Kojima Productions at GDC 2015 Schedule

The annual Game Developers Conference is about to begin. The event takes place at the Moscone Center in San Francisco on March 2 – 6 (with the expo being planned for March 4 – 6), and is, according the the official site, ‘the world’s largest and longest-running professionals-only game industry event’.

Kojima Productions Senior Producer Ken Imaizumi will be attending the show, as he announced on Twitter today.

Kojima-Productions-Ken-Imaizumi-GDC-2015“Off to GDC! Looking forward to seeing old friends. See you guys! #GDC2015.”

Robert Peeler, Community Manager for Kojima Production Los Angeles, will be attending as well.


Picture by Robert Peeler

There will also be two speakers from Kojima Productions: Geoff Evans and Julien Merceron. The schedule for their sessions is as follows.



Creating Truly Scalable Game Engines – Console to Mobile (Presented by Imagination Technologies)
Date:  Tuesday, March 3
Time:  4:30pm – 5:30pm

Julien Merceron  |  Worldwide Technology Director, Konami

In this session, we will discuss the challenges of developing a truly scalable game engine – current gen console to embedded devices – with our panel of industry veterans.
How does the wide range of device capabilities affect art pipelines? Do the reduced-overhead APIs, such as Apple’s Metal, enable features that would not be possible with traditional APIs? Is the cost of supporting an increasing number of graphics APIs becoming a development bottleneck? Is it feasible for small studios to take on this challenge, or is it only cost effective for large-scale game and middleware development?


Attendees will gain an insight into the day-to-day challenges of graphics developers writing bleeding edge rendering engines for mobile devices and consoles alike.



Technical Issues in Tools Development: Day 1
Date:  Wednesday, March 4
Time:  3:30pm – 4:30pm
Technical Issues in Tools Development: Day 2
Date:  Thursday, March 5
Time:  5:30pm – 6:30pm
Technical Issues in Tools Development: Day 3
Date: Friday, March 6
Time: 11:30am – 12:30pm

Geoff Evans  |  Technical Director, Konami, Kojima Productions

These roundtable sessions focus upon collaborative sharing of best practices, technical trade-offs and proven techniques in game tools software and services. Game development tools are constant evolving so come to share what works (and what didn’t) at your studio, and listen to a fresh take on how other studios keep their creative teams producing awesome games. Preferred topic areas are planned for each day. Wednesday will cover continuous integration, automated testing and revision control.

A better understanding of the state-of-the-art and trade-offs of approaches to game development tools, plug-ins, pipelines and services; advice in selection between various APIs, languages and user interface frameworks; handling increasingly complex asset pipelines, and “best practices” in building tools that work with different target platforms.

Intended Audience
Programmers, especially in senior positions. Technical artists (TDs), art/design leads and producers may find parts of the roundtable useful, but the technical aspects will dominate. Experience with existing tools and product life-cycles is desired, as they will provide the detailed experiences needed.



Keep in mind that though some announcements have been made there in the past, GDC is mainly an event meant for developers to share their insights and ideas, and the sessions by Kojima Productions seem to be about that as well. So don’t expect big announcements meant for consumers.

Update: Konami will be making a big MGSV: TPP announcement on March 4th. We may get a release date this week after all.

A Kojima Station is also planned for Thursday the 5th of this month.

Source: Ken Imaizumi Twitter, GDC official site, Robert Peeler Twitter

  • FOX

    So no relase at GDC or PAX.Next big event is E3 which is in june.So according to this theory there’s no way we’re getting the game before september?

    • Sly

      Does it have be announced at an event tho?

      • FOX

        Most likely, and with a new trailer.They said expect a big announcement for a relase date with mutliple languages

        • Ricardo Oe

          It`s time…maybe..

  • FMercenary

    Kojima is hiding in a briefcase, I know it!

  • Bramdeman

    Wasn’t the releasedate for MGS4 announced at GDC?

  • So when is the day and hour for Metal Gear?

  • Fellow Metal Gear fans, i present you my remixed Red Band video:

  • Mini gear

    ken we have a release date?

  • flying_fox

    In other words, it’s very unlikely there will be any presentation or new info regarding TPP.

    I can’t start to imagine the backlash on forums everywhere.

