will end up joining Diamond Dogs!

    • Invader_skoodge

      I think you should go back and watch the red band trailer. If anyone is doing any torturing is Diamond Dogs. Look at the first person getting tortured with electroshock by Ocelot and Miller. I think they have reasons to interrogate them, but she’s not giving any information hence the name Quiet. She has a big role in the story apart form just another recruit. Kojima was quoted saying that she’s “the main heroine” and won’t say if she’s “friend or foe”

  • Anon

    There’s jungle outside where Eli is and it appears to be a shipwreck. As others have mentioned, lots of Lord of the Flies references. It’s never been mentioned in the canon that Liquid spent time in Africa, but regardless the japanese on his jacket supposedly translates to “Liquid Body” so we were on the right track even though a lot of people thought it was Iraq.

  • Shalashaska

    Hello, Did you know that big boss in some parts use the MSF´s simbol in his uniform?

    • Yes, during the ceremony. But it’s hard to determine the chronology of all these scenes.

    • Venom Snake

      He has the MSF Symbol on his Right Shoulder, and the Diamond Dogs Symbol on his Left Shoulder.
      Exactly how he had the “Fox” Symbol on his Right shoulder in Peace Walker and Ground Zeroes.

      Looks like Right shoulder represent The Ex. Military Group, and The Left Shoulder represents The Current Military Group!

      Thanks to you just found something new about John, he keeps his Latest Ex Military Group on his Right shoulder, and he did lose his right Eye, which means that is “The Lost but not Forgotten Military Group”

      • Shalashaska

        Thank you for the comment. Also I guess that the solidiers killed by BB in the end, are members of Diamonds Dogs (maybe spies) because they uniforms are very similar to the DD army.

        • Venom Snake

          They are, but i don’t think they are spies, they act like they are being controlled by Psycho Mantis, they are just holding Snake and they act like Zombies!

  • Yaro

    I really think that Boss is originally resisting the revenge route…we even have some of that in GZ when Kaz confronts Paz. Its a normal thing in a heroes journey model. He’s refusing to engaged in the mission at the extent that Kaz wants him to… Seems like its not till the scene were we see the vulture that something happens that changes Boss opinion right in the cremation scene where he meditates about it.
    Those bodies that they are cremating I really doubt they are from the original base. 9 years have passed…. something else happened. Maybe something even worse.
    Another thing… get ready to loose youre new motherbase as well… he has to loose it somehow….Because he ends up with another base on Metal Gear 1.

    • Venom Snake

      And then we will have Metal Gear 1 Remake, but played “Like a Damn, Fiddle” no, FUKK, played trough John Perspective, and ultimately ending being Played like a damn Fiddle by Zero trough David!

  • Venom Snake

    You, Kojima, oh, you nasty mothafukka, only you could bring the Wall Knocking feature to a new level…and replace the actual Knocking Animation with “Jerking Off” Animation, only you Kojima, Only you!

    • No Place For Hayter

      His wrist spins while he is swinging it up and down >.> I don’t know what you think people do, but from what I know NORMAL people don’t spin their wrists in circles when “jerking off” <..> o.0

      (This post is a sarcastic joke and is not meant to be taken seriously, happy smiles 🙂

      • Venom Snake

        Is just how it looks like from far!

        And yes, i get The Joke!

  • David_dog

    I can do some japanese, and in japanese trailer snake says that “make the diamonds by using comrades` ashes”(仲間の灰でダイアモンドを創れ yeah, it`s almost same as english) so I think that it`s actual artifical diamond that made by human born. ( like this?)

  • Theo Heisenberg Constantine

    what ocelot does to huey isnt injecting him with anything he is using a cig to burn his neck you see ocelot twist and turn the cig on his neck.

    • No, look again, you can see him holding the syringe (the point gives off a lens flare like the knives in the trailer) and after that pushing his thumb down to inject the fluid into Huey’s neck.

