New bits of MGSV: The Phantom Pain information from Taipei Game Show interviews

At the Taipei Game Show, Hideo Kojima was interviewed by several gaming outlets, resulting in some new bits of information on Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

  • Kojima provided another example of how the games’ dynamic weather can affect gameplay. Sometimes enemies will take shelter from rain, so this is something to keep in mind when choosing an infiltration route.
  • As you probably know wildlife will play a role in the game. While you can’t eat animals like you could in MGS3, you can capture them and build a zoo at Mother Base, and the animals can be ‘of use to you’.
  • As you know players will be able to attack each other’s bases. But you can also enjoy your Mother Base offline, so this is purely optional.
  • This was the toughest game to develop so far for Kojima. Not only had he create a whole new engine, but the entire studio had to be restructured.
  • The game will have flashback scenes, in an effort to make the story user-friendly to newcomers (remember that rumor about the Boss’ voice actor being involved?).


Source: JunkerHQ

  • Randolph Sparks

    Mother Base zoo?! Right when I thought I couldn’t possibly be more hyped for this game

    • Edward Wokhands

      I was kind of pissed off at Kojima for providing no release date or even a window. A Mother Base Zoo totally makes up for everything.

    • Dtoxz

      I hope they make the wildlife very interactive kind of like Far Cry. Not to compare an amazing game like the MGS series to Far Cry, but it would be nice to be able to scare a few sheep to distract a wolf to open a pathway or even manipulate the wildlife in some way to cause a distraction to the enemy.

      I know Kojima’s games are usually interactive in that sense so I’m not worried, but I definitely wanna see animals prey on other animals, maybe an interactive wolf attack protecting her cubs in the deep jungle or something of the sort. Regardless, this game is quickly shaping up to be GOTY. Then again, this game has GOTY written all over it from the first TPP trailer.

      • It seems animals will attack each other as well as soldiers:

        Not sure how much else they’ll be able to do though.

        • Dtoxz

          Thank you! I must have skipped that story by accident, I didn’t know that! One thing I’ve always appreciated about the Far Cry series was the ability to use animals to your advantage so of course I would love to see it implemented by a real mastermind like Kojima. Just as long as they don’t kill off DD…. I’ll go nuclear myself.
          I’m really dying to see at what point in the timeline this game ends too. Does it stretch as far as MG1 and 2? Because if they surprise us with a Solid Snake playable cameo in the 2nd half of the game, I would lose it. All of them. My marbles….and my hair. Just quicker. Man….
          He did say it was 200 times the size so imagine half the game as BB, and the other as Solid Snake (with Hayter behind the helm of course….I still think Kojima’s messing with us, not that I hate Keiffer or anything) with the whole Zanzibarland story right in the middle
          ….marbles….who needs em’

      • Shalashaska

        Dude.. Did Far cry EVER show Wolf on a hill looking down at sheep to stalk and kill it ? NO. TPP has that ! Awesome, isnt it ? Man check out all the gameplay demonstrations he has showed.. Especially DDs. The wolf who is just a pup and Big boss rescues it because it’s mother is shot dead. It IS SO CUTE when the baby DD follows him around and whimpers at him.. SO CUTE I died.
        by the looks of it.. Tpp will make you forget there were animals in Far cry 😀

        • Mini gear

          I want tpp to come out now so I can play with DD

        • Dtoxz

          Actually Far Cry has all sorts of animal interactions. Tigers, eagle, bears and any other predator will stalk their prey. Yet GTA V there is no interaction so I was wondering how in-depth it will actually be. This IS Kojima so I expect it. I’ve seen all gameplay demos btw, I can’t stop looking for stuff on this game! I swear i’ll die myself if they kill DD. That’s going to be the deciding factor on Boss going “nuclear” hahaha I hope not 🙁

          • Shalashaska

            True that, far cry has alot of stuff going of but .. the glitches are wow :/.. especially when it comes to animals.. although, The animal interactions are cool but they arent anything compared to a pack of wolves silently hunting a sheep. Far cry has good , dynamic animal kingdom but nothing was that great.. TPP feels natural whereas far cry felt like there is just some coding work at it.. Also, if you see the african jungle gameplay, you’ll see how the animals retreat from the gushot which, IMO, was much more natural and realistic than compared to far cry’s stuff

          • Dtoxz

            Yeah I agree. I don’t really mean to compare it to Far Cry but that was the game that had the most wildlife interaction in my game library this gen. Even though it is a glitchy mess. I don’t expect this from Kojima….(actually I expect way more due to his previous games haha) but I was curious to the level of interaction these games were going to have. I love how Kojima praises GTA V too. The dynamic events in that game truly felt dynamic and I bet he will not only learn from them, but add to that and teach everyone else why he is who he is….man I can’t wait for this game…it’s killing me

  • ObsessedGeorge

    Since this is not a survival situation like Operation Snake Eater where BB was alone and had no support, it makes perfect sense to not be able to eat the animals, as much as l would love to be able to do it though like in MGS3. Not only that, but the whole Survival viewer like the stitching and ointments. 🙂

  • Big_Boss88

    Part of me is gonna miss eating animals like in MGS3 ;), but to build a freakin’ ZOO… oh HELL YEAH!!! Zoo beats everything else ;). My base will be full of blood thirsty lions, so whoever infiltrate is gonna get butchered.

