New Ocelot figure by Play Arts revealed during Kojima Station

During the latest episode of Kojima Station, Kojima Productions unveiled a new Ocelot figure, developed by Play Arts. As you can see it still lacks a paint job, but it looks quite impressive already, and is richly detailed (notice the spurs on Ocelot’s boots).




The person holding the figure is Satoshi Mikami, Ocelot’s Japanese voice actor. He was also handed an original artwork by Yoji Shinkawa.


Mikami also noted there are still ‘a lot’ of radio conversations for Ocelot that have to be recorded.

Source: Kojima Station Episode 31, JunkerHQ Twitter

  • Mr. RHC

    “I love to reload during a battle” “There’s nothing like the feeling of slamming a long silver bullet into a well greased chamber…”

    • Big_Boss88

      “Reloading like this… is a revolution.”

  • Big_Boss88
    • decoyF0XX

      Ocelot was quite the sociopath. XD

    • turkishgamer35
    • Mini gear

      How I’ll feel when I get a release date as well 🙂

    • Adrian

      Now that we’re in the topic of PAK figures and Ocelot… I actually want to see PAK make an MGS3 Ocelot figure, but that’s just me.

      • Jak

        I’d honestly get PAK versions of Ocelot in pretty much every outfit but the fatigues in 2.

  • Big_Boss88

    😀 PT Best PlayStation Exclusive of 2014 by GT. I guess the year didn’t have much good full games, but anyway PT kicked ass imo if only a teaser. I hadn’t felt such a scary feeling while playing in a long time and it looked beautiful also.

  • i wonder if these are articulated enough to sit on a horse of the same scale…

    • Xomak

      I know they’re different scales, but I was actually wondering the same thing about this:

      If it’s in scale with the MGS2 Figma Snake, I might just buy one… And maybe cross my fingers for a MGSV Figma Snake

      • i think it’s a safe bet that the horse will be in the same scale as the figma snake, goodsmile always make their accessories fit their figures so you can play around with them. and hey, both of us will have our fingers crossed for that Big Boss

    • Jak

      Based on the Liquid, the coat will get in the way-you’d need to take a hair dryer or hot water to reshape it.

  • im a dot

    coming 2068. also im glad there’s a new ocelot, the last one from mgs1 had creepy eyes.

  • Plissken

    About time they released a Play Arts Ocelot figure. I guess they’re gonna be doing MGS 5 PAK figures for a while, but the next figure I want is The Boss. Also, where’s that Shinkawa Liquid figure we saw sometime back?

    • Jak

      That was a garage kit, came out ages ago I think.

      • Plissken

        Already got the Hot Toys Boss and Naked Snake figures. They’ve got really nice details and accessories. Guess I’ll just have to keep waiting, huh?

        • Jak

          Heh. All we can do at this point.

          I’m also still waiting for a good Old Snake, really didn’t like how the suit looked on the 1/6th one from a few years back ( I think it was when RAH had the 1/6 license).

          • Plissken

            Absolutely. I’d definitely like a Play Arts Kai Old Snake. I didn’t get that RAH Old Snake, didn’t care for the face sculpt. I think it was based on the first MGS4 trailer at TGS. But I do have the RAH Naked Snake, with eyepatch, facepaint and Snake camo. I wouldn’t recommend trying to put the croc cap on though, scratched the paint for his hair

    • Jak

      Just get the Hot Toys one, otherwise I suspect you’ll be waiting at least another few years minimum-we’ve still got at least a couple more years of TPP figures headed our way, and I suspect they’d be more likely to continue their established lines for MGS1 or 2 first.

  • Nekkedsnake


  • Nekkedsnake

    I’m surprised PLAY ARTS nEVER made a toy for THE BOSS

    • MichaelPayneV


    • Jak

      They haven’t made -any- from MGS3 so far.

  • Shalashaska

    Who else thinks there is a possibility of ocelot being skull face ? o.O

    Skull face, to me could COULD be Ocelot because there are just too many similarities, he even gives the “youre good” hand sign in one of the trailers. and PLUS, he is the only guy who has worked with BOTH B.boss and Cipher before Ground zeroes. It could be argued that ocelot loves big boss therefore wouldnt hurt him. MY counter to that would be that ocelot during the BEGINNING of TPP, has NO reason to like B. boss, right ? But we know he loves him later on.. perhaps something happens during the events of TPP that make ocelot love Bboss.. so i wouldnt be surprised if skullface turns out to be ocelot but wouldnt really be surprised if he is a entirely new character.

    • MichaelPayneV

      I can assure you that is Skull Face is not Ocelot.

      1 Example, Ocelot would not force Chico have Sex with Paz, would not try to Kill Big Boss as in TPP he is there to save him from the XOF Soldiers…and a Burning Volgin.

    • Jak

      No, this theory seems to be from people who’ve watched the trailers but haven’t actually bothered to listen to all of Skull Face’s tapes in GZ.

      He’s a very different character and already talks a lot about his back story. I’d honestly be surprised if he turns out to be any character we’ve heard of before.

      • Shalashaska

        I’ve listened to every tape in GZ multiple times and i just dont understand why ANY of that has to be true.. a good spy will always have a backup story, no?
        Plus, what made me think this is the simple fact that NO ONE but ocelot has worked with both Cipher and Big boss, so either this is a character we havent seen before for some reason or chances are that he is ocelot or that coldman guy 🙂
        Lol what if he doesnt exist, what if he is Mantis’s doing.. mantis using skullface as a trigger for big boss and using a known alias like ocelot to build skullface off.. xD far fetched, i know

        • Jak

          it would be less far fetched if there wasn’t an entire rest of franchise that contradicts it. It’s a different dude who looks, sounds, and acts different.

          When it turns out SkullFace is a brand new villain there’s going to be a legion of you guys going on about this just being a fun theory you never bought into.

          • Shalashaska

            lol dude, dont take me too seriously.. im here for the fun of it.. i knw most of the theories will not even come true.. I know Skullface is a new guy and everything but hoping for a grand twist is just cool.. thats all..
            P.s I havent seen or read any detail analysis of this theory and honestly i didnt think anyone else but me thought of it this way :S.. o.O so I really havent bought into anything.. just that i noticed some stuff and said it.. my word doesnt have to be right 😉

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