Exclusive Metal Gear Solid Comic bundle to be sold at Comic-Con

Aside from an exclusive bronze colored Venom Snake action figure shown off by Hideo Kojima on his Twitter, Metal Gear collectors will be able to get their hands on yet another exclusive item at San Diego Comic Con this year. IDW Publishing is selling a special release of the Metal Gear Solid comics by Ashley Wood and Kris Oprisko (among others).

The book, called the Metal Gear Solid Deluxe HC CONVENTION EDITION 2014, will feature all the 25 previously released comics bundled together, resulting in over 600 pages and an exclusive front an back cover.


This release of the book will only be sold at the IDW Booth (2643) during San Diego Comic-Con 2014, for a price of $75. Check below for the full description.



This item is strictly limited to 3 per household/customer. All orders will be reviewed. Any orders suspected to be in violation of this policy will be cancelled and released for sale at IDW’s discretion.


This item is ONLY available for pick up from the IDW Booth (2643) during the 2014 San Diego Comic-Con. You must bring a print out of your order along with a valid ID matching your customer name, IDW will not release your toy otherwise. SHIPPING IS NOT AVAILABLE.

International video game sensation METAL GEAR SOLID provided 25 issues of pulse-pounding, intrigue-weaving, universe-expanding action from celebrated artists Ashley Wood and Rufus Dayglo, and now the entire series is available in this one oversized collection!

Get your convention exclusive copy, with front and back cover artwork by Ashley Wood!

In addition, Amazon is selling a separate ‘Deluxe Edition’ as well for around $50.


Source: IDW Shop, via TheSnakeSoup, MGS.be

  • Machine Gun Kid

    Ok so my comment has nothing to do with this article but i just wanted to inform everyone that Venom snake may very well be a playable character in the upcomeing Mortal Kombat X game. I just came across this theory. It could be true because awhile back Keifer Sutherland announced that he was involved in Mortal Kombat X somehow. So the theory is out now that Venom Snake might be a character in MKX. Which would be awsome if true.

    • ObsessedGeorge

      Now that you mention it, yeah, it seems very likely. I remember that he was working on the new Mortal Kombat.

    • Golgari

      I think not. He is probably voiced a character from Mortal Kombat AKA another agreement with that studio to voice a new character with Kiefer Sutherland’s voice.

      Kiefer sutherland is a voice of Snake but he is not exclusive to Konami/KojiPro just like Troy Baker that makes a voice of Ocelot and the voice for other games like CoD:AW and other games.

    • Janeo

      Well I hope not if snake is going to be a character in anything I would want it to be super smash brothers, I know there is close to zero chance of that happening but I still hold out a tiny bit of hope. Look at brawl snake was in that even though the same year mgs4 released as a ps3 exclusive so I’m not giving up completely, I know kojima said he wasn’t working on the game but he did give permission for them to use snake so hopefully they just put solid snake in again. I know it won’t happen but a guy can hope.

      • Solid Snakes Revenge

        I’ve been hearing rumors that snake might sneak into the lineup for smash. Hopefully it happens

    • RoderickThe13

      I can’t imagine that, but who knows.

  • Janeo

    I have never read any metal gear comics are they original stories or just based on the games

    • Josh Houchin

      They are based on MGS1 & Sons of Liberty. The artwork is excellent, and both adaptations change certain aspects of the story to make it more logical and less video game-y (for example, Snake doesn’t have to backtrack to the furnace & cold storage areas to change the PAL key). You should check them out! Ashley Wood’s artwork is great!

  • Nekkedsnake


  • PrinceHeir

    I have the comic and it’s awesome 😀

    But you already have the Omnibus edition as well as the the videos from MGS The Legacy Collection since it’s pretty the same thing, but with voices.

    They changed how Pyscho Mantis fought Solid Snake, Wolf’s Death, and so on.

    Though i do love Ashley’s art, I want this edition just for collection 🙂

    Ashley also did Portable Ops art and a guest artist for Peace Walker(Shinkawa drew all of that)

  • USPentudo .
  • Want!

  • jatin

    I have a rumor on the Geiger counter.I think at the beginning of tpp we will be shown les enfants terribles and bb gets a radiation in his arm so they amputate it.

  • jatin

    I have a theory about the diamond dogs meaning.
    1 dogs of war who do unsavory works with their pride
    2 dogs of war who use their past(dead comrades) into diamonds as a code of honor
    3 dogs of war who use diamonds to fuel war
    4 dogs of war who are so skilled that they use diamonds as reward and currency
    5 dogs of war who got to any height with pride and skill to achieve revenge

  • Omid Darakeh

    Report: Entire Plot For Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Leaks [SPOILERS]

    Kenichiro Imaizumi, senior producer at Kojima Productions, has confirmed with GameSpot that the leak is false.

    • Invader_skoodge

      If it’s true, I guess they scrapped CODETALKER from the game because he wasn’t mentioned once in that post. If false, It’s a good read even if it’s a fandom story.

      • No Place For Hayter

        I sure hope it’s fake, Big Boss is supposed to develop into an evil guy not a retarded one.

        I mean There are SO many things wrong with the leaked plot it isn’t even funny, but like I said Big Boss wants to nuke the world and lower the population to reduce Zero’s plan? that is the most indirect retarded way of dealing with zero I have ever heard. The thing with fake things that try to pass themselves as real is that even if it has one mistake it falls apart, and for me the most obvious mistake is when the plot talks about Big Boss going against diamond dogs and having to kill his soldiers who are just trying to stop him, this part of the fake plot is clearly taken from the end of the 2014 E3 trailer where Big Boss kills some of his soldiers, the mistake that the fake script writer made was assuming that Big Boss was actually killing his soldiers that were trying to stop him, but as anyone can clearly see there is something wrong with the soldiers, they act like zombies, I mean the last guy shuffles away brain dead without a care in the world for Big Boss or his dead comrades, not to mention the first three that are holding Big Boss, if they had full control of themselves they sure as heck would not slowly hug and bog down Big Boss physically if they wanted to stop him from doing something, their actions are that of shuffling zombies just like the last guy Big Boss kills; the person who wrote the fake plot got a lot of interpretations spot on from the trailers, even more so than a lot of other people, but they read the scene at the end of the 2014 E3 trailer completely wrong, and by having this one complete mistake the whole thing falls apart, this was the most obvious thing to me why the plot was fake aside from the other things wrong with it. SPOILERS END

        But I agree it is still an interesting read just too see what was made up and how someone pieced together their own story based on what they have seen in trailers.

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