    All your Base are belong to me >;D! I wonder how fast people can start invading your MB after you enter to it for the first time.

    Also toughest game to develop for sure, so many years spend on developing it too…and us waiting for it. Now all we just need is to get our hands on it, Kojima-san I’m counting on you!

    • Edward Wokhands

      Yeah, one part of MGS3 I LOVED was learning about new animals after catching or eating them. I actually went out of my way to capture new animals just because of that. I really hope there’s some sort of incentive to listen to codec messages and tapes or some sort of funny side mission. Something MGS-ish.

  • Liquid25

    I am hyped about the dynamic weather and attacking others’ bases! I want the lies to end now!Give us the release date!

  • IrionDaRonin

    Most realistic MGS till date! It comes with everything! Damn!

    • juppez

      Zoo on a oil rig realistic?

      • IrionDaRonin

        Well, i don’t think is a zoologic park itself. Just a place where you put chickens, and animals (and other type of food) to prepare and eat. Staff have to eat, dude.
        Or won’t you eat in the middle of sea?

      • Shalashaska

        Kojima isnt perfect with english.. im sure he doesnt mean an actual entertainment zoo.. just a place to keep the animals and check on them .. which is actually possible on an oil rig.. all you need is space for it and animals to keep in that space 🙂

  • mikeyyytexas

    you can capture them and build a zoo at Mother Base, and the animals can be ‘of use to you’.

    lamb chops anyone? lololololololololol ;( maybe I should separate the zoos and make one for PTSD and the other for food. 🙁 so tough to make these decisions

    • Yeah, maybe they will be a source for food. Sheep cheese? Who knows.

      • mikeyyytexas

        it is what seems the most logical, right? but then if there were cows I’d fulton the hell out of them, cheese, meats, milk, etc… nothing would go to waste.

      • Big_Boss88

        Wasn’t there also info few weeks/months ago, that Snake can use some of the animals in combat? Like a Fulton drop them over enemies or something :D.

        Or then I’m just remembering it wrong haha.

      • Shalashaska

        Wool. Dies (colors). Funny Costumes. Different suits. Food. Infiltration (Hide a camera in it).

  • PrinceHeir


    Though i remember you can use animals to the battlefield. Like attack dogs to the enemy(that would abuse the AI though)

    Good stuff! Flashbacks will probably like MGS4 where Big Boss remembers the days of the Virtual and Snake Eater Missions as well as Peace Walker incident(would love Portable Ops, but eh doubtful).

    • Big_Boss88

      I hope we get to hear Big Boss talk a bit about LET too, for example when he meets with Eli and realize who he is :).

    • DarpaLT.Sigma_

      I would absolutely love MGS portable ops and ops plus flashbacks for sure 😉

  • kirra light

    I give my life. not for honour but for you!

    • Edward Wokhands

      Aw, fanks!

  • Tibor

    man this is going to be one of the few games where i finished every mission/activity (Sleeping Dogs, Watch Dogs,…(now Diamond Dogs, guess I have a thing for dogs :D)). I will be SO sad once I will finish the story, and even more sad when I will finish all other missions. Hopefully the game is really long. Like REALLY long. I mean REEEEEEEEALLY long.

    • Edward Wokhands

      Then you can start over on European Extreme mode. Hopefully there’s some sort of similar setting.

      • Tibor

        I never was that kind of guy but this game may change it. Im already tempted to replay GZ on Hard but I would like to wait until KojiPro figures out what why the game doesnt work after the newest patch on Win 8 😛

    • Big_Boss88

      You forgot to add 10 more E to really, but I hope so too :).

  • Edward Wokhands

    I really hope that you can open a petting zoo and it keeps morale up.

    Miller: “My PTSD is pretty intense, I’m feeling so much depression, everything feels futile. What do I have to live for?”
    Ocelot: “Donkey rides!”
    Miller: =D

    *Ocelot leads a donkey around mother base by it’s reins while Miller beams with joy on it’s back*
    *Meanwhile Big Boss rides a rampant giraffe around the base*

    • misterkfishy

      I have just made an account on this website just so I could say: This is the best comment I have read in a while. Thank you for making my day 😀

      • Edward Wokhands

        I can’t wait for them giraffe rides!