      • Theo Heisenberg Constantine

        oh nyx always gotta be right. i just checked the trailer it was a syringe. i thought it was a cig oh well my bad at least one of us is paying attention 🙂

        • Don’t worry, there were plenty of mistakes in the article that people pointed out. 😉

  • No Place For Hayter

    I don’t know if anybody mentioned this, but I think the reason why Big Boss’s horn is larger in that scene is because that battleground/event is where Big Boss got the shrapnel impeded in his head, because I can’t think of any other reason as to why the shrapnel is much bigger and pointer in that scene. And with this logic is raises more questions, for example in that scene he already is wearing the diamond dogs outfit and already has his robotic arm, and this is very confusing because when Big Boss goes to rescue Miller he just got his arm and is still getting use to using it and he already has his horn by that time, so this means he got his arm either after his horn or at the same time, but from the one scene in the trailer we see the full horn/shrapnel piece on his head as if he just got it and he already has his arm, judging by the scene in the trailer we would assume that he got his horn after his arm and after forming diamond dogs, but that does not make sense with the timeline of events. I have no idea why his horn is the full shrapnel piece is that trailer scene, I mean if it was coming out of his head he would be dead, because looking at the size of the horn if most of that was inside his head he would have lost most of his brain and be dead. To sum up, that one scene in the trailer has shattered my timeline and I have no idea how to fix it, because what I have here is a conundrum of “What came first, the arm or the horn?” and when did these events happen that caused these injuries and when exactly is diamond dogs formed? Because Ground Zeroes didn’t even give us the crash of the helicopter we can only assume so much, for example, from what we have seen in trailers Big Boss goes into the coma without the horn (we don’t know if he loses his arm from the crash because we can’t see his arm.) but he comes out of the coma with a horn and a missing arm, so I have no real idea of what happens, maybe he has two comas? maybe something happens to him while he is in a coma that gives him the horn? This most recent trailer really has blown to bits what little understanding of the timeline and events I knew of MGSV-TPP.

    • Yeah, it’s confusing. Also because he seems to have the horn in the hospital scene, but not the cybernetic arm. Kojima did say there is only one coma, though.

    • Raynes

      Errr or maybe he didn’t get that shrapnel injury in that scene but before. Great example of how a fan can make something out of nothing from assumption.

      • No Place For Hayter

        If he got it before though why is it bigger in that scene?

        Also it’s discussion and investigation, not taking nothing and making assumptions, don’t put down my thoughts because you think otherwise 🙁 I didn’t overblow it with an assumption about the idea that he got the shrapnel at that scene I was merely questioning the fact that is was more pointy and longer than we have seen it in the past, my comment was an insightful and questioning comment about the nature of his horn and when it comes into play and why it is bigger in that scene, my comment wasn’t some over bloated assumption about what I thought was right.

    • Venom Snake

      Don’t you think that maybe The Body will start Rejecting it, and so it will seem longer when is actually ready to fall of?

    • Marxal

      Pretty much had the same thoughts after watching the trailer a few times but not a lot of other people have picked up on the same thing. But if it is true then it really does shatter most of our understanding of the timeline so far.

      Is it certain he actually has the shrapnel during the hospital escape though? The bandage appears to wrap over the shrapnel but we can’t be sure that it’s actually there, right? If it’s not there then Boss must have some kind of mission before picking up Kaz?

      Anyway, here’s a picture comparison for the shrapnel, it appears to be filed or chipped down in all the other instances. But it also looks different from the E3 trailer (and hugely different from the GDC trailer) but that’s most likely changes in graphics over the development time.

      • No Place For Hayter

        Yeah, one thing that will always mess with us is when something changes in development and is just only a change and actually means nothing, but we see it as something because are using every source of information we have including trailers that possibly have outdated assets and ideas that have since been changed.

        Nice comparison picture, it really helps to be able to see his horn from all the places we have seen it so far.

  • Kol Leqejza

    what ocelot injects huey is probably a truth serum i’d say.

