Metal Gear Online will have a progression system, and more small pieces of info

The official Twitter account for Metal Gear Online has been answering some fan questions again, sparsely giving out little bits of information.

As you may know already, Ocelot and Snake will both be playable characters. The game will also have night and day options. This may be random but it seems still under consideration.

Someone suggested the game should support at least 30 players due to the map sizes. However, the MGO developers said that this probably won’t happen since the game isn’t designed for that many players.

The developers revealed that the game will have some sort of progression system, but they can’t say anything more about it at the moment.


When asked if the game would have more guns than MGO2, the developer stated that they can’t say that right now, but there will be more than just the one revealed in the trailer. The same goes for outfits.

As the team stated before, people shouldn’t expect the game to just be MGO2 with fancier graphics. “We made MGO3 from the ground up with ideas we feel work very well, we’ll show/discuss more about the class system. We aren’t against MGO2 game design. But we went our own way and we’re excited about it.”

Some of the fans of the previous installments seem to have a hard time accepting the changes MGO3 will bring, and are afraid they will lose something they loved, but the developer wants to assure that this is an evolution of the series that is in line with the changes presented in Metal Gear Solid V.

“Try to think of MGO3 as getting a new game you might really like vs preserving an old game you once loved. […] It’s different in the same way MGO1 was different from MGO2 and aligns with the aesthetic and innovations of MGSV.”

The studio said they have no concrete plans as to how long the servers will be open, but they want to keep them up for ‘as long as possible’.


Source: Metal Gear Online Twitter, 2

  • MrVux007

    nah 30 players would be to much….

    • 4energyplaylist .

      Yep. For me 16 is a absolute maximum. 8 vs 8 is fine. But to avoid problems should be 6 vs 6. Konami servers never been good, so no one want laggy games because number of people in the game.

      • Ken Shiro

        16 is alright I guess for Survival/Tournament. But 20 or 18 sounds better though.
        I hope Survival/Tournament or official matches are more than 12 (or 6 v 6) though. I would prefer this to be at least 16 (or 8 v 8).

      • LukesAlike

        Yeah, 6v6 sounds swell.

  • Mini gear

    once these servers close there goes probley the last good multiplayer ever… until mgo4 maybe

    • Invader_skoodge

      Don’t know, I liked The Last of Us multiplayer. And that’s saying a lot since I don’t play online multiplayer games or the online multiplayer mode of singleplayer games. Now Mario Kart 64 that’s my jam.

      • Zlatan

        TLOU multiplayer is mediocore, at least for me. GTA online is way better, could be real good when online heists will appear. i don’t expect too much from MGO 3. unfortunately i never had the chance to play MGO 2…

        • From The Distant Future

          Obviously GTA Online is better. It’s an open-world game with numerous side activities that you can do with another. However, if you solely base GTA Online’s TDM against TLoU online’s TDM. TLoU outright demolishes it when it comes to scoring, play-styles, level designs, etc. The reason why I like it so much is because they allowed “stealth” online. You can not run off on your own against three other guys you’re bound to lose unless your very keen and tactful (but don’t think for second you’re the only one in that game). In GTA you can solo/rambo the team, in CoD you can, in Battlefield you can, in almost everything else you can. However, in TLoU you cannot. You feel a sense of danger when alone. You have to listen for footsteps and the enemies voices. You have to stick together otherwise you’re as good as dead. I hope the same from MGO3. Keep in mind, I do NOT want MGO3 to be TLoU (many misconceptions has been made already) I just want the sense of danger when alone, stealth to actually work, and sticking together as being the best way possible. I want all of that with the new mechanics of MGO3.

  • CTCCoco

    Why the hell they don’t let people to host servers themselves so we don’t have to rely on the official ones to keep playing MGO? It’s not as if it was a new idea or something.

  • Punished Fox

    if you think this game is actually coming out in Q1, you´re gonna have a bad time.
    (unless of course you´re thinking on Q1 2016 which would be significantly more accurate…)

    • anon

      Lol. Not sure what this has to do with the article.

