Kojima is on the advisory board of the upcoming Game Awards


Geoff Keighley has announced the details on the next Video Game Awards. Named ‘The Video Game Awards 2014, they will take place on December 5th at 6PM Pacific, in Las Vegas. Unlike previous years, the show is no longer produced by Spike TV.

Aside from awards, the show will feature world premiere announcements, appearances by certain game developers, musical performances and ‘other surprises’.

On the show’s advisory board is, among other prominent figures of the gaming industry, none other than Hideo Kojima.


At Video Game Awards 2011, Kojima revealed the new build for Metal Gear Rising, handed over from Kojima Productions to Platinum Games. Then the next year, during the Video Game Awards of 2012, we saw the reveal trailer for ‘The Phantom Pain’, which of course turned out to be a new Metal Gear game. Will Kojima have something in store for us this year? Time will tell.

You’ll be able to see the show on several digital platforms, including Xbox Live, PlayStation Network, and Nintendo.

Source: The Game Awards Official Site

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