  • Giving up my hopes of playing MGO/TPP this year…

  • FOX
    • DarpaLT.Sigma_

      *Fingers crossed for a date*

      • FOX

        HELLL YEAH!!!!!

        • DarpaLT.Sigma_

          Lol I will lose my shit this Wednesday if we get it .

          • FOX

            İt cant be somethin else. İmagine Kojima says TPP is coming for Wİİ U too and troll us one more time. lol

          • DarpaLT.Sigma_

            Hahahaha! It’s probably the greatest troll of all time , “TTP releases December 31 2015 🙁
            Or they will show off another sidekick for snake..

          • FOX

            No way december. İf he announces the relase date tomorrow, we get the game in june for sure.Remember 3 months marketing 😉

          • DarpaLT.Sigma_

            What if… we get the game … THIS MONTH !!!!!! 😀

          • FOX

            No way no way 🙂 but of course i wish

          • DarpaLT.Sigma_

            Lol It can happen … Maybe if we all get hype hard enough… To Get Let Down By Another troll

          • DarpaLT.Sigma_

            And if I’m not mistaken, Gamestop has mgsv released for march 31. Let’s all virtually hold hands and pray… for march 31 😉

          • Edward Wokhands

            If they mess this up it will be legendary. It’ll be worse than the Square Enix’s FF7 PS4 announcement.

  • https://twitter.com/kojima_pro/status/572396805377245184

    Troll me moooore…! 😛
    I hope it’s something big and not nonsense news…

    Lol, click on the Phantom Cigar.

    • Venom_Snake_BB

      Is it happening? Oh F*CK YEAH it is happening! ( Or it could be the upgraded version of chicken cap )

      • DarpaLT.Sigma_

        Lol if they upgrade chicken cap I’m done xD

      • Hahaha!

    • DarpaLT.Sigma_

      Hype train came back in town 😀

  • Joakim Mogren

    Watches can specify meanings from them.
    Breath in folks….

    • Ricardo Oe

      Yeahh man…

  • Shalashaska

    MARK MY WORDS. THIS IS NOTHING MORE THAN a MGO beta at MAX. They arent gonna give anything more than that. At max a mgo beta.. perhaps a trailer or two and some gameplay. Not expecting anything more. As for this “announcement”.. Yea a MGO beta one at max and/or an actual playable TPP demo. Im more for the MGO beta. WHO wanna bet? If it is ANYTHING more than that, CHANGE MY DAMN NAME PEOPLE. We gotta realize that this game is far-off .. a release date is just us getting closure of when it may be released. The guy was experiencing bugs 2 weeks ago 😛

    • Well, a MGO3 beta would be sooo nice too.
      Let’s see what happens 🙂

      • Shalashaska

        yea i guess.. unfortunately i wont be able to play it so i aint that excited..and tbh ..even if i could.. i want TPP.. not MGO.. but thats me talking.. im sure many people will be happy to get a mgo beta so all is good i guess :/

        • Jonny McLaurine

          I see. TPP will last only so many hours without getting stale. MGO is where the replay lies at. I understand you may not have Internet access on your system. Sadly you are missing out because there will be years worth of MGO. I’m sure I’ll log a lot of hours in TPP but daily for a year? With all these other games coming out? I doubt it, you would die of boredom before you logged 12 hours a day for 365. Solo is jus so boring once your hooked online.

          • Shalashaska

            Dude youre speaking to a guy who has logged in 300+ hours in Peacewalker on PSP.. and that was on a hand held where there is no free roam.. so i guess im fine as far as replayability goes.. IM FINE.. But i know.. i will be missing alot with MGO .. I do wish I could play it though :/ The only game i have played online were CStrike long ago and then Syphon filter Logans shadow on the PSP.. Loved them both… Although.. that was long ago.. i doubt i’ll be able to connect my xbox to the internet.. too slow now

    • Venom_Snake_BB

      I am not betting on this but after that tweets it is actually says it is real i mean real real not the window or that stuff the actually release date is on GDC, they said ”Big announcment” ( Don’t get wrong but gameplay is not an actual ”Announcement” rigth? ) and if it is not i will go japan and getting this game by myself !

