Pictures and info on Insert Coin Metal Gear shirts and patches

Insert Coin has released a brand new line of official Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes inspired clothes. There are three different types of shirts, as well as a set of XOF patches. Below are pictures and descriptions as they appear on Insert Coin’s website.

Insert-Coin-FOX-Shirt-MGS-GZ Insert-Coin-FOX-Shirt-MGS-GZ-2


At the heart of the Metal Gear universe, Force Operation X are the kings of stealth!
FOX operatives are the sneakiest out there, but even the coolest agent doesn’t want to stay invisible all the time – which is why they rock this awesome FOX tee, complete with gold ringers.
Price: £22.00 / €28.60 / $30.80




Don’t spread it around, but secret organisations don’t get more secretive than XOF.
The mysterious taskforce behind Trojan Horse took down MSF’s Mother Base – and turned Big Boss’ world completely upside down. Show your true allegiance with this slick black tee.
Price: £22.00 / €28.60 / $30.80




When it comes to private military companies, you always want to hire the very best.
And that’s what Big Boss promises, offering freedom or death to the world. This awesome 3/4 sleeve tee celebrates his commitment, complete with the unmistakable skull branding.
Price: £22.00 / €28.60 / $30.80


Are you an expert at taking down enemy soldiers and body-snatchers? Prove it in style!
Whether you want to show off your skills at stealth or just fancy personalising your wardrobe, make sure you pick up one of our exclusive packs of three XOF patches.
Price: £10.00 / €13.00 / $14.00

Click here to go to the website. The shirts are available in different sizes. Also, until August 31st, you can get 3 products for the price of 2.

Source: Insert Coin MGS Clothing

  • Janeo

    I don’t know how I have never thought of buying an mgs shirt guess it’s time to get a few and wear them everywhere with pride. Especially that msf one that looks really cool

  • kojimaworldorder

    Im going to buy the crap out of that store!
    Give me outer heaven and dd shirt and patches too

    • Shadow Rex

      I know right, I have Foxhound and Fox already. Need a shirt for each one of them haha.

      • kojimaworldorder

        Just ordered patches and each shirt. Soon i am fkn ready for TGS 2014! Kojima is gonna reveal the release date there, im pretty sure of it!

    • WhatTheJuicay

      i wanted to buy the crap out of that store but they don’t really have anything that looks good to me. Also their prices are ridiculous. I’ve seen better looking stuff on ebay.

  • XIFF-5

    Guys please check out this new montage that I made about MGS V.

    Hope you like it 🙂

    There is another video coming in another channel also, I’ll post it later.

    • ObsessedGeorge

      Nicely done dude! Check mine too, l’ve left a comment under your video.

  • PrinceHeir

    I like it ^^

  • crimsonfox

    Holy Metal Gear, Big Boss!!!

    These shirts all look awesome. I might have to buy 2 MSF shirts and 2 FOX shirts. The XOF shirt color scheme is siiiiiick.

  • César H. Sandoval

    I like the MSF one, may buy it.

  • BigBoss_88

    I want to join MSF, but first I need to buy that cool shirt!

    • No Place For Hayter

      You got S rank in anything? Hold on let me clear some room for you……. *YOU’RE FIRED!*

      • Le Guy who drowned quiet

        reminds me of something

      • ObsessedGeorge

        Is that shouted with the Big Boss voice, or the McMahon voice?

        • No Place For Hayter


          Nothing is better than being told you’re fired by the gruff Big Boss.

      • BigBoss_88

        Lol ;D

  • o1striker

    Feel a bit like a dick for saying this, but I couldn’t even look at the shirts with the guys insanely hideously stupid tattoos on his arms. Guy is obviously a major douchebag. He doesn’t deserve to wear a shirt with anything to do with Metal Gear.

    That is literally what my mind thought when I saw this. I really probably need to work on that(judging people on shallow things such as tattoos(which in most cases they probably thought through it(or was drunk) and ended up getting the tattoo, so I’m not completely off base)). Basically i’m saying if this offends anybody I’m sorry, but it is truly what I thought.

    • Muybueno

      If you feel like a dick for saying it, then why say it at all? People can tattoo whatever they want and are allowed to model whatever clothing they want. Focus on the pricey Metal Gear clothing, not the person wearing it.

      • No Place For Hayter

        It is just where his mind went, he was not insulting anything about tattoos or models, he was talking about the impression he got from the guy.

        • WhatTheJuicay

          I got a weird vibe from the model as well. I honestly feel his tattoos take away from what’s really on display. I mean, how often do we see models with so much tattoos? It’s like hanging a painting on a wall covered in colorful graffiti, like the 5 Pointz, NYC (which is currently in the process of being eliminated).

  • Batzi


    Check this out man

    She said she is back in LA to make music. She posted a piano solo for “The Best is Yet To Come”. She is responsible for that song. Probably making music for The Phantom Pain.

    • That would be great. She also did songs for MGS2, 3, and 4. Very interesting, hope she is indeed working on MGSV.

      • Batzi

        I left a comment hoping that she would at least give me a hint about her involvement on the project. All I wrote was “MGSV?” and she liked my comment. Take that with a grain of salt. But then again, why would she go back to LA and work on making music all of a sudden?

        • WhatTheJuicay

          very nice

    • BigBoss_88

      O__O it would be very nice.

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