    • Mini gear

      that’s evil thining

    • 2015

  • heyhellogoodmorningandsmile!

    I have just one request. Dedicated servers. I really hate seeing dead online games after 2-4 years after release.

    • WhatTheJuicay

      “We will try to keep them open as long as possible” just sounds like another 4 year plan. Many hearts will be broken again.

      • MrVux007

        MGO 2 flashbacks……*gets a seizure*

        • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

          because of that I never got to play MGS4 multiplayer, got game 6 months after servers were shut down *sigh*

          • Yofiel Malachi Yacov

            Why did you wait so long? lol.

          • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

            Didn’t have PS3 when game came out had just gotten it then

          • Yofiel Malachi Yacov

            ah ok. That blows. Its really fun. I hope MGO3 loves up to the billing. Only online game I was invested it. Got me through alot in life lol.

          • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

            Sounds like it was. Won’t miss out on MGO3. Love MGS

        • Yofiel Malachi Yacov

          That means you been playing for more than 3 hrs and needs a break. Remember the warning? lol A reader reminded me of it.

      • Lautreck

        PC steam

        • Exactly.

        • Yofiel Malachi Yacov

          Yep. That’s why I’m getting it on Both PS4 and PC. PS4 for bigger community. PC is huge, but for games like this, I don’t think so. PC for server support and a bigger community once the game is retired. I don’t need to hack my console to play mgo with unstable servers with 100 people like the savemgo project. I would just need a pc lol.

    • Dizz

      Releasing on PC is the perfect time and platform to let us host our own dedicated servers..

      Please take it into consideration Konami.

  • PrinceHeir

    I just want a website like Resident Evil.Net

    It tracks your kills, downs, win/lose matches, how many shots fired in each weapons etc.

    Basically a site where we can track, make clans, challenge clans, make emblems, buy costumes(using in-game points) etc.

  • Sly

    Kinda wanted to see how vehicles would play out online but whatever they feel is best I trust. Maybe a mode with 5v5v5.

    • I don’t think there will be vehicles in multiplayer. Only that little mecha as killing streak bonus or something.
      I don’t want a Battlefield clone, if i want vehicles, i go to play BF3 or BF4.

      Have a nice day 🙂

      • Sly

        Nobody said anything about Battlefield that’s just what you are imagining. I meant how they would play out from a more tactical perspective. From using horse poop or hell the human slingshot from Peace Walker to disable them. The unorthodox methods.
        You have a nice day too 😀

    • decoyF0XX

      5v5v5… mmm good thinking!

  • Ninja_Se7eN

    They better come up with a superb class system. I’ve got very serious doubts about this particular change from MGO2.

  • Dtoxz

    Is it possible to make peer to peer networking in case we still wanted to play once the servers go down? I’m all for cloud servers, but it would be nice to have P2P so people can keep playing!!

  • IrionDaRonin

    No problem with the servers. I will play in PC, so hosts and custom servers will be online forever for us 😀
    I don’t want to pass by the same that happened with MGO2. No, sir.

    “Try to think of MGO3 as getting a new game you might really like vs
    preserving an old game you once loved. […] It’s different in the same
    way MGO1 was different from MGO2 and aligns with the aesthetic and
    innovations of MGSV.”

    Hell, yeah. 🙂


      if the PC version keeps MGO3 alive longer than the consoles then I’ll definitely hop on over once they pull the plug.


    The fact we don’t even have the option to play previous MGO titles is why we, the fans, desire an “MGO2 with fancier graphics”.

    • DarpaLT.Sigma_

      I would absolutely love MGS4 with MGO2 remastered for xbox one and ps4 . That’s my dream


        oh man, right? it’d be fantastic on the fox engine. but the fact we can’t even play it with ps3 graphics makes it all the worse.