    • Ruby Ridge

      Yes, it was a big hint that as soon as it’s injected, Huey’s face seems to relax. A so-called ‘truth serum’ like thiopental or sodium pentathol works like a sedative and makes you act drunk:

      • No Place For Hayter

        Yeah this.

    • No Place For Hayter

      Kind of a cheesy name, but put simply, Yeah something like that, many drugs can put you into all sorts of stats in which getting information from you would be easier.

    • CrazyGuy207

      Maybe it’s sodium penathol?

  • NakedSnake85

    IMO Venom snake is not Big Boss 😉

    • Who else would he be, you think?

  • Guest

    Did anyone else think this could possibly be Quiet?

    • No Place For Hayter

      Possible, it would be nice to have her on our side, and not in her bikini.

    • Venom Snake

      An Illusion of The Boss perhaps!

    • Shadow Rex

      Yeah it was my thought also when I watched the trailer. I got a feeling Quiet is an agent who infiltrates Mother Base, hence the interrogation and what appears to me as an escape in the new TPP trailer. Illusion of The Boss is also a cool idea.

    • No Place For Hayter

      Possible it would be nice to have her on our side, and not in her bikini. (I’m having Deva Vu here.)

    • Venom Snake

      I think is Lori Alan aka The Boss

      You can see the The Same Helicopter with The Same Soldier staying in The Same position ready to shoot in Ground Zeroes Ending as Well, so i think is not real, but Big Boss feeling responsible for Killing her!

      • ShogunTake

        That’s a nice thought and may seem plausible but to me if they were to have a Boss cameo/hallucination I’m certain they’d be very up front with it instead of keeping her under a mask.

        • Venom Snake

          What tells you that we will never see this character without The Mask?

          I think is a hallucination, and later on as a hallucination she will get of the mask and, voila, The Boss!

          • ShogunTake

            In my opinion if it were a hallucination they wouldn’t show her with a mask because keeping her as a secret like that would seem a lot more appropriate if she turned out to be real?

            Like “Oh look there’s a mystery character, it could be The Boss!” To “Oh it is The Boss!” and then to “Oh she was just a hallucination”. I don’t know it just seems like to much to me, but who knows lol

    • disquser

      how could it be either quiet or the boss? it’s clearly a man. you fucking idiots can stop posting theories now. we don’t need your low iq analyses

  • Briiiiiiiiiiiian

    I’ve been watching some of the older trailers and a few things crossed my mind.

    So we know that at the end of Ground Zeroes, the medic (Ishmael?) is voiced by Sutherland but is pitched down, they also go to great lengths to obscure his face.

    Also, in the first trailer for The Phantom Pain, the character with their head wrapped in bandages is clearly voiced by Sutherland land also (“On your feet soldier”)

    And then at the beginning of Ground Zeroes there is the line “From Fox, two phantoms were born”

    The events at the end of Ground Zeros and possibly other events in The Phantom Pain are clearly a catalyst for Big Boss’ transformation, but who is the other phantom? Does the character on the chopper/in the hospital scene in The Phantom Pain play a larger part, especially seeing as the character is voiced by Sutherland or is Kojima merely toying with us?

    • No Place For Hayter

      Yet another puzzle piece which we have no idea what to do with, we don’t even know what the puzzle looks like or how many puzzles there are, lol.

      • Briiiiiiiiiiiian

        Hopefully we won’t have to wait too long to get our hands on the puzzle. Do we know what size the development team is? I have a feeling that a year might not be enough to get a game with this kind of scope finished.

        • No Place For Hayter

          Don’t forget how long the game has been in development for, though in all honesty I have no idea when to expect the game.

          • Don’t count on this year. Somewhere in 2015, probably.

          • No Place For Hayter

            Always worth the wait 🙂

          • Briiiiiiiiiiiian

            Definitely next year at the earliest. I’ve been watching the original Phantom Pain trailer a bit, trying to glean some other information. Part of me really wants that game also, the game that isn’t a metal gear sequel, but rather, a full game centred around that sense of dread and paranoia. I’ll settle for the fact that that sequence will be in The Phantom Pain when I finally get my grubby hands on it.

