The recently shown Quiet scene is an homage to Metal Gear Solid 2, Kojima says

On Twitter, Kojima briefly commented on the recently released MGSV:TPP footage featuring Quiet.

“Quiet” scene we unveiled in KojimaStation. I meant to make an homage of SOLID lands on the tanker in MGS2 & Raiden sneaks into Big Shell.”

When you think about it the similarities are indeed striking. Both approach their destination by diving down on it from above. They both turn invisible, and turn visible again as they land on the floor in a crouched position.





As Quiet rises to her feet, she observes the base, similar to Raiden when he arrived on the roof of Big Shell.



To see the video of Quiet entering Mother Base, go here.

Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter,

  • Mr. RHC

    Quiet playable confirmed!

    • Venom Snake

      Hope so, she would play like Raiden in Rising.

    • Ricardo Oe

      Yeaahh…i`m love…

    • Automata Snake

      The only other character I want playable is Kaz & his fiddle!

      • Big_Boss88
        • Justin Johnson

          snake said that..

          • Big_Boss88

            Lies :(, them fiddles and pianos all belong to Kaz ;O …

          • Justin Johnson

            yeah but snake said she played me like a piano

          • Big_Boss88

            Yep, but I just meant it more as a joke ;).

          • Justin Johnson

            im sorry lol

          • Big_Boss88

            Np mate ;D, I guess it wasn’t good joke anyway lol because Snake indeed says it :P.
            But I don’t remember how he say it, instead I just automatically imagine Kaz yelling “Played us like a damn piano!” like in GZ ending ;D. It’s hard to think anyone else saying that in such cool way.

          • Justin Johnson

            haha i know what ya mean

      • WhatTheJuicay

        Fiddle let’s you control other soldiers with its demonic tone. Let us develop that bad boy in motherbase

  • JD-v01


  • Venom Snake

    Wow, how i didn’t made the connection till now?

  • John

    i wonder if this means if its another s3 program thing but this time as vr reliving big bosses missions.

    • Sting’s Dad

      What on earth…

    • Ravenous

      That might be interesting, but if that were the case; who’d be orchestrating it all, when does it actually take place, does the person being trained know that it’s a simulation, is it actually VR or is it RL like in Raiden’s case and finally who would have enough knowledge about Big Boss’s actions as the leader of Diamond Dogs to pull something like that off? 🙂

  • Big_Boss88

    I thought about the connection after watching the sneak peek a few times. It gave me a deja vu feeling, like where have I seen this before… :).
    Awesome scenes :D.

  • ObsessedGeorge

    Wow, what a beautiful screenshot is the last!

    • And that’s just taken from a compressed Youtube video. Imagine what the game will look like in real life.

      • Schmojima

        got something in my eye ;____;
        so. beautiful.

  • LukesAlike

    Ooooh, I see.

  • Maik O’Bannon

    I’ve got this strange feeling that quiet might actually be chico,and (s)he might be played like all snakes we’ve already seen in the previous MGSs..I mean she could be into some badass mission to save the world, and at the end of it we’ll discover that she was actually fighting for some crazy perv’s interests…
    In this case it could be us,controlling a crazy retarded perv like Big Venom Boss Snake.

  • PrinceHeir

    Pretty ace 😛

    Though Solid Snake’s bungie jump reminded me of Major when she jumped out of the building and disappeared with her stealth camo.

  • as

    is this gonna social-experiment again like MGS2?Until now,MGS2 still mindfuck me about stories

  • Swinny UK

    And we all know what happened to the Tanker Snake landed on, right?
    Is this a hint?

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