        • DarpaLT.Sigma_

          Exactly. At least keep the servers up.. R.I.P. to the greatest game of all time

  • Vegas

    I hope they make dedicated servers, seriously there is no reason to not do it. After all, we bought the full experience. And i wish there was a way to make “stealth” gameplay a reliable way of playing. I’ve never seen a game that let you play stealth and have a chance to win, even with other players rampaging trough the match. i hope MGO3 will be that game :/

  • Shalashaska

    All I ask is keep their servers open for long enough for me to gather enough money for a PS4, get a Good Internet Connection and then DIE playing this game in Peace and Harmony in this beautiful, BEAUTIFUL world 😀

  • From The Distant Future

    I hope the “outfits” are customizable to your own unique style, not just pre-selected outfits. I want to look different from everyone else. I want to look like Raiden (MGS2 ver) really with mid-length, bleach-blond hair. Lol. The whole “30 player count” in one single match is a bit too steep. It is, or at least for me, suppose to be small tactical teams going head to head. I’m glad they’re not going with that many player count. Anyways, while MGO2 was good for quite sometime, MGO3 should definitely evolve into its own thing just like MGSV has.

  • RagingWolf2124

    What I hope for… is free roam in every map they have in the game like Afghanistan and the jungle. We could team up or go against each other, gain experience points and level up because who wouldn’t? I excited for what online will bring!

    • From The Distant Future

      If co-op was implemented, I wish they either allow me to control a character you recruited or my personal MGO character helping Big Boss (you) throughout missions. And in my story of MGSV, I’m Big Boss and you join as either a member I recruited or your personal MGO character. It might not happen since the whole “on-going camera”, no load screen stuff, but that shouldn’t hinder us from keeping on-keeping on asking for coop in story mode.

    • Shalashaska

      I think it’s already confirmed that open-world gameplay isnt there for MGO but i could be wrong because Im not that big fan of MGO, im just waiting for TPP 🙂

      • Tydeus

        I’ve not heard of it but I dont think it will be. It would just be too awesome if there was a free roam lobby you can just explore with friends, take over bases controlled by NPCs or other players, a little like Red Dead Redemption.

        I really really doubt it and it’s a huge let down they wont be doing it, think of all the battles you could have.

        • Shalashaska

          its confirmed not happening.. mgo isnt open world like gta 5.. i think it would be amazing but only a super gaming beast of a pc could run that.. imagine the tons of players plus the detailed map.. that needs alot of hardware.. nd the last thing kojima would want is his game to have pop in like gta 5 has it..

          • Tydeus

            Nah, I’d say the PS4’s and XB1’s could handle it too, they can handle GTA5 Online and that shit gets spammed like mad with players blowing things up, and then you have buildings, NPCs and other things that need to load. MGS would be wide open without NPCs and only about 16 players. It’d be fine on any PC really.

  • Xomak

    As long as avatar/player-character creation and customization is back I’m a happy camper. The most concerning bit about MGO3 will be how many active players the game will have. Being multiplatform, the online community will be quite divided between all platforms (I don’t think I ever found any games hosted for PW on the 360). No doubt PS4 will most likely have the most, but I don’t think I’ll jump right to it until I see a good bundle/price so I’ll be sticking with my PS3 pre-order.

    WTF, on the last bit. This better last longer than the very short 4 years of service MGO2 gave us!

  • Big_Boss88

    I think 30 players is a bit too much so hoping they put less as the limit.

    I want it to last long, but I buy MGSV to experience the story. However I will play MGO as long as it stays on…just not right away because will put trillion hours into TPP haha ;).

  • daftguy

    Kojima ths fucker should give us the release date!

  • FOX

    İ still want ONLİNE FREE ROAM

  • John

    “The studio said they have no concrete plans as to how long the
    servers will be open, but they want to keep them up for ‘as long as

    SO IN OTHER WORDS CANNED AFTER 2 YEARS? Bring back mgo2! I dont want this call of duty rip off.American devs need to stay away from anything metal gear.

  • RevolverRoden

    Did MGO2 have a progressions system?

    I bought MGS4 literally right after they closed down the servers so I’ve never played MGO2 :^(

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