          • Venom Snake

            I hope for June 2015!

        • Venom Snake

          The Game is in Development since short after Metal Gear Solid 4, 2009 i remember. so it is in development from 5 years already, and The Only Games that usually get this Development time are the GTA Games!

    • Venom Snake

      The other Phantom is Skull Face, both Snake And Skull Face they both “Raised” from FOX, Born, and now they are against Zero/Cipher!

      Snake represents The Horn and Tail of The Demon and Skull Face The Skull of The Demon!

      And Yes, The Medic realizes that Snake has amnesia, so he uses a Nickname to earn The Trust of a Man who doesn’t know him, so he comes with “Ishmael”

      I think the Medic is related to Big Boss, maybe his brother, who knows, we never had info about his parents and is he ever had a Brother, THE HELL we don’t have his Family Name, only his birth name, John!

      • Briiiiiiiiiiiian

        You’re probably right about the identity of the two phantoms, but there is definitely more to that medic character, I don’t think it’s just a red herring.

        I’d forgotten how long the game has been in development for, was it definitely in development as The Phantom Pain?
        I had the impression for awhile that it was a vague project being developed alongside the Fox engine and eventually took shape as a MGS sequel but I hope I’m mistaken. It makes a release date sometime next year all the more possible.
        I guess I’m still a little worried because MGS4 was originally announced in 2005 and wasn’t released until 2008. Really hope we don’t have to wait that long for MGSV

        • Venom Snake

          There had already pass 2 years since MGSV Reveal, so i think that we will get it on June 8 2015 (don’t ask me how i can to this date, just remember it when the game comes out to tell me if i was wrong or not)

  • Ruby Ridge

    Here’s an idea – what if the horn is a gameplay feature? What if it corresponds to a morality statistic?
    If you play Snake as a good boy, saving POWs, etc the horn will get shorter – if Snake’s a bad boy, undertaking massacres and enslaving children, the horn will grow to reflect his evil.

    I hope not – but it’s possible, and it’s certainly not without precedent.

    • Venom Snake

      I appreciate the effort put in to this Theory, but i don’t think so, i think Trough the Campaign Body will start Ejecting The Horn until it falls Down, and during that it will look more longer and make Snake look like a Demon, and when The Horn Drops, to be a Revelation Moment, to be The Moment when Snake will remember everything and start putting thing together, that will be the Moment of “S has come to”

  • No Place For Hayter

    This is my favorite kind of article, an article where the community can get down into the details and have endless discussions what we have actually seen and what we can make from it.

    • Exactly, very nice to see a lot of discussion here! It can lead to more insights when people work together to dissect something.

  • Janeo

    So is big boss replacing his fox symbol with his msf symbol I really like that but I will miss seeing the fox logo on his arm

  • FoxTamerMGO

    What would make it perfect for SkullFace/BigBoss alliance is if when skull face threatened huey by killing strange love to get info out of him about mother base, skull face threatened him as if he were “Zero” , so when Big Boss interrogate Huey later on in TPP, Huey tells Big Boss that “Zero” is who he gave the info to. Therefore cause the destruction of mother base. 🙂

  • CrazyGuy207

    There’s about 200 comments here, so I’m not sure if it’s been said, but maybe Big Boss didn’t kill that one guy and free those African kids. Maybe he BOUGHT them.

    • Venom Snake

      That won’t be a Challenge at all

      I think the mission is to Kill that 1 Guy Silent and Rescue the Children’s, while they are guarding The Place and ready to shoot you, and the challenge, Moral Challenge to not kill them, to be stealthy and not guns Blazing!

      • Jason Mounce

        I’d see it as a possible point being that he cannot be compromised and they refuse to join him, refuse to be rescued and be brought to Mother Base so he silences them. If he left them there, he likely thinks they’d only be found and killed by Skullface or XOF soon-after he leaves.