      • Shalashaska

        Not gonna get hyped. NOT GONNA GET HYPED. The last two times i did, one time i gave I got a chicken cap shoved down my throat and the other was kojima saying only “it coming to china” ! dont remember where.. i think it was china .. so unless the shit is STAMPED BY HIS hand.. there is no way im believing it. Also, Remember that Robert is gonna be there who basically handles the mgo community.. could just be big mgo news

        • DarpaLT.Sigma_

          Good . Mgo3 > TTP > everything else

          • Shalashaska

            Are you saying mgo is greater than TPP? That is blasphemy.

          • DarpaLT.Sigma_

            Not aah, cuz I put TPP > over everything else, EVERYTHING!! plus mgo is the best part 😛 deeerp

          • Shalashaska

            paleaseee. Mgo will be good, no doubt about it. but TPP is whats the kojima stampped refined, baby! xD

          • Shalashaska

            Still blasphemy! xD because it’s TPP > MGO > greater than everything. 😀

        • Edward Wokhands

          Yeah but all the hype around the chicken cap was created by us.

    • Edward Wokhands

      If you look in the source code, the time links to a pre-order banner when it reaches zero.

      • Shalashaska

        hmmm .. nice.. lets hope, man.. lets hope.

    • Edward Wokhands

      Yeah but Naughty Dog said their last gameplay demo was unplayable it was so glitchy just 3-4 days before we got to see it. Once a bug is ironed out it’s gone from the whole game. 2 weeks is long enough for programmers to fix them.

      • Shalashaska

        but in an open world game as huge as mg tpp ? lets hope youre right because im tired of waiting :'(

        • Edward Wokhands

          Yeah, in an open world game! As long as it was designed carefully then bugs shouldn’t be hard to clean up. Especially for teams of programmers as elite as Konami probably has.

          • Shalashaska

            lets hope.. i dont want to get too hyped .. till i get the confirmation.. im staying still.. if ITS IS a date.. then i’ll jump around my house like little Dora

    • Jonny McLaurine

      Idk because we all got hyped for the game over announcements we kinda figured wouldn’t announce release date. Now they have a countdown timer and you won’t get hyped? I’d say this is the announcement to get hyped over. If it’s just a release window and a MGO beta announcement , then , that is good also because shitty online components can make or break a game now days, especially in the world of co-op an online gameplay. Since MGO is gonna be a big part of MGS , it needs stressed test by many people before release. Having online parts of a game really is like having two games. You will have TPP and MGO. I want to beta test MGO make sure servers are sound with 100k people on them .

      • Shalashaska

        nah.. hey dont get me wrong.. i hope it is finally some good thing but im not gonna get hyped… im happy but im not hyped .. dont wanna get disappointed again, man :/

        as for MGO, Im glad people will be able to play it .. it IS necessary to Keep an open beta in this time and age because 100K+ people will be playing the game obviously.. but still.. I’d Choose TPP Over MGO any day because that is still where the MOST of the game awesomeness will be and i want THAT date more than MGO’s . Either way, thats my opinion and im sure people who love Online gameplay will differ in their opinions so it’s all cool 🙂

  • ominonarepus

    (Wensday, 4th of March, GDC main stage, Kojima comes out)

    -“I’m really proud to announce the MGSV helicopter photobok musterbrand, with exclusive pictures from different points of BB chopper”

    • Venom_Snake_BB

      Everyone dies from FOXDIE.

      • ominonarepus

        “A little bit of it in every copy, mmmm….tasty”

        -Major Campbell.

        “When I see it, almost cry… then I see the price and finally cry”


        “Superb, wonderfull, pointless… I’ve never imagined so many angles in so less cubic meters”

        -Kazuhira Miller.

        “10/10, if not, he kill me”

        -Yoji Shinkawa.

    • LiquidCampbell


  • XIFF-5

    let’s just say it is not the release date, if it happened to be? at least we are not disappointed : )))))))

    • Shalashaska

      if it is, i shall shave off my beard with a scissor.. ok.. perhaps not. but still you get what i mean.. its not gonna be a release date

      • DarpaLT.Sigma_

        It will be a release date! Maybe….

  • Big_Boss88

    Oh damn, I really wanna skip my work that day lol. Lets hope miracles do happen and we get the announcement.

  • Icycool

    One of three things can be announced. Beta for MGO, Release date for TPP or Limited Edition PS4 which I m hoping for. At this point i am so patient with the release date i don’t even care.

  • PrinceHeir

    Can’t wait!

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