  • Mini gear

    ill sink motherbase with so many sheep

  • Batzi

    Here’s to hope we get the new trailer and release date during the Playstation event in NYC. 11 days left.

    • Big_Boss88

      I forgot that event thx. My guess is GDC but lets hope ;)!

      • Batzi

        They said that they were going to announce the release date “very soon”. They said that last month. March is not very soon to me. It’s gotta be some time in February.

        • Mini gear

          I hope so, im hoping for it to come out in may or if nessicery (spelled it wrong) June.

          • Batzi

            If you knew you were going to spell it wrong why not google it before posting? 😛

          • Mini gear

            eh I got bored :p

          • Big_Boss88

            lol 😉

        • Shalashaska

          For a game dev.. even march is pretty soon :/ My bet.. GDC 🙁 and If not at GDC then I’ll just forget this game exists -_-

          • Mini gear

            if not gdc then kojima loses all respect I have left for him

        • Big_Boss88

          I hope so too. To be honest, I’m not sure how long is “a little longer” in TPP development. But as you said, maybe we get it this month ;).

    • Mini gear

      I really want kojima to release the game now, the story needs to be known, ive been going crazy since 2013, I hope its at playstation event, that they tell us

      • Edward Wokhands

        It’s getting kind of absurd.

    • Andrea Feletti

      I knew it was a private show but hey…let’s hope so! 😉

      • Edward Wokhands

        It’s a private show? For crap’s sake. My hopes are dashed. There’s no way he’d announce the date at a private show. (I’m so desperate at this point that yes, I’m trying reverse psychology in the MGI comment section.)

    • Edward Wokhands

      WHAT? There’s a Playstation event? Oh dear, the hype is back! I’m so, so terrified of feeling hype or hope for this game. Every time I’ve got my hopes up they’ve been destroyed. Worst of all it’s my fault, nobody tells me to get my hopes up, I, and everyone else, just assumes release date!

      Hopefully we’re right this time and honestly your logic of “very soon” makes sense. I just hope the release date isn’t past May or June. I’d prefer late March honestly but you know, it’s one of the biggest games ever and hopefully it’s as good as we all hope so I don’t mind waiting a month or two longer. (Actually I do mind it, I mind it a ridiculous amount. Please Kojima, MARCH!)

  • FOX

    That zoo thing excites me. İ wish he wouldnt spoil it but oh well.This is the thoughest game he has ever made? No doubt.The game was playable in 2012 and still not finished which is cool because he keeps adding new features as he tests the game. İ can still wait untill december cause i know what im getting

  • Am I the only one exited for flash back scenes? I’m hoping they’re full on flash backs remade in The Fox Engine! Just tapping X for a few old pictures was cool but if you hadn’t played the older games this will defiantly be cooler to look at!

    • Solidus

      Not at all, I really hope they remake Rokojov Bereg, the area where you fight The Boss, in the Fox Engine.

    • Big_Boss88

      No you ain’t 😀 !!! I know we all can’t wait to see old scenes in Fox Engine graphics O___O …it will be godlike. I want to hear and see The Boss ;O.

  • Rikimaru

    Eversince I’ve listened to Troy Baker saying that this game is massive (And I believe him cause he is a true gamer, no bullshit) I really got excited. All these little tips of info we get now and then are just the tip of the iceberg, thats what makes me even more excited!

    • Big_Boss88

      I agree and what Troy has said about it is so awesome :D. I’m sure we haven’t seen much of it at all yet!

      • Rikimaru

        Thats how good Kojima is, when you think you’ve seen everything and you are ready for it…BOOM he surprises you.

        Remember MGS4 Epilogue? my god that was amazing.

  • 2 Venomous 4 Kaz

    I know they’ve been done before, but i do like me some flashbacks. Especially if remade with the fox engine!! Maybe even a flash forward??!

  • CaptainBKM

    “The game will have flashback scenes, in an effort to make the story user-friendly to newcomers”
    Very good of kojima to think of the new players, this will surely be a god-send.

  • Daburcor

    Between this game and Resident Evil: Revelations 2, my whole gaming year is SET. Can. Not. WAIT.

  • Bramdeman

    I’m pretty sure you can capure animals for feeding your base.

  • Can we have a snake?
    hahahaha get it? xDddddxdxdx so funny

  • Rafael Lechado

    A zoo on Mother Base, well that sounds awesome.. you know maybe i won’t be taking too much animals to my mother base but just knowing that i could if i wish, that’s amazing.. About flasbacks, everyone talks about the same scenes but in the new engine… emm, don’t be surprised if the flashbacks are with the same graphics that the games before… after all, they are FLASHBACKS

  • Cipher

    A zoo, huh?

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