        Maybe :l Many potential variables…

        • Venom Snake

          Reminder: Big Boss doesn’t know Skull Face, he doesn’t know that he destroyed MSF, maybe not even Huye met him, maybe he met one of his informants, and Snake will find out at The End of The Game that Skull Face is The Mothafukka!

          • Jason Mounce

            That is a presumption.

            You only presume he doesn’t know Skullface because he’s not going at his throat at the scene that we see them together. It is merely theorized that they’re with eachother because he does not know what he did. Doesn’t mean that he never for instance, found him, didn’t kill him but listened to what he had to say and infact agreed with him and decided to side with him because he too wanted to side with him to find Zero because the two of them working together for a common cause would bring better results. I doubt Big Boss, if he wanted Zero dead, would kill Skullface, being one of the only people who has connections and the drive like him to kill him.

            Likewise. Soldiers of Mother Base may begin disliking Big Bosses’ approach if this becomes visible because he decides not to kill Skullface and perhaps the soldiers instead want him dead for what they did to their brethren.

            ORRR….Skullface is throwing the blame all on Zero and that it was he who attacked MSF. However, I find this least likely because we have to probably keep in mind that any tape we find in Ground Zeroes? The information on it probably is information that Big Boss then Knows himself. Such as, the torture tapes? . . . . Big Boss HAS all the tapes. Skullface basically GAVE the tapes to Big Boss as Chicos’ Journals as a souvenir. He knows. Though he never saw what Skullface looks like, nor did he give his name to Big Boss, he am sure can comprehend that Skullfaces’ voice isn’t Zeros voice over the cassette tapes. If Big Boss met him, hears him in-person and doesn’t identify that the guy on the tapes who tortures Chico and Paz is the same guy he’s talking to? He’s an idiot! He would have to put the two together…

            THAAAAAAAT and he did say cryptically that he Knows Big Boss or that he has history with him….so perhaps, he and him are infact in some ways, pals, who can see eye-to-eye….I could see it being the reason why Kaz begins hating Big Boss at the end, he continues his quest for revenge even when Miller has had his fill and he goes with Skullface to continue hunting Zero. By the end of the game, Big Boss will find the location of Zero, but not have an army anymore to go against him since….you know, Solid Snake screws him over and then he’s put into a vegetated state before he can act which is why by the end of MGS4 when the AI is completely down, he is able to just directly go right to Zero where he’s always been and just steal him and take him out on a stroll. He knows where he is probably thanks to Skullface, just never can act on it because his AI and networks made it impossible without having an army to infact attack and get to him – which is then why he is a villain in the game and wants pose as a threat because he’s trying to engage in attacking the U.S.(?) with his army as a means of getting to Zero. Which is then why Zero sends Solid to stop him because he knows Big Boss is planning it, and Big Boss can’t ‘Sneak’ in Zeroes’ domains undetected without being compromised or failing the mission.

          • Venom Snake

            But Snake will never forgive Skull Face!

            But yeah, you are pretty much right

  • zack

    So, to all you guys who think there’s some kind of body double thing going on with Big Boss: why do you think that? Bad graphics on shadows and eye color that changes under different lighting conditions aren’t really evidence of anything, and I haven’t heard a single convincing argument in favor of this theory, but I see people talking about it everywhere. Totally don’t get it. Do you really think Kojima would do the same twist twice? Why would he have us play a different character in what’s supposed to be the definitive chapter in Big Boss’s story?

    • Venom Snake

      He is Big Boss, there are no 2 Snakes, but i still don’t understand The Hair Shadow, because if you loo is not a Glitch, but is rendering a Shorter Hair, like the one from The Medic!

      Maybe is just Kojima messing with us to see what kind of theories we make!

    • Jason Mounce

      Just as Raiden was kept a secret til the last moment for MGS2, I’ll keep believing that Gray Fox being a body-double whilst Snakes’ in a coma is possible.

