Check out the Venom Snake action figure by Play Arts

There already was a bronze colored version, but now you’ll be able to buy a naturally colored Venom Snake action figure by Play Arts as well. First on display at Tokyo Game Show 2014, the figure is set to release in December 2014 for a price of 10,584 yen. It comes with the same accessories and interchangeable parts as its bronze colored counterpart.

MGSV-TPP-Venom-Snake-Play-Arts-2 MGSV-TPP-Venom-Snake-Play-Arts-3 MGSV-TPP-Venom-Snake-Play-Arts-4 MGSV-TPP-Venom-Snake-Play-Arts-5 MGSV-TPP-Venom-Snake-Play-Arts


Source: Konami Style Japan,

  • Aizo Yurei


  • Venom Snake

    Am i the Only one who noticed this?

    The line made out of dots from Ground Zeroes that shows where you started from to the point you are currently right now is Back, but the most important thing that catch my Eye was that this line already exist when starting the mission, which got me thinking, does this mean that we will be able to go from Mother Base to the Mission Location via Chopper without a Loading Screen, sitting in the chopper and looking outside for up to 30 minutes, enjoying the Views while waiting to reach to your destination, making it feel like a Real Open World
    You know having the Chopper work like in GTA, not being able to control then being able to get from point A to point B without a Loading Screen if you wish, or push a button to Skip and have a short loading Screen?

    I won’t be Surprised if Hideo says “Fukk it” and will add in to the Final Version of The Game the Ability to Control Chopper or Boats to go from Mother Base to your location, making it GTA Open World, is not too for from what i have see, especially the line already existing when starting the mission!

    • WhatTheJuicay

      Just write it off as big boss boss not being trained how to fly aircrafts. Also water seems to be uncharted territory/instakill.

    • Big_Boss88

      That would be great idea to go back to MB without loading screen :D, but who knows with Kojima’s games. The guy always manages to surprise us with awesomeness :). I usually skipped that option in GTA, but would definitely enjoy the scenery in TPP chopper!

      • Venom Snake

        I won’t be Surprised is The Game is actually Open World like GTA or AC:IV, but Hideo hide it as a Surprise for the Player, making it live up to The Hype by hiding things that companies like Ubisoft would have revealed in the First Cinematic Trailers!

  • BlackLesnar

    I’m liking everything except that price. I’m going to have to wait a while for that price to drop before picking this up.

    • flying_fox

      Yes, MGS PlayArts are getting more expensive every time.

      And to think they used to be $50 or less…

      • Cobra

        You can still get some of the more common ones without breaking the bank if you spend a bit of time poking around. CDJapan are running a half-price deal for the Liquid Snake figure (They had 50% off MGS2 Raiden as well up until last week) for 4440 yen, pre-postage. They also have TPP Big Boss up for pre-order at 9310 yen, which seems to be the best I’ve seen it so far.

        Also Nyx, any idea if any tentative release dates have been set for the other TPP Play-Arts figures? Gotta get me a Skull Face as soon as they get listed!

        • flying_fox

          Yeah, I prefer Amiami but you’re right, buying PlayArts from Japan is definitely recommended.

          Amiami has Venom Snake for 7440 yens pre-postage. 😉

          • Cobra

            Hey, thanks for the heads up! Might need to pre-order myself one from there come payday next week.

        • Don’t think they gave a release date for those figures yet.

          • Cobra

            Ah right, thanks. Didn’t think so, but I thought it was worth asking.

            Thanks for all the great work on the site btw, it’s crazy how much the place has grown even just in the past few months!

    • on this things the price only goes up… so if you really want him you have to buy him ASAP… MGS1 grey fox is like 300USD right now… I’ll skip this since i got already the limited shiny GZ snake and I don’t want to fill my shelf with snakes… maybe quiet since she’s a unique character, but I might hold myself until a MGS1 ocelot figure or sniper wolf shows up… peace walker suffered from this since from the 4 human figures 3 of them where snake and the other just Kaz Miller(it had some expensive mini IA weapons) or even worse MGR where all 7 figures are all Raiden in different colors, no sam, no monsoon, no blade wolf…

  • 223hzy


    • flying_fox

      Agreed, it’s more badass. 🙂

  • CrazyGuy207
  • Big_Boss88

    Looks great, I need to start pre-ordering some stuff.

    I wonder how many Sneaking Suits we get to use in TPP, there’s Naked Snake, then saw the Tiger Stripe and Sneaking Suit in the gameplay MB list but many empty lines below them =).

    • Venom Snake

      I think is just 1 Sneaking Suit, every MGS had just 1 Sneaking Suit…all tough i hope we get the Peace Walker/Ground Zeroes Blue+Green Suit, i’m really curious how it looks with the Prosthetic Arm.

  • Golgari

    Want some more MGSV goodness? Oh yeah. New demo. Tomorrow.

    • Big_Boss88

      Sweeeeet :D. Just don’t spoil the game too much for us Kojima, also give day and month for the release domo arigato Kojima-san!

      • Venom Snake

        Don’t worry, i think is the same Gameplay, and since is not at Sony or Microsoft Booth “New Elements” may actually mean New Controls aka PC Footage of the Same Gameplay with Mouse and Keyboard controls…at least i hope so (shaving a TONS OF TEARS)

        • Cobra

          According to Marc Laidlaw, it’s “just” a new AI companion; so probably just the same mission played again just to highlight how much of a difference your companion will make in regards to how you go about playing it.

          • Venom Snake

            So then, is it Ocelot?

          • Cobra

            Maybe not today, but I’d be shocked if he didn’t appear as a buddy in at least some capacity. It’d make sense though, given Kojima kept talking up a “good looking companion” last year, which would probably point to either:

            a) Quiet, since Stef Joosten is a total cutie patootie and Kojima clearly has a giant crush on her. Already confirmed, as we know.

            b) Ocelot, since he put out a few tweets referring to both Troy Baker and Satoshi Mikami as “handsome men”.

          • Le Guy who drowned quiet
          • Le Guy who drowned quiet

            diamond dog

          • Cobra

            Yeah, I was watching the livestream and really liked the addition of his little eye patch! Makes me wonder how it’ll work in a gameplay capacity though, maybe in the vein of the old Dead to Rights games?

          • Le Guy who drowned quiet
          • Venom Snake

            Soaw Cuwat!

          • Le Guy who drowned quiet

            lăsat să așteptați

          • Venom Snake


            Proper Romania Translation:

            “Team facut sa ma astepti, huh?

          • Le Guy who drowned quiet


          • Venom Snake


          • Le Guy who drowned quiet

            wtf ?

  • PrinceHeir


  • Vito

    Over 10,000 yen? Holy hell, this looks sweet but no dice. 100 bucks for a figure is just insane.

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