Work in progress pictures of Union Creative Venom Snake statue

First unveiled during Wonder Festival earlier this year, Union Creative has been working on a Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain statue of Venom Snake. The statue’s sculptor, Ken Matsuura, can be seen working on it on the photos below.

Union-Creative-Venom-Snake-Ken-Matsuura-2 Union-Creative-Venom-Snake-Ken-Matsuura-3 Union-Creative-Venom-Snake-Ken-Matsuura-4 Union-Creative-Venom-Snake-Ken-Matsuura-5 Union-Creative-Venom-Snake-Ken-Matsuura-6 Union-Creative-Venom-Snake-Ken-Matsuura-7 Union-Creative-Venom-Snake-Ken-Matsuura-8 Union-Creative-Venom-Snake-Ken-Matsuura-9


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