      Think about it. Grey Fox is a MASSIVELY important character in the universe and we have not ONCE. IN ANY WAY. Seen him in trailers, nor mentioned. He is A KEY….BLOODY CHARACTER in this timeline. Solid Snake and Grey Fox together are both shrouded in complete mystery and lack of information, this cannot be coincidence. Solid Snake will likely be a later-reveal that will not be known until people beat the game or play 3/4 through…but Gray Fox was Big Bosses’ most TRUSTED LIEUTENANT. He can’t just become The most trusted alongside Kaz without doing something short of extraordinary for BB.

  • Venom Snake

    Good Buddies!

    • PrinceHeir

      How do you carry soldiers on trucks X__X

      • Venom Snake

        That is not a Soldier, calling him a Soldier is an understatement and an insult

        This Is Hide Himself!

        Serious: How, you pick them up and push the button that tells you put then on the Right Drive seat!

        • PrinceHeir

          I’m talking about soldiers in general.

          And i know that VIP guy is Hide”o” Kojima >__>

          Sometimes i actually go to big trucks(the ones you can get on to) and they won’t even let me put the soldiers on the back.

          I also hope they put the ability to turn off the lights of the truck(R3) and also honking(L3)

          Come on Kojima Productions this is basic driving stuff 😛

          • Venom Snake

            They did took feedback and added things like Containers and Defending Your mother base, so i guess this is one of the improvements as well!

          • tomtom56789

            You press right on the d pad to turn off the lights.
            Just like you do when holding a gun up.

  • Venom Snake

    This Soldier looks like a Woman, but has a Manly Body, so i think is non other than “a Hallucination of” The Boss!

    And what moment does Snake will remember his entire life of The Boss?

    Plus, Lori Alan has confirmed that she is working on The Phantom Pain!

    • No Place For Hayter

      You are a theory o-holic, lol. I tend to roll my eyes at theories I see but it is cool to have people throw out ideas and to see where they go.

      • Venom Snake

        That is Definitely a Woman, and her Body structure is Joy’s Body!

        But yeah, is just a theory after all

        • No Place For Hayter

          Agreed that it is a woman, I would be worried if Diamond Dogs was recruiting men with that structure……… though they are recruiting child soldiers, I still think it is a woman though.

          • Venom Snake

            Considering Big Boss Current Mental Statem from seeing Volgin to a flying wale, i’m pretty sure that is a Woman and a Hallucination of The Boss!

  • Venom Snake

    I would Kill for this…if it has a better design, of course!

    • ShogunTake

      That’s a well done piece, the companion is a good idea as well. Heck, thinking about it now I’m surprised none of the characters affiliated with FOXHOUND, Diamond Dogs or even FOX have had their own dog by their side. I mean how badass would it have been if Liquid had some genome Husky or Sniper Wolf with well, a genome wolf lol I know Solid was close with his own huskies but obviously we don’t see any of them.

      One minor gripe about the artwork though, I feel like we’ve greatly overused the eyepatch shtick though.

      • Venom Snake

        about the eyepatch, yes, that’s why i said “if it has better design” is just out of place to me, and to me The Boss suit would be something like she had in Snake Eater at the beginning, and the Bandanna, it was her Bandanna after all!


    The theme song doesn’t really fit the title for MGS V TPP, i just that this theme won’t be showing up in the main game for real….

    • No Place For Hayter

      I personally think it fits Big Boss’s character perfectly, and it is a licensed song so you want be seeing it in the game.


    could the game be coming out at 9.8.2014 lol
    its fun to think about it, sometime near the Tokyo Game Show

  • ShogunTake

    I have somewhat of a thought, but I haven’t fully thought it through yet but anyway;

    Those knife scenes in the trailer look oddly specific, I’m certain the shine effects are deliberate instead of just ‘for show’ and I’ve already seen someone here state that orange could be when they’re directed at himself, blue for otherwise.

    I remember Kojima saying awhile back that it’s possible to determine deaths of certain characters yourself so I’m think that what if the shine effect was some sort quicktime trigger? The scenes looked like quicktime events in how everything slows down and the large prompt fills the screen, maybe the buttons are sorted 50/50 instead of individual buttons represented by their color accordingly.

    This isn’t what I actually think it is but it’s just a thought, likely extremely far fetched but hey there’s nothing wrong with that lol

  • WilmaGColeman

    The bird we’re seeing looks like a Lappet-faced vulture, indigenous to Africa, but they can also be found in other parts of the world, including Afghanistan.

  • Coming 1984

    I kinda wish kojima would throw us a mission from phantom pain as a downloadable dlc for those of us who bought GZ jus to help us with the wait. Would be nice 😀

  • Hellrasinbrasin

    YongYea’s Trailer Review is up.

    • ShogunTake

      About damn time! >:)

    • Venom Snake

      Wow, he wasn’t joking when he said that the Review had become 10 Pages long!

  • Project Siren
    • ShogunTake

      Then that’s the most intense smile I’ve ever seen

  • BigBoss_88

    Thanks for the article :D, was great reading. I wanna add some of my own thoughs:
    The soldiers fighting each other at Mother Base, I don’t think they are training CQC. Looks more like they really wanna kill each other for some reason and then the guy pulls out a knife to finish. But Big Boss jumps in and makes him stop the madness by stabbing himself, like a badass boss he is.

    I actually now just realized, that the long trench jacket that Kaz is wearing here looks to be really similar to the one Big Boss wears in wiki pictures and MGS4 ending cinematic.

    At the ending scene where Big Boss kills those 5 guys, it makes me wonder about something. He shoots the 3 guys and the last guy seems to be just walking next to him like mindless zombie. He didn’t even see Big boss or try to dodge the shot.
    1. So what if Mantis is controlling the soldiers and tries to control maybe Snake too, but he manages somehow to break out from it and shoots them to end their suffering.
    2. Or then he’s gone insane to kill own comrades.
    3. Or then he’s abandoning friendship with Kaz and tries to leave Mother Base to achieve own goals with Skull Face. He is chasing Zero after all so maybe it plays some part in it. Then the soldiers are trying to stop him. Those who are willing to follow Big Boss will join him, then this might lead to the scene where the other chopper laser-sight guy is about to shoot him from the 2nd chopper, ordered by Kaz.

  • Project Siren

    I think everything behind The Phantom Pain is Sorrow! Just think about it.

  • Guest

    I think everything behind The Phantom Pain is The Sorrow! Just think about it!

  • Project Siren

    I think everything behind The Phantom Pain is The Sorrow!! Just think about it.

  • Icarus

    Release date 9.8.14????

    • Venom Snake

      June 8 2015 seems most likely!

  • Guest

    Coming to 1984 is most likely a reference to George Orwell’s book.

    Hideo has talked about it before saying that the novel is going to be one of the themes as well.

    • Venom Snake

      Didn’t knew that, only knew that The book is 80% Metal Gear 1 and that The Cover is Identical to The End shot of The Trailer!

      So June 8 2015 Confirmed!

  • Venom Snake

    This time the Physique of our Metal Gear resembles a Dog instead of a T-Rex, from little things like Close eyes and Small Scale, to siginficant things like The Thinner Legs and “Mouth” of this Metal Gear being Longer and thinner then Rex, kinda like The Rhodesian Ridgeback Dog, The same Dog from “Diamond Dogs” Logo!

    My Theory: This Metal Gear will be called “Metal Gear Rhodesian” or “Metal Gear Ridgeback”

  • CrazyGuy207

    I hope we see some female soliders (other than Quiet) on the base because it’s starting to look like a sausage fest.

    • Venom Snake

      In peace Walker you had Cecile, Strangelove and Amanda, so i think there will be!

      PS: I can expect now Big Boss Kaz and Ocelot to torture Strangelove in front of Huye to split it out, oh man, that would be fukked up!

      • CrazyGuy207

        Not just them, just female soldiers in general. Also if one of Yong’s theories are true, Huey probably let Skullface onto the base because XOF may have Strangelove prisoner.

        • Venom Snake

          Almost forgot, there were female soldiers in MSF, you did recruited Females during missions, and then play side mission with them if you wanted to!

          And yeah, forgot about the Analysis of Yong, that’s for reminding me about it

  • Venom Snake

    Hideo, make Big Boss hair more Greyish, i mean he is 49 for fukk sake, and he looks like 40, just add Gray in his Hair Texture, that’s all!

  • i’m late again! well, only thing i want to point out (and i don’t know if it has already been said) is about how BB gets horny, when we see BB on his knees screaming it looks like the horn is bigger than we have seen before, and it also looks like he is in an accident zone, at first i thought about mother base being attacked again, but then i realised that some palm trees are visible on the upper left side, so it can’t be that (unless we have palm tree fulton recovery) so i’m guessing that he gets this thing stuck on his head in this scene and later he tries to get it out only to realise that removing it is dangerous to his brain so he only gets this “horn” cut a bit.

    also at the same moment but just a second before, the horn looks a bit clear, that and the whole “diamonds out of soldiers” thing makes me believe that what BB got on his head might be some kind of diamond, as nyxus points in this post, i think that maybe BB was working on something related to diamonds and then got under attack, thus getting this piece of diamond on his head because of a explosion. Though this maybe doesn’t make much sense for continuity because when he is about to throw the ashes (at mother base) he already has the horn…

  • Alejandro Aravena Cuevas

    OFF-TOPIC sorry
    as is this edition? worth it?

    • Never seen that one before. What kind if edition is it? And what does it cost?

  • PrinceHeir

    I’m just gonna copy here on what i wrote during the leak trailer

    “Skull Face isn’t a bad guy. He just wants to kill Zero since something happened between them as evidence in the ending of Ground Zeroes.

    Maybe Zero double crossed Skull-Face and went to Big Boss side as part of his own revenge.

    Skull Face may have destroyed Mother Base in order to fool Zero into thinking he’s loyal to him(as evidence that he takes orders through a proxy).

    Don’t you find it weird when Snake was about to kill the last soldier, the soldier just went up and walk away without defending himself???

    It could be Psycho Mantis or some other Psychic mind controlling the soldiers into subduing him.

    And wow Metal Gear Zeke being rebuild to something like Rex. I have a feeling since Metal Gear Zeke may as well be the first official Metal Gear made(Portable Ops is probablt retconed now), they might model Metal Gear TX-22 and Metal Gear D into something similar as well in the eventual remakes.

    in any case it seems everyone has their own version of “Revenge” Skull Face Revenge against Zero, Miller’s Revenge against Skull Face and possible Cipher, Chico’s Revenge for Paz, Snake’s Revenge against Cipher/Zero for killing those soldiers and tainting The Boss legacy.”

    Btw he’s no longer Punished Snake? I actually like Venom Snake more since he’s on it’s way to becoming the Big Boss we know from the first two MSX games ^^

    • PrinceHeir

      For those who think MGSV will be the last game.

      Do remember that Kojima-san said early this year that he is already thinking about the next theme for the next MGS game after Phantom Pain and it might be different from this one.

      Already predicted this seeing as they made Fox Engine for next gen MGS games.

      I do hope they keep the open world or at least the huge customization Peace Walker and MGSV have introduce.

      It would be a waste if they throw all of that out of the window.

      And finally, i hope to see more Konami games in this engine. I don’t want this to be for MGS games only.

      Want my Zone of the Enders 3 in this engine!!!

  • Cartmangus

    Christ, almost 300 comments on one article, you’re growing a nice community here, Nyx.

    • Yeah, pretty crazy. Great to see!

  • Not for Justice

    I would love it if BB was able to do the 5-hit combo takedown but with his knife. It would be so cool hackin em down. If someone knows how to contact kojima station I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.

  • Dreezy

    All this (as well as the comments) are an excellent analysis of the trailer.

    haha I feel a bit more educated.

  • disquser

    you idiots. the ash diamonds are infused into their blades, which all soldiers carry into battle with them.

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